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Quadriplegic Wants To Die

A 27 year old man has been a quadriplegic since he was 3. He now wants to be taken off of a ventilator that keeps him alive. Because he's only disabled and not terminally ill, his request is being refused. Should he be allowed to die if he wants to? Please use scripture to support your answer.

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 ---AlwaysOn on 12/3/10
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God is the giver and taker of life. There are so many Doctors and patients so willing to take God's place and put an end to people's lives. I have seen this yesterday here in Australia when they withdrew life support from Phillip Hughes the young cricketer who was hit in the head by a cricket ball. He was given only two days after the accident. How shockingly unGodly.
---Helen_4633 on 11/27/14

Almighty God is the giver and the taker of life.
---helen4633 on 11/2/14

I think I am correct in saying that, in the U.K., no-one can be forced to go on any particular medication (even if without it they would be dead). It is their choice to take or not take life-saving drugs. However, if having accepted them, they decided they wished to cease taking them some people would view this as 'intending to kill themselves'.

To not take something which prolongs life is NOT the same as taking something to end life.

There is a very fine line between that scenario and the young man mentioned in the question. At the age of 3 his permission to be placed on the ventilator would not have been sought.

I hope that I am never in the position that this man is in. My heart goes out to him and his loved ones.
---Rita_H on 2/20/14

Hello,everyone may Lord help us wow! I am kind of upset because you know I have cancer,

but NEVER ever give over to the deceiver Satan to kill myself,or tell someone else.. this is not good at all.

I try to show respect and this sounds serious! If I do not get healed I still want to give God the glory and thank him for all He has done for me.

It concerns me if I have offended anyone.God is Sovereign and we got to Respect Him, thankyou for all you have pointed out. Concerned..

Love of Jesus!
---Lidia4796 on 2/18/14

Nana, Kathr, Shirl,
The Spirit of the Lord revealed this satanic activity to us.

Here is a poster who has advocated that helping someone commit suicide is the proper thing to do, that Satan is or will be saved and even has Jesus going to walk in the light as if He was in darkness.

I dont know what the real agenda is but it seems he is out to destroy ChristiaNet, some posters and the true message of Christ.

If ChristiaNet reports this attack to their providers this person can be prosecuted in a court of law and go to jail.

Here are the players, christian, love wins, Bob M. They all come from MarkV.

Or, should I say, Robert Mark V. Now how is that for being on target BobM/MarkV?

---Elder on 2/18/14

Nana, yes I do remember that, and will say the comment troubled me, but I could not quite put my finger on it. Great discernment on your part.

False humility is no humility at all, but a form of deceptive pride called vanity. AWHHH, and this "vanity" can take on many shades of deception that Satan uses and originally used in the Garden. Oh so subtle and oh so innocent in appearance until one takes a bite of it's poison.

That classic line delivered at the end of "The devils Advocate" "VANITY", hit the nail right on it's head. It can only enter through false humility, delivering it's death blow!

---kathr4453 on 2/18/14

kathr4453, you are absolutely correct. I knew who this Bob_M was from the very first blog entry under the name addressed to lidia.
It was on the blog "Mercy At Time Of Death". I am sure you remember how one certain lady who is a dear friend with us today was
misled in times past against us until the day she disagreed with the entity! Nothing has changed except a pretense of humbleness ,all the while not interested in befriending anyone or wholesome dialog.

It said: "lidia, the real truth can never be suppressed, burned, or chained.", which of course we know it is no truth but snake's venom.
---Nana on 2/18/14

Elder, I believe it was also obvious to nana as well. BobM does not want dialogue here with anyone except he's here seeking out only certain people to form some sort of alliance, by putting words in people's mouths in hopes of USING them to validate and legitimize himself.

Yep, it's Markv.
---kathr4453 on 2/18/14

wow, where did bob come from? Markv, that was quick.
---shira4368 on 2/17/14

kathr4453, watch close and please tell me, do you see the same 'ol Mark_V in Bob M as I do?

Some fool some of the people all of the time but are not able to fool all of the people all of the time.
---Elder on 2/17/14

Taking him off the ventilator is a right decision to the person who wants to take him off, because it is a conscious decision.

