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Good Blog Etiquette

What are some good blog etiquette you have learned that you could share with the community?

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 ---paul on 12/17/10
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//-Christ-like replies only//

sometimes He disappeared into the crowd, sometimes He fled to the mountains...when Pontius Pilate grilled Him, sometimes He said nothing.

sometimes the best response is no response at all.
---aka on 1/1/11

Blogger Instructions:
-Christ-like replies only
-Spell check comments
-No double spaced replies
-Do not use all capitals
-Do not post urls or emails
-Approvals take two hours
-Use Penpal User Name
-Comments 125 word max
-Questions 50 word max
The bloggoer instructions handle most of it..
Using all caps, even if it's just one word, is considered rude in most circles.
Spell checking is a commitment that requires patience, but, as others have said, there are helpful tools out there.
If we got in the habit of checking our latest replies to see what kind of spirit is guiding our remarks, this would help also.
I have been guilty of becoming quite critical on my replies and it helps to reread my past posts.
---micha9344 on 1/1/11

Cluny,just for information, Dissing is a word which comes from the word "dis". It can be found in a dictionary. It is a slang form of disrespect,meaning to treat with disrespect or contempt,insult. Also to find fault with,criticise. It has been in use since 1980.
---Darlene_1 on 12/29/10


I will say that when I started here so many years ago, I fully expected to get personal mail from someone who might wish to enter into a real dialog about a topic. In fact that did happen - all of maybe 3 times in 7 years.
---Bruce5656 on 12/20/10

gotcha, bruce

i can't get enough of the scammers, eh?

i guess some have chosen names that are not easily duplicated. Back in March, when I first started blogging, i was joseph, Joseph, aka_joseph, aka.joseph. then, to eliminate keystrokes, i simply use aka. it is not a name that one would immediately start to use.

i know some insist that using your own name or a version thereof will solve an integrity issue, but what are the chances you will meet aka, ak9944, joseph, Joseph, aka_joseph, or aka.joseph.

no matter what name we choose, we will all account for every idle word.
---aka on 12/20/10

I have used my penpal user name since I have been here (7 years or so) and can count on one hand the number of times someone has contacted me from the blogs and have fingers left over.
---Bruce5656 on 12/19/10

//Perhaps everyone could adhere to Blogger Instruction No. 7 and "Use Penpal User Name" as you and I do. It's not that difficult to get one.// ---jerry6593 on 12/19/10

i agree. mine is ak9944.

this does almost eliminate one problem.

however, if i use ak9944 here, it opens a pandora's box of other problems... the temptation of gossip, an opportunity to promote an agenda, clannishness, and getting e-mails that i feel obligated to answer.

we all only have so much time in a day. don't waste it.
---aka on 12/19/10

\\To not entertain dissing NonChristians whom commonly misapply scriptures and blaspheme, but instead endeavor to stick to addressing the poster's question.
---Eloy on 12/18/10\\

Eloy, a man with your inventive facility with the English language should be able to come up with a better reproach than "diss", which is not even a word.
---Cluny on 12/19/10

Alan: "How can we ease the confusion?"
---alan8566_of_uk on 12/18/10

Perhaps everyone could adhere to Blogger Instruction No. 7 and "Use Penpal User Name" as you and I do. It's not that difficult to get one.
---jerry6593 on 12/19/10

Everyone's points are wonderful if you were always talking to believers. Because when the kindness and peace you give is thrown at your face, then you know you are not dealing with a genuine Christian. Because very few debate Scripture because they love Scripture, so love Christ, so love you, and want to know more, all others have a different purpose. And we have to respond with only one thing, that is the Truth. If they attack you, they were never interested in the Truth to begin with. Kindness and peace only goes so far here since many pretend to love you, but inside they are out to destroy you.
---Mark_V. on 12/19/10

I think "blog" etiquette is a lot like etiquette in other situations. It's more difficult though, because, without voice inflection or facial expression, it's so easy to misunderstand.

It's impolite to insult others, with sarcastic remarks in any setting.

It would help A LOT if, when you quote another blogger, you quote them exactly, word for word, and give the date the date they posted (and the topic if it's from another blog) Cut and paste is a marvelous thing!
To claim that
"So and so says..." is often used to misrepresent information (accidentally or in an attempt to confuse others.) Please don't expect that everyone keeps up with ALL blogs all the time.
---Donna66 on 12/18/10

---jrn13 = aka

i accidentally put part of my email address there. normally, i wouldn't care, but i want to be held accountable to my words.

also, i have learned to finish other's use of scripture if it is part of a scripture or a whole scripture if used out of context.

i have learned to jump out of the dust ball like bugs bunny when the argument is circular and does not edify.
---aka on 12/18/10

I would say that when there are two people with the same name the onus is on them to choose a unique name. The simplest thing might be to ad a number to the end of their name.
---Bruce5656 on 12/18/10

I have also learned that the advice shared on a blog has consequential effects on the readers.

This allows me to govern my comments by realization that I will give an account for my words one day.

Thus causing me to base my words upon Christs Words, this should be a form of ministry not a travesty of mayhem.

God Bless, Paul
---paul on 12/18/10

To not entertain dissing NonChristians whom commonly misapply scriptures and blaspheme, but instead endeavor to stick to addressing the poster's question.
---Eloy on 12/18/10

Alan I thought taking Darlene 1 when another Darlene came on,a good while ago,would work but new people coming on don't always follow the pattern.
Back to etiquette. Try to show in some way you only want to exchange information not argue.
Be kind and have much patience.
Remember to be as mannerly on here as you would be in person.
Don't try to change a persons belief,just present Scripture verses on the subject and pray God does the rest if they are truely on the wrong path.
This isn't manners but wisdom,pray over what you write and let the Holy Spirit guide you. Ask God to give a check in your spirit if it isn't right to share or will offend.
---Darlene_1 on 12/18/10

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i have learned to concentrate on what does not need said and abide.

i try not to respond with sarcasm or what is classified as humor.

i try to wait on my responses.

i try to address the question/responses and not the personal blogger.

i generally do not try to go back and forth too much with one point and force my POV.

i absolutely do my best to avoid part 1/..., part 2/...., etc

i try to apologize and ask forgiveness when i know that i need to.
---jrn13 on 12/17/10

I have lead to be respectful first of all and consider other peoples views.

I have learned that a person is more apt to read your blog in its entirety if you will space out your comments as opposed to one long run on paragraph.

Also to objectively look at my own posts with skeptical eyes and go ahead and answer any possible opposition in my comment before I post it.

To word comments in a way that upholds my views but doesn't directly attack an opposing view in a personal manner

To only comment on subjects I intend to discuss intelligently, not just dropping an O bomb and run.

Always spell and grammar check when possible. A writing looses credibility when errors occur.

God Bless, Paul
---paul on 12/18/10

Not really answering theactual question, but it is about how to blog.

We sometimes get confused between bloggers of similar names.

For example we currently have joseph and Joseph, who are different people!

Sop we have not known which one is posting, especially when joseph signs as Joseph

And we have had two Carlas

How can we ease the confusion?
---alan8566_of_uk on 12/18/10

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