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Prayer Needs February 2011

I hope, although we sometimes get cross with each other, and don't always agree, we are friends and we worship the same Lord. Please show your prayer needs so that we can pray for each other

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 ---alan8566_of_uk on 1/27/11
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I spoke with my daughter tonight and learned my grandson has recuperated from the strep throat. Praise the Lord. Please continue to keep him in prayer, though, as he now has a cough.
---Trish on 2/18/11

Spoke with my daughter last night, and my grandson's strep throat is cleared up, but he now has a cough. Poor little guy. Would appreciate continued prayer.
---Trish on 2/19/11

Thanks Mary. I have to call my daughter and find out if the new antibiotic worked. I have not heard anything, so I have to assume that no news is good news.

God is good.
---Trish on 2/17/11

Hi Trish, how is your grandson feeling? I hope he's doing much better, God bless the little guy.
---Mary on 2/17/11

Please pray for my grandson, Lincoln. He is 18 months old, and has been sick with strep throat for weeks now. The first antibiotic did not work, so they gave him a new one. Strep is dangerous and can cause heart damage.
---Trish9863 on 2/14/11

Israel needs prayer.
Even those that oppose Israel.

The nations leaders.
---Lawrence on 2/7/11

The Spitritual healing for those that are in need.
God knows & have been praying. I desire prayer for a mate, from 58 - 65 yr's of age & hoping she can play an k - board or other & sing. I've done Church outreach services in nursing homes etc for about 20 - 25 yr's. It has been about 6 yr's now since I have not due to the music help, of those passing & or not phys able. I sure do miss it.
---Lawrence on 2/6/11

Praise the Lord, I went to the podiatrist and he found an infection that we caught just before it abscessed. I also have a sinus infection. I appreciate all of your prayers.
---Trish9863 on 2/6/11

Yes Lord, A-men Jesus, we lift each one these people up to you Papa. Please look on these, and go inside of each one, to those areas inside that need your healing, and do in there your special work that only you can do perfectly. In you Lord Jesus we pray, A-men and A-men and A-men and A-men and A-men.
---eloy7794 on 2/6/11

Thank You all who prayed for my friend who suffered Chemical burns on 70% of his face, and also burned his eyes.
Doc's were preparing him for skin grafts, but now the prognosis is that he will not need skin grafts and will only be left with a small scar on the back of his neck.
His eyes are also back to 20-20.

God Bless you all
---David on 2/6/11

An update on Ali, and a request for renewed prayer.
Ali is now off the respirator, and has had her lungs drained of fluid, which helps her breathing. She is taking interest again in things and has even used a hair straightener.
BUT, she still has temperature spikes, and the medics are worried about this, and they are taking hoursly blood samples, which distress her.
Please pray for completion of her recovery, and for her Mum, as she continues to wait and watch, up in Scotland, and so far away from her friends, family and work
---alan8566_of_uk on 2/5/11

I would appreciate prayer for a painful hammer toe, which is inflamed and swollen. Wearing any type of shoe hurts, and I must wear boots most of the time because of the weather.
---Trish9863 on 2/3/11

Alan, praise the Lord for such wonderful news about Ali.

I appreciate the prayers of everyone here. God is answering prayer. I am able to sleep now, because in addition to my pain med, I am also now on a muscle relaxer.
---Trish9863 on 1/31/11

i have a co-worker who is Egyptian. His family is Christian in a country that is over 90% Islamic.

The peolpe of Islam were already killing Christians while the Christians were in church. The govt. turns a blind eye. Just imagine what little protection they have now...Oh, No, I mean the Muslims.

They know not what they are doing. Ask God to forgive His enemy, and to protect God's family to do as God wills.
---aka on 1/31/11

Thanks so much for the suggestions, Hope. I must be careful, because I am on a blood thinner already. I will look into your suggestions though.
---Trish9863 on 1/31/11

I have had marvellous news from Judith, today about Ali
"Ali is now finally out of the Intensive Care Unit and is in the orthopaedic ward. Her temperature is still spiking etc, but she is generally so much better. She has been up and walking a littlen with crutches. She is enjoying being able to on catch up with her colleagues on the ward (this is the hospital where she is training to be an orthopaedic surgeon and I expect that is why she has been put on this ward, rather than a general sickness ward) - evn though she is on the wong end of the stethoscope. Thanks you all so much for your love and prayers"<
---alan8566_of_uk on 1/31/11

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Yes, in prayer, Papa Jesus, here we lift each one of these up to you: we lift up Peter's wife and Peter, Judith's daughter Ali, Trish's daughter-in-law, and her two sons Sean and Christopher, and Trish for healing, David's friend Sammy, Steven and Randy, and mother Betty, and Kathy. Lord help these in their life, bring your healing, your substance, your joy, and your peace that passes all understanding. Draw them in closer to you Papa, and let them come into a deeper relationship with you. In you Lord Jesus we pray. Amen.
---Eloy on 1/31/11