Yea, murder is a conscious decision by the person commiting it too.

Unless you have medical training in this field you should not advise people what is right or wrong in this area.

I was on a ventilator and my wife refused to take me off. So now what do you have to say?

Do you know when a person is dead when on a ventilator? If you don't then you would be killing them when you take them off.

God have the power of life and death not mere man. So don't play around.
---Elder on 2/17/14

"Snakes dont hiss to communicate with other snakes. They are not usually social creatures, and are only found together for breeding purposes, or in group hibernation."
Wait and see, she will hiss.
---Nana on 2/15/14

I only put down two passages that? came from the book of Ephesians chapter 1 v.4,5. KJV Bible.
Paul in the book of Ephesians is addressing the saints in Ephesus who are faithful in Christ Jesus who were chosen by God.

In answer to the question above I believe whatever decision they make is already known by God. He is all knowing. Taking him off the ventilator is a right decision to the person who wants to take him off, because it is a conscious decision. The decision the one's who refuse to allow it is also a right decision to them because to them it is a conscious decision also.
---Bob_M on 2/15/14

BOBm, It saddens my heart such beautiful truth has been abused and taken totally out of context from certain doctrines not grounded In what WE and US really mean. If Paul truly were referring to God's individual pickings, the correct wording would be YOU and ME.

In the BODY of Christ, those now IN Christ, who came THROUGH THE CROSS WILLINGLY surrendering their life and self will, are members of one another, is referring to WE AND US, as Christ is our head! or very life.

WE and US as you will see in the conclusion of Ephesians refer to the Church, that anyone may join, who come a new and living way, that is to say, THROUGH THE VEIL, THAT IS TO SAY HIS FLESH, being crucified with Christ, placing them at that time IN Christ.
---kathr4453 on 2/15/14

I just looked up Bob Crews to date and can find nothing on him past 2011. His family was awarded 4.2 million for the car accident incident, and all this money was gone in 2011 leaving the family over 400K in debt about to lose their home especially equipped for his care all these years. Dr said he would not live this long, but has outlived thru 2011 that which was expected. The conclusion was to put him in a nursing home. He said he did not want to die in a nursing home, and that was is reason along with the debt, and the loss of his home because of the debt, leaving his mother homeless.

But I can't find anything past this info.
So there is more going on here than we all know.
---kathr4453 on 2/15/14

Bob, is this more of the Calvinist doctrine?
---Elder on 2/14/14

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Gods, children are those chosen before the foundation of the world.
"Just as He chose us in Him before the foundation of the world that we should be holy and without blame before Him "in Love", having predestined us to adoption as sons by Jesus Christ to Himself, according to the good pleasure of His will, to the praise of the glory of His grace, by which He made "us accepted in the beloved."
It was by His will and good pleasure and for His glory, that His children are accepted in the beloved.
Praise be to God in the highest for His word cannot be changed.
---Bob_M on 2/14/14

"we know millions of people do not love Him. If He loves everyone the same, why do millions hate Him?"

MarkV is your heart so vain as to think God's love is based upon our acceptance of it?

Have not many people loved many babies and others who could not return that love?

God has placed a love in my heart for you even though you have displayed nothing worthy of it.

My love for you or anyone else in not based upon what they do or return. It is based simply on my heart. How much truer is this for God than me?

Again your mind and heart is so confused that you don't understand the simple things of Christ.

Christ/God loves all with a perfect love that is the same for all.
---Elder on 2/10/14

Closing blogs is one step in the right direction but we must consider...
Hebrews 12:13 "And make straight paths for your feet, lest that which is lame be turned out of the way, but let it rather be healed."

"But let it rather be healed, the fallen believer be restored, the weak brother be confirmed, the halting professor be strengthened, and everyone be built up and established upon the most holy faith, and in the pure ways of the Gospel."
---Nana on 2/10/14

"God loves His children, we are never told He loves the children of the devil"

MarkV if God didn't love those lost (children of the devil) how did they ever get saved?

