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Days In Genesis Longer

Can someone who knows Hebrew tell me what evidence there is to indicate that the 'days' in Genesis 1 are or are not days of 24 hours?

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 ---James on 1/21/11
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Cliff, you appear to believe the 'jurassic' period was before Adam? If so your view is contrary to Scripture which most clearly says that death only entered the world after, and because of sin.

Yes this does mean the death of man and other creatures, as Romans 8:20-23 shows-that the whole of creation groans...
---Warwick on 1/26/11

Lee, I just noticed an earlier comment from you. No I do not have it wrong, you do.

There definitely are theee meanings for yom (day)and the relevant one is your no. 2 "the period of twenty-four hours" Yom always means a 24hr period when coupled with a number as per Genesis 1:5, exodus 20:8-11, and 31:14-17.

I have never, repeat never said yom has only one meaning. In fact I have spelled out the three meanings many times before, including to you.

Try to stick to the truth.
---Warwick on 1/26/11

All the dinosaurs did not die in the flood, some were on the ark... How else would Job relate to what God called a behemoth?
As far as narrow goes...
Joh 14:6 Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.
Mat 7:14 Because strait [is] the gate, and narrow [is] the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it.
Heb 11:1 Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.
Heb 11:6 But without faith [it is] impossible to please [him]: for he that cometh to God must believe that he is, and [that] he is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him.
1Co 1:27a But God hath chosen the foolish things of the world to confound the wise,
---micha9344 on 1/26/11

It is not a "Jurassic" period, bit a "Jurassic" comma...the period was added, but it was not in the original...I jest. There's no such thing a "Jurassic", it's manmade bunko from hollywood movie imaginations. Get back to the Bible people, and back to the truth.
---Eloy on 1/26/11

Micha9344, I stand corrected,never guessed that snakes were vertebrates which means that Adam did name serpent and all the other 4,000 reptile vertebrates .
At naming one a minute,non stop around the clock, would have taken him about 3 days!
Then the thousands of birds and mammals....24 hrs.? nah!
---1st_cliff on 1/27/11

John, you wrote "There were no written languages using alphabets before 1500 BCE, and that's a fact." Please expalin how you will prove this 'fact' as a fact.
---Warwick on 1/26/11

Micha9344, You're saying that the "Jurassic" period ,referred to by archaeologists was between Adam and the flood? And that all the creatures normally referred to as "Dinosaurs" were drowned in the flood?
Very,very narrow!
---1st_cliff on 1/26/11

Cliff I believe Michael has answered the questons perfectly. I don't believe I could do any better.

I can only add that that God's account of the past is the only true record. How can we equate the opinions of falible sinful men who weren't there to the Truth of God who is not falible, cannot lie and who is a unique eye-witness.

His perfect word says there was no death before sin however the fossil record which you believe predates Adam is a record of death, suffering and disease. God's word says you are wrong.
---Warwick on 1/26/11

A serpent is a vertebrate.
Reptiles are vertebrates.
Jurassic refers to certain layers of rock, decided by secular scientists to be a certain period of time based on unreliable dating methods.
These layers as well as others were laid down by the world-wide flood which killed every living thing not on the ark, hence rapid diplacement and covering of organic material resulting in deposits of fossils, coal, and oil deposits all happening around 5000 years ago.
---micha9344 on 1/26/11

Warwick, 2 questions that you failed to address.
Adam named only the "vertebrates"? who named "serpent?"
(God did not name the creatures)
When was the "Jurassic" period?"
---1st_cliff on 1/26/11

Most promoters of long creation-days believe death existed before sin, contrary to what Scripture says. However when God completed creation He proclaimed it "very good." How can this be if creation included eons of evolutionary death, disease and suffering? And God called this misery "very good"? What a monster their God is!

They claim death has always been here, a necessary part of evolution, but God says "The last enemy to be destroyed is death"- 1 Corinthians 15:26. How can death be an "enemy" if it was always intrinsic to God's creation?

