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How Are You

How are you?

Moderator - Oh, no, How are you?

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 ---harry on 1/12/11
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Moderator permit- Heavenly Father, You know Lord.if my brother or sister is hurting...then I also, have a responsibility to come meet their call this cry to you, help these parents we can not do it without your help, wisdom & majesty you are the potter we are the clay these innocent souls now enter.into eternity my prayer is to help those loved ones who the console heart JESUS bare their tears & somehow help them in Connecticut get through this terrible time. With my heart & soul love for you all. In JESUS Name.Amen.
---ELENA on 12/14/12

Moderator permit The Family Who Also is Hurting. 0ur Father in Heaven as a mother,as a one realizes we have seen & been through a very sad incident. I know the heart ache & this family too need prayer. Family of the assassin be comforted find God is still a present help for them. We can not judge nor know why or reason. my prayer. Is one of love too need healing. May God is there he will listen & he will help you .you will find JESUS will.sup with you at the table.if you desire. Open up your heart to him. Talk to Him. He loves you and hope & courage in time.Lord. stregthen. God be with you all.You in my daily prayers. We as a nation all mourn this terrible JESUSname.
---ELENA on 12/14/12

Beloved, this ELENA, praise the lord mgt.been very respectfull, we are making progress, just know that I pray for my neighbors. It could've been me" like them, God mercy and thr fact, I had a brother always strung out on drugs, in and out of hospital, but know also, those people who steal and do sol this to take care of the drugs habit, it all in vain but,I pray God be strong and be able something they will see like "draw " they want to get interest in godly life instead of thug life,we got have compassion,wisdom and be prayerfull,thankyou family. Your prayers are working! Let it continue, the landlord knows I been excelent tenant,far as it goes here.You read my prayer room.request,love of JESUS, ELENA
---ELENA on 10/17/12

moderator permit: Hello!family,bro.Mark want to say wonderfull post! Title blogg: Obama/ You wrote talk'bout ..."God's word was written,no where were we told the will is free,....For the saved their will is in bondage to Christ.It is never free.Free will is nonsense." yes! you are right! For the saved we must be in bondage to Christ! thankyou,bro.Mark the Lord be with you. Love of Jesus!
---ELENA on 4/3/12

Wow!Mary,thankyou so,much! You know I know that sata acts o th mind & emotions,but,like a child sometimes I forget! So,very happy you are me hope & yes,I still holding on. Love of jesus
---ELENA on 3/14/12

Hi Elena, so sorry you've had a rough few days--very scary indeed hon! Hope you're feeling better, God's on your side dear, hugs, Mary
---Mary on 3/13/12

Hello,family!got to say really had scary last few days! Maybe it's too
much n the house.have ben taking vitamins for my eyes,got very paronoid!tok me back shock! I ask your prayers.. I 'm to quit taking them se if I will you all!
---ELENA on 3/12/12

If you asked me today I would say "horrible" Snow blowing off the roof faster than i can shovel it (it's gaining on me)I get the driveway nicely cleared and the snow plow shoves it back ,blocking me in!
This morning's temp. is 24 below zero F. "Hey Al Gore tell me again about global warming"!
---1st_cliff on 1/21/11

Hi, Mary . . . in order to PM someone, you need to be registered in the Christianet "Chat and Penpals" place which I think is the same as the "Christian Dating" place. And the other person needs to be registered there, too. Sometimes, in these blogs, you see someone who signs with a name with four numbers connected to the name . . . for example, my user name, "willa6989". If this is a real user name, you can find this person in the pen pal place, by searching with the person's user name.
---Bill_willa6989 on 1/14/11

Blessed, Blessed, Blessed
---shira3877 on 1/14/11

Living and loving, gratefully blessed to do both.
---Josef on 1/14/11

Blessed and highly favored!
---AlwaysOn on 1/14/11

---John on 1/13/11

How are You Harry?
---kevin5443 on 1/13/11

How am I what? Physically,socially, financially,spiritually,morally,politically????
---1st_cliff on 1/13/11

Eloy, I've noticed that my posts are added slower than usual but they do get posted. Maybe that's what happening with yours too. Just a bit slower. Keep check on them often & see if they show up later. I noticed on another blog you mentioned you may stop ministering here because of the missing posts you send. I'd hate for you to leave & stop sharing your views here. I may not always agree with you but you would be missed all the same.
---Reba on 1/13/11

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Bless you Trish, I wish I knew how to PM someone--how do you do it? Anyway thank you so much. :) And Bill can I come to your house for that heavenly bread?! :D YUM! :P
---Mary on 1/13/11

The moderator wants to know how "no" is doing??? (c: lololololololol

I'm fine, but I am concerned about how I still do things I'm not satisfied are right, though I know this. And now I am making hand-mixed breads with peanuts and maple sugar, cut-up garlic and cheeses, and plain. And we had snow. This gets me out to help people shovel. So, snow is good for my social life (c:

---Bill_willa6989 on 1/13/11

Bill and Diana, Is the blog site malfunctioning since 1/10?
---Eloy on 1/13/11

Mary: I am praying for your husband and you. I am a recovering alcoholic, and I was in rehab a year ago. I will have a year of sobriety on Saturday. God does amazing things. Feel free to PM me using my Chat name: Trish9863
---Trish9863 on 1/12/11

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Hi, I'm doing better than I was this morning. :) Husband is in a substance abuse program and I miss him something awful when he can't come home. But now's a better time thank God. :)
---Mary on 1/12/11

I am very grateful to be alive, given a health scare in October where I could have died.

I am grateful for my children, and my church. I am grateful for God's Word, which has been opening my eyes to a new way of seeing Him, and how He watched over me when I was younger.

I am grateful for God's provision for me, and His never ending love and grace.
---Trish9863 on 1/12/11

I'm a Sinner who has been Saved by the Precious Blood of Jesus Christ.

I do my "Best" to avoid doing things -- like Sinning -- that displeases GOD. However, I'm not perfect. For example, angry attitudes toward Politicians that I believe might have led up to the Arizona shootings last Saturday.

GOD understands my failings. HE sent Jesus Christ to Earth to help people who believe.

I'm Oh, So . . . THANKFUL !!!
---Sag on 1/12/11

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