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Was Adam A Passive Husband

Some say Adam stood passively by while Eve dialogued with the serpent. Do you believe that? Why or why not?

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 ---Leon on 3/13/11
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//aka, why are you upset because I gave CraigA a complement for his kindness?//

i am not upset. Internet protocol determines what we see and what we do not see. sometimes, things are visible to others who have not seen yet. I just simply did not see his post.

some people tend to be presumptuous and assume things that are not. also, agreeing words are not necessarily kind or wise words.

//It is not a matter whether you agree with me or not. It is how it is discussed.//

reread your words. do you think you follow your own requirements of others?
---aka on 3/28/11


//She gave it to him and he ate.//

What did she do before she gave it to Adam.

touched it and ate what supposedly she was told by Adam that God said. for all intensive purposes, she did not obey God.
---aka on 3/28/11

Craig A, I agree. We still see it.
Our flesh is a constant battle everyday.
Before I started studying this subject, I found myself blaiming Eve too. For all of it.
But I can't do that. It is something found in each of us.

I would appreciate it if a particular person would stop posting disgusting comments and act like the Christian man he claims to be.It is not edifying anyone. Christian men should not say things like what this particular person says.
I won't give his name because he would not take any kind of correction from a woman anyway.
I would also appreciate it if the mods did a better job of checking posts. If they did, his unchristian comments would not make it through.
---ginger on 3/28/11

You can still see evidences of the original sin of both men and women.

Women become easily dissatisfied by what they have and desire more.

Men tend to get themselves in trouble by obeying the wife instead of God.

Can I get a witness? :P
---CraigA on 3/28/11

Why do men (not all) want to give some of the blame to Eve when God does not?

I see this all the time (no offense) Men want and claim to be the head of woman
...most that I have run into.

to Trav.. I am not married to a fleshly man. Christ is my husband.
---ginger on 3/28/11

Read 3:17.
Sounds like,Wow what a six pack Adam.

17 And unto Adam he said, Because thou hast hearkened unto the VOICE of thy wife, ....

16 Unto the woman he said, .... and thy desire shall be to thy husband, and he shall rule over thee.

Obey your present groom....husband to be.
Keep in mind, biting ewes are...hard to feed.
---Trav on 3/28/11

I agree aka.
The thing satan went after was to get them to disobey God by eating the fruit.
Eve was guilty of the lust of the eyes, lust of the flesh and the pride of life.
I am wondering why it is that her eyes were not opened until Adam ate.
Because the BIble says that neither one's eyes were open until after both had eaten of the fruit.
I agree with Craig A.
Eve was tricked but Adam rebelled.
Why didn't he speak up? I certainly don't believe Eve was the temptress that many claim she was.
God says that Adam harkened to her voice. I don't see that as tempting him. I see it as what God says. She gave it to him and he ate.
He listened to her instead of God.
---ginger on 3/28/11

Was Adam A Passive Husband?

Yes, he passed eve over to the snake
---francis on 3/28/11

'Why do men (not all) want to give some of the blame to Eve when God does not?'-ginger on 3/28/11
Gen 3:16 Unto the woman he said, I will greatly multiply thy sorrow and thy conception, in sorrow thou shalt bring forth children, and thy desire [shall be] to thy husband, and he shall rule over thee.
Why the punishment if there was no blame?
1Ti 2:14 And Adam was not deceived, but the woman being deceived was in the transgression.
To releive Eve of her responsibilities onto Adam is just as wrong.
Eph 5:6 Let no man deceive you with vain words: for because of these things cometh the wrath of God upon the children of disobedience.
---micha9344 on 3/28/11

aka, why are you upset because I gave CraigA a complement for his kindness?

It is not a matter whether you agree with me or not. It is how it is discussed.

If Adam is fully responsible then he is. It has nothing to do with Eve failing Adam.
God did not say Eve failed Adam. He said she was deceived.
Why do men (not all) want to give some of the blame to Eve when God does not?

