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World Is Hard For Teenagers

I think that living in this world as a teenager (like myself) is a bit too hard. Why am I have so much emotional, physical, and sexual frustration? I know God is always there, but where is He? I want to be a filmmaker in the future, filled with the Spirit, but I don't feel qualified at the moment.

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 ---Micah_Commanahum on 1/22/11
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Micah, Yeah, totally agree that this world is tougher for today's teen-agers. Today's younger Generation has been prepped to receive the soon-coming Anti-Christ (the False Jesus). They have been dumbed-down in public schools. They've been taught that all kinds of sexual immorality is really "OK", that they're just "alternative lifestyles. They've been fed medications and illicit drugs like they were candy. They have less awareness of the Truths of GOD and His Ways partly due to the Church's own Apostasy. Don't trust your feelings. Let GOD know you want to serve HIM and walk in His Ways of HOLINESS and Purity. Repent of all known personal sins. Forgive everyone! Trust HIM in Faith, and in His Son YAHUSHUA (JESUS).
---Gordon on 2/5/11

Oke cluny some of us really lived ungodly lives before they repented. some had doubts and questions before they could fullheartedly follow the Lord. a great example was ST Augustine who wrote a treatise about how he came to Christ. Yes i was a pagan, and i found Christ after living a life that brought sorrow. nevertheless up to my 14 years i was brought christian in all senses, then i drifted away from the lord, but the Lord called me back. an amazing grace. my encouragement is to approach and to rejoice in the Lord so that pain and misery will not be a part for you Micah. When the lord called me back, i finally gave myself unto him. I still struggled but now as victor in Christ Jesus. do the same.and God bless
---andy3996 on 2/4/11

Jesus is God, and he is as close as the mention of his name. Call upon Jesus in prayer, and ask him whatsoever you will, for help, for direction, for strength. If you are a real Christian then your life is much easier than a nonChristian's, for you have the Almighty Christ to help you always and at all times, whereas the nonChristian's life is built upon sinking sand.
---Eloy on 1/31/11

Live is not too smooth for anyone at all ages. Anyone that does not have challenge(s) is dead. You need a guide through all the stages of your life, someone who can always be with you, help, support and instruct you. And the best guide is JESUS CHRIST. You could have discussed the challenges with Him, He would have resolved them.
---Adetunji on 1/29/11

\\Encourage Micah to do what I did. because when i was 14 years i thaughte as Micah,i started to compromise, drink a little, celebrate a little. soon it became too much drinking, and it became drugsabuse, i found out that the world itself was WAY harder then the little oppressions of this world when youre a christian. until the LORD brought me back.\\

andy, were you going to Bible camps and youth rallies as a teen?

Or were you out carousing?

You're telling two different stories.
---Cluny on 1/28/11


the way to succeed is to sharpen your SKILLS. many have college degrees but they just have INFORMATION. look at the computer programmers they have the skill. they spend countless hrs learning to program a computer. REMEMBER skill not give your 10% to the church will make you successful. pastors who say that is exploitation.
---mike on 1/28/11

Encourage Micah to do what I did. because when i was 14 years i thaughte as Micah,i started to compromise, drink a little, celebrate a little. soon it became too much drinking, and it became drugsabuse, i found out that the world itself was WAY harder then the little oppressions of this world when youre a christian. until the LORD brought me back. since that time i took great advantage of all the Christian activities arround me and soon i stopped smoking then drinking & by the power of the LORD. and the more "boring my life was according my friends", the more fun i had (and still have) with My Christ. if that is an evangelical bubble and not seeing reality, so be it, by the way Micah focus on Christ HE is so much fun.
---Andy3996 on 1/28/11

I attended public schools from Kindergaten through 12th grade. I liked the schools until my teenaged years.

The teenaged years are when EVERYBODY is going through a lot of changes. It's part of our growing into adults. I feel bad for all the crazy behavior, and language, that my school teachers had to endure. I confess that I was a "bad boy".

