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Wife To Be From Satan

Four years ago God told me, in dream, where I and my wife-to-be would meet and when we'll get married. Now I "think" I met her. What makes me sure that she's the one and not a "fake one" Satan has put in my way to take me away from my promises?

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 ---rooky on 3/23/11
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---1st_cliff on 3/28/11
The Word of God tells us a good wife comes from God. So, praying to God for a wife is the best advice. [Pro 18:22 A man's greatest treasure is his wife-- she is a gift from the LORD.] [ Pro 19:14 You may inherit all you own from your parents, but a sensible wife is a gift from the LORD.]

---Faraicis on 7/10/11

Sometimes I think we give Satan way too much credit.
---NurseRobert on 7/9/11

You will know if this is really the woman for you.Does she meet your standards? You should know what you need in a woman before you even meet her. You must believe and step out on your faith. If it works, it was God. If not-it was of the Devil. Keep Jesus in the center of your marriage and it will work.
---Robyn on 7/7/11

If you have these concerns, you may need counseling. It is not good to marry anyone you have fears that "Satan" sent to you. You also should tell her about these fears. She may not want to marry anyone whose mind is configured to believe such nonsense.
---atheist on 7/3/11

ask God for confirmation that she is the one when the time comes, He will answer.
---willa5568 on 7/3/11

Be carefull! Dreams at times.... more NOT experts Obvious you want a wife! Take time get to know her as a friend! Slowly NOT Rush! Like I always advise DON'TGO BY FEELINGS.. GET TALK'N FONTAKE TIME! GET TO KNOW HER LIFESTYLE!PRAY! PRAY! PRAY! SEEK GOD! LET HIM BE YOUR FIRST LOVE! STILL HOLD IT TOGETHER (YOUR MIND) :) ELENA
---ELENA on 7/2/11

I personally would never marry someone because of something I had a dream about. Marriage is a serious commitment & is not to be entered into lightly. Two different personalities, different dreams & goals in life to be joined & become one with each other & God. No, I'd never leave a decision that serious up to the interpretation of a dream.
---Reba on 4/10/11

How do you know for sure that it was God telling who to marry in your dream and not just a dream? First of all, i would say is to pray and seek God on this. I would say pray and ask God what his will is for you and this girl. In my own situation,i prayed and asked God to send me the right one in his time,not my time if it was in his will. I prayed to be sure it was His will for us to be together,to date,and to be sure he was the one God wanted me to marry.God gave me peace about it,and i can't describe in any specific words or anything specific on how i knew,other than God gave me Peace about it. I would say If you pray about it and Seek Gods will,and be sure That God gives you peace on it,then that is one way to know it is from the Lord.
---alice on 3/28/11

Adetunji, God spoon fed them in the wilderness because they had no source of food not because they were lazy or couldn't be bothered.
Many of my relatives and friends who do not attend any church have exemplary marriages.
My sister-in-law married a bible school graduate and has a horrible marriage.. figure that out!
My wife's ex-husband was and still is Pentecostal ,but his Jekyll and Hyde personality drove her to the brink of suicide!
---1st_cliff on 3/28/11

1st_cliff: God "spoon-fed" Israel 40yrs in the wilderness, they neither planted nor harvested. Zech.4:6 "Not by power, not by might, but by my spirit...". I am not sure that somebody can have a good marriage by their intelligence & brain work alone.
---AdetunjiAdetunji on 3/28/11

Rooky,It's tantamount to superstition that God sends people mates. God is not managing a "lonely hearts club" or in the "match making business"
Do your own homework, do you wait for God to "spoon-feed" you also?
I assume you have a brain and some intelligence...use it!
---1st_cliff on 3/27/11

People like to assume that because somebody is sent that here will be eternal bliss. Then, when there are problems that person must have been "of the devil."

to answer the question: you do not come across as a stable enough with yourself even if God did send a capable wife.
---aka on 3/24/11

God is a breadth away from you, you just have to confirm from HIM if the person you now think is God-chosen is actually the one chosen by HIM. God already sees your doubt, you have to confirm before you start to exchange promises.
---Adetunji on 3/24/11

Don't trust your dreams unless they warn you of judgement or otherwise motivate you to further repentance and amendment of life.
---Cluny on 3/23/11

What I think Scott is saying is good > get better at making sure with God about even little things, so you can be good at making sure with God about big things. Yes, make sure with God. I don't think He will just "tell" you, though. God communicates deeper than just words. I now understand that loving communication is not just in talking things out. (c:

Yes, I would also say you need "witnesses". Do you have a number of Christian Family people who have been helping you get better with God and in relating in love with various people??? You and she should share with these people, not pushing a decision but mostly appreciating being with each other and others, not all your eggs in one basket (c:
---Bill_willa6989 on 3/23/11

rooky, you shall know them by their fruit is what Jesus said. The fruit that she produces in her life. The fruit of the Spirit is: Love, peace, joy, kindness, patience, long-suffering, etc.

Here's a short story for you. I met my ex-husband in church, spirit filled, tongue talking guy, and the Lord showed him that I was to become his wife- I ran from him. THen married him and he ended up beating me up for 8 months. So was that the Lord he was hearing from? or satan whispering in his ear? You must pray and ask God for SEVERAL confirmations and watch her walk with the Lord.
---Anon on 3/23/11

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Pray about this - that if she is not the one God has for you, that she would be taken out of your life, and if she is the one, that God would confirm it by 2 or 3 witnesses and the Word.
---Leslie on 3/23/11

Ask for a 'wife' are you a husband?
---Carla on 3/23/11

You will know by the fruit she bares, take time to get to know her.
---a_friend on 3/23/11

pray hard, fast and ask for positive confirmations.
---andy_3996 on 3/23/11

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How do you hear him? Listen to God's "voice" in the small stuff and build a trust around that so that you will be confident in the big stuff. Also Satan is not that powerful. Also be realistic do you like the same things, do you have things in common that will last a lifetime? Same level spiritually? Does she empower you spiritually and vice versa? Good luck.
---Scott on 3/23/11

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