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Daystar TV Network Marcus Lamb

The Daystar TV Network owner Marcus Lamb just admitted he had an affair on live TV according to CNN. Why does this keep happening to the Word of Faith believers?

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 ---Jimbo on 12/1/10
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Even King David who we are told was a man after God's own heart, fell under a temptation when he viewed the wife of Uriah bathing herself.

Apparently this may be a weakness of the flesh that we all must be careful about.

At least Marcus Lamb is cleaning up the mess at his wife's discretion and perhaps the experience could be useful in consulting others that had moral failings.
---leej on 12/5/10

Weakness of the flesh.
As man we will remember and judge a mans' fault. (no gender intented)

The two fold nature of God is only from God.

Repentance and Remission-Only In Chrsit-Through Christ to the Father our we forgiven and understand desiring to forgive ours.

The Word gives us access to forgiveness-the shredded Blood releases and empties us of our sin-nature.
By Him-God is Spirit-we worship Him in Spirit and Truth.
Lev 17
Lev 22
---char on 12/5/10

I don't know who Marcus Lamb is-but God does.

As to your question (Why does this keep happening to the Word of Faith believers?)
-Word of Faith believers--?
Is your question as to "word of faith believers? alone adnitt and confess sins they committed or that they alone comitt sin?

Not one of us is perfect.

Praise God for His mercy and grace Luke 24:39-53
Repentance and remission of sin should be preached in His name amoung all nations, begiining at-Jerusealem.
The place name Jerusalem (pronounced yerushalaim in Hebrew) is a combination of two words. "yeru" -"flow"-"shalam"
pointing the way to completeness'
---char on 12/5/10

Sorry, I'm No such a thing.

For beginning with the Man - made trin rcc down her offspring daughters churches, even those that worship the gods of buddha, islam, hindu etc All came from here, 2nd. Cor.11 v's 14 - 15.
---Lawrence on 12/3/10

\\ Anything goes with these so called Man - made relig org's churches\\

Like the one you're a member of, Lawrence?
---Cluny on 12/3/10

If people are sinners, why should we be surprised to hear that sinners sin?
---Cluny on 12/1/10

If your teachers admit they are sinner's, why are you suprised when they are being caught in public, in their sins?

Very confusing????

---David on 12/3/10

If people are sinners, should be be surprised to hear that sinners sin?

But that's why there's Jesus.

---Cluny on 12/1/10

I think that you've given the BEST answer to this blog question.
---Sag on 12/1/10

They Are saved in their sins & Not from their sins. Anything goes with these so called Man - made relig org's churches beginning with the rcc.
---Lawrence on 12/2/10

He is not really a "Word of Faith" person. He is a unique individual who chose to do what he did.

Some people go public, because they got caught. They are not necessarily being honest, but are sorry they got caught. He is unique, though. I can't speak for him.

I would say, marry someone who you trust with everything about yourself . . . no secrets, no hidden concerns that you don't dare to share about. This "might" make your spouse interesting enough to keep you faithful (c:
---Bill_willa6869 on 12/1/10

If people are sinners, should be be surprised to hear that sinners sin?

But that's why there's Jesus.
---Cluny on 12/1/10

It doesn't just happen to the Word of Faith folks. They are just more out in the open because of their association with TV ministries. If you think other believers aren't doing this too, consider the fact that they may just hide it better or are afraid to openly admit anything.
---Samuel on 12/1/10

Basically, because people are just that: PEOPLE.

I wouldn't say that sinful behaviors, like affairs, happen more, or less, to any particular group. ALL people are sinful and tempted to "give something a try". The lies being "It's good for you" and "You'll love it!". Among other lies.

I would say that the Word Of Faith group is indulging because they have come to believe LIES.

All people need to learn to RESIST those lies and turn to GOD instead.
---Augie on 12/1/10

Perhaps because while the soul is saved the flesh is still evil.
---larry on 12/1/10

I don't know Jimbo, from the way your question is worded I am led to believe you may have a conclusion to this question, if so I'd like to hear it, thanks.
---Pharisee on 12/1/10

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