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What Are Moderators Views

The moderator has consistently expressed, verbally and otherwise, right wing, republican political views and I think that it is time for them to declare openly their beliefs in this blog.

Moderator - The moderators are Biblical minded Christians whom support a Biblical worldview not a secular worldwide. What are the beliefs of the bloggers on ChristiaNet?

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 ---Allan on 5/8/11
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hi.ELENA, just think the Moderators do an excellant job! very gratefull thankyou ChristiaNet! learn alot,smile,cry sometimes & love share with others. Love of Jesus! on here! can't wait get computer & really chat with my friends on here!I am a people person!
---ELENA on 8/25/11

This is a great website. The mod's do a great job. and they also have an opinion on scripture. They don't comment all the time and when they do, they are almost 100% right with their answers. It just seems they cannot satisfy everyone all of the time since there is many answering from many denominations and those who are not even saved. So be happy you have a site in which to post.
---Mark_V. on 6/17/11

Jerry has a good point!
I've seen posts as far back as 2005 asking if "Should I break up with my boyfriend".

Then you have people giving advice to a post of someone who is far gone and no longer here.
---John on 6/17/11

I agree with Jerry & Donna

Often the blog is taken up with non-relevant posts, which means that the 75 cut off point is reached just as the real discussion is getting going.

As for the very old blogs coming back on line, I think they are resurrected by the Moderators, not by a poster. often the last post is shown with a recent date, when we know the poster has left the site many moons ago
---alan8566_of_UK on 6/14/11

Some blogs never end. I think after 1 or 2 yrs they should be deleted.. or re-written in a fresh new way. Otherwise we end up responding to someone who may no longer even be listening.

I agree with jerry6593. I think the 75 post cut-off is OK, but there should be some option for a one-time continuation if a blogger requests it.
---Donna66 on 6/14/11

I am generally OK with the 125 word limit, but not with the 75-blog cutoff. I would rather see an time limit on the blogs - say two weeks without a new entry - than a fixed count. Some boring blogs hang around for years, but the really good ones can get shut down in short order - just when they are getting good.
---jerry6593 on 6/12/11

because of my belief in Jesus, I suffer.

However, i will not suffer the responses of those certain people who post 4 or five 125s in a row on most of the questions. especially those who cannot get enough of their own words despite the Word.

125 is fine. it forced me to read scripture and consider carefully my responses. after all, we all have to account for every idle word. so, perhaps CN is doing us a great favor.
---aka on 6/10/11

If its not broke don't fix it !! Maybe someday we will learn to be more frugal with our words and find we can say the same thing with fewer words and don't need anything to be longer. Opinions are like the wind they blow by and keep on going but the Word of God has roots to sink deep and even grow if we learn to "lean not to your own understanding" and take hold and let them grow and produce fruit.
---Darlene_1 on 6/9/11

I don't expect moderators to be "neutral" about what they personally believe, only about what they allow others to post. There are limits regarding good taste and the broad range of valid Christian doctrines. The moderators do a great job.
---Donna66 on 6/9/11

I looks like from reading these posts and earlier posts on the Word ltd.

I believe 200 words ltd. sounds about the right compromise.
---John on 6/9/11

200 would be excellent for all except Trav. I think it is a matter of style (his mistery)rather than neccessity. A good entry have about 2 to 3 verses (witnesses), plus the writer's presentation and conclussion. I am with Warwick, "Please consider".
---Nana on 5/11/11

Split the the dif. 175 words. It a little hard sometimes to put 2-3 scriptures in a post for witness sometimes. Those prophets were wordy.
Witnesses might shine a little light for "N", //Nana(his mistery)// and researching rebuttal.
---Trav on 6/9/11

If you want longer dialogues then go to CARM as they have a much longer limit than the 125 words on CN.

I think that the 125 word limit is appropriate as I can agree that should be sufficient to state ones position.
---leej on 6/9/11

i believe the questions should be raised to 250 words and comments raised to 2000 words,so we can actually discuss stuff :D
---kevin5443 on 6/9/11

"Moderators-- Please do not change the word limit to 500."
Donna CN Staff is smarter that that. Don't worry. My post was just showing that those who pay nothing whine because they can't have more.
---Elder on 6/9/11

---DaveJ on 6/4/11

totally agree. training on what to to say it...and what not to say.

it's like rations. they will keep you alive if you preserve them. you will die if you don't.
---aka on 6/9/11

Moderators-- Please do not change the word limit to 500. At least, you'll lose me if you do.
I don't come on here to read somebody's essay. If they can't say it in one or two 125 word posts, I'm not interested.
---Donna66 on 6/8/11

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Yes, The moderators are Biblical minded Christians WHO (not whom) support a Biblical worldview, not a secular worldview. This puts it well.