Just because some choose to stay in their sin doesn't mean God doesn't love then.

If God didn't love all how come He allows some to be Born Again? John teaches that God loves all.

You will never be banned from here for telling the truth. So when are you going to start?
---Elder on 2/10/14

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Elder, you gossip instead of answering my questions. I suppose you believe that God loved all those He had slaughtered women, children and babies for the simple reason He was going to give the land to the Israelites as He promised (Deut. 20:16,17) was that true love? Now answer this,
"We love Him because He first loved us"
we know millions of people do not love Him. If He loves everyone the same, why do millions hate Him? I will tell you, because the "We" and the "us" in that passage is speaking of believers.
God loves His children, we are never told He loves the children of the devil, in fact we are told He is sending them to hell. Gossip opens the door to sin.
---Mark_V. on 2/10/14

God loves what He created. It was very good. Exactly as He wanted it to be. Everything was in the plan of God, and that He will to have. Nothing relating to future is in anywise uncertain so far as the actualization of God's counsels are concerned. None of His decrees are left contingent either on creatures or secondary causes. There is no future event which is only a mere possibility, that is, something which may or may not come to pass:
"Known unto God are all His works from the beginning" (Acts 15:18).
For "He does according to His will in the army of heaven, and among the inhabitants of the earth: none can stay His hand" (Dan. 4:35).
Hope no one kicks me out for the Truth of the Gospel.
---Mark_V. on 2/10/14

Rita, there are some here that would confuse you and and have you believe a lie.

For God so loved the entire world and everyone in it He allowed Jesus to be murdered as a sacrifice.

God loves all the same. He does not respect one over another. Because MarkV and christian can't understand the doctrine of Salvation they don't understand that fundemental fact.
---Elder on 2/9/14

Rita, it is good to teach a God who loves people. I am never against that. But I have to also include the ones He does not love enough to save them. The ones who die without the gospel. The starving people in Africa that die without water, God also sustains their lives. Everyone dies at the appointed time God has for everyone, even the murder's, it even rains on them too, and many live wealthy lives, compared to the Christians. But they will be dealt with at the Great White Throne of Judgment, where they will be sentenced.
My point is that even if things look so out of control in our eyes, God is so Awesome, He controls all things. That is why believers depend on Him for all things.
---Mark_V. on 2/8/14

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Rita, what is sad is that you do not understand the God of the Bible. You think you do as many here online but they do not even come close. What you are declaring is that Jesus death was foreordained but all the other killing of people were not. That God sort of lost control of all things because of evil man. You are so wrong. He is in control of all things, everything, and everyone, even the murderers "For in Him we live and move and have our being," (Acts 18:28). No one lives without God allowing them to live, even the murderers life is in the hands of God.
Do you not understand that those who overcome the world, believers, do not overcome suffering? The disciples were hanged, crucified, and some had their heads cut off.
---Mark_V. on 2/6/14


I was being serious. I did not know that is to what you were referring. I was not trying to score points.

jesus' passion was humans killing god in human form and it was appointed.

... Christianet sinking to the levels of one individual trying to score points against...

I have been here for a half decade and this has been the m.o. since I've been here.

/This is not good for newcomers and non-Christians.---Rita_H/

God's will is a whee bit stronger than anything that we say or do to impale others beliefs.
---aka on 2/5/14

aka, you know very well that I am referring to one human being killing another human being.

The death and resurrection of Jesus was a sacrifice - a GIFT to humankind from God our Creator. What was done was fore-ordained and not remotely similar to the murders that we read about in our daily newspapers.

It's sad to see Christianet sinking to the levels of one individual trying to score points against another individual with challenges like yours.

This is not good for newcomers and non-Christians.
---Rita_H on 2/5/14

/if your said that someone being murdered died at God's appointed time. I'd say that God knew it would happen but did not authorise it or desire it. To do it is breaking one of God's commandments.---Rita_Hon 2/3/14

If what you say is true, I'd say then that God broke one of God's commandments. Remember the life, death, and resurrection of jesus?.
---aka on 2/4/14

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"Always 2: The world says, "seat belts saves lives"
Yet what people forget is that it is God who saves lives."
Mark_V. on 2/3/14

Ecclesiastes 7:16_17 "Be not righteous over much, neither make thyself over wise: why shouldest thou destroy thyself?
Be not over much wicked, neither be thou foolish: why shouldest thou die before thy time?"

