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Prayer For Terminal Cancer

I would like to pray for anyone who has "terminal" cancer. Do you have any names for me?

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 ---mima on 2/7/11
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HeavenlyFather,We know that you are Sovereign yet,we also know that you extend mercy you can turn it around in an instant from death to life! We ask oh,Father extend that hand of tender mercies to Gary Love.we in prayer plead the blood of Jesus o'er our brother.Let his life be lengthen we beg you oh! God we will be carefull to give you all the praise & the glory now
And forever.amen.
Is.53 Ps.51 Ps.91
---Lidia4796 on 12/21/13

My daughter's father Gary Love has terminal stage four lung cancer. Please pray for his recovery.

He has a large inoperable tumor on his chest. Please help me pray for healing!

Thank you!
---Sharon on 12/20/13

I do believe cancer is caused by some of our foods. fresh uncooked veggies are a great diet to help cancer. my mother, husband and daughter died with cancer. it is a sad disease. I will pray for your mom. I prayed God would give my daughter peace and He did give her peace. I keep telling myself to eat uncooked veggies but I keep eating powdered donuts.
---shira4368 on 6/24/13

My friend Patrick has stage 4 color and liver cancer. Pat loves The Lord. He has chosen no further medical treatment, but he would appreciate your prayers. The address above is mine. Pat does not do computer stuff. Thank you, and God's Blessings. MaryKaye
---Patrick_Sheridan on 6/24/13

God bless you and your sweet spirit, Elena. :) Hugs, Mary
---Mary on 9/14/12

Hey, Mary thankyou, you know my good words are powerfull,and I always when I get feeling a lill'sad first,I ask the lord please forgive there is nothing that can take the place of the love and God has been and remain good to me, I am truly way better than most, always remind myself Rom.chapter 8 and I feel renewed ...I try to share with. My neighbor but, she bitter right now, 13yr.old daughter has ovarian cancer, told her don't give up hope. My mother lived 47yrs. Cancer/never went bk to the doctor she died becuz she got robbed, killed. She did not die from cancer. I lam holdingon., Lol ELENA
---ELENA on 9/14/12

Elena, honey, I don't know what to say except this: please keep fighting! I'm praying for you today, love and lots of hugs, Mary
---Mary on 9/14/12

Doris I'm praying for your Mom.
---Darlene_1 on 9/14/12

the roots and solution to cancer is not in supernatural healing or medicine. it is in proper diet and profit.

cancer was not a household name before the seventies.

the food producers, suppliers, and investors will do anything to increase the profit margin. they have replaced a good food supply and marketing with chemicals and derivatives that are not wholesome.

bad in, bad out.

we, as consumers, can be careful. but, the beast is too far advanced. we need a savior.

mammon or God
---aka on 9/14/12

Hello, bro.Jed,let me say I commend you becuz it is reality.For long time, Icomplain, then after so long goin'for tests, b.cancer, 2nd time, 4mo.ago dr. Told me have 5mos. To live,New Doctor, she gave me tests ...still holding on,I told her, don't trust everybody I beg him, not afraid of death, pain so far,comes and I call Jesus. He sends. Pain go away so far always. Thankyou very much.
---ELENA on 9/13/12

I know that God is in the healing business! Amen and glory to God. Sometimes, his healing does not always come in the form that we expect. Sometimes, the healing that he provides is eternal healing and deliverance from all pain and suffering. I pray for those with terminal illnesses for God's healing. But I also pray for those who are grieving for their loved ones to accept God's healing, in whatever form it comes, and that they will be comforted by those around them and by the Holy Spirit.
---Jed on 6/12/12

I am in agreement with you.

