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Are You Afraid Of Dying

Are you afraid of dying?

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 ---Steveng on 1/27/11
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Hello,all you wonderfull christian Family all over the world..beieve it or Not at one time,this type of blogg.. I wud have run from now 2x with cancer,got to say "No,not afraid of cancer anymore,I have starr it 'n the bad,horrible times(won't go into details) that don't help no one! I will say like the song I wrote,If never see my daughter would ask God move on her bit more (via Holy Spirit) wish for her & husband If all possible get SAVED!:) would make me happy! I have longed to be able say these things! I feel happy now! I love Jesus...
---ELENA on 5/25/12

In the age of 'TIME', everyone was destined to die, but Jesus came in the FULLNESS OF TIME (the completion and end of "time"). This is now the age of ETERNITY.

For all of those who live spiritually inside the body of Jesus (God's Holy Spirit has baptised us as an INNER temple), "LIFE" is now eternal (we will live forever inside Him....ETERNAL LIFE).

In reference to ETERNITY, Jesus said "I am....."..."THE LIFE" (John 14:6) the age of eternity, without Jesus, there is only EXISTENCE, not LIFE.

...fear not.
---more_excellent_way on 2/20/11

Thanks for the info, Donna66. Mainly, I was trying to show Chloe that just because a person seeks medical help in an emergency doesn't mean they are afraid of dying, only that they wish to live if at all possible. Still, the information that you've provided is appreciated.
---AlwaysOn on 2/3/11

My sister had what is called PPH, the closing of the arteries in the lungs. Through an experimental drug she lived two years after she was told she would die, and in her last days, she told me what was terrible about dying was to be alone the last days of her life. Since it took long for her to die, her husband stopped coming home from work early and spend time with his friends and my sister was alone most of the time. She wrote a letter to each of her sons the night before she went into a coma. My fear is not been there for my children and grand children when they are in need. And not been able to say my good byes if it is a sudden death. That's why everyday I tell them I love them.
---Mark_V. on 2/2/11

I am impressed that the US has moved so far (the DNR)

It is better, for otherwise we would be stuck with doctors trying to keep alive while we could not be kept alive

Of course, we always have the question of who decides if a person brought to the ER can or cannot be resuscitated.....

I am happy I will never have to make such a decision!
---Peter on 2/1/11

Always On-- Those who want help when sick, but don't want to be kept alive at all costs, need a MEDICAL DIRECTIVE. (Paramedics will NOT render aid of any kind, if you have a DNR.).
A Medical Directive specifies the particular conditions under which you want a DNR. It expresses your wishes in a legally recognized form at a time when you may be unable to express yourself. Any time you enter the Hospital give them a copy. They usually ask if you have one, anyhow, on admission.
It's a simple form to fill out and sign...not a bunch of legalese. Ask your lawyer of Doctor.
---Donna66 on 2/1/11

Chloe, there's a difference between wanting to live and being afraid of dying. As previously stated, I want to live. I love this life and, if it's up to me, I don't want to die anytime soon. However, one day I will die. I've accepted this and have, in fact, embraced it. This is why many who would call 911, as you say, also have 'Do Not Resucitate' (DNR) orders drafted. They may want help when sick, but do not want to be kept alive at any and all costs. Not everyone fears death, but many accept it as a glorious fact of life, instead.
---AlwaysOn on 2/1/11

Bill_willa6989--It's good you recognize that it may be difficult to accept help from others when you look and feel bad and want to be alone. I have had a lesson or two in that.
But I pray the Lord will also help me forgive those friends who have heard I'm dying and stay away for fear of "not knowing what to say" or fear "they will say
the wrong thing". That's something that happens a lot! The dying person can accept that they are dying, but nobody else they are lonely, with nobody to talk to, even about ordinary everyday things. I pray that I will know my friends are friends... even if they don't show it.

But it's up to God. I may go so quickly it never becomes a problem.
---Donna66 on 1/31/11

wre you afraid of being born?It would be better asked are you afraid of dying lost in sin?
---tom2 on 1/31/11

"O death, where your sting? O grave, where your victory? The sting of death, sin: and the strength of sin the law. But thanks to God, which gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ. We Christian brothers overcame Satan by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of our testimony: and they loved not their lives up to the death." I Cor.15:55-57
---Eloy on 1/31/11

chloe, Cherishing life or wanting to live is righteous, and it is not the same thing as a person afraid of dying. No saint is afraid of dying, therefore you speak falsehood: for only sinners are afraid of death, and also those whom wrongly think that all people are sinners, these are afraid of dying. We the saints from Christ have already died to our self on the cross, and we are born-again with the life in Christ. And finally, calling 911 because of having a heart attack is righteous and lawful and has zero to do with afraid of dying, but all to do with stopping the attack of the heart: just as living careful, is to obey life and is right: but living carelessly, is self-destructive, and is wrong.
---Eloy on 1/31/11