Do not be foolish, wear your seatbelt and please no texting while driving! Whomever tells you different is looney tunes in their coconut.
---Nana on 2/4/14

Rita, you say,
"I would not agree with you, however, if your said that someone being murdered died at God's appointed time." Every step is known by God, and if someone is murdered that was the time that person had in this world. God is the giver of life even to the murderer. If God wanted to stop the murderer from killing, He could stop Him if the person he was going to murder was not his time to die. No one escapes this appointed time. God permits sin to happen all the time. And is the restrainer of sin. No one, not even the murderer is outside the will of God.
God does not cause the murderer to kill, only allows him to his own sinful nature to complete the act.
---Mark_V. on 2/4/14

Always 2: The world says, "seat belts saves lives"
Yet what people forget is that it is God who saves lives. If belts are designed, God is behind it all, so that those who live, live to their appointed times. The same hold true with drugs given to people for a certain condition the person needs, he will live until God says, no more. Those that die in disasters also die at their appointed time. God is in control of all things. He sustain every single person. Without Him we could not take our next breath.
---Mark_V. on 2/3/14

I agree with you Mark V. It is what non-Christians would call "Allowing nature to take its course." but we would say that the person is "in God's hands".

I would not agree with you, however, if your said that someone being murdered died at God's appointed time. I'd say that God knew it would happen but did not authorise it or desire it. To do it is breaking one of God's commandments.
---Rita_H on 2/3/14

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Always, I believe what many forget or don't want to know is that people die at their appoint time. God is in control of that. He is the giver of life and He takes it when He declares it's time no matter the case involve. If someone is taken off a life support system or not or even if no more drugs are given to the person. The ultimate cause of someone life is God. People can argue all they want but no one lives longer then what God wants him or her to live.
---Mark_V. on 2/3/14

Shira, I say nothing at all about killing the old to save the young - that is your false spin on my words which were "those who wish they'd never been placed on those treatments" and I refer to old people being kept on drugs AGAINST THEIR WILL. 'Withdrawing' drugs not wanted and given against their will is RATHER DIFFERENT from 'refusing them' the drugs and 'killing them' I'd say (wouldn't you?)

Please don't ascribe words to me which I never used.
---Rita_H on 2/2/14

yes, I told my brother to unplug his vent. He called me everyday wanting me to come get him and sue the nursing home. he became unbearable even for the nursing home. for 5 years he had to be fed, bathed, had diapers, a catherter. finally he went into septic shock. no one including me wants to live like that. you did say to save treatments for younger people. our health care system in the U.S. needs to stop funding lots of the Medicaid for babies born out of wedlock. the people who are lazy and don't want to do anything except live off the government need to find work somewhere. rita, Im sorry for even posting to you.
---shira4368 on 2/1/14

NO! not at all Shira. What I say is that if an older person does not want certain treatments which just keep them alive but not make life more bearable or make anything better than just 'surviving' for another six months then they should have the right to say "enough, I want no more of your drugs." I don't wish anybody dead and such people are not asking to be killed BUT are asking not to be kept alive. There is an enormous difference.Please Google "Liverpool Care Pathway" to see what has been happening over here in U.K. I have been trying to say that there has to be something better than L.C.P.
Is it O.K. for you to tell your brother (21st) to 'unplug his vent' but not for me to say (22nd) 'stop the treatment'?
---Rita_H on 2/1/14

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To Bro.Elder,with all respect to you.I sincerely thankyou for your kind words,it just been a joy to know God can be so,good. I tell people, be thankfull NO matter what it looks like,what people say or how you feel God is in control & He NOT a blind God. Is.59:1 Lk.11:9-10

