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Born Of God No Sin

What is your interpretation of this verse? 1st John 3:9, Whosoever is born of God doth not commit sin, for his seed remaineth in him: and he cannot sin, because he is born of God"

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 ---mima on 12/21/10
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I have been without sin for over 20yrs. I have been set free from sin. The Cross has made it so. The Gospel is proof that HE came to set men free..from what?..SIN. There is no hope if you still live in sin(unbelief in HIM). I only have 1 life, the old dead man is gone.
---duane on 1/11/11

Have you noticed my blog name is Haz27 (not Hazel)?

As I have said before, we all do wrong things. Paul even speaks of this in Rom 7.

But, you seem to have difficulties accepting that we have been set free from the law. Are you still under law in spite of the cross? Christians have been crucified with Christ. It is no longer I that lives but Christ lives in me Gal2:20

So 1Tim1:9 which I quoted to you, do you see yourself the sinner and not the righteous?
---Haz27 on 1/11/11

you said:" miss the mark. Sin.
---Mark_V. on 1/11/11

With such a general man-made definition no wonder you misunderstand this topic.

You know we are set free from the law. Why continue to judge that we are still transgressors of the law.

Consider 1Pet4:18 "if the righteous scarcely be saved, where shall the ungodly and sinner appear".

2 different groups here. Either we are righteous or we are ungodly, sinners.
There is no righteous sinner.
---Haz27 on 1/11/11

Duane, you said,
"There is only one of us now.(saint)"
Sorry but you still have your flesh which has not been redeemed. And continuing to say you are sinless, you are actually saying the Truth is not in you. You cannot change the word of God Duane. You claim the Truth is not in you and that the Spirit is not sanctifying you, and that you are glorified already with a perfect flesh. No such thing Duane. We are call saints because we are in Christ. Not under the Law anymore. We have a new creation in us who is changing us. And is not finished yet. You will continue to miss the mark. Sin.
---Mark_V. on 1/11/11

Haz27, here is the sin John is talking about.

1 John 2:18-20
18Little children, it is the last time: and as ye have heard that antichrist shall come, even now are there many antichrists, whereby we know that it is the last time.

19They went out from us, but they were not of us, for if they had been of us, they would no doubt have continued with us: but they went out, that they might be made manifest that they were not all of us.

20But ye have an unction from the Holy One, and ye know all things.
---kathr4453 on 1/11/11

Duane & Hazel

Please confirm that you have not committed any sin in the last twelve months.

I know I have ... that makes me a sinner.

However God will not treat me as a Sinner, since I have been saved.
---alan8566_of_uk on 1/11/11

You said that we christians are sinners and it is who we are.
Christian means a new birth, a new mind and spirit. Why are you going back to who we were in Adam? There is only one of us now.(saint) We were made righteous. Lets not insult the work of the Cross.
No wonder unbelievers(sinners) see no reason to believe in the Gospel, when Christians proclaim they are still no better off and the cross/Jesus never set us free from sin.
---duane on 1/10/11


As your focus is on sin of "transgression of the law" 1john3:4 we'll discuss that.

To be judged/accused of sin you need to be under the law.

Rom3:19 what the law says it says to those under it.
Rom8:2 we are set free from the law.
Rom4:15 where there is no law there is no transgression (sin).

1Tim1:9 the law is not made for righteous man (christians), but for...ungodly and sinners.
Clearly 2 different groups of people here.
Group 1: righteous
Group 2: sinners.
There is no righteous sinner here.
---Haz27 on 1/10/11

Alan, great explanation. The Truth is in you. Just as Scripture declares concerning sin. I really don't understand what is so hard for others to understand about sin in the believers. Paul called it, "sin within me" what he wanted to do in Christ he did not do all the time, and that he did not want to do, he did it many times. He didn't want to but sin within him made him sin. The new creation in us is perfect and sinless, but the old nature is still there, while it remains there till we die, we will sin. If we look at what sin is, it finds its form in even sins of omission, If we don't help someone that we could help, it is sin. So many things we do that are sin that we some times do not recognize they are.
---Mark_V. on 1/10/11

Yes, we both agree that there will be people who will get confused by both claims that Christians "sin" and "do not sin".

Although scripture tells us we are not sinners clearly you and Kathr have understanding regardless of terminology.

