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Christian Divorce Over Money

I am a Christian and I want to divorce my wife. Any ideas? We have drifted apart and the financial/economic situation is the icing on the cake. I simply can't stand the situation.

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 ---Jim on 4/17/11
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You came to the wrong place to get advice on how to divorce your wife.
But, if you want to repair your marriage.....

Look at love as if it were a fire.
If you stop putting wood on a fire, it will eventually go out.
Many of us, after we are married, let the fire go out.
We no longer do the things, (Puting wood on the fire), that caused that fire to burn bright enough, for our wives to say, "I do".

If we do not continue to put wood on the fire after we are married, that fire will go out.
Tonight I am making my wife dinner, not because I am hungry, but because I love her.(Just another log on the fire)

Many have this same problem in their relationship with God.
Shall we divorce him too?
---David on 4/19/11

any ideas?

yes...drift away with nothing.

if you can, you owe nothing.

if you cannot, you may not be worth anything.
---aka on 4/19/11

Do whatever it takes to bring you and your spouse back together again. Attend church together. Read the Bible together. Pray together. Don't blame the economic situation on your marriage. Blame yourself for not making your marriage what it should be.
---KarenD on 4/18/11

Just because you and your spouse has differences is no grounds for divorce. You made a vow before God and man. Till death do you part. I cannot give you any sound suggestions or ideas. Neither would I try. You need to look within your own heart and find the answers to these questions. Seek God always for guidance and direction.If you have drifted away from her,turn the boat around and drift back towards her.In other words, the boat has landed and you now need to make repairs. Hard work ahead. Marriage is no joke.
---Robyn on 4/18/11

A divorce only means you are not married to her anymore. You will still have a relationship for at least a year. You still have divorce papers, discussions with lawyers (sounds like fun. sarcasm), if you have children parental arrangements, losing a portion of your income (assuming you both work), a lot of hate between you and wife, weird phone conversations. The point is a divorce takes a lot of work, maybe more than fixing the marriage.
---Scott on 4/18/11

\\You know, vows are promises. If you make a promise for life, then back out, it makes you a liar.\\

Keep something else in mind.

These promise are not made to your spouse. They are made to God.
---Cluny on 4/18/11

Instead of a divorce (which is NOT of God), try the devotional "The Love Dare". This may help as it has with countless other marriages.
---Leslie on 4/18/11

Unless she took the money & ran leaving you without money, then income is no reason for divorce. Try marriage counseling first. if not owrking then seperation, last divorce.
---candice on 4/18/11

So, you are married to your own failure to love. This is not going to work out. Get a divorce from your own self > "If anyone desires to come after Me, let him deny himself and take up his cross daily, and follow Me." (in Luke 9:23)
---Bill_willa6989 on 4/18/11

Did you make vows at your wedding?

richer or poorer
good times and bad
for better or worse
in sickness and in health
Til Death Do Us Part?

Or were your vows like:
unless we drift apart
unless I stop liking you
unless something better comes along?

You know, vows are promises. If you make a promise for life, then back out, it makes you a liar.
---James_L on 4/18/11

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