Some would have us believe Adam's sin brought death only to humanity. Not so says Romans 8:18-25 which says it marred the whole of creation!
---Warwick on 1/25/11

According to the Scriptures Jesus created the world in the spring time at night on April 1st (Genesis 2:2,4-6+ Exodus 12:2) 10194 B.C., and Adam the first man was created on Friday afternoon on April 1st in 4194 B.C.
---Eloy on 1/25/11

There were no written languages using alphabets before 1500 BCE, and that's a fact.
---John.usa on 1/25/11

The following quote from Pattle P.T. Pun says it well:

"It is apparent that the most straightforward understanding of
Genesis without regard to all the hermeneutical considerations
suggested by science, is that God created the heaven and earth in
six solar days, that man was created on the sixth day, that death and
chaos entered the world after the fall of Adam and Eve, and that
all the fossils were the result of the catastrophic universal deluge
which spared only Noahs family, and the animals therewith."

What is Puns excuse for not taking Genesis as written? Science. At least he is honest.
Pun, P.P.T., 1987. J. Amer. Scientific Affiliation 39:14.
---Warwick on 1/25/11

Cliff you state as fact there was no written language for Adam to use-pure speculation. Your argument seems to be that as no record of this has been found, it never was. This is nonsense, as archaeology continues to unearth information about Biblical peoples and places. Those which sceptics like yourself have insisted never existed.

We need to remember the world of that time was deluged and destroyed so why would we expect relics from this era to still exist? But of course you don't believe in the global flood do you?

God never said He gave Adam a spoken language but He did. What is the problem with God also giving Adam a written language?

Please present your question, as a question and I will endeavour to answer.
---Warwick on 1/25/11

The old liberal Lee is back now calling himself leej!

BTW my stance is based upon what Scripture clearly says. Whether I was Adventist, Anglican or Baptist would not alter that. However in reality I am a long term member of the Christian and Missionary Alliance. The Alliance also believes (as Scripture says) that God created in 6 24hr days.
---Warwick on 1/25/11

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Lee, I do not treat the Bible as a scientific text book because to do so would be an insult to God. scientific text books constantly change as new information disproves earlier ideas. Conversely God got it right the first time.

I treat the Bible as revealed Truth from the one who was there and who cannot lie. Nor does He make mistakes. All Scientists are but falible sinful men who do do not know the end from the beginning.
---Warwick on 1/25/11

Warwick, Did I say it was too hard for God to create an alphabet?? He could have created computers too,but He didn't, else why would it take 1500 years to begin to use written words?
Please answer my question about the "Jurassic" period!
---1st_cliff on 1/25/11

Maybe I haven't answered your 'difficult' questions for a number of reasons: Quite a few of your questions have been answered more than once before. Some do not seem relevant or at all difficult. Also I have limited time.

If you would like to pose one of your 'difficult' questions, in question form I will do my best to answer it.

Archaeology has shown that the ancients had some sophisticaled technology however nothing about mobile phones has been found. But this is irelevant isn't it.

None the less, we know from God that Adam spoke so it is not much of a jump to believe he could also write. Why not?

Did he speak Hebrew? Who knows? Does it matter?
---Warwick on 1/25/11

Christians accept Scripture as God's truth. You refuse to accept that Jesus and the apostles alluded to or quoted from just the first 11 chapters of Genesis 107 times! And always as historical fact.
---Warwick on 1/24/11

GOD's truth has witnesses. Your truths seldom have these. You make the statement above an have challenged others with opinions from your flavor of doctrine. Let see now, 1 part science 2 parts logic, 3 parts someone famous your think you're friends with and 4 parts doctrine of warwick's preaching....makes everyone else foolish. Yeah, righto ol chappie.
Matthew 15:9
But in vain they do worship me, teaching for doctrines the commandments of men.
---Trav on 1/25/11

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Cliff you make such jumps of nonBiblical faith that you should take up the long jump!

You wrote "but there was no "written" language extant at the time! God did not "create" an alphabet."