---char on 6/12/12

please pray for my mom
she has given up on life.
She needs all the pray she can get even a miracle pray
for healing her body .
---doris_dodd on 6/7/12

for this reason we cannot dismiss traditional medicine!
---1st_cliff on 2/15/11
I agree. I also see a marriage of the two to combat this disease as well as others.
---John on 2/15/11

John et al, The Cancer Society receives millions of dollars every year for "research" and have made great strides in understanding this insidious disease! An advantage that alternative medicine does not have. for this reason we cannot dismiss traditional medicine!
---1st_cliff on 2/15/11

hi john,it was not me who have stories about xray machine and brother..thanks again.God bless
---mj on 2/13/11

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1st Cliff with all this new technology such as GMO and other chemicals in our food. Also with Cellphones and wireless devices. It is a small wonder to me.
---John on 2/12/11

Thanks for caring John, like the Oncologist told me "chemo doesn't work for everyone!"
What's really frightening is the Cancer unit in the hospital was "standing room only".
---1st_cliff on 2/12/11


I remember the story about your brother and the X-ray machine. Very sad.
---John on 2/11/11

hi john ty for sharing about the natural way to nourish cancer patients and increase their immune system.God bless
---mj on 2/12/11

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John, My brother was a very successful Chiropractor,Naturopath,Homeopath but died of spinal cancer in the care of alternative practitioners.
I myself have just come off chemo,(colorectal cancer) although it lowered my immune system to the point where I got pneumonia, which was cured with antibiotics, I am now cancer free!
Well, not really,everyone has cancer cells naturally !
---1st_cliff on 2/11/11

Yes, chemo kills healthy cells along with cancer cells. The difference is, the healthy calls grow back!
Same is true with radiation therapy.

These treatments are NOT just horrifyingly miserable. I had them both. They're not fun, but great progress has been made. I've felt worse from a couple of common medical conditions, than I did being treated for cancer.
---Donna66 on 2/10/11

Donna thank you so much for George West name and again I invite everyone on the blog to pray for this man.--- Donna someone told me that asparagus(canned or fresh) had many times healed cancer patients. I am very very appreciative of nurses and those in the medical profession(all except the doctors) and I just thought you might have heard something about this also.
---mima on 2/10/11

Mima-- No I haven't heard of asparagus as a treatment for cancer. All my training has been in conventional medicine, so I tend to read medical journals not health sales pitches. I have read nothing about asparagus, nor heard it from any doctors (which doesn't mean there is nothing to it).

Many drugs are derived from naturally occurring substances or plants. One of the chemo- therapy drugs I had was derived from the California Yew tree/shrub. So there are some "natural" cures that are backed by fact and figures not just anecdotes.
---Donna66 on 2/10/11

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Here's general sample of what you need..

Vitamin D3 8-10k units oer day.
Quercetin 1-2000mg per day
Grape Seed extract(Leukemia)
Vit C with Naringen
DHA/EPA Omega 3 (NO Omega 6)
Pomenganate extract
Green Tea extract
Mix Vit E(Natural only!)
Carrot Juice
Eat Raw Vegtables
Cleansing Fast once a month.
This is general, you have to look up your particular cancer and do the research.
Consult a Naturalpathic doctor with good referrences
---John on 2/10/11

Mima-- I agree with you about prayer. It is a TOTALLY SAFE treatment for cancer.
Would you pray for the husband of a friend of mine, George West, who has bladder cancer metastasized to his liver and spine. (He is a faithful believer in Jesus Christ) Thanx.
---Donna66 on 2/10/11

I had Cancer which I cured easily naturally.

Each cancer is different and requires different variation of the basic treatment.

The good news is once you are cured naturally, you are truly totally cured. No recurrances!

With conventional treatment (Burn it, Cut it, Poison it! like Neanderthals) they can only reduce the Cancer to (at the very best) cellular level, so they buy you time until it begin to grow back and overtake you.


It simply was never eradicated in the first place. So it grows back. Depending on how far they were able to reduce it, will mean how long it will take to come back.

In natural cures it is gone forever! You are truly cured.
---John on 2/10/11

I had chemotherapy for over two years. Along with killing the cancer cells, chemo also destroys your healthy cells too. Jesus completely healed me, and the best main advice I can offer is, 1) Pray to Jesus, and get right with God by truly confessing your sins and asking for his forgiveness, and to save you first from sin, and also ask him to heal you from the cancer. 2) Remove all unhealthy habits from your life, all sin, smoking, drinking, junk foods and drinks, lack of sleep and exercise. 3) Increase prayer and worship. 4) Live a healthier lifestyle: eat more artichoke hearts, and broccoli, and hyssop- mountain savory, and garlic in your diet.
---Eloy on 2/10/11