Love of Jesus!
---Lidia4796 on 1/31/14

There' alot of things that do not make sense about the new mandates he has put in the HMO
Like the health plan, I had to go for surgery they told me the computer said " mam, it says here you will have to use public transportation" now, thank God
My doctor was understanding and allowed me to come alone( the person I had paid to come with me last min. Decided Did NOT want to go) that' why I love Jesus Christ He will not let me down in a bad straight, thank you Jesus!
So,actually I am having a bit of a time. I believe all you say Shira here it' the God loving truth! In my own life I have known only one old person lived to 100 and complain she wanted to die..
---Lidia4796 on 1/31/14

rita, are you trying to say you would love to kill old people and save the young? that's what our president wants to do. many medicare treatments are thrown out. in the past 2 years my prescriptions have quadrupled. the current seniors have much wisdom the young could learn from but most don't want to learn. what you need to wish for is birth control for the welfare crowd and for the lazy crowd. that would save trillions of $$$$.
---shira4368 on 1/30/14

I know several old people who have 'not wanted to live any longer'. They have NOT requested that someone do anything to them which will bring their life to an end but some have requested that certain treatments stop, knowing that their life will be greatly shortened when/if that happens.

If those treatments had never been discovered those people would not now be alive and for those who wish they'd never been placed on those treatments some serious ethical discussions need to take place.

It is sad that some life-saving treatments cannot be funded (for young people with much to offer) whilst older people - wishing to 'GO' are being kept alive AGAINST THEIR WISHES with funding which could be helping the young to have a better future.
---Rita_H on 1/30/14

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\\Yes that was Elijah's request, and Jonah made a similar, but that doesn't make it right. Both cases, God did not grant the request.\\

Actually, Jonah DID eventually die, but Elijah has not died yet.

Glory to Jesus Christ!
---Cluny on 1/30/14

His lungs don't function without artificial intercession and he is deemed disabled. Sounds terminal to me.

I survived a head injury that paralyzed the right side of my body and I could not walk, talk, or see. Fortunately, I have been restored for the most part. I do have balance issues and double vision.

I have been in rehab centers and have lived with people far worse off than I was with no hope of recovery or restoration.

God made our bodies to survive on their own. If there is hope of recovery, so be it. If there is no hope, let him alone.
---aka on 1/28/14

Lidia, what a warm and soft light of home you are in a dark wicked place. You offer kindness, compasssion and wisdom in a wicked hate filled battle field.

I met a lady years ago on one of my preaching tours. I was so young then. She was 97 years old. She told me she had lived a long hard life and had learned that no matter how bad things get

...... they could always get WORSE!

Wow!! What wisdom from suffering and pain. You are like that wise lady. God Bless!!!
---Elder on 1/28/14

Greetings Bro.Elder,all respect to you.Yes,Brother in the mist of it all
we can be a beacon of light to the lost. I am going through,and sometimes, the Lord just blesses me beyond words & He never leaves me.

I may be in pain, I thank Him because I have known someone who said " you know what Sister I wish I could feel pain, the man no feeling lower extremedies.

Love of Jesus!
---Lidia4796 on 1/28/14

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Wow! It hurts to hear this,was a neighbor' son age 28'told 'cancer- immediately- commited suicide

.Life is so precious! my heart breaks'
Sister Tada used to be'radio'70's qualdraplegic taught re: God, did with her mouth fantastiq art she sold left such precious brillient books on serving God,fruits of the spirit,..
---Lidia4796 on 1/27/14

Travis_Tigges, you sould die and I'll tell you how.
Die to yourself and live for Christ.

You may not want to accept this but God has chosen you to a special ministry.

Christ suffered also but He went on and completed the plan of God.

Killing yourself is just an adjustment to your problem. It will cause problems for others that you won't have to deal with.

You will become just a clump of dirt in a box or you can live for the Lord and become a jewel in a clasp of gold in this world.

You can coward out or you can stand up and help others.

We will be praying for you.
---Eldr on 1/23/14

I am pleased that this question has been revived as this subject is in the news once more in U.K. i.e the right to die, should we be allowed assisted suicide etc.