Hi Bill, sorry you had such a terrible experience :( But glad you survived it. God bless you.
---Mary on 1/31/11

A gang guy sucker-kicked my head from behind, then kicked me down onto the sidewalk. I just trusted God and totally relaxed. They were kicking me hard enough so I figured they were going to kill me. So, I was curious what it would be like to die. Then they put me on my knees. I figured God in His all-control had me on my knees so I could be practical and pray. I thanked Him, I think, and prayed for Him to have mercy on them. They pushed me into the gutter. Then I talked with them and they found my glasses and I left. They apparently had been told I had money, so they would do someone else's dirty work.
---Bill_willa6989 on 1/31/11


Like you, I am never frightened about where I'll be.

Also like you, the things that bother me are not a constant terror. The Holy Spirit comforts me when I need it.

I have considered it my "thorn in the flesh". I am the type of person who can really get egotistical and puffed up, and I believe God uses those fears at times to keep me from that.

Keeps me from thinking I've got it all figured out.
---James_L on 1/31/11

James L.-- Good honest response. I have been close to death twice and was frightened...but not about my eternal destiny. I one case, I was afraid of dying violently. In the other, I had plenty of time to think. I did not fear the disease that was supposed to kill me.
But like you, the idea of eternity...the endlessness of it, the irrevocability of it...bothered me, even though I was certain of being in heaven. I had to discuss this with the Lord at length. He finally made me see that He would be with me there...even MORE than here. About the same time that idea sunk in, I discovered I was going to live after all!
---Donna66 on 1/30/11

I have known many Saints that have suffered before death and I saw that they were fearful. Our bodies were created by God to fight for survival to the end.
Those of you that say you have no fear will dial 911 quicker than I can say heaven if you are having a heat attack.
Even if you know where your home is, it does not mean you are homesick.
---Chloe on 1/30/11

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I stopped being afraid of dying when I realized a loving God would not burn someone in a lake of fire forever who did not ask to be born. God IS love! If you want to feel better about death, listen online to the hymn UNTIL THEN by FBC Jacksonville Florida!
---Geraldine on 1/30/11

Not obviously. I would say God has done such unique and interesting things in my life. So, I suppose how He has planned for me to die will also be very possibly very interesting. So, I am curious what it will be like for me to die, and if I will have a chance to see it coming so I can be getting ready and doing what is good with it.

One thing I understand is I should not shut out others, while I am dying, but let people visit and do things with me so we can have loving and not me being independent and isolating myself.
---Bill_willa6989 on 1/30/11

i would like my kids to be older before I die.

i broke my neck at 5, had a massive head injury at 32 among may other trials and struggles. my body is tired. i would not mind going peacefully into that good night.
---aka on 1/30/11

\\"Are you afraid of dying? Only respond with your heart, not your head."\\

I will answer with a parable.

I'm always uneasy going through a dark tunnel, even though I know I will come out all right into the light.
---Cluny on 1/29/11

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Death is somewhat of a paradox for me.

On one hand, I feel emboldened, and willing to die for my faith, ready to meet Jesus.

Also, when I think about my body being recreated sinless, tireless, etc I'm excited.

On the other hand, when I think of how I might face death in other ways, I am terribly afraid of the thought of suffocating or drowning.

Also, I have sediment of unscriptural teachings from my childhood which play on a fear of the unknown, like where is heaven, what will we look like, and can you imagine after we've been there 1 million years and it keeps going and going and 10 billion and going and going and 20 trillion and going and going...

infinity scares me a little

---James_L on 1/29/11

No, I'm not afraid of death at all. In fact, this may sound morbid to some, but I get excited when I think about it. Unless the Father wants me to, I do not want to die anytime soon, as I'm really enjoying life and the people in my life and I want to live for a good long time, but when my final day arrives, I welcome it.
---AlwaysOn on 1/29/11

Honestly from my heart. I do NOT fear death at all. In many way looks forward to the life after.

My only regret are the love ones I would leave behind and what would happen to them.

But my attachment to the the family of G-d leaves me with no fear of passing this earthly life.