More importantly though is showing the truth to those who bring themselves and others into condemnation with teachings that if you transgress the law (sin) continuously you will lose your salvation.
---Haz27 on 1/10/11

Haz27. Yes. I was just explaining, in agreement with you, how these passages are often misunderstood, causing Christians to feel condemned when they have no need to.

Can you understand how Christians calling themselves "sinless" confuses those who recognize that all Christians (as all human beings) are flawed?
---Donna66 on 1/9/11

Hazel ... Please tell us these numerous passages which say we can no longer sin.

And please confirm that since you were saved, you have never committed a sin.

Because we are saved, God will not treat us as sinners. But because we are who we are, we will still sin, and scripture says that.

We still sin, although we will not be condemned for it. Except I suggest, if we deliberately sin, cynically relying on having been "saved" to get us out of trouble. If anyone does that, I would doubt they are saved in the first place
---alan8566_of_uk on 1/9/11

The sin of pride against God, self-righteousness, self-works, I was referring to is what separated mankind from God.
Now as believers we are justified by faith, we are righteous through Christ, we believe God's promise.

And you are correct 1John3:6-9 is talking about sin of rejecting Jesus. But traditional belief says it is transgressing the law, often causing condemnation. They forget that they have been set free from the law.

So you see Christians do not commit these sins anyway.
---Haz27 on 1/8/11

You are correct 1John3:8 is not referring to Christians.
Heb10:26 some see as referring to unbelief in Jesus and others see as going back under law after coming to Christ. Either way, it is not referring to Christians committing such sin.

But my aim has been to explain why God clearly says Christians are not sinners.

We agree on our position in Christ, except terminology. But can you see how saying we still sin can cause condemnation for those who do not understand scripture?
---Haz27 on 1/8/11

We have discussed this topic often. Using God's definitions of sin we do not sin.

Transgression of the law? We are set free from it so how can we be judged/accused as transgressors of it?

Regarding faith, we are justified by faith.

Unbelief? We believe on Jesus.

Unrighteousness? we are rightheous through Christ.

You have seen many scriptures where God clearly says we are not sinners. We are a new creature. Believe God.

---Haz27 on 1/8/11

Great post, Donna66!
Haz, great teaching.
You too Kath.
---ginger on 1/8/11

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kathr, Donna66:

Just a reminder I was never saying 1John3:8 was referring to Christians. We agree it is talking of the sin of rejecting Jesus Christ.

But for those like Mark_V who believe the traditional view that 1John3:6-9 refers to the sin of transgression of the law, it is to them I question how they reconcile verse 8 with that belief in regards to their own imperfect lives.
---Haz27 on 1/8/11

kathr4453-- It does sound like we are on the same page here. I have only one teeny, tiny little disagreement. You say,//and yes, many new christian are in fact self righteous, self works, which will in fact be wood hay and stubble to be burned, yet they are saved//...

I would just leave out the word new.
---Donna66 on 1/8/11

-- Mima :

Brother, 1 John 3:9 is sharing that Christ Jesus does not/cannot commit sin b/c He's Born of God and His Word remains in Christ/is Christ and is without sin !!!
---Shawn.M.T on 1/9/11

The Greek word translated "commit" in the KJV, actually has a numbers of different usages. The Bible no where seems to say that in this life man is removed from the possibility of sin. Jesus said," He that endureth unto the end shall be saved." (Matt. 24:13) 1 John 1:8 says that if "We say that we have no sin, we deceive ourselves, etc. I think what 1 John 3:9 means is that one who lives by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God, does not practice sin as a continuing thing. He may sin, but immediately confesses and forsakes that sin and does not repeat it over and over again.
---Lynn on 1/9/11

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donna66, It appears we both are on the same page here. Great post!!
---kathr4453 on 1/8/11

Haz7 -- Yes. I do not believe the Bible teaches that salvation is "lost" through "unconfessed" sin.