Amazing Cliff you know what was or wasn't extant right back there at creation. Humour aside, you cannot know this. But we do know that God is unlimited in His power, because His word tells us so. Why do you imagine it is harder for God to create a written language than a spoken language, as we know he did.

Indeed let us stick with what we know for sure, of our origins, and that is held in God's word alone.
---Warwick on 1/25/11

Warwick, it would be lenghty to post all the ages of the "begats". You first have to use arithmetic to count the genealogies (the age when a man begot his son) of the age of the parent at the time they had their child in order to get the starting point of what year Adam was created. And we find that Adam the first man was created on the first month on Friday afternoon on April 1st in 4194 B.C. Next you count the time between Cain and Abel up to Adam at 130 when he has Seth, and subtract this number from 130 to arrive at the date Adam and Animate were thrown out of the garden. 130 - 111= 19 yrs. old Adam. And Adam was created 4194 BC. So, 4194 - 19= 4175 B.C. And we know that the red sour grapes are harvested in the fall in October.
---Eloy on 1/25/11

Warwick, I can agree with you on the fact that Adam may have had the "ability" to read and write but there was no "written" language extant at the time! God did not "create" an alphabet. Written language developed over time beginning with pictograph type symbols becoming letters!Hebrew had no written vowels,(only oral)
Even punctuation was unknown 'till the 14th century CE!
Let's stick with what we know for sure!
---1st_cliff on 1/25/11

Warwick, I believe you make a big mistake when you send me to the Old Covenant of works set for Israel, in which there is no salvation, when you give me 1 Samuel 15:29. We are in Christ, not under the law. By suggesting that if someone does not believe the day as you say, some might not have salvation is very wrong, because you make the day as you know it a law. And if anyone breaks that law they are not saved. While all Scripture is important to us, our lack of wisdom to something does not cause us to lose salvation or save us, for our salvation is by Grace and not by our own merits. And is held by the power of God.
---Mark_V. on 1/25/11

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Warwick, How is it you never answer my more difficult questions? IE serpent,dinosaurs etc..
Does lack of evidence mean Adam may have had a cell phone? Ink and paper? pencil? What would he write on or write with? And did he speak Hebrew? How do you know?
Cuneiform is the first evidence of writing and it wasn't script!
---1st_cliff on 1/25/11

The earth could have rotated billions of times before the sun was created on the 4th day.

Since there was light during the first 3 days, plants and animals could have been existed.

The problem we have with religion is that the unlearned tend to use the Bible as a scientific text book whereas what it says is the truth but in a very small nutshell.

I realize that pseudo Adventists like Warwick would never believe that a day could be anything but a 24 hour period.
---leej on 1/25/11

Warwick, when reading my post make sure you know who is it you are writing to. There is another Mark answering here but he does not use the V. after the name. It is not me that is writing to you. Just to let you know. Peace
---Mark_V. on 1/25/11

Mark in talking with linguistic experts or reading their works I have come to understand that when we couple the word day with a number, it always means a 24 hr period.

You are correct thet day on its own can mean a vague longer period-e.g. in the day of the judges-but it is never a fixed period of time.

If I said I work 6 days per week would anyone ever ask-How long are your days? You wouldn't, would you?

We also need to remember that creation day-length is confirmed as a 24hr day in Exodus 20:8-11, 31:14-17 and elsewhere.

People do not reject 24hr day creation for Biblical or grammatical reasons.
---Warwick on 1/24/11

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Mark we also need to take into account that God describes what a day is: Genesis 1:3-5 " And God said, Let there be light, and there was light......he separated the light from the darkness. God called the light day, and the darkness he called night. And there was evening, and there was morning-the first day.

So evening and morning make up a day. What is evening-end of daytime. What is morning-end of nighttime. So what alone is made up of a dark period followed by a light period, followed by...? Only a c24hr day.

Nowhere in Scripture does it say that 6 days are other than 6 ordinary nighttime and daytime days.