I see this all the time (no offense) Men want and claim to be the head of woman but don't want the actually responsibility of it.
Not all men, just most that I have run into.

to Trav.. I am not married to a fleshly man. Christ is my husband.
---ginger on 3/28/11

//Eve was tricked
Adam rebelled//

Let us suppose that Adam did add to the commandment from God (we can only use supposition).

Satan did not go after the misinformation. He went after the act of participation (eating) and the result (death/eternal life). Gen 3:4-5 He went after God's word and not Adam's failure to communicate. Satan did not even address the touching.

Eve still disobeyed what she thought God said. She still touched and ate, which what she was told not to do by God (or so she thought.)

The deception was not about touch, it was the wanting of eternal life and participation in activity that was clearly forbidden to both of them...eating.
---aka on 3/28/11

Where does the Bible say that Eve tempted Adam?

It says in every version I have ever read that she gave it to him and he ate.
No temptation involved on her part to her her husband.
The Bible says she was deceived.
Adam chose. She gave no deception to him at all.
Why else does God place the blame strictly on Adam's shoulders?
In fact, Adam got punished for not owning up. He blamed her AND God.

That is like saying when a woman gets rapped its her fault.
The Bible has not ever said Eve was a temptress. That is a man made doctrine to degrade women.
---ginger on 3/28/11

Just because Adam failed and was responsible for man's death did not mean that Eve did not fail Adam.
---aka on 3/27/

The temptress. Has anything changed?
There are good women...

Proverbs 31:10
Who can find a virtuous woman? for her price is far above rubies.
11The heart of her husband doth safely trust in her, so that he shall have no need of spoil.

12She will do him good and not evil all the days of her life.
---Trav on 3/28/11

//I have opinions of what might have happened.
BUT the bible is clear on one was all Adam's fault.//

So, your premise is...because my opinion is based on supposition and since people, who happen to be men, disagree with me, i must be right. and everyone else who does not feed my ego with flattery, must be in the flesh?

can you explain to me how craiga's are kind to your premise?

and, Just because Adam failed and was responsible for man's death did not mean that Eve did not fail Adam.
---aka on 3/27/11

I think the reason sin is placed on Adam is because Eve was deceived. Adam just flat out followed the will of his wife rather than God.

Eve was tricked
Adam rebelled

I personally dont believe naivety is a sin. Rebellion however is.
---CraigA on 3/27/11

Thank you CraigA for your kind words.
Im getting accused of having an "Eve" complex, etc.
Thats not true at all.
I have opinions of what might have happened.
BUT the bible is clear on one was all Adam's fault.
It seems to me that the men on here don't want the blame to be fully on Adam when God is the one who placed it upon him. I have simply given some thoughts and asked some questions and you are the only one who gave kind words.
And leon, my bread is certatinly not burning. But I suspect many men's flesh on here is.
Otherwise there wouldn't be so many harsh/degrading comments.
Also, you gave your opinion of what you think happened even though it does not agree with scripture either.
---ginger on 3/26/11

---Is it possible that the reason she ate is because he did withold information from her thus causing her to be decieved and commit sin?---ginger

Nope scripture says she knew.
Gen 3:2,3
---CraigA on 3/25/11

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God did say that because of ADAM all died.
.. no one wants to even talk about.
---ginger on 3/24/11

I'll be your huckleberry.
It was Adams fault. He knew right...and chose to let his helpmate tempt him wrong. He chose like we all do.
He was the head....tempted by the rib.
She had a name. Rib...that was her first name. (humor..ok). Call him dirtball if makes you feel better.

You feeling Eve's guilt or something?
Help your helpmate do the right thing,don't tempt him.
Quit dwelling on something you wouldn't have done....right? As a loyal,obedient,faithful non provocative wife.
If you're not then blame your husband....he should have control over ya...warn ya of the consequences. Not my job.
---Trav on 3/25/11

Ginger: Your bread is burning...
---Leon on 3/25/11

//HELLO!! Eve was deceived because of her ignorance. She was kept that way by Adam.//

It seems that she had a chance to rise above her initial ignorance, but she did not. Eve had the chance to blame the right person, yet she blamed Satan for the deception.