I believe that Christ's death on the cross was sufficient to pay for all my sins--past, present and future.
Hbr 10:12 But this man, after he had offered one sacrifice for sins for ever, sat down on the right hand of God.
Heb 10:26-27 starts a new paragraph and a new thought in the book of Hebrews. It is no longer speaking of the Christian. It is speaking of those (specifically,in this case, the Hebrews) who knew of Christ and the new covenant... but continued to reject Him .
Neither is I John 3:8 referring to Christians.
---Donna66 on 1/8/11

Haz27, We see Jesus talking to teh pharisees who rejected HIM as being God in the flesh, and Jesus in fact told them they were of their father the devil.

This is what 1st John is talking about. Christians who sin are not of the devil. That is a gross misrepresetation of all that John was teaching.

John is warning US of those who deny christ cane in the flesh are of the devil. NO CHRISTIAN would ever deny Christ came in the flesh. Those who do are certainly of the devil.

Many believed Jesus was the son of God while He was on earth.
---kathr4453 on 1/8/11

If it's terminology we differ on then no problem. If you believe on Jesus for your salvation you are saved.

But can you see how scripture such as: 1John3:8 "he who sins is of the devil"
Heb10:26 "If you continue to sin wilfully...there remains no more sacrifice for sins but...judgement and firey indignation which shall devour the adversaries".
can bring people into condemnation if they do not understand sin and why God says Christians do not sin.

---Haz27 on 1/8/11

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Haz, All genuine Christians keep the Sabbath, we are in Christ. A new creation (Christ) is in us. We do not have to go to a building or a house to be in Christ. Old Testament people were not in Christ so met to hear about the coming Christ. This is not to excuse not gathering as believers, we still gather to learn more about God. I do keep the Sabbath as most believers. But they don't have to. Those who are born again reflect the divine nature of the Son. They behave like Him, (maybe not all the time) manifesting the power of His life in them (Gal. 2:20). John contrast the children of God with the children of satan in terms of their actions. While those who are truly born again reflect the habit of righteousness, satan children practice sin.
---Mark_V. on 1/8/11

Haz 2: There should be no one claiming to be perfect already and without sin. That is why you cannot answer the passages I gave you. Anyone claiming to be without sin does not have the Truth in him. When we commit our lives to Christ, we are not perfected. It is a cleaning process at work in our lives. We are been sanctified and habitual sins are been removed. People who come to Christ have a lot of baggage. The Spirit continues to cleanse us all through our lives. Why? because we still have the flesh, sin within us that Paul spoke about. God only sees the imputed righteousness of Christ on us, the forgiveness of our sins through His Son, but the Spirit is still cleaning us of our sin as we live.
---Mark_V. on 1/8/11

But remember the law was our tutor to bring us to Christ.

As for the sin of pride, self-righteousness, self-works, unbelief, which you spoke of, Christians do not do these.

Hence why scriptures say Christians are not sinners.

---Haz27 on 1/7/11

Haz27, Paul was telling the Galatians who were being upset by the Lawyers trying to bring THEM under Law, Paul stated the LAW was OUR TUTOR to bring US to Christ. Paul never toutored Gentiles in the LAW first to bring them to Christ. He preached the Gospel..

and yes, many new christian are in fact self righteous, self works, which will in fact be wood hay and stubble to be burned, yet they are saved...
---kathr4453 on 1/8/11

Consider yourself dead to sin.
Blessed is the man whom God does not imput sin.
Jesus Christ became sin for you.
Lamb of God who takes sin away.
HE came to set men free from sin.
How many more verses claim the messiah bears our sins and sets us free of them? But yet, so many still wont believe it. They live in denial, not having faith IN HIM.
HE made us saints, not sinners.
---duane on 1/8/11

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I think some of my posts are not getting posted.

aka:thanks for sharing and listening. Your patience was appreciated.

micha9344: God's discipline of King David for his adultery, murder is an example for us.
Some heed the discipline and grow whereas other ignore it and dont grow.
---Haz27 on 1/7/11

simply put...if i blow top and let a few curses fly, my little children [or anybody not of the Spirit] do notlook on me and say, "it is so good that he teaches us not to sin and he himself is without sin."

what a wretched man am i. in my inner being, there is no sin and i yet am the chief of sinners.
---aka on 1/7/11

My NIV bible words it diferently by saying, " No one who is born of God will continue to sin." I take this to mean that if you say you know Jesus, yet continue to do what you now know is wrong, then you don't really know him. In the beginning of Chapter two, he says, "My dear children, I write this to you so that you will not sin. But if anybody does sin, we have one who speaks to the Father in our defense - Jesus Christ, the righteous one. He is the atoning sacrafice for our sins, and not only for ours, but for the sins of the whole world. So you see, it is made clear that christians are capable of sinning, but they should not turn a blind eye to their sin.
---Khany on 1/7/11

Reading Rom 7:1 it says "I speak to those who know the law".

