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Woman Divorced Three Times

In a courtship with a woman who has been divorced 3x's. Is remarriage as the adulterer the unpardonable sin?

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 ---Joe on 4/9/11
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The unpardonable sin was ascribing the miraculous works of Jesus, performed by the power of the holy Spirit, to the devil.
For men to see such wondrous works before their very eyes and then to give the credit to Satan was a symptom of hearts harder than diamond against the Spirit. The reason that this was called the unpardonable sin was that such hardness will not repent. Jesus knew their wicked hearts better than they knew themselves.
---HenryK on 3/31/21


Blasphemy is the offence of "speaking sacrilegiously about God or sacred things". An example of these things was the Pharisees claiming that Jesus's miracles were done by the power of devils - effectively calling the Holy Spirit a devil. The Bible also speaks of "blasphemy against the king", which means saying bad things about the king.

Deliberately committing a sin is a bad thing, but it isn't blasphemy. Before his conversion, Saul deliberately murdered Christians, yet Jesus forgave him of it - so even deliberate murder was not "blasphemy against the Holy Spirit".
---StrongAxe on 3/13/21

Ex-husband of 20+ yrs is adulterer. He has now been divorced 2x and she 3x & on way to marrying each other. For those who correctly said the only unpardonable sin is blasphemy against the Holy Spirit, define blasphemy. Isn't it blasphemous against the Holy Spirit to CHOOSE to divorce/commit adultery/sever the bond that God/Trinity/Holy Spirit created? Blasphemy is actions/words. There may be marriages not united in Father, Son and Holy Spirit, BUT the law of probability increases with each marriage 3+?) that one WAS united in God/Holy Spirit. Severance of the bond is essentially divorcing the Holy Spirit. Is this not blasphemy?
---Jacki on 3/12/21

Marrying an adulterer (one who is unfaithful to the marriage partner)

Would make the marriage short-lived. But it is not the unpardonable sin.

Marrying without knowledge an adulterer and divorcing them when you find out the hard way, is pardonable in God's eyes. He will forgive you. And you can forgive the adulterer for not telling you then after you're married, being unfaithful to you.
Don't let that person's sin be unpardonable in your eyes. Move on and make sure you meet someone who will be faithful.

The unpardonable sin is to blaspheme the Holy Spirit.
---Ianns on 11/14/19

to t he woman been divorced twice, for your husband to call his second wife mentally ill is an excuse. i suggest if you get married again, to work through every problem, and to not have divorce as an option. the only unpardonable sin, is complete unbelief of the holy ghost
---tim on 3/9/19

Hello, this seems to be an unfortunate situation indeed, however it is not the unpardonable sin, you would not be concerned if it were. This woman seems to have a dual personality, to first marry you then to only choose to communicate with you thru email? This is not normal, then for her to choose to attend your church, after filing for divorce, seems too much for me, she must be vindictive among other things,
it seems that you are better off without her, since it has been a couple of years since this was posted, it is my hopes that your life is much better now!!
---Gayla_Stahl on 3/8/19

I ask you am I a sinner. My husband of 30 yrs had an affair. He came to me 6 times to try and work it out. All 6 times I caught him with another woman. The last time was with my best friend. I was completely devastated I loved this man to my core if it was my choice I would be with him still. I did everything humanly possible to make my marriage work. He was unwilling. We divorced and I recently remarried a man who had been married 2 times before. His first marriage ended because the wife committed adultery and his second marriage ended because his wife emotionally left the marriage and refused help. She was mentally ill and she ask for a divorce. Where does this leave me ?
---Grace on 2/19/19

What is all too often overlooked in the argument "that what God has put together let not man put asunder" is the FACT that God may also put asunder. God is actively involved in the lives of all of His children and if they cry out because of horrible abuse, He may very well intervene by causing a divorce to occur. And such has been often the situation where the husband is abusive or the wife is one that delights in adultery.
---RioLion on 1/17/19

No remarriage even if the partner has previous divorces is not an unpardonable sin. However, if the previous divorce was NOT on biblical grounds, they need to repent and re-establish their relationship with the Lord.

All too often the reasons marriages continue to fail is that people often carry the problems of their previous marriages into subsequent marriages.
---Riolion on 12/7/17

Lu 16:18 Everyone who divorces his wife and marries another commits adultery, and he who marries a woman divorced from her husband commits adultery.

Could this better be translated as "everyone who divorces his wife with the purpose of marrying another commits adultery"?
---Riolion on 11/30/17


If the woman you married was twice divorced, she was either unlucky, difficult to live with, or a poor judge of character.
If 2, she would be a bad wife. If 3, you might not be a good husband for her. Either way, it would likely not work (and apparently it didn't).