Even Eve did not place blame on Adam. Doesn't that tell you anything?

Adam failed Eve and Eve failed Adam. They fell together, and they are raised together.

//no one wants to even talk about.// ginger, could there be other reasons? a simple yes or no will do. ginger...once you learn to handicapping yourself by blaming and accusing others, you will be OK.
---aka on 3/24/11

Okay Leon, then you tell me why Adam didn't think his wife needed a name?
He named all the animals yet he did not name his wife?
You don't find that odd?

And why is it that even though Eve apears to have committd the first sin, Adam is to blame for all of it?

Doesn't The 2nd Adam, Christ, tell us that sin starts in the heart? Yes he does.
Is it possible that Adam had sin in his heart before Eve ate first?
Is it possible that the reason she ate is because he did withold information from her thus causing her to be decieved and commit sin?
God did say that because of ADAM all died.

Look, I am just asking and possing the hard ?'s no one wants to even talk about.
---ginger on 3/24/11

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Larry: Adam & Eve were married by & in the presence of God. God instituted marriage as we know it today when he united Adam & Eve in "holy" matrimony. So, marriage began with God, Adam & Eve in the garden ceremony.

Yes, Adam's primary relationship was to God (his Creator). Adam was commanded, BY GOD , to be fruitful & multiply with the second most important person he was in relationship with ~ his wife, EVE. Obedience to God was Adam's, & is our, primary objective. :)
---Leon on 3/24/11

You've made some pretty snappy comments Ginger! Do you really think, after God had pronounced judgment upon him, Adam's initial reaction was, "Wow ~ I forgot to name the woman! Okay, I better do it now..."? :/ Aaaaa, no Ginger! :) Eve certainly had a name long before then. Plainly speaking, G3:20 formally introduces her to US "by name". That's all there is to that!

You suggest Adam was intentionally witholding information from Eve. Why would Adam want to keep Eve ignorant (in the dark)? To control & dominate her? :/ Remember, both he & she were without sin before "Adam sinned".

The old saying is, "Haste makes waste." Patience Ginger ~ don't be so hasty with your comments. :)
---Leon on 3/24/11

Aka, responsibility causes fault to be placed.

It was Adam's responsibility there for it is his fault.

Micha, let's get into the act that Adam did not even name his wife until after the fall. Why is that.

Why did Adam not tell her who she was?

HELLO!! Eve was decieved because of her ignorance. She was kept that way by Adam.
That is why all the fault is placed on Adam. He was fully responsible for all of this and he did not carry through what he was supposed to.
He knew but he failed to do anything about it.
If none want to believe what the Bible states, that is not my problem.
We all know Adam is fully at fault and why. He was the one responsible.
---ginger on 3/24/11

Interesting question Leon but remember Adam and Eve preceded the institution of marriage as we know it.
Beyond following the command to be fruitful and multiply Adam's principal relationship was with his Father.
---larry on 3/22/11

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'God clearly told it to Adam, but no record of God telling Eve.'
This is an arbitrary statement for one can also say:
God clearly told it to Adam but no record of Adam telling Eve.
'...then God placed the responsiblity squarely on Adam's shoulders to tell Eve the rule.'-ginger on 3/22/11
Show me where Adam was responsible to tell Eve the rule. Be direct. No presumptive verses where one must read the belief into the verse.
As Cluny would say...BCV please.
This doesn't even get into the possiblity that Eve changed what Adam or God may have told her.. If Adam could in your view, why not Eve changing it when she told the serpent?
Too much accusation with too little knowledge.
---micha9344 on 3/22/11

responsibility and fault are two different things.

in my experience, the responsibility is given to the most responsible despite whose fault it is.

men and women both have faults that cannot be blamed on each other.