Rom7:7 " I would not have known coveteousness unless the law had said "thou shalt not covet".

But remember the law was our tutor to bring us to Christ.

As for the sin of pride, self-righteousness, self-works, unbelief, which you spoke of, Christians do not do these.

Hence why scriptures say Christians are not sinners.

---Haz27 on 1/7/11

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Seems you didn't try reading 1John1 in the context I suggested.

I suppose you "habitually" do not keep the Sabbath so how do reconcile this with your view that 1John3:8 says "He who "habitually" sins is of the devil"?

You know the old man was crucified with Christ. You know we walk by faith, not by sight. Why not believe God when He says your old man is dead and you are a new creature.
---Haz27 on 1/7/11

Haz7 -- We actually agree theologically all the way. if we disagree at all, it's in the matter of terminology.
It just SOUNDS so hypocritical to speak of the SINS of an unbeliever... but if a Christian does exactly the same, it's not sin, but "doing BAD THINGS". God sees me as sinless, but to present myself that way (as "sinless") to others is more than I can do.
---Donna66 on 1/7/11

Your right Christians still do wrong.
Rom 7 Paul even speaks of how we do bad when we want to do good.

What to call the wrong we do?
I guess the example you gave you can call "abuse".

But as a Christian you would also know that we forgive 7x70. Trust God. We are all at different stages of our Christian walk.

King David was disciplined for the adultery etc he did. He didn't get away with it. God chastises those He loves.
---Haz27 on 1/7/11

Haz27, Colossians 3, is not talking about being set free from the Law, but those who are dead to this world...seeking those things ABOVE and not below.

Romans 8 also is saying the same thing...following Romans 6..speaking to Gentiles never under the Law to begin with...WE ALL died with Christ, not just to the law( for Jews only) but to the old creation as well, and are raised a New Creature in the New Creation. This too is what 1st John is talking KNOW you have passed from death to not talking about death to the Law.
---kathr4453 on 1/7/11

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Haz, while you can label yourself sinless all you want, it is only a label, not the complete truth, for if you think you are without sin, you deceive yourself and "the Truth is not in you" We are set free from the condemnation of the Law, but we are still sinners in reality. Our new life given to us believers is sinless, but our flesh has not been redeemed. When we die our flesh will be redeemed, and no sin will enter heaven. "For we do not have a High Priest who cannot sympathize with our weaknesses, but was in all points tempted as we are, yet without sin" We do sin when we are tempted many times, but Christ was tempted yet never sinned.
---Mark_V. on 1/7/11

I believe that scripture says "in danger" but not lost completely.
Jesus tells us he's our advocate to the father. Jesus tells us that our relationship is a daily walk with God. He tells us to crucify ourselves daily.
He says if we have an ought against our brother, we should go to them and ask for forgiveness if we are in the wrong and to forgive if we are wronged.
I believe this goes hand in hand with what Jesus says about being in danger of the judgement.
If we don't do these things daily, we are in danger of the judgement.
The fruit of longsuffering, patience, & love provided by the HS is what's shown when we do these things.
We are chastised by God when we step out of his will.
---ginger on 1/7/11

I understand that Christ's righteousness is imputed to us. I know we are not under the law.
But you are avoiding my question. I repeat. What am I to call it, if I find myself not loving my neighbor as myself?

Don't try to tell me that Christians, being sinless, always love their neighbors as Jesus would. We both know it isn't true.
Jesus (not Moses)said: Mat 5:22 But I say unto you, That whosoever is angry with his brother without a cause shall be in danger of the judgment... whosoever shall say, Thou fool, shall be in danger of hell fire. I've heard born-again Christians call people WORSE on these blogs! Is this behavior OK because they are "sinless"?
---Donna66 on 1/6/11

Haz, from the other blog..

the thought of being without sin never was a stumbling block for me. Paul talks of the dual nature of our Spirit in Christ and our sin nature in our flesh. i think that is the real reason why Paul used both past and present tense.

i think there is a time to acknowledge both.

anyway, again thank you for living the word in kindness and not just hearing the word. i know that no matter our differences, you and I can share God's feast together.
---aka on 1/6/11

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What do we do to be disciplined by God?
---micha9344 on 1/6/11

You are right about sin being around from Adam.