I honestly do not know what the answer is, we can all say the things we wish others to hear ('we are in God's hands', 'He gave life and only He can take it away' etc.) but death sounds very much better than living unable to do ANYTHING AT ALL for oneself.

If you have never heard of the Liverpool Care Pathway look it up on Google. That is how many in U.K. have died - legally - and it's cruel. A quick injection to bring about the same result is illegal, but we can do it to a dog but not use L.C.P. on an animal and would be arrested for cruelty if we did.
---Rita_H on 1/22/14

caleb, you can talk that way because you are not in their shoes. some are quick to answer something they know nothing about. I can't imagine being so disabled so others feed, bathe, care for me and I can do nothing but sit and not move. I had a brother on a vent and he called me complaining everyday. it messed up my nerves so bad, I told him to reach over and unplug his vent. he lay on a vent for over 5 years, flat on his back. that is worse than death. death is a relief for some people I have seen. I know a lady who is 99 and she has all her mind but her body aches with every move she makes. I would think heaven would look pretty good to her.
---shira4368 on 1/21/14

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"Choose this day who you will serve, but as for me and my house, we shall serve the Lord." "You are not your own, you were bought at a price. Suicide is selfish, short sighted, and vain. God made life worth living. God does not make trash. I know a man that was like that, he could do nothing for himself, but, instead of ending it or hating his circumstances, he faced it with courage and persevered for the Lord's sake. I know that God will reward him well beyond what he has had to suffer. The fact is suicide is not trusting in God, who created you and ordained your days for your benefit. Think of what the reward is. Heaven awaits those who persevere. It is sin to give up. End of story.
---caleb8446 on 1/21/14

I'm a 40 yr-old quadriplegic in horrible pain. all I do is sit in pain and lonlines. I will be taking my life soon.
This man deserves to be out of pain!! animals are treated better than humans in the us IT IS SICKENING!!!
---Travis_Tigges on 1/21/14

Blogger9211---Oh yes, I'm not arguing against a living will or a medical directive or a "no code"! He may well have these. It surely is his right.

I was trying to emphasize that if he becomes disconnected from his vent, he WILL die. And under usual conditions, his paralysis would prevent him from physically disconnecting the vent himself.
Thus "asking" to be taken of the vent now is requesting assisted suicide. ....which is not the same as a "no code"...and is illegal in most states.

If he wants to be a "NO code" and then hasten his death by refusing certain medications or treatments, He HAS THE RIGHT.. But to my knowledge he cannot legally order someone to kill him.
---Donna66 on 12/6/10

Beautify prayer, Mima! I don't know him personally, but if you Google Dan Crews Antioch, Illinois quadriplegic, you can read his story and perhaps even contact him directly through one of the reporters. Originally, I'd only read one article about him, but when I Googled the phrase I just gave you, several popped up. In one, it said that he enjoyed his life up until about age 19. Apparently, he had lots of friends in high school and college, but lost most of them soon after.
---AlwaysOn on 12/4/10

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May Jesus Give This Young Man A Divine Healing, if it is His Desire and I Pray it is...Amen
---Ada on 12/4/10

Donna66, as much as it my bother you patient/residents do have lawful rights in most states and those wishes must be respected. That is why he need the services of an attorney to set up a living will for him and doing whatever legal action so he can go "No Code" if he so desires. And he has a lawful right to refuse life sustaining systems or clinical procedures irrespective of the result. And you can't take his right away as long as he is legally competent. I always recommend Living Wills over DOPA for Health Care because they are much harder to abuse.
---Blogger9211 on 12/4/10

Sag -- It's not really the same with elderly parents.

Elderly people are near the end of their natural life span. Why subject them to uncomfortable procedures that they expressly DO NOT want, if it will NOT increase the quality of their lives?

My 87 y/o mom was semi-comatose when I begged her doctor NOT to insert an NG tube (that goes through the nose, down the esophagus to the stomach, for feeding.) She had made made me promise never to allow this... if she had already lost control of bladder and/or bowels. And I knew that in her present state she would instictively, and repeatedly, pull it out.