God assigned the responsibility after the fall to the most responsible.

thank you, ginger, for sticking with the truth.
---aka on 3/22/11

micha, how is it going to a far length.
We have all the information we need to know that Adam is truly the one at fault for the fall of man.
Not to mention that Eve was created after God gave the rule to Adam.
God clearly told it to Adam, but no record of God telling Eve.
I believe it should be understood that since the man is the head, then God placed the responsiblity squarely on Adam's shoulders to tell Eve the rule.
Why does it bother people by me saying Adam is the one who told her and not God?
It is clear through scripture that the fall was Adam's fault anyway.
---ginger on 3/22/11

'We know God didn't tell Eve the rule.'-ginger on 3/22/11
This is not a fact, but a belief which can only be taken by faith and cannot be proven this side of eternity.
Why go to such lengths to press an issue that neither side can prove?
If that is your belief, fine, but don't state it as knowledge.
Matthew 22:29 Jesus answered and said unto them, Ye do err, not knowing the scriptures, nor the power of God.
Job 6:24 Teach me, and I will hold my tongue: and cause me to understand wherein I have erred.
Psalms 139:23 Search me, O God, and know my heart: try me, and know my thoughts:
---micha9344 on 3/22/11

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aka, I didn't say Adam deceived Eve.

I'm putting the responsibility where it's supposed to go...on Adam.
The serpent deceived Eve by telling her that God lied.
The information we know is this..
Adam is the head and Eve is his help mate.
We know God didn't tell Eve the rule.
how did she find out about it?
It's entirely Adam's fault because he knew and did nothing.
It's my belief that Adam added to the rule to keep his wife from even going around the tree.
I believe he felt that if she even touched it, she would be tempted so he told her not to eat of the tree or touch it.
Not sure why you are getting angry about this.
Especially when the Bible says that Adam was responsible for it all.
---ginger on 3/22/11

btw - i do not believe Adam's silence is an innocent or righteous silence.

Compare/contrast Adam's silence with God's accuser, Satan and Jesus' silence to His accuser, Pontius Pilate. (Adam to last Adam)

i just do not think we need add to scripture with supposition to go to the one extreme (blame men) to balance the other injustice (blame women).

in their individual ways, they both failed each other.
---aka on 3/21/11

//Where Eve was deceived, Adam knew all of it. The word says this and backs me up.//

Gen 3:13 Then the LORD God said to the woman, "What is this that you have done?" The woman said, "The serpent deceived me, and I ate."

Was Eve telling God a lie? Why didn't she say, "well, the man told me..."

Ginger, just because you believe it, does not make it so. just because you keep repeating it, does not make it so. By the Scripture, we can only surmise that Eve added and Adam was silent.

the reason why i think Adam bears the responsibility is that he allowed Satan in in the first place.

John, what are you after? I have seen you blast people for much less.
---aka on 3/21/11

Amen caughtup, and men are still doing the same thing Adam did to his wife.NOt all men, but most who are in and some who in Christ who haven't stepped up.
Passing the buck, trying to place the blame on someone else. The "it wasn't me" syndrome.
I think it is actually part of what sin did to men.
Just as what Eve's sin did to women.
It was passed on and and women need to break out of that spirit that was passed on.
---ginger on 3/21/11

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Adam was present Gen.3 says he was with her. Rom. 5:12 talks about the sin of Adam. There is no mention of Eve. Adam was given authority (Gen. 1:26) and he could have cast the devil out of the garden. Adam not only tried to blame Eve,he blamed God, he said it was that woman that you gave me. .Gen.3:12 Eve was not even created when God gave the command (not to eat of the tree).Gen.2:17 Adam was in charge it was his responsablity to pass it on.
---caughtup on 3/21/11

Yes, aka
I believe Eve was repeating what Adam told her. Just as Adam repeated what God told him.
No, I am not taking away from what SHE did.
BUT, I am bringing Adam to account of his FULL responsibility for the fall.
1 Adam added to God's word when he psssed the command on to Eve.
2 Adam was indeed with her when she first ate of the fruit.