I'm curios what kind of church she attended that had a loose Bible interpretation permitting divorce and ignoring husband's authority over wife, yet held a cult-like control over members, requiring their its permission for marriage (something not in the Bible). That should also set off red flags.

Some have said, "I like God. It's his fan club I hate". Don't allow obnoxious behavior of some so-called Christians damage your faith in God.
---StrongAxe on 9/21/17

I married what I truly thought was a strong Christian woman this year. I was her 3rd marriage. She was my first. We seperated through email, she refused to speak to me in person or go to an independant counselor. She even had the audacity to tell me I would have to get approval from her former church pastor to be with her. A man who doesn't know me and a church I've never stepped foot in. She also harassed me to divorce her via text, email. I filed because she stonewalled me, and made serious false accusations. We are both well educated and financially secure. This has seriously challenged my faith and I stepped away from my church which she started attending once I filed for divorce. I simply divorced her.
---Thomas_AJ on 9/10/17

Tend to go with Karen, one of the last who text on here... I believe that myself,no one can past judgement & thanks to yes! jesus redemption I am here & able to say to the author of this blogg take it to Jesusopen up & be completely before Him.. fast n pray don't go into it just relying on your emotions be open & take time before the Lord n Let Him lead you. aloty of ministries now even give or recommend counseling session before they perform marriages.. depend on what state you are n... bless you! be attentive to His voice! put God first You cannot Fail! :)
---ELENA on 6/12/11

I would say it depends on the reason for her divorces.

The whole divorce remarriage thing is completely blown out of proportion now.

If a man "puts away" his wife and pursues a marriage with another he has committed adultery. The woman is not bound to him any more (according to Jesus Christ "death or fornication"!). Therefore she is not guilty for remarrying and the man who marries her is guiltless. This should be common sense given the words of Christ on the matter.

And if we really wanna get down to the nitty gritty... every man and every woman on the planet is an adulterer(ess). Jesus said if we even LOOK on someone to lust after them we have committed adultery. Who hasnt done that?
---Jasheradan on 6/12/11

This would be a good time for you to apply the, "Three Strike Rule." While the Bible is very clear you are not to marry a divorced woman, marrying her based on the track record you present, I'd "drop her like a hot potato." By the way, this is not the unpardonable sin, but a sin nevertheless
---wivv on 6/11/11

Divorce AND remarriage is a sin. Mark states this(10 v12) Wife threw me aside after 20 years as she was a demanding persistent errorist. She needed the trade-in version. Ironically instead of remarrying a smart, educated Christian as she claims to be she married a Wisconsin farmer 7 years older than her who makes 1/2 her medical field wages. Guy cannot program a VCR according to our son. She did not even inform her family or our 2 sons one living with her that she was remarrying. Ironically on Facebook she writes about the Buffet concert that I took her to as a birthday present AND THEN submits a photo of her and the farmer. You would figure that the church would question her but again she use to bully everyone including pastors.
---john8535 on 4/20/11

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Please pray and seek direction on this matter from the Lord Himself. We human-beings know too little of the overall circumstances that resulted in her divorces. Remember the woman of Samaria (John:4) and the woman caught in adultery (John:8).
---Adetunji on 4/18/11

Unpardonable is against the Holy Spirit Adultery is against goint to Heaven. You choose which to do both is death!
---Carla on 4/13/11

lack of discernment and willingness to seek out scripture yourself, in itself, is never unpardonable unless one is stupid enough to deny the Holy Spirit.
---aka on 4/12/11

\\Everyone deserves to love and be loved in my opinion but some people think people that have been divorced are second class citizens and not worthy of happiness.\\

In my observation, when marriages break up it is very seldom one person's fault.

There is usually equal blame.

A woman who cannot choose the right husband THREE times clearly has something wrong with her judgement.
---Cluny on 4/11/11

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It's not the unpardonable sin. But it would be very risky .It would help to know what went wrong with the previous marriages. Three divorces most likely establishes a pattern...chances are the same problem was the root of them all. You (and she) must understand why 3 marriages failed before and determine if it can be prevented.

If you are seriously thinking of marriage with her, take lots of time to get to know her and her behavior patterns before you commit yourself!
---Donna66. on 4/10/11

FOR YOUR SANITY, NEVER re-hash (re-tell) bad experiences, living them once is bad enough (FOR YOUR OWN SANITY, God removes all moral obligation to do so).
---more_excellent_way on 4/9/11

Thanks for the advice!
---Sag on 4/10/11

No, Sag, NEVER feel shame. You have survived human nature at it's worst. Now you can better understand the GODLY NATURE (if you stop the "shame" stuff).

2 Corinthians 12:9
"my power is made perfect in weakness".

Don't play the "woe is me" victim, "ENDURE".

Matthew 24:13
"he who endures to the end will be saved".