The doctor finally agreed. She died rapidly and peacefully, but I'm not sure my siblings have yet forgiven me (and that's hard).
---Donna66 on 12/4/10

Robyn--That's a good point. However, as he has been paralysed from the neck down sice he was 3 yrs. old, he could not father children. (unless by artificial insemination.) I suspect that lacking the love and normalacy of wife and children may be one reason he wants to die.
---Donna66 on 12/4/10

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This is more of a legal issue than anything. But God gives life and He alone should be the one to take it. My heart goes out to this young man. So sad. But God can still use him for His own purpose. I hope the young man is born again.Is he a married man? Has kids? if he doesn't want to live for himself then live for the wife and kids. They need you. So does your extended family. Please,speak life and thank God for bringing you this far. We all are important to God. Regardless of the condition we are in.
---Robyn on 12/3/10

Blogger9211- There is no "abient state" possible in this case.. After 27 yrs, if this quad was capable of being weaned off the respirator, he would have been by now.

He is on the vent because he absolutely WILL die, within minutes of being removed from it. A living will does not pertain to his situation as it is now.
---Donna66 on 12/3/10

I.Vent patients have all kinds of bacteria and it is an ongoing thing TRUE.
However, with good medical and nursing care, he can avoid many of these.

He has a right to turn off the vent if he so desires. After all, he has no life and apparantly never had a life.. If he was able to disconnect the vent himself, it would be a simple suicide, but with this level of injury
he can move only his head. And unless his caretaker fails to secure the tubing, it would be almost impossible.
He COULD create a medical directive that specifies "no antibiotics". This probably would insure a prolonged difficult death eventually.
The thing that is saddest of all, is to assume he has no life nor will have.
---Donna66 on 12/3/10

II. (please post)
L Will is right.This person needs to know that life worth living is life found in the person and power of Christ!
And further he needs to see that God has spared his life for a reason (Jer 29:11). Emphasize that He must have a very special purpose in God's plans to have survived all that he has!
Help him discover God's purpose for him.
If He is a Christian, he can do MUCH to inspire others with lesser problems... he probably has no concept of how important that can be to others! With a mouthstick, a computer and other adaptive devices, there is quite a bit he can accomplish.
Don't try to talk him out of dying. Help him find a reason to live.
---Donna66 on 12/4/10

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Many people need to make the exact, same decision about their aging parents.

To artificially keep them alive, and prolong their suffering?

Or, to let them die peacefully without pain?

The same rational has been the case with cancer. Treatment is said to be very painful, and WORSE than dying.

This man's WILL should be followed. A ventilator is making life HELL for him.
---Sag on 12/4/10

The real question is not if he's allowed to die, but can he live.

No matter the situation Jesus said that He came that we might have LIFE and LIFE MORE ABUNDANTLY.

This person needs to know that life worth living is life found in the person and power of Christ!

Since he has nothing to lose, he is a perfect candidate to gain everything God has to offer...point him to Christ, the healer first of His spirit and soul...then all else will follow.
---L_Will on 12/3/10

This man, if taken off the ventilator, cannot speak (or move anything but his head) How would you know if he changed his mind at the last minute? (this is not unheard of)
Would his look of distress be be from lack of oxygen or because he wants to tell you he wants to live, AFTER ALL.
Could you live with yourself it there was any uncertainty about this?
---Donna66 on 12/3/10

Alwayson I would like to say a prayer for this young man and IF possible I would like for you to read it to him.

Heavenly father I approach you and I beseech under the righteousness of the shed blood of the Lord Jesus Christ. The question is not if you can, the question is if you will. when ask you if you would heal the leopard you said, "I will" and since you do not change that must necessarily be your answer today also. And so it is with great hope and high expectations of an affirmative answer from you that I close this prayer to you. Thank you for the privilege of praying to you father. AMEN!!
---mima on 12/3/10

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Most of it is dependent in what legal jurisdictions he is in, and the exact wording of patient/resident rights statutes. He should probably consult an attorney and generate a living will and proceed from there, he need to know what his rights really are and the legal status of his ventilator as a life support system. It is not like removing a feeding tube from a comatose patient, it the ventilator is classified as an artificial system he can likely request that it be shut down and exist in an ambient environment but he can likely go no further than that.
---Blogger9211 on 12/3/10

His name is Dan Crews of Antioch, Illinois. I read his story in an article in the online edition of the Journal Sentinel. I'm not comparing human life to animal life, but his story reminds me of those who think it's backwards to humanely put animals out of their misery when they are sick and their quality of life is poor, but we don't do the same for humans. At the same time, like some here have expressed, life can change for him. It's a tough call.