Where Eve was deceived, Adam knew all of it. The word says this and backs me up. He was the head. And he did not take the lead like God intended for him to do.

Men need to take their man glasses off and set down their pride. The fall was caused by Adam and it was because he knew!
---ginger on 3/21/11

(please post)
Adam is FULLY responsible for the fall.
The Bible says it. We know it as clear as the word of God.
That means Adam was responsible for telling his wife what God said and he was responsible for speaking up when she was talking to the serpent. He did neither one.
By the way, it was probably NOT unsual for her to be talking to animals since Adam talked to them. He named them.
People want to put at least some of the blame on Eve, but the Bible does not say that. It says because of Adam all die. Not Adam and Eve.
---ginger on 3/21/11

//Who do you suggest told Eve about the rule of the tree?//

so, ginger, you are trying to say that Eve had no culpability. she was only repeating what Adam told her?

A lot of people go to one extreme, but you are really using supposition and going to the other extreme. you are not using context.

the context is that Eve added and Adam kept silent. Notice how their adding falsehood and silencing truth resulted in curses for both?
---aka on 3/20/11

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In all your asking Ginger & aka, the two of you seem to think I'm trying to affix blame on Eve for the fall of mankind into sin. That's not true.

The two of you do know the Bible says Eve was deceived (tricked) by the devil, but Adam chose to sin? If you know that, then its clear the responsibility (blame) for sin is upon Adam's shoulders, not Eve's.

Interestingly aka, Adam was quick to speak up & blame Eve before God. So, if he were with Eve, why do you think he remained silent before the serpent?

Ginger, is it really a "fact" that Adam was with Eve when she dialogued with the devil?
---Leon on 3/20/11

//Eve says "God said" but that is not what God said. Since Adam was the head, he was left the responsibility to tell her what the command was. Well, he added to it.//

We can be absolutely sure that words were added to God's word. but, the logic that she told Satan EXACTLY what Adam told her is conjecture.

I, too, am tired of those putting blame solely on Eve, which is what i think the original question is about. However, if your conjecture is true, Adam is solely responsible for the fall.

Is it not possible that she added the words and Adam did not speak up? (which is totally supported by Scripture.)

//Adam told Eve
Gen 3// ginger

this in itself is adding to scripture.
---aka on 3/20/11

Leon,I notice you said.."I don't think so"

Don't think or add you opinion. Go and read the scripture in it's context for yourself.

Who do you suggest told Eve about the rule of the tree?
We know God didn't.

Take your man glasses off for a few and put on the glasses of the Holy Spirit.

I also notice you refuse to own up to the fact that Eve was not alone.
Can you tell me why you think she was alone?
Or are you just going to twist the scripture like before where you said that just because it says "who was with her" does not mean literally "who was with her"?

Why is it some men have a problem accepting Adam's part in the fall of man?
They just want to blame Eve.
---ginger on 3/20/11

i dont think so
---ben on 3/20/11

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Thank you JOhn.

Oh and sorry for the typing, keyboard is on the fritz again.

Please understand that I believe Eve is just as guilty as Adam. She let the sins of the flesh over take her.
BUt I will say I am sick and tired of some men always saying it's Eve's fault..or the woman's fault. This has been done since the beginning of time.
Adam even blamed the woman AND God for giving her to him.
Adam wasn't just passive..he was a jerk. He didn't want to step up and BE the head.
---ginger on 3/20/11

Excellent Post Ginger!

I have read about that and the blame being left on Adam who heard the words direct from G-d and was responsible to relate them accurately to Eve.

There is debate if in fact that was the case, or if Eve heard the commands direct from G-d later etc. Scripture is not clear.

But it is a definite possiblity.

