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Christians Help Each Other

Christians are being persecuted, jailed, tortured and killed throughout the world. Their churches, buildings, and homes are being torched to the ground. Why doesn't the 1.5 billion Christians in the world have the collective power to help?

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 ---Steveng on 4/21/11
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Good question, Steveng. I think the answer is that many of the 1.5 billion who claim to be Christians just do it for a social status. They have no actual intention on obeying God and doing great things to advance the Kingdom. So the number of actual active Christians is far less than 1.5 billion. And then many of those that actually do want to serve God are deceived and confused by liberal mainstream media into electing anti-Christ government leaders who hold the power to help, but refuse because their loyalties are not to God or Christianity, but rather they attempt to advance Islamic oppression and communism. If we could elect real Christian leaders again, perhaps our government would take a stand against this oppression.
---Jed on 9/29/11

There are many people serious & wud help the persecuted church's thru out the world.Problemmainly (denominations) leaders don't permit their church visit other church's. The church here USA too,complacent and time to wake up! Since Sept.11 disaster... It's closer than we realize! christians all o'er the world need be united! In short I agree with last brother,prayer has no limits! Thank God!
---ELENA on 9/28/11

All power is in God's hands. These things must come to pass before Christ return. The devil is the prince of this world---for now. But soon Jesus will return as Our Savior and Judge. Satan's time is limited on this Earth. He will be brought down. We(US) have not had to face persecution,of this magnitude. It is a terrible thing our sisters and brothers in other countries have to face. I wonder how many christians would hold onto their faith, if we(US) ever had to prove their love for Christ. Not many I am sure.This is something to truly meditate on. Are we willing to lay down our lives (literally) for Christ? Would we choose Christ or death?
---Robyn on 5/2/11

The 1.5 billion Christians do not have a united focus on the task. They would have great power if they did.
But there are so many needs in the world we, as individuals, may be called to help meet. I support VOM, but from time to time I have to re-evaluate on which ministries I should spend my limited finances. I don't want to neglect evalgelism, the starving and ill of the world, missionaries etc. Everyone is responsible to God for the role they will take in giving.
---Donna66 on 4/28/11

I'll tell you why, because many hate the Church of Christ, not only hate it but continue to speak against it. And most all unbelievers hate the Christians, but not all. I believe there is more Christians that 1.5 billion in the world. The Bible told us that the children of wrath would be against the children of God. They want nothing to do with the Lord. They want to be a law unto themselves.
---Mark_V. on 4/25/11

let me sum it up this way,there are those that walk in darkness,and those in light,those in light have an inner light given them by God and are told to let theri light shine in the world,EVEYONE GET IT?
---tom2 on 4/24/11

Too many Christians have become complacent in their Christian life. They don't really identify with those that are, jailed, tortured and killed for their Christian beliefs. If it's not affecting them, it's of no interest. Of course, you have to also realize that a number of those who think they are Christians- aren't. They think they are "safe" but they aren't. The USA is no longer considered a Christian nation, (according to the U.N.) When it's too late Christians will, "wake up and smell the coffee". More than likely most have not read or applied Eph. 6:12ff
---wivv on 4/22/11

Each individual person has the power to help, if not physically intervening and arresting the violaters, then praying for the Almighty to intervene.
---Eloy on 4/22/11

I believe they would like us to join with Voice of the Martyrs to help in any way possible.
---Samuel on 4/22/11

Christians are not yet properly veiled.
---aka on 4/22/11

Christians in Syria are all canceling outdoor processions of Holy Week and Pascha for fear of the mahometans.

Many Christians there are even afraid to attend services.
---Cluny on 4/22/11

You're asking ME, an Eastern Orthodox, the Church that bears the brunt of this violence, especially by mahometans, these things?

What help exactly did you have in mind?

Using the arm of the flesh--that is, the political systems and secular governments?
---Cluny on 4/21/11

What would you like the believers in the world to collectively do? There are ministries to help the persecuted church.

Christ told us there would be persecution.

Do you want the believers in the world to stop the persecution?

I have studied some of the ministries to the persecuted church, and pray for their needs daily.

I think that there is some lack of awareness of the need, but I am not sure what you would like the believers to do.
---Trish on 4/21/11

There is an organization called Voice of the Martyrs. They help the persecuted church. If I had more money I would give more to this organization. Their web address is persecution dot net.
---poopsey on 4/22/11

well actually we do have the power,its called prayer,but let me say jesus said we would be persecuted,because he was,so what you see going on is prothetic,fullfilment of prophecy.
---tom2 on 4/22/11

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