"I am who I am" (Exodus 3:14) taught me who I am and gave me IDENTITY. My mortal flesh has no past...and no future. I do not exist in time, but in eternity. Jesus ushered in the age of eternity. I have life eternal..."THE LIFE" (John 14:6).

It just takes a paradigm shift in thinking, Sag (the SPIRITUAL/DIVINE reference point).
---more_excellent_way on 4/9/11

Most people don't have the ability to understand (professionals only THINK they can, pity them, for they know not "life").

Children get their identity from a "set"/pair of parents. That "identity" starts to destabilize when the child sees the parents fight (the divorce is only the final nail in the coffin). Most children of divorce grow up with a "depression" (identity crisis) into adulthood, and even for life.

A 3 time divorcee has already proven herself,....and will destroy the husband's dream of fatherhood and THE CHILDREN.

Sag, FOR YOUR SANITY, NEVER re-hash (re-tell) bad experiences, living them once is bad enough (FOR YOUR OWN SANITY, God removes all moral obligation to do so).
---more_excellent_way on 4/9/11

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Let your mistakes effect only you, but don't do it to the kids.
---more_excellent_way on 4/9/11

Thanks for sharing your story with us.

I find it "just believable" that some parents don't understand the ACTUAL hurt that their kids go through. A Divorce is BAD. Seeing parents go from "Love" to "Hate". Remarriage is even WORSE. Shattering any hope the kids have of Mom & Dad ever getting back together.

To add insult to injury, many people, and churches too, are reluctant to say anything or give any help. I've been guilty there.

My friends divorced after having 2 children and I just "kept silent".

Shame on me!
---Sag on 4/9/11

\\Technically, I should not exist,\\

What do you mean by "technically"?

God cleary has other ideas, because you DO exist.
---Cluny on 4/9/11

No, it is not the unpardonable sin. And God is a God of second, third, and fourth chances. There are a lot of judgmental people on here who seem to have little compassion and/or mercy.

What really is important is for you to seek God and ask him if this is the person he wants you to be with. If God wants you to be with this person then it will work.

A lot of people have been kicked around a lot in life and maybe this is the case. Everyone deserves to love and be loved in my opinion but some people think people that have been divorced are second class citizens and not worthy of happiness.

Seek God for your answers and confirmation regarding this person and don't listen to cold-hearted people.
---poopsey on 4/9/11

John 4....Read about a woman who had five husbands and who was living with a man who wasn't here husband. Jesus gave her living water. Jesus hasn't changed. I know several women and men who were unsaved and involved in serial marriages. They are all serving the Lord today and testifying of HIS redemption!
---KarenD on 4/9/11

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I agree ... It would be stupid
---alan8566_of_uk on 4/9/11

Yes you can be forgiven, but you "might" not be able to get rid of the consequences!!!

I mean, if she's the same person who has gotten herself into three divorces >
(1) Her ability to evaluate who to marry is still an issue.
(2) You can become how God can make you so you can get with a really Christian woman, but this takes investment of honesty, patience, trusting God to correct you, learning how to relate "without complaining and disputing" (in Philippians 2:14).
(3) She needs to get wise to the ways that got her into all that, so she does not continue those ways with you.
---Bill_willa6989 on 4/9/11

I grew up in a dysfunctional family and my parents divorced, but I knew before I was 8 they never should have married. Technically, I should not exist,....and my subconscious knew it (it kept this a secret from me, I didn't know why I couldn't fully relate to life, I simply grew up with 51 years of suicidal depression and NO IDENTITY as a SELF/PERSON). Living life was like watching a movie.

On my 51st thanksgiving, God said to me "Now tell me all the reasons that you're thankful that you were born" (I never did thank Him for that, I also could not find one reason to be thankful,...He just said that to let me know that "It's okay, it's okay").

Let your mistakes effect only you, but don't do it to the kids.
---more_excellent_way on 4/9/11

I think it would just be STUPID of you.
---Cluny on 4/9/11

Just a wee, little, bit HARSH there, but probably correct.

I feel bad for the people who have been hurt in these serial marriages. Especially, GOD.
---Sag on 4/9/11

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Mark 3:28-29, All sins shall be forgiven unto the sons of men, & blasphemies wherewith soever they shall blaspheme: But he that shall blaspheme against the Holy Ghost hath never forgiveness,but is in danger of eternal damnation.
---Reba on 4/9/11

Joe, if she didn't choose the right husband the first three times, where did you get the idea she'd have the right husband the FOURTH time?

Joe, if you married her, I don't think this would come up--or down--to the level of sin.

I think it would just be STUPID of you.
---Cluny on 4/9/11

No. Remarriage, and Adultery, are both forgivable sins.

The ONLY sin that cannot be forgiven is blasphemy against the Holy Spirit.

A remarriage is going to be very challenging. Good Luck!
---Sag on 4/9/11

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