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Sow The Uncommon Seed

Over, and over again, I hear those of the Word of Faith tell people if they want to receive a more abundant blessing from God, they need to "SOW THE UNCOMMON SEED" of $1,000 into their ministry. Where did they get this from?

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 ---Rob on 3/29/11
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I ask this kindly and not to condemn.

For can't we question things since the truth doesnt have to be hid and is never afraid of being brought to the light for those who truly have an open heart toward God?

... Doesn't Satan sometimes do all he can to pervert those who are in the way of truth to distort the tesistmony of the true light in order to turn people away from the truth that will set them free?

But what does he need to do against error? He already has those people where he wants them.
---Ruthanna on 11/26/15

..if they want to receive a blessing from God, they need to sow an uncommon seed of $1,000 into their ministry.---Rob

Not in the RCC. You can go to Church and NEVER give a cent.

The Priest STILL HAS to Baptize you, provide Holy Communion every Sunday/Holy days, Confirm you, Marry you, hear your confession, Anoint you when you are sick and provide the funeral service for FREE!

Go ask a Priest or a Deacon how many weddings performed without a donation. They can ask for one cent.
It's their Vocation.

I know Pastors to refuse a funeral or wedding without payment upfront!

My sister's Baptist sister-in-law's mother was having trouble with their Preacher. I threaten to call a Priest to take over.
---Nicole_Lacey on 11/25/15

The more that time passes, it seems to be more people who tell others, if they want to receive a blessing from God, they need to sow an uncommon seed of $1,000 into their ministry.
---Rob on 11/25/15

I,am sure we all remember about the woman who gave a few pennies as an offering, and when asked about it jesus said hers was the greatest because she had given all she had.But remember this jesus also said give in secret, without reveling what your right hand is doing to your left hand.Also we all know that there is no specific amount that God requires as a seed offering,there is no scripture to back any specific monetary amount,these people who either ask on tv,or from their pulpitts for these monies are wrong,just as wrong as the prosperity doctrine is.
---tom2 on 3/31/11

part 2, you know jesus when asked by those with wealth who wanted to join him told them to either sell ,or give their wealth away,so for those who would follow christ just what do they need these offerings for?or better what scriptures can they use to justify their asking for such offerings?there are none.The bible says to give,and give cheerfully,to place a specific amount on what anyone gives is sooooo wrong.
---tom2 on 3/31/11

This is 1 of the reasons we all have to pray for the spirit of discernment(a gift of the Holy Spirit). God owns us completely and distributes task(s) to each person by HIS will. Some announcements might not be for all persons. We have to communicate with Jesus Christ at points of decision to direct us on what to do.
---Adetunji on 3/31/11

I remember attending a "special", evening, church service. At the church, posters advertised that YOUR prayer request would be honored for a small SEED of only $1,000.

One lady had just been laid off that day. Out of desperation, she gave $1,000 to the Minister. The next day, she gave a praise report that she had been offered another job. All because she had been a faithful giver -- according to the Minister.

I think that the $1,000 amount is a "man determined" SEED amount. God doesn't care if you give: $0, $1, $5, $100, $1000, or more. HE is still listening to our prayers. Matthew 17:20.

I'm absolutely SURE that GOD still loves me, even though I've never given $1,000 in a single offering.
---Sag on 3/30/11

If it sounds too good to be true, it probably isn't!
---1st_cliff on 3/30/11

Each man should give what he decided in his heart to give, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver. 2 Corinthians 9:7
---Kimbe7395 on 3/30/11

Is there anybody in national Christian leadership today who is urging being a Good Samaritan who sacrifices for others instead of building up treasures on earth? The Lord's prayer says "Give us this day our daily bread," not give us a banquet.
---Geraldine on 3/30/11

---mima on 3/30/11

Well, I understand that there are people who are being told how to sow their money so they can get things for their own selves.

But if we love our neighbor as ourselves, I would think my giving would be also so that others may reap . . . yes, from my giving . . . like how Jesus gave Himself on the cross so that now we are reaping all that He so desires to share with us! (c:

A farmer sows so much seed, so that others may have of his harvest, and not just himself (c:

Each "word of faith" person can speak for oneself, about if "faith working through love" (Galatians 5:6) is what that person means or if the person is sowing in only self-love, instead of all-loving love.
---Bill_willa6989 on 3/30/11

/Where did they get this from?//

from basic psychology. this is just another twist of the Logic that was used in the Garden.
---aka on 3/30/11

Most likely it came from the scheming mind of Mike Murdock.

He has a book about 365 wisdom keys, available for an uncommon seed of $365.00

Pretty expensive book, but I guess if it's gonna bring back a hundred fold blessing, who couldn't 36,500 bucks. Right??

I've heard Murdock come up with all sorts of dollar amounts for "seeds", and he says the bigger the seed the bigger the blessing. I think the thousand is becoming pretty common because it's stretching people just enough.

Easy enough to do the 100 fold math, too.

Extract as much as possible.
---James_L on 3/29/11

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