But unfortunately traditional beliefs are stuck on sin being transgression of the law AND they still judge themselves as sinners (transgressors) of the law that Jesus set them free from. The law was our tutor to bring us to Christ.

I and others here are trying to show in scriptures how Christians are NOT SINNERS due to our right relationship with God
---Haz27 on 1/6/11

Yes, Christ is sinless and remember you "are dead and your life is hid with Christ in God" Col 3:3

Rom8:33 "Who shall lay anything to the charge of God's elect? It is God who justifieth"

No one can charge you with "sin" because you are set free from the law. But we do have a loving Father who disciplines us instead.

---Haz27 on 1/6/11

All people who would hope to gain salvation would have to be sinless. NO sin shall enter. Its very plain to see, yet some claim they sin but are still saved(a lie)
Why did Christ die and suffer? To set men free from sin. Sin is no longer imputed.
Jesus takes sin away, not just cover. The flesh will die but we being born again will see life because the sin issue has been dealt with. There is no sin because it(sin) has no life. Jesus overcame sin for us. Sin has no power left.
Dont deny HIS work. Its finished.
---duane on 1/6/11

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Haz27, when I see SET FREE, I go all the way back to Adam and death passing upon all, regardless of the Law of Moses. Although God did not impute sin, sin was in fact still in the world.

Being SET FREE, is to be set free from ALL that is in the world as well. The pride of life, the lust of the flesh, etc, of the things of this world. Crucified to the World and the world to us. As we journey with Christ in breaking these bonds to the world, we become OVERCOMERS.

Jesus came to deliver us OUT OF this present evil age, into His Kingdom...
---kathr4453 on 1/6/11

haz7-- Either we are sinless or we are not.I believe that only Christ was sinless. What am I to call it, if I find myself not loving my neighbor as myself? Or does this never happen to you?
---Donna66 on 1/5/11

You are correct, much of 1John is referring to sin of denying Christ.

But for most the sin of transgression of the law is the issue. Many admit that they are set free from the law but continue to judge themselves as transgressors of the law they are set free from.

As for the sin of whatever is not of faith remember Rom3:28 we are justified by faith.
---Haz27 on 1/6/11

Let us look at this scripture.
"Which were born, not of blood, nor of the will of the flesh, nor of the will of man, but of God." John 1:13
not of blood= which means salvation does not come by bloodline(mother and father)
nor of the will of the flesh, which would seem to rule out "free Will" Baptist churches.
Here's one of the strongest statements for pure Calvinism.
---mima on 1/5/11

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It's good to hear that you do not follow through with that "habitual sin" doctrine.

But why use it? God says plainly Christians "DO NOT SIN" and that those who sin are "OF THE DEVIL".

That contradicts Christians "do not habitually sin", and they who "habitually sin are of the devil".
---Haz27 on 1/5/11

We agree that we are set free from the law and that sin is transgression of the law. I suspect you also agree that what the law says it says to those under it.

Under the law not keeping the Sabbath is sin. No doubt you consider adultery is sin, but what about neglecting Sabbath?

If you habitually commit adultery or neglect Sabbath, then isn't your view that such are of the devil?
---Haz27 on 1/5/11

Haz27, I don't believe God categorizes sin the way man does.

I as a orn Again Christian can from time can lack faith in a day to day issue. But I don't mean doubt my salvation. Haz27, having a personal relationship with the Lord, God calls on each of us in different ways to do HIS WILL. We don't always obey.

I believe 1st John is talking about the sin of denying Christ came in the flesh. You have to read his whole letter to see what is the THEME of THIS letter.