I don't remember them expressing political viewpoints. But since their emphasis is to be on the Biblical, not the secular, what does it matter?
---Donna66 on 6/8/11

If you know what you believe, you can't be "neutral in your belief"

If you're not sure on some detail, it should be allowable to express oneself.

And if your beliefs differ in some detail from the beliefs of others, or of the majority, it is again right that you should be allowed to express them.

The Moderators have a fairly stiff job to do, for although they may believe some details, they need to allow other views to be expressed. And this is where neutrality comes in.

I think they do it quite well, although they could perhaps be more effective in policing the blogs so as to preserve the proprieties of civilised debate
---alan8566_of_UK on 6/8/11

John, I do not believe the moderators are neutral at all, neither should the be, as Christ was never neutral. But they are fair.

They appear to me to be conservative Bible believing Christians. And praise God for that.
---Warwick on 6/8/11

The moderators have been absolutely fantastic in being neutral in their beliefs.

It would be wrong to ask them for their beliefs!

I'm sure it is very hard for them to allow posts that are contradictary or offensive their faith/s.

Their beliefs/faith should be kept private!!!
---John on 6/4/11

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The 125 word limit is great training. My initial draft, produced in WORD, is usually 200 plus. The necessity of editing my entry to 125 words results in a clearer, more understandable presentation. I am impressed by the many blogs that obviously have been thoughtfully edited. They stand out from other ineffective slap-dash submissions.
---DaveJ on 6/4/11

Moderator there is a word that you use all the time that if you change it then we could post 500 or even more words per post.
That word is FREE!
The blogs, penpals, e-mail, E-cards all of the tests and articles and all of ChristiaNet is free to users.
If you would charge just $10.00 a month to members then you could expand, hire readers, make more room and everyone would be happy.
Humm.... but if you do that what would we have to complain about? And, all this time I thought those who oppose your views liked things that are free....
---Elder on 5/13/11

Quoting the BCV is usually ineffective since most readers will not take the time to look them up.

But it is not neccessary to always quote the whole verse. My suggestion is use designations such 2a,2b or use....(a broken line) to indicate there is more to the verse. OR quote the entire verse and let it speak for itself. If you do this you may need to condense (or even eliminate) your commontary. That won't hurt at all in some cases.
---Donna66 on 5/12/11

KarenD: "Expanding the word limit would prove the old saying that some people just like to hear the sound of their own voice (or see their own words). Can you imagine how long some posts would be if they were not limited at all?" For the most part I think so too. There have been a couple of times I wanted to post scripture in context that was long and could not do so. Just posting the BCV is not as effective since many may not look it up, and breaking a post into parts is difficult, it looses continuity. Some things do require a more lengthy explanation
---Christina on 5/12/11

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Expanding the word limit would prove the old saying that some people just like to hear the sound of their own voice (or see their own words). Can you imagine how long some posts would be if they were not limited at all?
---KarenD on 5/11/11

Don't increase the word limit much, if at all!

Shorter posts are easier to read for everyone, not just moderators. And some people don't read thoroughly as it is...they don't take the time.

It takes some discipline to stay within the present limit, but it causes bloggers to identify and eliminate extraneous ideas.
It keeps the contribution focused.
We all have some stray ideas when we start to write..they seem like genius at first...but if they don't add a lot to understanding, better discard them. Hard as it is to let our "brilliance" go unappreciated, it's better in the long run.

IMHO, this self-editing leads to clearer thinking and more readable posts.
---Donna66 on 5/11/11

I do not believe that individual human beings necessarily have one set of beliefs that can categorized as liberal or conservation. I would like to think that because we have the capacity to learn, it therefore, also means that we have the capacity to change our minds.

Of course, some things are Truth and are therefore, unchanging and unchangeable. However, no individual or particular group of individuals get all of the issues right.

