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What's Up December 2010

Whats up complete December please. Moderators I wish you all the very best and blessed Christmas and New Year. Thank you for all your hard work keeping things going well on the Blogs. I am grateful to you and CNet for providing such a wonderful service to God and his people. Thank you. God Bless Darlene

Moderator - Thanks and a Merry Christmas to all the bloggers!

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 ---Darlene_1 on 12/24/10
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Trish I am praying for you,may God dissolve those clots quickly.
---Darlene_1 on 1/3/11

I would appreciate prayer. I learned I still have clots in my lungs, two months after I was first diagnosed. I will have to be on coumadin for life, due to my clotting disorder.

I also have bursitis in my hip. The pain is horrific. I can't get a corisone shot due to being on the coumadin. I have to wait for six months before my hematologist will allow me to go off the coumadin for a few days to get that shot.

Happy New Year.
---Trish9863 on 1/1/11

Hi Darlene, praise the Lord about your brother in law doing better, awesome :) And thank you so much for your prayers too, I can't help but cry when my husband leaves at night--agh! I try so hard not to cry lol!
---Mary on 12/31/10

My Brother-in-law is doing great. The pacemaker has bought the heart rate from 39-45 over night to in the 80s. He will go home tomorrow. Doctor said a new heart for a New Year. Thanks for the prayers.
---Darlene_1 on 12/31/10

Mary thanks for asking,he is doing well. Taking it easy over the weekend. Please pray for my Brother-in-law,he is having a pace-maker put in this morning. Mary I will be praying for your husband too,may God give him and you strength. Happy New Year,God Bless
---Darlene_1 on 12/31/10

John,thank you for your concern for my son. Yes it is clots in the leg,and yes you are right,sometimes it goes to the lung,a Scan showed some had broken from there and gone to the lung. He had been short of breath and saw the doctor for that,he had a good doctor who sent him straight to testing to check for blood clots. The doctor will teach him to give his own shots and has put him on blood thinners for 6 months. God is with him and he believes God is taking care of him,he has faith in God and prayer. Thanks for the prayers everyone who's praying for him.
---Darlene_1 on 12/30/10

Hi Darlene, how is your son doing today? I pray he's feeling much better and I pray for you as a mom. God bless you both.
---Mary on 12/30/10

Our son is home,although he does have a blood clot in the lung and will take blood thinners for 6 months,the doctor said he can do whatever he feels like doing. Now my brother-in-law is in the hospital with fluid on the lungs and the doctor thinks its congestive heart failure. Please pray for him too he is 82.
---Darlene_1 on 12/30/10

Darlene , It almost sounds like a spider bite.

If the Doctor(Quack) thought it was a clot. Then he should be sent to the emergency room!!!!
A clot instantly dislodges and heads for the Lung where death is eminent! It also heads to the brain where a stroke it emiment.
THIS(Thrombosis) IS AN E.R. CONDITION!!!!!
---John on 12/29/10

Please pray for my son. His leg is swollen from the foot to the groin. He also is short of breath and the doctor said it could indicate a blood clot in the leg. He has an appointment at 1:15 Central Daylight time to have an artery scan done. Pray there is nothing serious wrong. The doctor had scanned the other leg and it was clear of clots and he said it isn't likely there is one in the other leg.
---Darlene_1 on 12/29/10

Our son has two blood clots in his leg. They admitted him to the hospital,he is also diabetic and has very high blood pressure. I am praying for a miracle. God Bless
---Darlene_1 on 12/29/10

Mary, Thank you kindly for your prayings. I pray for them both. The older one, Steven, in the hospital, he has bipolar and has been in the hospital for over a year now, we visited him Sunday but he was mean and on edge, and I asked him if I could pray for him as I always do, but he yelled No. My younger brother, Randy, has been missing for over a year, since the older man where he was living at threw him out of the house. I pray for them every night. Thank you again. The Spirit of Jesus bless you richly in this life, and in that to come. Thank you Jesus. Amen.
---Eloy on 12/27/10

Eloy, I'm so sorry your brother is missing. You are in our prayers, as is your brother. God bless.
---Mary on 12/27/10

I would appreciate prayer for my younger son. He had a drug problem, and now it seems he has a drinking problem. My older son told me that younger son was beligerant and drunk later on Christmas when they all got together just the kids. This breaks my heart and frustrates me.
---Trish9863 on 12/27/10

Trish,I'm glad you had a good Christmas. We did too. Mama went to our daughters,in a nearby town,with us,and even though she was give out that night when she reached home,she said she had enjoyed it very much. It was fun watching the Greatgrands playing with their toys. The 9 year old girl is an aspiring artist,my Mama was a professional artist,and she wants to be like Nanny. She got art things for Christmas and was painting pictures. The boy 5 is into cars and got a remote control helicopter he loved. We had five generations there. What a blessing. Eloy I'm glad your're family got together in spite of the troubles in the family. God Bless
---Darlene_1 on 12/27/10

Our family got together, except my older brother is still in the hospital, and my younger brother is missing.
---Eloy on 12/27/10

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I had a blessed Christmas celebration with my family over Christmas, including video chatting with my daughter and grandchildren while visiting my sister. This gave my mom the opportunity to see my grandchildren.
---Trish9863 on 12/26/10

Maybe a little "off topic" here, but have any of you ridden with "Christian Bikers?"
We rode with a group called "Revelation Riders" some time ago.
WE would meet and a rendezvous would be selected,next the thing we would see is the tail lights disappearing over the hill.By the time we would get there they would be getting ready for the next leg. Seems posted speed limits had no relevance to "bikers".
I refused to exceed the speed limits (wife on the back)
They were anxious to show off their "Gold Wings", Tho I only had a 650 Suzuki it was no slouch on the highway and quite comfortable ,the "object" of the whole exercise was missed,fellowship and comradery, we gave it up!
---1st_cliff on 12/26/10

A Christmas story. Wednesday night a poor family with seven children brought a big box full of food for food pantry. Thursday pastor's wife went to visit one family who had nothing for Christmas to take food (including the food box from night before) and get kids' sizes. Mother was not home, but at grandmother's house a few blocks away. Pastor's wife brought the mother back to the house. While there, an SUV drove up with more food. Had pastor's wife not gone at that time, the family would have missed the extra food. As she drove off she noticed the SUV bringing in boxes of food to the poor family who had brought the food box to church. God had blessed that poor family because of their giving.
---KarenD on 12/25/10

We celebrate Jesus birthday. The rapture hasn't took place yet, but it still can.
---Lawrence on 12/25/10

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What is up is we celebrated our sons 10th birthday lastweek & now spending time giving for christmas. that is what this holiday is truly about. Giving. So everyone be blessed & be safe.
---Candice on 12/24/10

Leon,thank you, may God bless your Christmas and New year, May joy walk with you daily,hope be your constant guide and love and peace be a blanket of comfort and contentment from God every day. Blessing Darlene
---Darlene_1 on 12/24/10


---Leon on 12/24/10

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