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What Is Idolatry

What is idolatry?

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 ---alan8566_of_uk on 3/5/11
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family,want to say we all need to step bk sometime here,I do..take this very seriously,first thankfull for the moderators-sometimes,they really give just "tidbit" spiritual advice,it often correct biblical wise. I find that more now,thankfull to a bro. (smile) once let me know (and I tke his correction) with good advice 'n say thankyou! becuz this is a Christian site.Now want to say thankyou bro. For I look up give bible verses. Thankyou! Bro.your sister 'n Christ! You know who you are...,)
---ELENA on 4/13/12

Elena, You are right, so very true.that ANYTHING can be an idol. Many think they are not or have never been guilty of idolatry, yet. if, for even a moment something is put before God...and that something can and often is a very good thing in and of itself.
---chria9396 on 7/18/11

Idolatry can be your children,it can become your little "GOD" you don't want to give up it ' s Contant what everwho or what it is! Can be you husband or children ! Or anything!
---ELENA on 7/17/11

Anything you put before God.
---JIM on 3/10/11

Worshipping any person or place or thing instead of Jesus Almighty.
---Eloy on 3/10/11

I would say idolatry is putting any person or thing where only God belongs.

So, yes, how ones relate with "Mary" can be idolatry, though it is not consciously worshiping her.

How I depend on any person, more than depending on God, can be idolatry, then.

How I relate with a TV can be idolatry. Making myself the judge of the Roman Catholic Church > how I do this can be idolatry, especially if I am making myself the judge while not first judging myself > 1 Peter 4:17.
---Bill_willa6989 on 3/7/11

The question simply is, "What is Idolatry?"
Who brought the RCC to bear?
Oh, none other than Junior mint! Is that surprising?
---Nana on 3/7/11

Idolatry is a condition of the HEART.

GOD created us to be in fellowship with HIM, and only HIM. However, once SIN entered the world, people became "gullible" for other things. GOD knows about this and often sends shepards to correct the parth of HIS wandering sheep.

A great example is the Golden Calf. Moses came down from Mt. Sinai and angrily destroyed that IDOL.

Many folks complain that the RCC has idols. That might be true. Other churches do too -- "Come to our church and find ..." That something is an IDOL. We should be seeking after GOD!
---Sag on 3/6/11

Mark ... You are irrepresible, aren't you?

You say I don't "like for people to speak against the RCC"

That is not true... You know I have challenged many things about RC doctrine & practice

What I don't like is lies about anyone. I defended you when someone lied about you. I will defend the RCC when people make up such lies as the RCC having deleted the 2nd Commandment.

In the this blog, I was trying to establish what idolatry is, because it seems that the accusation is thrown at people who are not in fact committing idolatry ... I want to stop the untruths

Far from the motive you ascribe to me, I am trying to defuse the anger and help people to understand how others approach things
---alan8566_of_uk on 3/6/11

The second part of the word is from the Greek LATREIA, which means the kind of worship due to God alone.

This is to be distinguished from DOULEIA or TIMI, the "honor to whom honor is due."

This is a distinction made by Our Lord, God, and Savior Jesus Christ Himself in the Greek Gospels, which quotes the distinction made several times in the LXX.

Some people give LATREIA to their own mental conceptions of God, but He is not fooled by externals, or the lack of them.

If any LATRY other than THEOLATREIA is found among Roman Catholics or Orthodox, it exists not because of the teaching of these churches BUT IN SPITE OF SUCH TEACHINGS.
---Cluny on 3/5/11

"What is idolatry?"
Idolatry is covetousness. It is image worship. Paying homage to, or showing reverence and honor for any tangible object. The honor or homage given based on sensual perceptions of the object. Know this, the nature of the object is irrelevant concerning whether or not that object is an idol in life.
---Josef on 3/6/11

Alan doesn't like for people to speak against the RCC and yet post questions concerning them. Isn't that been hypocritical? I believe there is more to talk about and discuss then to bring more questions that will only cause more answers that he doesn't like. Don't we already have enough questions by Mima concerning the RCC?

Definition of Idolatry:

"Worship of Idols" Excessive reverence for or devotion to a person or thing

" an image of a god, used as an object of worship" "any object of ardent or excessive devotion"
---Mark_V. on 3/6/11

Idolatry is giving worship and praise to anything or anyone other than God as God. A perfect example is the Jewish people worshiping the "golden calf".
---mima on 3/6/11

Idoltary is if youre breakin the 2nd commendment! any statues, pictures or anything that we think can decribe The Lord JESUS. (Rom.1:20-23, Act 17:29-31)
---monalisa on 3/5/11

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