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TBN Versus Daystar

You see the same people on both TBN and Daystar who claim to be sharing the "GOSPEL". Yet, you never see Paul/Jan Crouch and Marcus/Joni Lamb together. Could this be because they are in competition to see how many people they can deceive and con out of money?

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 ---Rob on 2/20/11
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Nicole, Barbara,
Concerning Jesus asking for money, it seems to me that since Jesus himself gave instructions to ask THE FATHER, as in Lk 12:22-29, He would and did do likewise, going to the Father in prayer for all things.

There are many verses about Gods provision, a few:
Job 38:41
Who provides for the raven
Ps 34:10 those who seek the Lord lack no good thing.
M t 6:25-34, Ps 104:21 Ps 145:15-16
and more...
---Chria9396 on 12/14/15

Barbara I don't know about Jesus not asking for money.
It could be it wasn't recorded that Jesus asked for money.

Be it is recorded that other people gave Jesus and His Disciples money for their ministry.

The twelve were with him, as well as some women who had been cured of evil spirits and infirmities: Mary, called Magdalene, from whom seven demons had gone out, and Joanna, the wife of Herods steward Chuza, and Susanna, and many others, who provided for them out of their resources (Luke 8:1-3, NRSV).
---Nicole_Lacey on 12/13/15

Jesus never ask for a dime, he prayed for people,delivered people, and sked for no money, why is the preachers asking for money just to pray for you or sing in their church, they must be paid. why cant we sing for Jesus with out pay, we we really love him?

the Lord willtake care of our needs if we trust him, we do not need to beg people for money in the church.
---barbara on 12/12/15

You never see handshakes or anything between TBN and Daystar. The most I have observed, were a couple of semi-foul comments from TBN about Daystar.

TBN keeps trying to make themselves seem like they are the lesser of two evils, but they both better watch themselves...

This is no game. God don't play.
---jaywalker on 12/10/15

Thank you James L.

I am not on this site to offend anyone. I am here to only share TRUTH. I do hope there will be people whose eyes will be opened concerning the truth about the WOF.

If only one person has their eyes opened, and the accepts the truth, it is well worth my effort.
---Rob on 3/3/11

Andy3996, you mentioned putting myself in the judgement seat.

Many people will quote what is written in Matthew 7:1, but they reject and avoid what is written in the verses which follow.

I can honestly speak about this because in the past I found myself being caught up in, along with being deceived by the false teachings of the WOF.

I am so very thankful my eyes were opened and I know know the truth concerning who they truly are and what they truly are about.
---Rob on 3/3/11

when I see your comments about the Word of Faith teachers, I am reminded of how Jesus and the apostles confronted false teachers.

Jesus called them a brood of vipers, whitewashed tombs full of dead mens' bones, wolves in sheeps clothing, blind leading the blind, and asked how they will escape the fires of hell.

the apostles called them deceivers, false teachers, antichrists, etc.

And these descriptions were accompanied by WARNING, BEWARE !!!

keep up the good fight, Rob. Good stuff. May seem a little harsh for some, but plenty of biblical support for your style and message.
---James_L on 3/2/11

Last week DAYSTAR had a SHARE-A-THON.

This week, TBN is having a PRAISE-A-THON.

As usual, they both have those who time, and time again have been exposed and proven to be FALSE TEACHERS of the WOF as their guest.

They tell people if they want a blessing from God, they must first send their money. I said it in the past, and I will say it again, This FALSE TEACHING clearly goes against what is written in Acts 8:20-25.

The WOF always talk about people sending money, but they never talk about people receiving SALVATION!
---Rob on 3/2/11

ROB if you do this, it is recomendible, and it is of utmost importance to keep your hands clean and your heart clear. nevertheless since you appeal yourself upon God's word to judge a fellow worker in the field, please do not be offended look also what God's word says about putting yourself in the judgements seat. i believe there are more snensitive ways of expressing disagreement then blunt attacks and over proportining anothers faults (isn't that what cults do) rather distance yourself from them and now rise questions in your fellow's heart. to make them discover fotr them slef.
---andy3996 on 3/2/11

Scripture tell us THE WORD OF GOD IS SHARPER THAN ANY TWO EDGE SWORD, Hebrews 4:12-13.

Andy, 3996, you said calling TBN and DAYSTAR such horrid names is to much, I am only sharing what GOD'S WORD says about them.

Some people turn a blind eye to GOD'S TRUTH.