I still get mean, rude comments from people at church. Sometimes, it seems like you should only attend some churches IF you attended their expensive church schools. Which only the "Very Wealthy" can afford.

Frustration doesn't end with the teenaged years. We have to depend more-and-more on GOD to help us through our lives. Keep praying and waiting on HIM.
---Sag on 1/27/11

In other words, Andy, you lived in an evangelical bubble.

I'm not saying this is a bad thing, but not all teen-aged Christians do so.
---Cluny on 1/27/11

Andy: Serving the Lord does not guarantee anyone that they won't experience trials. Today's young people face more stressors than my generation did. What this young person is experiencing is somewhat normal in developmental terms.
---Trish9863 on 1/26/11

Andy--If the opportunities for Christian activities and service abound...AND if parents allow such activities (mine wouldn't) the teen years can be better.
It's still a rather awkward period in most people's lives.
---Donna66 on 1/26/11

how do you mean? if youth only could use all their energy in serving God (as i did when i was young) they'l find out life is fun. i was away from home on biblecamps, hiking trips, gospel outreach programms and so forth, i was active in the youth group of our church, and had many great times with the young people, in Christ. whilst my friends in the world went to rave parties i went canoing or sit on mountaintops to read my bible. if you think it's hard to be young, it will become harder when you'r old, but if you enjoy being young in Christ then you'll love growing up as well.
---andy3996 on 1/26/11

Michah: Please be encouraged.and change your way of thinking. Life gets better as you mature. But it can be better for you now. I hope you have good parents who are teaching you and helping you along the way. Listen to your parents(very important). Stay close to God and read your bible. Make friends with teens who have similar lifestyle to your own. Don't try to fit in where you do not belong.This is the key. That caused me some anxiety when I was very young. It is ok to be different. Stay away from drugs and alcohol. Keep God first in your life.He will take care of you. Love you..Micah
---Robyn on 1/23/11

Micah: What you are experiencing is normal development for your age. Your desire to be close with God shows your heart is in the right place.

Seek a person to mentor you in your relationship with the Lord, a mature Christian who you trust. Pray and ask the Lord to guide you in finding and developing this relationship. It will help you grow in the Lord greatly.
---Trish on 1/23/11

Hang in there, Micah, and keep close to the good people in your life! :-)
---John.usa on 1/23/11

Micah, it's in the job description of being a teenager. It's just the way it is.

Don't worry. You'll survive.

Life gets better, I promise you that!

Just be patient. God's not finished with you yet.
---Cluny on 1/22/11

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You're correct - the world is hard on a teenager today. You are exposed to more temptations then I had to face as a teen. But the solution is the same: keep you focus on Christ, read your Bible each day since this is your survival manual for Christian living, associate yourself with other Christians, spend time in prayer, etc. You are interested in film making, which is great, we need more Christians in areas such as this. You are correct when you state "God is always there", and He is with us at all times via the Holy Spirit who He sent to be our comforter, etc.
---wivv on 1/22/11

Micah,it's all media hype!!!!don't buy into it and You will do ok,don't beat Yourself up over it.Keep Your eye's on Heaven above.
if You find You are 30 and dont have a career,house,spouse,who cares,the sun will rise.
---kevin5443 on 1/22/11

Micah-- I'm sure you aren't "qualified" right now. It may take years, but just keep working on your goal.

Why do you have so much emotional, physical, and sexual frustration? It's because your body and brain are undergoing rapid changes just now. (it happens to everybody)

I can remember as a teen complaining as you are. But my parents said..."Why, these are the best years of your life!"(how depressing).They were WRONG.
Take my word for it. Life gets better and better... not just because of the circumstances, but because you gradually become more skillful at handling things.

God hasn't left you.Talk to Him about EVERYTHING. Read your Bible. He will help you get through this.
---Donna66 on 1/22/11

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