Also why would God go to such detail if He really didn't mean 6 ordinary days?
---Warwick on 1/24/11

Cliff lack of evidence is not evidence of lack. That we do not have evidence of writing for a particular period does not mean it did not exist.

There is no reason to believe that Adam, created with language and necessary living skills, was not created able to write.

Christians accept Scripture as God's truth. You refuse to accept that Jesus and the apostles alluded to or quoted from just the first 11 chapters of Genesis 107 times! And always as historical fact.

You can provide nothing from Scripture which even to a tiny degree contradicts this. But this does not stop you because your authority is sinful, falible man who was not there rather than our perfect God who was there, makes no mistakes, and cannot lie.
---Warwick on 1/24/11

Eloy, you wrote "For according to history, Adam ate of the ripe fruit early October morning in 4175 B.C., and he died in 3264 B.C."

Just where in Scripture are we told this?
---Warwick on 1/24/11

Warwick: I know it is not 'normal' Enlgish, but I have encountered, in older Enlgish, sentences using 'day' to mean 'time' (as in modern English - in my day), but stating things like 'in my second day' meaning in my youth (that is from Scottish, 16th century) - I take it the first was infanthood, but am not sure

I am just trying to findf out whether the numberede day automatically means 24 hours, or is just the normal
---Mark on 1/24/11

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Warwick: I think that Cliff's comment about 10000 is taken from the number of species of bird (that cannot interbreed, and so were made separately by God on day 5)

Did God require Adam to name the species that were NOT in Eden?

I can only assume not (I don't see a NEED) for God to take a penguin to Eden for Adam to name it

But I don't think Cliff is being silly (not yet, without further evidence!)
---Peter on 1/24/11

First I will state that I do believe in a 24 hour day, 6 day creation. However, the Hebrew word translated day in these verses can mean a time period of undisclosed length.
To use the word Day in a non 24 hour sense, My first day in Viet Nam was only 1 hour long. We left Oakland at 11:00 pm but it counted as a full day in country.
---Harold on 1/24/11

The word for day in the Hebrew is YOM. However accordng to the Hebrew dictionary, Yom is not restricted to a 24 hour period of time.

The Theological Wordbook of the Old Testament (1980, Moody Press)

"It can denote: 1. the period of light (as contrasted with the period of darkness), 2. the period of twenty-four hours, 3. a general vague "time," 4. a point of time, 5. a year (in the plural, I Sam 27:7, Ex 13:10, etc.)."

Sorry to bust your infallible bubble Warwick, but you are consistently wrong on this issue.

Perhaps your problem is that you have become a anti-evolutionary freak unable to grasp what the facts really are.
---leej on 1/24/11

Warwick, I like to study in realistic terms,like "No man has seen God at any time" so Adam is alone in Eden only God's voice is present while naming the creatures. Adam must have committed all the names to memory? (thousands)as there was no written Language. He would need "total recall" a condition not passed down to today where we can hardly remember what we had for lunch!
What do you think the purpose was in one man naming all the creatures? Creatures have different names in different languages!
---1st_cliff on 1/24/11

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Mark in reply to your comments to me on another thread:

See 1 Samuel 15:29 and ask yourself: Who is worthy of our complete trust, always, man or God?

Also in ch. 15 God commanded Saul to attack the Amalakites and totally destroy all they had. Saul did, except for one 'small' thing, keeping some sheep. Samuel told Saul God delights in obedience, that Saul's rebellion and arrogance means God now rejects him as king! For keeping some sheep? Yes but that is the symptom, and the disease a spirit of rebellion.