I'm not tryng to be cliche' or "holier than thou". It really is my faith and it reflect in my heart/feelings etc. And I thank G-d for that as well.
---John on 1/30/11

As a nurse who has worked closely with the dying, my first response would be that I might be afraid of the physical suffering aspect of dying. I have seen so many really struggle & suffer. My second thought would be that I would be happily free of the everyday pain I have on this earth now & be with the Lord. On my worst pain-filled days now, my thought is "Lord, I am ready, any time".
---HOPE5979 on 1/30/11

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I'll be honest steveng: I sometimes fear death. In fact, I'm doing a Bible study on fearful believers in the Bible, trying to learn from their stories how to overcome. But yes, I am afraid, even though I know I shouldn't be.
---Mary on 1/30/11

No. however I am concerened about my family. Will I die when they are still children, or grown & on their own. If I die when they're young,can my husband raise them by himself, that is if he's not gone first?
---candice on 1/30/11

Apparently the moderator took the liberty to edit my blog question. The whole question was: "Are you afraid of dying? Only respond with your heart, not your head."

In other words, I wanted to know what was truly on your heart not a theological response using verses from the bible about how a person should feel. I wanted to know what was truly on YOUR heart not stories of someone else's beliefs or thoughts on the matter.
---Steveng on 1/29/11

Not knowing the means of my death or the suffering that may be involved, yes I am at least weary of death. I do know what awaits me after death so being physically dead has lost its power of my feelings. "O death where is thy sting...?"
---Harold on 1/29/11

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I too, tell myself! I think I'm ready!

But let me ask you something. If someone walks up behind you and go's boo!
Or you hear a sudden noise? Do you jump?
Shouldn't this tell you something?

Would you say if you are truly ready to die, you wouldn't jump?
I would think if you jump! Then you are not ready?

Now you can stand there and tell me. This is just a reflex action!
"Yea ok, reflex"

But I also do know this, even if you don't believe it.
When and if? The time comes for your death.
Some of you will and some of you won't, call on the lord.

But, God be thanked, you are not alone!
I will never leave you!
---TheSeg on 1/29/11

No, to die is gain, for after death we are forever present with the Lord, and there is no more suffering in body and no more persecution from them who are antiChrist.
---Eloy on 1/29/11

\\The man accepted Christ, said a sinners prayer and was very happy.\\

mima, where does the Bible use the formulas "sinners prayer" or "accept Christ"?
---Cluny on 1/28/11

I am not afraid of dying as much as I am living.
---Elder on 1/29/11

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I have no fear of death, but I do hold some fear, as to the manner in which I may die.
I do not relish the thought of being Beheaded, as will those which shall Reign with Christ for 1000 yrs.
---David on 1/29/11

Since Jesus promised Eternal Life to those who believe upon Him, obey His Word and do his I'm not afraid of dying because my body will go to the grave and my spirit will ascend to heaven, eternal means never there is no death to say for the Christian.
---Donna5535 on 1/28/11

A man heard me witnessing to a nurse as I was going under sedation before an operation
later as I was recovering this man came to my hospital room and said, sir I have come to talk to you about salvation for I have never seen anyone busily witnessing before going for a serious operation before. The man accepted Christ, said a sinners prayer and was very happy. I still see this man around town some times today.
---mima on 1/28/11

My precious daughter told me she didn't mind dying but hoped it didn't hurt much. When her time came, such grace like I've never seen. She just went to sleep. I pray I learned something from my daughter who was so strong and brave plus saved.
---shira3877 on 1/28/11

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It is useless to worry or be concerned about dying.If we think about it and focus on it, it does tend to be scary and a bit unsettling. But we don't know how we are going to leave here(die). When we fall asleep at night, it is a form of death. We are not aware of what is happening around us. Especially if we are in a deep sleep. Then we suddenly wake up, if God's will.If death is a similar experience, then there is nothing to be concerned about. Now where our souls will rest is another matter altogether. Another subject.
---Robyn on 1/28/11

Wwell, there are some ways of dying that would be scary for me (not dying itself, just what happens before, like torture etc). But not the end, death itself
---Peter on 1/28/11

I suppose that everyone is a bit nervous about the actual act of dying.Meaning, how when, where... but God promises the believer the death to us will be "sleep". Absent from the body, present with the LORD. But when thinking about meeting God face to face, Meeting my Saviour Jesus who died for me, & the Holy Spirit who has been with me, guiding me...WOW! NO FEAR THERE!! Not to mention Heaven for eternity. I agree with John,USA, I'm 49(slightly old) & ready to go:)
---Reba on 1/28/11

NO. Here's Why --

The Bible clearly states that our life on Earth is a temporary one. A much better, Holy and Sin-free, life awaits us in Heaven. There's just ONE, and only ONE, important condition:

You MUST know Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior. Otherwise, you are looking at eternal punishment in Hell.

While I am living on this Earth, I am doing what I believe is "my best" to win other folks to Jesus Christ. And prevent their going to Hell. I feel "afraid" for those that just aren't interested. It's their choice!
---Sag on 1/28/11

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I've noticed that the older I get, the less squeamish I get about death and related issues, such as embalming.
---Cluny on 1/28/11

I'm old and ready to go. :-)
---John.usa on 1/27/11

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