When reading Peter, James, Paul, Hebrews etc, they all talk about SIN OURS, and warnings.
---kathr4453 on 1/5/11

1 John 3:9 clearly speaks about the spirit man that's born of the Holy Spirit. Jesus declared, "That which is born of the flesh is flesh, and that which is born of the Spirit is spirit." John 3:6

Only a Christian will have two nature existing in him while he's alive on earth (read Romans 7). There's the sinful man nature and the Spirit nature (which is sinless because of the Holy Spirit seed.) Only the Christian will struggle with this two nature. This will continue till the flesh returns to dust.

And can a man choose to be born of the Spirit? No says the Scripture. "Which were born, not of blood, nor of the will of the flesh, nor of the will of man, but of God." John 1:13
---christan on 1/5/11

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Thanks for your encouraging words.
I think its easy on blogs to get carried away sometimes and blurt out a seemingly harsh response in frustration or haste.

Hopefully we are all forgiving enough here to handle this.
---Haz27 on 1/5/11

Plainly, "Every good tree brings forward good fruit, but a corrupt tree brings forward bad fruit. A good tree cannot bring forward bad fruit, neither a corrupt tree bring forward good fruit. I am the vine, you all the branches: the person that abides in me and I in them, the same brings forward much fruit, some thirtyfold, some sixty, and some an hundred." - Jesus Christ
---Eloy on 1/5/11

Donna66 you said 3/1/11 in saved sinners??? blog:
"I understand we are no longer under the law...To me, this doesn't mean we no longer sin.

Sin is the label given for "transgression of the law".
To be judged/accused of sin you need to be UNDER THAT LAW.

What the law says it says to those under it Rom3:19.
We are SET FREE from the law Rom8:2.
Where there is no law there is NO TRANSGRESSION (sin)Rom4:15.

---Haz27 on 1/5/11

Haz, I would think the answers I'm going to give you, you should know by now,
Q. at what point is a sin "habitual" enough to make one unsaved?"
A. At no time does anyone lose his salvation once he is saved by the grace of God. For there is no condemnation to those who are in Christ.
"Q. Sin is transgression of the law (1John3:4) so, for example, do you keep the Sabbath or do you "habitually" neglect it instead?"
A. We are not under the Covenant of works of the Law, we are under the Covenant of Grace. Christ is now our rest. The early church chose Sunday, but can be observed on any day. For there is no condemnation for any particular day, since we are not saved by our Works.
---Mark_V. on 1/5/11

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Haz, brother again very good teaching. I too had a very hard time with this at first. Had to let God show me these things.
Keep teaching good sound doctrine.
---ginger on 1/5/11

Haz27, first i want to thank you for approaching me with kindness and patience. for the most part, sarcasm and pulpit-pounding-pride rules here. there are many that know a lot of scripture in the academic sense, but they understand very little in practice.

i will continue tomorrow, but i wanted to say thank you.
---aka on 1/4/11

kathr. in reponse to your question in "are sinners saved" blog, I did mention in a post that God gives various definitions of sin.

But I did say that I was concentrating on the most commonly understood definition of sin 1John3:4 which is where the debate is.

And the other sins definitions are unbelief, blasphemy, not having the righteousness through Christ. I hope you are not saying Christians commit these.
---Haz27 on 1/4/11

I read the post you referred me to from our previous topic and it seems you are not comprehending what I am saying.

Like I said before, I too had difficulties accepting 1John3:6-9 at first. It is difficult to let go of traditional beliefs.

Can I suggest reading what Ginger, Duanne, micha9344 and I said in the previous post again.
---Haz27 on 1/4/11

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As you still believe 1John3:6-9 means "habitual" sin, can you answer these questions.

at what point is a sin "habitual" enough to make one unsaved?

Sin is transgression of the law (1John3:4) so, for example, do you keep the Sabbath or do you "habitually" neglect it instead?
---Haz27 on 1/4/11

mima, i don't get what you are saying.
---aka on 1/2/11

aka I agree with this statement.
"many will do miraculous deeds in His name and yet not be not delivered."
---aka on 12/24/10

And I believe the reason this is so is because they understood the power in the name of Jesus more than people like myself. I was going to include you but I have no knowledge of your power through the name of Jesus,
---mima on 1/2/11

many confuse birth (deliverance) with conception and growth (sanctification).

many will do miraculous deeds in His name and yet not be not delivered.
---aka on 12/24/10

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Christianity is not a religion to adopt, or a list of teachings to start obeying. It is a new birth.(According to this verse, we have had the "seed" of God implanted within us) I won't want to sin because I have entered into Christ forsaking sin.
I have repented of "wanting to sin."