Good Post!
---John on 3/19/11

M_Eaton: The real theme runs not only thru Gen., but throughout Scripture & into the daily lives of husbands, & wives everywhere.

Since alluring Eve, the devil has perfected the art of creeping behind the backs of husbands & tricking wives. Untold numbers of wives have become weapons (battle axes) in the devil's hands, used to destroy their families. Cut off the head (husband) & the rest of the body dies!

Ms. Donna: What I said on 3/15 was about "nuggets" mined from Bible truths only ~ not fool's gold brought forth out of false doctrine. True, eisegesical doctrines are in many places instead of exegesical Bible teaching. Do you think that's what I'm doing? Promise, I won't bite! :)
---Leon on 3/19/11

aka, God didn't tell Eve what the command was, so where else would she have gotten it from?

Its right in scripture.
Eve says "God said" but that is not what God said. Since Adam was the head, he was left the responsibility to tell her what the command was. Well, he added to it. No one can deny that because of all the info the Bible gives us about man as the head and woman as the helper. God says she is the helper.
AND all mankind died because of Adam, not because of Eve. She was decieved,lied to. Satan used the extra that Adam added to cause all the deciet. Hence why we are told don't give place to the devil.
I didn'tput the whole context because I didn't have room.Go and readitin context andyou will see for yourself.
---ginger on 3/19/11

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//Adam told Eve
Gen 3//

this is an unfortunate misreading, a serious mistake, or a deliberate misquote, manipulation, and lie.

adam does have major culpability and is equally responsible, but it did not happen like this.
---aka on 3/19/11

Has anyone thought about the fact that Adam caused the mess in the first place by adding to the command God gave to him?

God told Adam
Gen 2
17But of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, thou shalt not eat of it: for in the day that thou eatest thereof thou shalt surely die.

Adam told Eve
Gen 3
3But of the fruit of the tree which is in the midst of the garden, God hath said, Ye shall not eat of it, neither shall ye touch it, lest ye die.

The serpent knew what God told Adam. How come Adam told her not to touch it when that is not even what God said?
Adam clearly ADDED to God's word.
---ginger on 3/19/11

The situation of Adam can easily be seen from ours today. While men go to work they cannot monitor their wives. His fault is similar to ours today, "taking to his wife idea that is contrary to God's instruction". How many men today can boast that they have not committed the similar sin(s)? I had.
---Adetunji on 3/19/11

aka--My thinking is the same. I was tempted to comment before but thought better of it, because I didn't want to sound critical.
People love to go for the "nuggets", no matter how much digging and prying it takes to uncover them!
The more "deeply" they are buried, the better people like it. Of such are many of the discussions here. It's something interesting to consider, but is the effort worth it? Not often.

In fact, whole new teachings, even new doctrines, have developed from such mining.
I think of the errant Shepherding movement and Word of Faith teachings... which were were so enamored of their "nugget" that they let it outshine the larger truths of Scripture. And many were led astray.
---Donna66 on 3/19/11

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i fully agree. we have been conditioned to fashion doctrine from various, single verses. the themes throughout the bible are almost always ignored. the proper place (side-by-side) for a man and woman is a theme throughout yet ignored. hmmmmmmmmmmm.
---aka on 3/18/11

There is a book written on the subject, "the Silence of Adam" which we are working through in my Men's Intimacy Group counseling sessions.

The arguments in this book about Adam being present at the temptation scene are that Gen 3:6 states he was there and that this silence on the part of men in the face of chaos is a repeated theme in Genesis.
---Mark_Eaton on 3/18/11

That's funny...
Nahash means serpent 26 other times in the OT, I wonder what John is talking about?
---micha9344 on 3/15/11

Your inference on meaning by the number of times a word used is interesting and viable actually. Except if it goes against a false doctrine.
"Erets" the word used for "global" flood of Noah before "global" existed as a word...was translated as "country" 140 times, "land" 1,476 times, and "ground" 96 times in O.T.
But, funny isn't it....wonder what was being said 1,712 times. Hmmmm.
It foundations to seekers of one truth only, that this was not a "global" flood.
---Trav on 3/18/11

John: I have no problem with you believing what you want to believe if it suits you.

