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Wife Divorced Over Depression

I married a woman, who, it seems, did not feel divorce was wrong (though a christian). She divorced me (due to depression) though I wanted the marriage. I remarried, on the thought that my previous wife was not following Christian rules about marriage. Was I wrong?

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 ---Steve on 1/30/11
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\\Cluny: Sorry, I did not see your question. No, SHE suffers from 'clinical depression' - it runs, it seems, in her family for some generations
---Steve on 2/1/11\\

I'm sorry this happened to you.

Just another example of how clinical depression is a PHYSICAL illness, and not a character flaw.

Though what one does about it may have spiritual implications.
---Cluny on 2/3/11

Aka: No children, studied (batchelors, actually) chemistry, and as for foods, I like almost anything with plants in it (salad types, carrot and spinach especially, but even more than that, friut, oranges and peaches - one winter one summer!)
---Steve on 2/3/11

Steve, (just to verify)
-What continental foods do you like?
-How many children do you have?
-What is your Associate's degree in?
---aka on 2/2/11

steve, i am glad you took it that way. that is not how i normally would have phrased it. but, i was otherwise compelled.

my chat/penpal ID for cnet is ak9944 if you would like some privacy.

If not, let me know.
---aka on 2/2/11

aka: 'you are free to keep swimming in the sea of guilt and depression that you love'

Thank you, Aka. I hope that I do not love depression.... though maybe you have a point!

But when I came to Christ, it was out of guilt, so I do not feel free to just 'reject' guilt, for it has done me good in the past

Possibly my guilt is unfounded, but I need YOUR help to understand that is IS UNFOUNDED!

Blessings, for I feel you are intersted in works of God

---steve on 2/1/11

Donna66: Thanks for the idea.... As far as I know, she is permanently on various medications (actually she is bipolar, as well as depressed) but she does not want to have anything to do with me

My current concern is whether I was wrong to remarry..... about the divorce, which I could not avoid!
---Steve on 2/1/11

What a sad reason for a divorce. If your ex-wife had received treatment,there was a chance she might have been willing to stay married and the two of you might have been able to make things work.

But that's in the past. She put you in a very difficult situation. No point, NOW, in worrying whether you were wrong. You felt, at the time, that remarriage was alright. If it bothers you, ask the Lord for forgiveness.

But now your responsibility is to your present wife. The Lord wants you to have a good marriage with the wife you have now. Leave the past in the past.
---Donna66 on 2/1/11

Cluny: Sorry, I did not see your question. No, SHE suffers from 'clinical depression' - it runs, it seems, in her family for some generations
---Steve on 2/1/11

Bill: My concern is that, while my wife left me due to depression (which a Christian wife ought not to do) she did consider herself Christian, and who am I to disagree

In Corinthians we are told that if an unbeleiving spouse leaves we can remarry, but I take it Paul beleived that NO believing spouse would leave, and so he left no direct instructions

So I am not sure.......
---Steve on 2/1/11

Elder: 'Write me personally for more info.'

Where can I contact you?

Here we are not supposed to write email adresses.... can you send your Christianet name (and how to tap into it, I think I would need which country you live in to find you there to give my email)!
---Steve on 2/1/11

Steve, I hope you will share more with us, about this. But it seems we have people who leave questions that aren't even true for them, then they don't even read what we write, I suspect.

It looks like it is good to find out what someone believes about divorce, before you get married. Having beliefs open to divorce can help to make you available to having a divorce.

Jesus is our Groom. When we have affairs with Satan, by arguing and complaining (Philippians 2:14-16), or by being unforgiving (Mark 11:25), does Jesus divorce us???
---Bill_willa6989 on 1/31/11

Here is the hazard of seeking advice from everyone.
You have been told and it has been suggested by some that you are wrong. So now what?
You are remarried. Are the advisers going to tell you to divorce this wife?
Your first wife left and divorced, let her depart. The divorce ended the marriage. So build this one and stop worrying. There is plenty of Scripture that backs your position now. Write me personally for more info.
---Elder on 1/31/11

I think your wife was at fault here. You cannot make anyone stay with you or love you.If she wanted to go, what could you do? She was in disobedience.So therefore,forcing you to remarry or be deprived of a married life. Let the Lord deal with her on what she did.
---Robyn on 1/31/11

Did your wife divorce you because SHE was depressed, because YOU were depressed, or because the ECONOMY is depressed?
---Cluny on 1/30/11

Nowhere in scripture does it say you are free to remarry because your wife does not follow what you say are Christian rules. The only times we are free to remarry are if an unbeliever leaves us, or if our spouse commits adultery. Were you wrong? Read scripture and ask God.
---Trish9863 on 1/30/11

you are free to keep swimming in the sea of guilt and depression that you love.

you are also fee to love your current wife, but in order to do that properly you must renew your mind in Christ.
---aka on 1/30/11

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