But some here will not accept what God has written in the foundational chapters of Genesis and you seem to think their arrogance and rebellious attitudes to be of little consequence.
---Warwick on 1/24/11

Warwick, Yes, this is found in the holy scriptures. And there are many other details which I do not quickly share with others because of unnecessity or of causing possible stumbling-blocks to their faith. But if a person truly desires to know the details of certain events, they can find them within the Scriptures, because certain events are recorded in more than one place throughout the Holy Bible.
---Eloy on 1/24/11

Mark please construct a sentence using 'the first day' where it does not mean 24hrs.
---Warwick on 1/24/11

Warwick,You would have us believe that the "Jurassic" peiod happened between Adam and the flood!Adam named the Stegosaurus,Ceratosaurus,Allosaurus and Brachiosaurus(50' high, 80' long)No mention of them being a problem with people although "Nephilim" (giants) were?
Pterosaurus were they "birds?"
How many were taken into the Ark?
You say invertebrates were not named? Who named "serpent"? 3.1. (more crafty than the other creatures..)
---1st_cliff on 1/24/11

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Cliff you are so repetitious. We have been through all this before again and again......

If you had a passing knowledge of Genesis you would know Adam did not have to name insects, invertebrates or fish. Why do you raise that old canard again? Because you have nothing concrete to support your nonBiblical views.

"10,000 original bird species" where in the world do you get that Idea from? Does Genesis not talk of God creating kinds e.g. dog kind, with speciation being something which has occurred in the thousands of years since? Many species now, from one original kind. You would have us believe Adam had to name all the different species of dogs! What a joke.

Your unwillingness to trust God's word condemn's you.
---Warwick on 1/23/11

You are right Cliff. God created over six days (day defined in Genesis 1:3-5) and rested the seventh day (not a seventh day) so that the Israelites would work six of the same length days and rest the seventh.

You will find Scripture agrees that the days of creation and the 7th day of rest are of the same length as the six days of work and 7th of rest as covered in the commandment. God considered this so important that He put it as one of the 10 commandments. But hey Cliff why should you trust God's word?
---Warwick on 1/23/11

Warwick: 'c24hr days because they are coupled with a number'.

Can I check - is this a well-known Hebrew rule?

Because it is not the same in English - though more common, we can say 'in the first day' meaning the first period of time

Is the same impossible in Hebrew?
---Mark on 1/23/11

Eloy you do not get those dates and information from Scripture, do you?
---Warwick on 1/23/11

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There are 28,800 seconds in an 8 hour period.
It is interesting that Noah carried the same animal types that Adam named with the exception of creeping things.
Some have determined that as few as 2,000 kinds of animals were needed to cover all the species we know today, but most have the estimate between 8 and 12 thousand animals including birds.
That is still a good days work, but a day none the less.
---micha9344 on 1/23/11

Warwick, Like I've previously stated, there's not one shred of evidence that a written language was known before 3,500 BCE , and whoever penned Genesis originally could have "fixed" it to conform to 24hr.days. Dogmatism in this instance is merely conjecture!God did not write Genesis only the 10 commandments! (on stone tablets) the obvious method of writing since cuneiform ,which was not an "alphabet" language, more like hieroglyphics!
Early Hebrew had no written vowels!
---1st_cliff on 1/23/11

Warwick, Let's get realistic,with some 10,000 original bird species, 14,000 original animal species,(not counting insects, fish , invertebrates etc) Adam who was not superman would have to name one about every 10 seconds for the full 24 hrs!
No lunches or coffee breaks, plus all the other instances mentioned in Genesis! God could do it but not Adam!
---1st_cliff on 1/23/11

warwick, I was not quoting reasoning, but instead quoting Holy Scripture which was also literally quoted by The Truth to Adam. And was proven true, being in the day of God Adam died, in that Adam died the very day he ate of the tree. For according to history, Adam ate of the ripe fruit early October morning in 4175 B.C., and he died in 3264 B.C.
---Eloy on 1/23/11

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Warwick, So you admit that God resting on a seventh day was merely a "model" for the "work six rest one" week days? But say that the entire six creation days regardless of length were not a "model" for the Israelites to follow ,in miniature? Work 6 rest 1 was the pattern, set them apart from the pagans, insisting that they both be exact length is really not necessary because the "pattern" had been established!
---1st_cliff on 1/23/11