The Bible says that the flesh and the Spirit are contrary to one another and constantly at war.
Some Christians have trouble with this distinction between the flesh wanting to sin, and THEM wanting to sin. But if they worry about it at all, it's because they don't want to sin.

I hate the fact that my flesh likes certain sins.
This resistance to sin in me is a sign the new life God birthed in me.
---Donna66 on 12/23/10

Pharisee, the saved (Christian) and the unsaved are "behind the gates of Hades". Can anyone who's behind this "gate" breakout by their own? Definitely not.

Scripture says, "...and thou shalt call his name JESUS: for he shall save his people from their sins." Matthew 1:21 "Even as the Son of man came not to be ministered unto, but to minister, and to give his life a ransom for many." Matthew 20:28. Note: "for many" refers to "his people".

And through the Justification of Faith given to His people, "the gates of hell shall not prevail" Matthew 16:18, meaning only His people will be set free.
---christan on 12/23/10

Leslie asked, "Are any Christians Jesus Christ?"

Gal 2:20 "I have been crucified with Christ, it is no longer I who live, but Christ lives in me..."

Gal 3:27 "For as many of you as were baptised into Christ have put on Christ"
---Haz27 on 12/23/10

Satan is more cunning than all creatures created by God. I believe that if drugs of error was used by the demonic occult sciences to force sin that a person who is born of God can very well sin. Mary Magdalen sinned didn't she? Or was it the demons that entered her that made her sin? In fact some of the greatest sinners of The Old Testament were very sinful indeed.
---Tone on 12/23/10

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Are any Christians Jesus Christ? That should answer it. Jesus Christ is the ONLY perfect and sinless one, so unless you are Jesus you don't fit that description. That means that Christians are sinners, because they are human and NOT Jesus Christ.
---Leslie on 12/22/10

//Because of the fall, everyone born of flesh and blood (without exception) is condemned. Adam brought death upon mankind through sin.\\

All mankind is not condemned to Hell at birth, but to natural death. Jesus in John 3:19 speaks of the condemnation to Hell and while it's born of the result of Adam's sin being born in Adam's sin is not damnable or Christ could not have been a perfect lamb.

Adam's sin was being in the form of man knowing Good and evil, Jesus existed this way too, and the Bible says he was "without sin." Only seeking to clarify.
---Pharisee on 12/21/10

To really simplify this verse is to say that the spiritual side of man cannot/will not sin but the physical side can and very well may.
---Elder on 12/21/10

Well said.
---Pharisee on 12/22/10

Who is "born of God"?

1John5:1 "Whosoever believeth that Jesus is the Christ is born of God".

So Christians do not commit sin as 1John3:9 says. This is because of Christ in us.

Gal2:20 I am crucified with Christ: nevertheless I live, yet not I, but Christ liveth in me...."
---Haz27 on 12/22/10

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"Whosoever is 'born' (delivered) of God [through the effectual work of His Spirit] doth not commit 'sin' (as to miss the mark of the high calling of God in Christ), for His 'seed' [Word] 'remaineth' (abides and is ever present) in him: and he cannot 'sin' (be without a share in the prize or inheritance), because he is 'born' (engendered to be a son) of God [through faith in the finished work of Jesus]." Tts 3:5>Jhn 1:13>1Pe 1:23>1Jo 5:18
---Josef on 12/22/10

Because of the fall, everyone born of flesh and blood (without exception) is condemned. Adam brought death upon mankind through sin.

1 John 3:9 clearly speaks of "regeneration", ie those born of the Holy Spirit. And because the Holy Spirit is Holy, only those born of Him will become Holy in the spirit. The true Christian has two nature existing in him while he's in the flesh, the sinful and the Holy nature, hence Paul's teaching in Romans 7.

"But as many as received him, to them gave he power to become the sons of God, even to them that believe on his name: Which were born, not of blood, nor of the will of the flesh, nor of the will of man, but of God." John 1:12,13
---christan on 12/21/10

To really simplify this verse is to say that the spiritual side of man cannot/will not sin but the physical side can and very well may.
---Elder on 12/21/10

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