Even though it may sound harsh and horrid, I am only sharing the truth, and I make no apology for this.
---Rob on 2/24/11

ROB please note that neither TRINITY or DAYSTAR ever said that it was ONLY BY sending to them you can be blessed.
what they say is simply if you wneed a blessing from GOD and GOD puts in your heart to give to THEM then GOD will use THEM to bring you your blessing. nothing wrong with that.
PAUL SAID 2Cor 8.9
for you all know the grace of God that Christ, however he was rich became poor so you MIGHT be rich. He said this implying that through giving you will bbe blessed.
JESUS said give and it shall be given unto you... I do agree that most teachers put an unbiblical emphasis on the giving and receiving part: but quite frankly to call them all such horrid names is too much.
---andy3996 on 2/24/11

We are told to love others as ourselves. So, I should not be sending money anywhere just in order to get something for my own self. I need to care as much about others, as my own self.

By obeying God, Abraham got "all the nations of the earth . . . blessed," we have in Genesis 22:18. So, when we obey God, we are obeying in His all-loving love which has us doing what can bless all people, not just ourselves (c: or only ones close to us >

"For if you love those who love you, what reward have you?" (in Matthew 5:46)
---Bill_willa6989 on 2/23/11

I said it in the past, and I will say it again.

TBN and DAYSTAR, along with the FALSE TEACHERS of the WORD OF FAITH MOVEMENT who they PROMOTE and provide a VENUE FOR, are BASTARDS Hebrews 12:8, and SERVANTS OF SATAN who claim to be of GOD, 2 Corinthians 11:13-15.

They tell people if they want to receive a BLESSING FROM GOD, people must FIRST SEND THEM MONEY! I often wonder how many people know this clearly goes against what is written in Acts 8:20.

These are just a few of MANY, MANY, MANY SCRIPTURES I can share to prove these people are not of GOD, but are of SATAN!

I guess there will always be people who HATE THE TRUTH and want to have their ears tickled, 2 Timothy 4:3.
---Rob on 2/22/11

Yes & No doubt, they'r prob in competition with each other, trying to see which can get into peoples pockets the most. tbn, (
transgressing Biblical necessities ), day star ( sounds like an soap - opera ) Lying to people & taking their money & surely No doubt there are people people paying them to lie to them.
---Lawrence on 2/22/11

ROB, your question is an instegation to make a fight, i look both channels when i have the chance, and it is your american donations that put these networks on satelite. foir wich many african, Asiatic and arabic christans are praising God dailly. and yes maybe the founders of these networks are overpaid, but so is a simple amercian carpenter who,working for a boss still buys a new ford all terrain wagon to drive wo miles to his compagny then to take the company carr to drive another mile to the constructionsite.
---andy3996 on 2/22/11

I watch Daystar over TBN, but GMC I watch thier friday night family movies, but I DO NOT donate money to any of them directly,but I pay my cable bill which supports those channels, so mght as well get my moneys worth. Most of my day is not watching t.v. though.I do have a family to take care of.
---candice on 2/21/11

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Unfortunately, "laying up treasures on earth" soon takes over well-intended organizations like TBN and Daystar. It would surprise me if the couples live modestly. But if you check carefully, both networks have a few honest Christian presentations: TBN's Billy Graham Archives, and Daystar's Rejoice Pensacola
Christian College church service. God doesn't let them waste ALL the airtime.
---Geraldine on 2/21/11

They want those who know the TRUTH to remain SILENT, because they don't want to be exposed, and they don't want others to be warned about who they truly are and what they truly are about.
---Rob on 2/21/11

It is the same as finding which "Store" you can trust for: Prices, Sales & Rebates, Returns, Customer Service, etc.

I've learned from a few bad experiences with the TV evangelists, magicians, or whatever, etc. My trust in them is gone.

Oh well, Live and Learn. GOD has better things ahead for me. The same if anyone else out there has had bad experiences of any sort: Relationships, Divorce, Money, Legal Problems, Alcoholism, etc. Live and Learn. Press ahead for GOD!
---Sag on 2/21/11

Saq, I appreciate your advice.

But I must ask if you ever considered remaining silent is exactly what Satan, TBN, and Daystar want to happen?

They want those who know the TRUTH to remain SILENT, because they don't want to be exposed, and they don't want others to be warned about who they truly are and what they truly are about.
---Rob on 2/21/11

What a waste of time, comparing two televistion networks. And gossip? Hello, spend more time serving the Lord, and less watching TV.
---Trish on 2/21/11

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Some churches, ministries, TV outreaches, charities, etc. have questionable goals. I can understand WHY you are curious or puzzled.

When you get this idea, I believe that it is BEST for you to use your own best judgment as far as giving money goes.

Personally, I've felt that I HAVE been "deceived" and "conned" out of money by some TV ministers. Who I will NOT name. Anyway, I don't give any of them a penny.

There are plenty of other places to make donations to.

Also, you've asked A LOT of questions about TBN/Daystar. Sometimes it is BEST to just let the subject rest, and stop wasting YOUR time and energy "beating a dead horse". Use your life and time for other, more Godly things!
---Sag on 2/21/11

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