Cluny, OMG. What kind of "Work" on the Sabbath was YAHUSHUA (JESUS) referring to here? His 9-to-5 carpentry job...? Or, Miracles of healing the blind, deaf and sick? Good Works is DIFFERENT than a 5-day-a-week, salary-paid job. GOD says we are not to work our regularly paid jobs on the Sabbath Day. Nor do house work, laundry, etc. on the Sabbath Day. But, doing "Good Works" of ministering and healing, etc. is acceptable. YAHUSHUA obeyed the Sabbath PERFECTLY. It was the religious leaders who MISINTERPRETED the Sabbath Law. Telling the healed that they couldn't carry their mats home, nor pluck a few kernels of grain and rub them in their hands to eat, etc. They were BLIND GUIDES. Do you not remember YAHUSHUA calling them that?
---Gordon on 1/22/11

Cliff you repeat and flatter yourself.

You think what God can achieve must fit in with that which you (or any man)can understand and believe.

You presume that Almighty, unlimited God, working with a perfect man, created in His own image is unable to achieve exactly what His word says!

Jesus provided food for 5,000 people with many baskets of scraps left over, from a few fish and loaves. How long did it take Him to acheive this? Do we need to reinterpret this miracle to also fit in with human limitations? Surely not.

Was God tired? No as His word says He created in 6 days and rested the 7th so we would work 6 days and rest the 7th. He was setting the form of the 7 day week. But how long are our days?
---Warwick on 1/22/11

Cluny you wrote "Then why do Dispensationalists try to make "the Day of the Lord" last for 7 years?" Please explain.
---Warwick on 1/22/11

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Eloy, in your reasoning Adam didn't even make it till the end of the day he was created. But we know from Scripture He did.

I believe you are missusing Psalm 90:4. See also 2 Peter 3:8 where Peter continues the theme. Peter is not saying a day is a thousand years to the Lord or that a thousand years is a day to Him. But that God is not slow in keeping His promise, because He is in reality outside of time. He does not live days of any length becaus He is eternal.

Further neither of these Scriptures have anything to do with creation. The length of the days of creation are defined by Genesis 1:3-5 and confirmed by Exodus 20:8-11, and 31:14-17.
---Warwick on 1/22/11

Eloy, as regards Genesis 2:17 the word 'yom' as used, and in this context does not mean a precise period of time but 'when' just as the NIV more correctly translates it. This is just the same as when we say "in the day of the prophets."

As has been pointed out the days of creation are c24hr days because they are coupled with a number. This rule continues today for when we say we work for 6 days we never have to explain how long our days are, do we?
---Warwick on 1/22/11

\\ was His day of rest also 24hrs.? Was he tired?\\

Jesus said on this very issue, "My Father works on the Sabbath, and so do I."
---Cluny on 1/22/11

"I don't believe..."-1st_cliff on 1/22/11
I guess that says it all...
Heb 11:1 Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.
Heb 11:6 But without faith [it is] impossible to please [him]: for he that cometh to God must believe that he is, and [that] he is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him.
Rom 14:23b ...for whatsoever [is] not of faith is sin.
How many land and flying animal kinds can a person name in a 'day' anyhow?
How many different kinds are there?
---micha9344 on 1/22/11

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"Then why do Dispensationalists try to make "the Day of the Lord" last for 7 years?"
Because in other parts the Scripture points out the number of days.
---Elder on 1/22/11

Warwick/Elder, Why do I insist that the "day" was more than 24hrs? What you claim is simply "rule of thumb" not cast in stone.
I don't believe that all that happened on day 6 Could have been accomplished in 24 hrs. With God all things are possible but Adam was a human!2.15 God put him in the garden to work it and take care of it ,free to eat from any tree (time to view the garden, time to distinguish, safe trees)Time to name all the creatures,be sedated, see Eve,get acquainted. You don't have to be a rocket scientist to see there were not enough hours in "one day" to do all these things,besides, what's the hurry? was His day of rest also 24hrs.? Was he tired?
---1st_cliff on 1/22/11