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Donna I would appreciate a little help here. I'm sure you heard about asparagus being a healing agent for cancer. What is the general opinion amongst the medical profession about this? What is your opinion about this? Thanking you in advance mima.
---mima on 2/10/11

hi john whats the natural cure for cancer?im interested to know the facts..thanks in advance..i have nothing against chemotherapy but it kills not only the cancer cells but also healthy cells aside from its many side effects.
---mj on 2/10/11

Thank you for providing Robert Ramage's name. I have prayed, I will be praying and I invite everyone on the blog to pray for Robert.
---mima on 2/10/11

please pray for robert ramage who has terminal cancer and who is preparing for hospice
---kenga_jackson on 2/9/11

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some accuse the FDA of suppressing successful natural cures, while peddling poisonous chemo drugs that do not cure, but make life even more unbearable for these poor souls.. Who is SOME?..those who fear competition for their "snake oil" cures.
I've known too many people (real people not people out of some book) who have opted for natural healing and died, while before their "natural" treatment their prognosis was good! I've been cured of advanced cancer by standard medical means. If you think "natural" means "better" go ahead and gamble. It's only your life. Medical doctors don't try to "sell you" on something nor lie about their "successes"
---Donna66 on 2/9/11

John -- Why don't you check out what the National Cancer Institute REALLY says...not just what you've read somewhere. (they don't say cancer is "easily cured"). You can find them on the internet.
---Donna66 on 2/9/11

I keep posting this at Nauseum, but it seem to fall on deaf ears!


Even in the terminal stages. This is NOT hippy guru stuff. It is from our nations top cancer research hospitals and The NCI.

But.. I keep seeing post after post. My(file the blank) has Cancer and will not survive.

I then say AT LEAST try to save them with Natural Cures since they will die anyway.




---John on 2/9/11

Praise the Lord!!! Jesus heals naturally through HIS power.
---KarenD on 2/9/11

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If you Google "Budwig Protocol Testimonials" you will also find a natural healing website. My husband was diagnosed with Brain Cancer (John) last year and I went searching for alternative cancer cures. God has given us the resources and we thank and praise Him for His glory!
---Philomena on 2/9/11

I originally started this post because I'm interested in praying for others AND because the winter has got me a housebound.

Now comes this post from---marilyn_brent, and even though I don't know her, I have sought the Holy Spirits' advice in this matter. And I endorse what she has to say.
---mima on 2/9/11

I just read, no url's, so if you want healing info, just write me back, use my penpal name and write me on my profile mail, ok? I healed naturally from stage 2 & 3 cancer, with herbs/diet/juicing/prayer/exercise/water.
God promised to heal all our diseases, and He will, Psalm 103:3
He does this thru herbs and other things in His own Creation.
Yes, the money-makers continue to lose patients with their education to "treat" illnesses, which God can absolutely heal. If only we trusted Him, instead of man's devices!
Write me, I'll share more.
I will pray for Tammy. Definitely!!! my heart goes out to her, and God's heart is broken for her.
---marilyn_brent on 2/9/11

I have joined--shira3877 in praying for Tammy and her children.
---mima on 2/9/11

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will pray for tammy and her children. God is surely in control.
---shira3877 on 2/9/11

Please pray for 'Tammy', a young mother of 4 children, 2 who are autistic. Her cancer has reoccured yet again & spread to lymph nodes. Cancer is an awful way to die & some accuse the FDA of suppressing successful natural cures, while peddling poisonous chemo drugs that do not cure, but make life even more unbearable for these poor souls.
---Hope5979 on 2/9/11

It is good, as long as the person with terminal cancer wants to keep living. He/she may be perfectly happy to go to God
---Peter on 2/8/11

If you ever watched your loved one pass away with cancer, you would never wish that on anyone. I watched my sweet husband die with adeno carcinoma from agent orange and it was unbearable. Thank God for drugs. I watched my daughter die with brain cancer. She couldn't raise her head up to look at you and her arms and hands was paralized. Thru all that she laughed a lot. I pray I will just go to sleep and not awake.
---shira3877 on 2/8/11

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Any terminal disease is a blessing.

It's a reminder that we do NOT continue in this life forever (as long as Jesus tarries), but will have to face God and our eternal destiny.

Blessed are those who understand this and prepare.
---Cluny on 2/7/11

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