I get so tired of fighting chronic pain, feeling twice my age (86) & feel ready to give up on life itself. Trish, I have gotten a little relief in the past by taking a supplement, Hops, & a prescription, Elavil 75mg, 1-2 hrs before bed & by sleeping on a magnetic memory foam mattress pad with powerful magnets, northside up. I still have to reposition frequently & if I get less than 10hrs sleep, my pain goes up greatly. I have taken many supplements over the years to fight inflammation: fish oil, ginger, tumeric, cherry extract, & noni. Some may thin blood, ask your dr is these & magnets are safe for you.
---HOPE5979 on 1/31/11


Father ... Our friend Trish is in such pain, we pray that you will somehow releive this, even though she can't yet hhave some of the medication which could help.
Father, may the doctors find some way of combinu=ing the different m,edication that hse needs, without them being in conflict with each other. Father, we pray that trish may be able to sleep, and dear Lord, grant her peace and courage as she faces these difficulties
---alan8566_of_uk on 1/30/11

Alan: I would appreciate prayer for my chronic pain. I have fibromyalgia, herniated discs and bursitis, and cannot get the cortisone shots I need for three more months due to being on Coumadin for blood clots in my lungs. I don't sleep due to the pain.
---Trish9863 on 1/30/11

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Pryaer has clearly worked follwoing my prayer request. Do others have any needs?
---alan8566_of_uk on 1/30/11


a proper state of mind, heart, and position are always relevant when we pray for someone else.
---aka on 1/29/11

Cute, aka

But is it relevant?
---Steve on 1/29/11

Good News! Prayers being answered!

Ali is off the ventilator and is responsive to her Mum how lovely that must be for them. She is still in Intensive care, because of temperature and weakness of lungs, but it looks as if the way is now open for her to get stronger.

Please pray for both Ali and Judith, because Judith needs to come home to get back to work (she has already had a fortnight off for this) and wont be able to visit each day.


---alan8566_of_uk on 1/29/11

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I will pray for all these people, and return to this blog every day to offer each one up to Jesus in prayer. For our Lord wants each person to be happy and healthy and prosperous, and to have a good relationship with him. There is nothing more blessed then to truly know our Lord and to be with our precious Savior every day. He is a good God, and he is always good, and he hears us and he answers our prayers according to his lovingkindness and his tender mercies.
---Eloy on 1/28/11

Hi Alan, Thank you for praying and updating us about Ali.

My son's names are Sean and Christopher. They grew up serving the Lord, but fell away when they became adults. My daughter, Colleen, loves and serves the Lord and is raising my grandchildren in a Godly, Christian home. Praise the Lord, her husband loves Him as well.
---Trish9863 on 1/28/11

Way to go Alan!
You figured out a way for the children of God to work as one.
With that said, I have a dear friend named Sammy who I would like you all to pray for, he was involved in a Chemical spill yesterday and was severely burned.
---David on 1/29/11

Trish, I will add your daughter-in-law and sons to my list. What are their names? It makes it more personal if the name is known.

I received update from Ali's Mum Judith tonight

"What a difference a day makes! Ali still needs oxygen but is AWARE AGAIN. She is very weak and tires quickly. She can only say a few words in a tiny whisper before needing a long rest and struggled for ages to open an envelope. She still has a long way to go but we are thrilled! Thanks for all your support"

It is about 10 days since Ali was put in an induced coma to protect her as much as possible whilst the drugs were fighting the bug
Thank you all for your prayers and let's go on praying that she may now make steady progress
---alan8566_of_uk on 1/28/11

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Alan, I would appreciate continued prayer for my daughter-in-law as she recuperates from a torn muscle in her leg. Both my sons need to return to a right relationship with the Lord. My son, Sean, to get sober from his alcoholism. Thanks.
---Trish9863 on 1/28/11

Ali has now been taken off the ventilator, but still needs oxygen, and has been a bit sick But is settled Thanks for ll you prayers... Now please pray for a continued improvement, and her eventual return to traing as a surgeon

Eloy ... I'll add those to my prayers
---alan8566_of_uk on 1/28/11

Alan, thank you so much.....

I have one personal and one family matter, so I'll put them here. The family one is for my wife, who has not been ahppy for some time, has generally been finding life difficult, and I would like some others to pary for her.

For me, I'm chasing two jobs (currently only part-time), hope that one of the two bears fruit
---peter3594 on 1/28/11

Alan, Some personals to pray over: Steven recovering in the hospital, and to have a right relationship with Jesus, Randy lost and homeless, and to have a relationship with Jesus, Betty for a new heart, and to have a right relationship with Jesus, Kathy's healing of her right rotator cup, the economy to improve in the U.S. and in the world, and that each soul repents and gets a right relationship with Jesus, that everyone everywhere will practice daily the Golden Rule- "Do and Say to others exactly that what you want others to Do and Say to you."
---Eloy on 1/27/11

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---aka on 1/27/11

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