\\Note that 'day' is used with a number in Genesis 1. It is used as a singular or plural with a number 410 times outside of Genesis and it always means an ordinary day.\\

Then why do Dispensationalists try to make "the Day of the Lord" last for 7 years?
---Cluny on 1/22/11

lit.Hb: "For a thousand years in your sight that yesterday when it is past, and a watch in the night." Psalm 90:4. Therefore Jesus created creation in 6 of his days, which would be 6000 years to us. God told Adam that in the day he eats of the forbidden tree he would die (Gen.2:17). Now we know that after Adam ate of the tree he lived for only 930 years of age and then died (Gen.5:5), for scripture tells us that 1000 years to man on earth is the same as 1 day to God in heaven: therefore according to God, Adam did not indeed live one full day because 930 years is less than 1000 years.
---Eloy on 1/22/11

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James, GENESIS 1:5 plainly says "And GOD called the light 'Day', and the darkness He called 'Night'. And the evening and the morning were the FIRST DAY." The first Creation Day consisted of evening hours and morning hours. The length of time of the first Creation Day set the pattern for the length of time for the following Six Days. GOD was being both logical and practical here. No 'hidden meanings' involved. Some people are being influenced in their interpretation of all of this by the "Big Bang Theory"....or by the Bible Verse that says " GOD a day is as a thousand years, and a thousand years is as a day." But, neither apply here. The Creation Days were each of Evening and Morning hours. 24 hours each.
---Gordon on 1/22/11

Note that 'day' is used with a number in Genesis 1. It is used as a singular or plural with a number 410 times outside of Genesis and it always means an ordinary day.

'Evening' and 'morning' are used together without 'day' 38 times outside Genesis 1 and it always indicates an ordinary day.

'Evening' or 'morning' are used 23 times each with 'day' outside Genesis 1 and it always means an ordinary day.

And 'night' is used with 'day' 52 times
and it always indicates an ordinary day.

The days of Genesis one, as shown above, are obviously 24 hours. Some say it doesn't matter. Do you accept them as written, if it doesn't matter?

But some fight long and hard against them being accepted as ordinary days. Why?
---Warwick on 1/22/11

John, if Genesis creation is an allegory surely Jesus and the apostles would have treated it this way. Can you show me where they did this?

If you are interested I can show you where they treated it as historical reality. If it was an allegory but they treated it as historical reality aren't they all deceivers?
---Warwick on 1/22/11

I wonder if this question seeks to reconcile creation with evolution. Irrefutable evidence for an instantaneious creation does exist, as does evidence for the flood. We, as christians, need to be educated in these things. I love how Dr Carl Baugh on TBN gives such evidence. I also like the OOPARTS website. When I had DISH, the Angel One channel also had a creation show. I would like to know how evolutionists explain ancient people drawing & carving dinosaurs that were supposedly extinct.
---HOPE on 1/22/11

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Cliff you are doing it again. The Holman Bible Dictionary does say that 'yom' has three meanings. And that one of these meanings is 24hrs as per Genesis 1:5, i.e. that Yom, with a number as in Genesis 1:5 means 24hrs.

Let me be generous and say you have made a mistake. However you have done it before, and I pointed out your error then. This is on page 397 of my copy.

In every language with which I am conversant the word day coupled with a number always means 24hrs! Just like Hebrew.
---Warwick on 1/22/11

"The word in Hebrew is "yom" ,can be translated as 24hrs. or a period of time (Holman's dictionary,Strong's Concordance)depending on context!"
To add to this.... any time there is a numerical value attached to "Yom" it is always a 24 hour period of time. A days (Yom) journey was/is a 24 hour trip.
Six days shall a man work and on the 7th day (Yom)...ect, is 24 hour periods also.
It didn't take a million years for light to appear from planets a million light years away. It didn't take Adam 30 years to become a man. He/they were created complete.
---Elder on 1/22/11