Every verse in Scripture?! Surely you're exaggerating it quite a bit. Also, the proof of Scripture is Scripture ~ it proves (supports) itself.
---Leon on 3/18/11

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//So where do we draw the line?...I believe the verse is pretty straight forward.
---John on 3/17/11


when contemplating 'with her' another part of scripture struck me.

if a man is given a lamp to light the way for those who cannot see as well, should he hide it under the basket and proclaim: "I have the light. Clamor in the darkness to where I am, and then I will let you see the light."

is that the spirit of nuggets hidden in the scripture?
---aka on 3/17/11

Very true Leon. But that logic can then be applied to to every verse in scripture. As we have no absolute "proof" of anything.

So where do we draw the line?

The same can be said of many historical "facts". Is it facts? Or is it the interpretation of the historian.

I believe the verse is pretty straight forward.
---John on 3/17/11

True John, it can be read in present tense if one chooses. Equally true, it can also be read as an interval or passage of time (time lapse). When did she give it to her husband ~ immediately or later on? Was Adam present "with her" when she ate or was he elsewhere, but, nonetheless "with her" in the garden? It's all a matter of perspective John. :)

If you'll allow, here's a classic Bible example of my point: "Jesus said to them...Before Abraham was, I am." Jn. 8:58
---Leon on 3/17/11

Don't be so pompous Warwick! Who made you my judge?

I've answered you, but because you don't like my responses you doggedly persist in your self righteous foolishness.
---Leon on 3/14/11

His doctrine did. A Legend-IHOM. Percieving himself a shepherd/teacher is his arrogance. Much above looking for sheep and answering you would give your daughter to Cain? Goes "walk about" rather.
But,no answer and "walk about", is a perfect answer.

Isaiah 60:15 Whereas thou has been forsaken, hated, so that no man went through thee, I will make thee an eternal excellency, a joy of many generations.
---Trav on 3/17/11

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Leon, Cluny,

Let's read it again...

... she took some of its fruit and ate. SHE ALSO GAVE IT TO HER HUSBAND, WHO WAS WITH HER, AND HE ATE.

All in present tense!
---John on 3/17/11

John: G3:6 doesn't necessarily mean Eve immediately gave the fruit to Adam. It could've been at a later time. Adam being "with her" in the garden is a fact, but he could've been anywhere other than by her side when she ate.

Does anyone here really think Adam wouldn't have protested against the serpent's words & stopped Eve from being tricked by him? Wouldn't Adam have reminded Eve of what God had said if he was there?

I think when Adam returned to Eve, from wherever he was in the garden, she smooth talked (used her newly acquired feminine wiles) & wooed him just like the devil had wooed her. Adam knew better, but dude gave into her charms. He then ate, sinned against God & the rest is history!
---Leon on 3/17/11

\\She also gave some to her husband, "WHO WAS WITH HER", and he ate.

It doesn't necessarily mean he was there with her at the time she ate.
---Cluny on 3/17/11

John, since you insist on playing by Sola Scriptura, you must give proof therefrom that Adam was indeed next to Eve, as there's nothing in Genesis to indicate this.
---Cluny on 3/16/11

Cluny I am not Sola Scriptura Per se, but rather include the Oral Tradition, and ExtraCanical writings for my studies. However: I do NOT subscribe to your Magisterium.


Gen. 3:6

When the woman saw that the tree was good for food, that it had a pleasing appearance and that the tree was desirable for making one wise, she took some of its fruit and ate. She also gave some to her husband, "WHO WAS WITH HER", and he ate.

