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Hard To Forgive Oneself

Has anyone here had a hard time forgiving themselves when you know you yourself messed up a situation? (versus the devil may have tripped you up). Is there a difference in God helping us when we make huge mistakes and when the devil causes us to sin?

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 ---anon on 4/5/11
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anon, I know what you are talking about. I believe everyone who is saved and has a tender heart before God, will have a hard time when they mess up. It's only human to feel that way. Does a husband or wife have a hard time forgiving themself if they do or say something that hurts the other. Sure, they do/may forgive, but how we wish we could take back those words or actions.

BUT in that we do grow. The Lord knew before we even did this or that we would do it. And He already forgave you.

Forget what is behind and press on...don't look back...that is the devil wanting you to look back. Sataan is teh one who torments you about it. Not God.
---kathr4453 on 4/14/11

too many christians forget or are unwilling to pay the price for submitting to the sanctification process,they want to hold on to areas of their lives,to maintain control.a life spent ignoring these issues,is a life spent lost.
---tom2 on 4/14/11

I've had a hard time forgiving myself at times. But if God is willing to forgive me, and He doesn't waver in His forgiveness, how can I hold on to a sense of guilt?
We have a tendency, sometimes to be harder on ourselves than anybody else. Sometimes I've had to ask myself, "if a friend of yours did the same thing you did, could you forgive them?" The answer is always "yes".

The Holy Spirit convicts us of sin and we repent...not only to be forgiven, but to learn from our mistakes. And that is a good
---Donna66 on 4/10/11

anon,you are welcome,so many believers have a hard time realizing that after repentence,and asking for forgivness its done,God forgets,totally,absolutely,positively.
---tom2 on 4/10/11

reba-- I do agree with you! And of course, sin originated with Satan.
But I believe we are inherently sinful beings since the Fall...not that we are incapable of good...but that sinning comes naturally to us. I believe we sometimes blame Satan for things we do of our own accord, thoughtlessly, but with no encouragement from anyone but SELF. I think we are often our own worst enemy, with Satan just cheering in the background.
---Donna66 on 4/9/11

Donna, when I said, satan is behind every sin, I was meaning sin is in the world because of satan. He introduced it to Eve & it's been here ever since. I was not implying that we have no control over whether we sin or not. Only that satan is the author of sin.
---Reba on 4/9/11

Reba-- Is Satan always the reason behind every sin? Are we incapable of sin without him?

The whole world is fallen because of sin. If Satan suddenly stepped aside, do you think our decisions would all be righteous? If so, God could have just eliminated Satan and wouldn't have had to send Jesus to die for us.

This is not to be provocative ...just something to think about.
---Donna66 on 4/9/11

The sad fact here is the devil is always the reason behind every sin. That's the whole reason for the need of Christ's salvation for us. It's difficult to get over any failure especially when we're at fault. But God is merciful & He knows our weaknesses & struggles. He will forgive us & even help us forgive ourselves. Trust Him & leave the burden with Him. He's strong enough to handle it for you.
---Reba on 4/8/11

Donna5535--I understand.
But the time to think of Satan's temping role is before we sin, not after. After we've sinned, it's too easy to say,:
"Satan tempted's not ALL my fault. If I hadn't been so needy, had circumstances been better..I might not have yielded to temptation. Look how Satan took advantage!

That thinking doesn't help me next time. How much better to say from the heart,
"Oh my Lord and my God. I really blew it this time! As much as you love me, it must have really grieved you. I'm so sorry. Please forgive me and help me do better in the future". Then remember and repeat as needed His promise "Though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be white as snow..." Is 1:18
---Donna66 on 4/8/11

Donna66, while I see your point, "A mistake or a temptation by Satan, either way, God says it's your fault!"

Jesse Duplantis once said that he asked the Lord why He can so easily forgive us and the Lord told him, "Because there's a tempter and the Lord recognizes we are being tempted daily by satan, and if there was no tempter roaming around the earth, there would be no temptation to sin and we'd be blameless."

I think I'm explaining this incorrectly, but I knew what Jesse meant when he said this.

No matter who's fault it is, I believe it's still hard to forgive oneself no matter how closely they walk with the Lord...Paul said, "Wretched man that I am, who will save me?", etc.
---Donna5535 on 4/8/11

difficult to forgive is christianity does not teach forgiveness. they preach it only in words but not in actions. and what's worst is christianity equates suffering with sin. so many will dwell about that premise trying to make sense. and the good news you hear is all about sin.
---mike on 4/7/11

anon-- God doesn't spend any time being concerned with whose "fault" it was that you sinned...that's something we humans do. A mistake or a temptation by Satan, either way, God says it's your fault!
You can't share the blame. You have to own it and repent. If you do this with a heartfelt desire to never repeat that sin, God will forgive you because of Jesus' sacrifice on your behalf.

When God forgives, He doesn't ponder about whether you are deserving (you are not...but your penalty has been Jesus)
You are forgiven. It is done. Your debt is paid in full. God won't change His mind..
Pick yourself up and go on. Determine to do better next time.
---Donna66 on 4/7/11

I have done things that I struggle with occassionally. When I realized what I had done to cause my husband to leave me 10 years ago, I was devastated, and really had trouble forgiving myself. My disciplere reminds me that when our Lord was on the cross, He died for those sins too.
---Trish on 4/6/11

Forgiving yourself is probably the hardest thing to do. First, you have to realize God forgives. (If you have acknowledge the sin, repented and don't repeat the sin, that ends it - unless you think God is lying.) Keep in mind, God convicts of sin, but Satan makes you feel guilty even after you have ask for forgiveness. The last part of your question makes me add Satan doesn't cause a person to sin - we sin because we want to.
---wivv on 4/6/11

tom2, thank you, that really helps. Great explanation and truthful statements made, thank you very much.

Cluny, what am I getting at? Don't you find it hard sometimes (at least once in a lifetime for you) to forgive yourself for messing up a situation and moving in the flesh knowing something went wrong and it's your fault? Doesn't that ever happen to you? Do you find it hard to forgive yourself? Or do you just KNOW that you KNOW you're forgiven, so no big deal.
---anon on 4/6/11

the big issue is not to continue when you make a mistake to learn to forgive yourself quickly,the persecution you usually feel is from satan,as a believer we must know that when we admiit ti God our mistake and ask for forgiveness we are forgiven,if it involves a person we have wronged we must ask theirs,if they refuse we have done our part.satan will use your conscience against you,dont let him.
---tom2 on 4/5/11

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I don't understand what you're getting at here.

God ALWAYS helps us when we turn to Him.
---Cluny on 4/5/11

Each case is different. I would trust God to do what He wants, in each case.
---Bill_willa6989 on 4/5/11

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