'Day' is 'yohm' in Hebrew or Aramaic and is in the Bible over 2300 times.
Every single time the word 'yohm' is modified by a number in the Bible and not separated by night, it is interpreted a normal earth rotation day, as opposed to a time period or just daylight hours.
Why would Genesis 1 and 2 be any different?
Gen 1:5,8,13,19,23,31, 2:2,3, 7:(4),10,11,(12),17,24, 8:3,4,6,10,12,14, 17:12, 21:4, 22:4, 24:55, 27:45, 30:36, 31:22,23, 33:13, 34:25, 40:12,13,18-20, 42:17,18, 50:3,10,
Exo 2:13, 3:18, 5:3, 7:25, 8:27, 10:22,23, 12:6,15,16,18,19, 13:6,7, 15:22, 16:1,5,22,26,27,29,30, 19:11,15,16, 20:9-11, 22:30, 23:12,15, 24:16,18, 29:30,35,37, 31:15,17, 34:18,21, (34:28), 35:2, 40:2.
Should I continue? The Bible testifies to itself.
---micha934 on 1/22/11

John usa: That depends on what you mean by allegory

If you mean a genuine truth told in a way that helps us to understand (Jesus is after all referred to as both the sacrificial lamb, as king and a warrior - king and warrior are real, but lamb I take to be 'allegory'

But don't take the idea of allegory too far, or you may end up rejecting too much
---Peter on 1/22/11

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I'm not sure why it matters how long the days were in Genesis. Isn't it an allegory anyway?
---John.usa on 1/21/11

I'm just curious. Why does it matter? I believe anyone who is really interested in the Bible would be more concerned about spending time finding out who God (the Author of the Bible) is in relationship to who we are.

In case you don't know James, we have an enemy who loves to make us waste precious time by misdirecting & leading us off on wild goose chases (deadends) that keep us from learning & knowing the truth about God the Creator, & His love of what He has made & that includes us. (Ephesians 6:11-18)

What's of paramount importance regarding "24 hours" days is how we spend them. We can waste time or spend it wisely. But, what's spent can't be replaced & we have NO TIME TO WASTE!
---Leon on 1/21/11

James, it doesn't matter whether Genesis creation days were 23,24,or 25 hours. It only matters that they were created by the rotation of the earth in relation to a fixed light-source. Just ordinary days, as we live today.

Those who argue against the obvious meaning of Genesis one do so only because they are viewing Genesis through long-ages evolutionary 'glasses.' They are trying to reconcile God's word with man's evolutionary beliefs-cannot be done.

They are trying to say the 6 days of creation relate to 6 ages of evolution i.e. billions of years.

You will note they do not quote relevant Scriptures to support their beliefs. They ignore Scripture, preferring man's opinions to God's Truth
---Warwick on 1/21/11

Peter, read Exodus 20:9 "Six days you shall labour..." How long were these days 23,24,25 hours or a much longer period of time?
---Warwick on 1/21/11

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Well, a "number" of people who know Hebrew were unable to understand what the Bible in their own language was telling them about Jesus. So, then, it is possible that ones who know Hebrew would not know what God means by a "day", in the creation story. I consider that these days of creation came before the fall of Adam and Eve. And so, things then were not like they are, now. So, days then could have been different than how days are known, now. It appears the sun was not created on the first day. So, I'd say there was no sun to measure the first day. "Hours" are relative to where the sun is shining. So, the first day, possibly, could not be a 24-hour day like we have, now, after the fall.
---Bill_willa6989 on 1/21/11

The word in Hebrew is "yom" ,can be translated as 24hrs. or a period of time (Holman's dictionary,Strong's Concordance)depending on context!
To conclude that the creation days were 24hrs only is ludacris!
Billions of stars and planets millions of light years away??? Ya right!
---1st_cliff on 1/21/11

Reading the Bible (I do NOT know Hebrew) both appear possible..... but I'd like any clear evidence as well, as I'm rather unsure
---Peter on 1/21/11

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