I have more but 125ltd.
---John on 3/16/11

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\\Adam was indeed next to Eve should have said something. \\

John, since you insist on playing by Sola Scriptura, you must give proof therefrom that Adam was indeed next to Eve, as there's nothing in Genesis to indicate this.
---Cluny on 3/16/11

That's funny...
Nahash means serpent 26 other times in the OT, I wonder what John is talking about?
---micha9344 on 3/15/11

i agree with scott. i am not on his side. if you got something to say...say it.
---aka on 3/15/11

akaaaaa! :) This isn't about choosing sides. It's about mining for golden nuggets of Bible truths that we can all benefit from. Patience...

Good thought Micha! Just maybe Eve was out grocery shopping at the Trees:
1. The ones pleasant to the sight & good for food, &
2. The tree of life. Perhaps the tree of the knowledge of good & evil was in very close proximity to the others.

John: No sci-fi please. Thx!
---Leon on 3/15/11

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One might wonder why Eve was near the tree of the knowledge of good and evil before the conversation even started.
---micha9344 on 3/14/11

First you need to understand what happened.
Satan (a Cherub Angel) was a guard of at the Garden. NOT a serpent. (Time to study!)

His name in Hebrew was Nahash. Meaning a very brilliant/beautiful angelic being. Eve at the time was awestruck by his appearance/beauty. She assumed he was speaking for Heaven/G-d. Instead he spoke for himself.

It was after this incidence that he was toss down ("Like Lightning").

Since time does NOT exist, so the sequence of when does not matter.

Adam was indeed next to Eve should have said something.

Eve may not have received the commandents of G-d (see previous chapter) G-d may have wanted Adam to pass this ordances to Eve. He may have failed to tell her/stop her.
---John on 3/14/11

The Bible doesn't say. But if Adam went along with what Eve did, I would say they both were disobedient because of "the spirit who now works in the sons of disobedience." (in Ephesians 2:2) So, Satan's evil spirit of disobedience was not being passive, but was working in Eve and also in Adam so they both disobeyed.

When God had first made them, all He made was "very good", it says in Genesis 1:31. While "very good", they would not disobey. But only after Satan's spirit corrupted them, then was when it was their nature to disobey. So, only Jesus in us can make us natural at obeying God. They were easy prey for Satan's spirit.
---Bill_willa6989 on 3/14/11

"With her" is a relative term Scott... ---Leon on 3/14/11

then, why even ask the question? just make a statement, and then we will all be with you.

i am with scott on this one, and, in context, it means i agree with him.
---aka on 3/14/11

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Is is possible Adam was hard at work naming the animals and/or gardening while Eve, unbeknownst to Adam, was being subtly engaged by the serpent in idle conversation?

It matters Cluny when you understand the tried & true war tactic of divide & conquer, used by the devil, is still employed by him against husbands & wives today! Consider, when the devil indirectly called God a liar, he also called Adam (Eve's husband) a fool for believing God. He thereby planted the seed of doubt (mistrust) in Eve against God & her husband. Subsequently, the serpent convinced Eve it was in their best interest to take matters into her own hands. As it was then, so it is today!

"With her" is a relative term Scott...
---Leon on 3/14/11

Yes Adam was with Eve during the conversation with serpent. Gen. 3:6. "...She also gave some to her husband, who was with her, and he ate it." (NIV) It does not say she went and found him or searched for him.
---Scott on 3/14/11

God doesn't tell us.So I donot go further then what it told. Some say he was some distance away & she went to him so he wasn't beside her. It is not for us to know beyond what is written in scripture.
---candice on 3/13/11

Is there evidence that Adam heard, or overheard, Eve's conversation with the serpent?
---John.usa on 3/13/11

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I personally think that he was not there when Eve had her interview with the serpent.

But does it really matter at this point either way?
---Cluny on 3/13/11

the Bible does not say he was present
---alan8566_of_uk on 3/13/11

Yes I do. Eve gave the fruit to him that he already knew was a "no-no" so he was obviously not helping in any way.
---Mary on 3/13/11

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