My aunt suffered terribly on a ventilator. We wouldn't disconnect her, as we kept hoping and praying for improvement. Finally, she died, but I still feel horrible about the suffering she endured. If the decision were mine to do over, I'd say no artificial life support.
---AlwaysOn on 12/3/10

This young man's feelings are shared by almost anyone has to be on a vent long-term.
(I know becuase had a career working mainly with para plegics and quadraplegis).
If you knew all that he has to go through you would understand completely!

BUT He could have died at at age 3! The Lord saw fit to save and maintain his life!
The question he must explore is WHY? God must have had a purpose that he hasn't yet realized.
Jer 29:11 For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the LORD, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end.
With God, there is always something bigger going on than what you can see. The ways of God include a wide variety of people and tools to bring about His promises.
---Donna66 on 12/3/10

\\Yes that was Elijah's request, and Jonah made a similar, but that doesn't make it right. Both cases, God did not grant the request.\\

Actually, God DID eventually grant Jonah's. Elijah won't die until the Antichrist.

If he's really ready to meet Jesus, tell him to pray the Nunc Dimittis: Luke 2: 29-32 daily for this intention--but ONLY if he's ready to face the Judgement.
---Cluny on 12/3/10

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Boy, that's a tough question. My responce is that he shouln't since he doesn't know what might happen in the future that might help him. There are cases where quadriplegics and others who have been handicaped have done great things for the Lord. My question is, is he a Christian? If not, he needs to at least be told what will happen to him should he chose to die without Christ as Savior. (Hell)
---wivv on 12/3/10

It is God's choice.
---Bill_willa6989 on 12/3/10

Yes. Paul said, "I am in a strait between two. I desire to go on and be with the Lord, which is far better but to remain is more needful for you. So I am convinced I will remain." (This is paraphrased).

Whatever he decides, he needs to fully persuaded in his own mind. It is harder, however, to persuade others of what you are convinced of and why you are convinced of it.
---Linda on 12/3/10

This young man has touched my heart. He has a right to turn off the vent if he so desires. After all, he has no life and apparantly never had a life. That is so sad. May God touch him and give him the desires of his heart. My brother was on a vent for 5 years. He was helpless. I almost couldn't bear it. Vent patients have all kinds of bacteria and it is an ongoing thing. It is an awful way to live.
---shira3877 on 12/3/10

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Yes that was Elijah's request, and Jonah made a similar, but that doesn't make it right. Both cases, God did not grant the request. Both are examples on how we all forget God is BIG. Both had just witness super natural miracles. Fire from the sky, Survival inside a Fish. Yet they still forget that God has plan. Elijah was tired because he tried to take on the world himself, Forgot that we are only vessels. Jonah was just being bitter because he forgot he was once a sinner that needed to be saved by grace too.

If you have to be hooked up to a machine, I think you should have the right to take your chances off. But I do not believe in suicide or assisted suicide. It is Murder. Wouldn't want to go out like that!
---Jimmy_James on 12/3/10

now this sounds hard, but he should call for a minister let him pray for him, and believe for his healing. this is the hardest and easiest thing to do. jesus wants him to be healed I know. if he is not able toi live without machines then he's terminal since he was dependant. He who calls on the name ofthe Lord will be saved.
---andy3996 on 12/3/10

Is very permissible to pray to die. Elijah prayed, 1st Kings 19:4,"But he himself went a day's journey into the wilderness, and came and sat down under a juniper tree: and he requested for himself that he might die, and said, It is enough, now, O LORD, take away my life, for I am not better than my fathers." Now whether or not the request will be granted is in God's hands.
---mima on 12/3/10

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