And it would naturally follow that no group has a monopoly of Truth.

As ordinary as these ideas are, I believe it is the basis of any good discussion or exchange of ideas.
---Allan on 5/11/11

We prefer not to expand the word max as it rarely helps to make a point and is more difficult to read and approve.
---Moderator on 5/9/11
I agree. Expanding will not solve anything. Just longer posts. I like the 125 word post. I can read more posts. I am even in favour of cutting back from 75 posts to 50 posts per blog
---francis on 5/11/11

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I agree with Warwick and Paul.

In fact I had a difficult time answering Warwick question concerning American churches because of the 125ltd.

I probably would not go over 200 words since there are a lot of Preachers here posting and we tend to carry on and on and on... :)
---John on 5/11/11

200 would be excellent for all except Trav. I think it is a matter of style (his mistery)rather than neccessity. A good entry have about 2 to 3 verses (witnesses), plus the writer's presentation and conclussion. I am with Warwick, "Please consider".
---Nana on 5/11/11

Dear Mod, I agree with Paul. Some topics are complex and take considerable explanation. Thought expansion as Paul writes.

Often we see replies which apparently have been heavily chopped to fit the limit. Some of them make little sense.

Please consider a 150-200 word limit.
---Warwick on 5/11/11


Just curious as to how you could know what the mods verbalize.

Do you TALK to the mods?

---paul on 5/10/11

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paul, for CNet to remain 'free' the 'mods' need foot traffic. These are 'tweets' and not true blogs. Quick thoughts create abundant foot traffic.
---aka on 5/9/11


I appreciate all you all do, but I disagree that more words would rarely allow someone to illistrate a point.

Many times I have to cut my post by 20 to 60 words to meet the criteria.

More often then not this causes me to not complete a thought and have to answer it by way of confused questions posed back due to insufficient thought expansion.

If you posed this as a question I'm sure about everyone but the one liners would agree.

God Bless, Paul
---paul on 5/9/11

We prefer not to expand the word max as it rarely helps to make a point and is more difficult to read and approve.
---Moderator on 5/9/11

Moderator, can you expand the posts to a 200 word limit?

125 words makes it extremely difficult to explain a concept.
---John on 5/9/11

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All Moderators use the name Moderator, no other title. That is correct nobody controls the blogs as in times of past due to the computer program regulating the process.
---Moderator on 5/9/11

Moderator....Do you post under moderator all the time or do moderators use names at times?
---KarenD on 5/9/11

Moderators: Thanks for the info. I had been away from here for a few years, and had noticed noone posted 5 or 10 part posts. Thanks for all you do, too.
---Christina on 5/9/11

Moderator-- Thanks for explaining the one response rule. On rare occasions when 125 words is not enough, can we still specify "part 1" and "part 2"? Can those who seem to monopolize a blog, do so because others just do not respond quickly enough?

The last couple of weeks,it seems to me, nobody has been controlling a blog with run-on sermons. Thanks. You all do a fine job.
---Donna66 on 5/9/11

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FYI for Mark and others - The computer system itself is designed to only let one response come to the Mods (it discards the second). This was done a year + ago to stop people who at that time were taking over various blogs. Usually you can wait an hour or so and post the second response and it will come to the Mods.

Mark, you are correct sometimes we are simply too busy and hope the bloggers would extend patience our way.
---Moderator on 5/9/11

Aka, I agree with you. There is more then one Moderator. No single mod could do all the answers and questions. I believe when one of us answers the test they give, those test come from an evangelical Christian background. Using the essentials of the Christian faith. In fact they use to answer more questions some time back, but now I believe there is just too much work for them to answer. And not all our answers go through because many of us, "like me" put at least two answers at a time to answer correctly and many times they only show one, not because they hate me, but because there is just too many coming through.
---Mark_V. on 5/9/11

Seg and Bruce - The Mods comment location is due to clarification, helpfulness and/or convenience. We never know if the above will be accomplished since we do not know to what extent others will or will not comment on any specific blog in advance.
---Moderator on 5/9/11

I have often wondered the same thing my self.
---Bruce5656 on 5/9/11

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I have thought the moderator role in deciding whether to print a submitted blog, is to decide whether (l) it has been covered in another blog, (2) it is likely to draw interested bloggers to submit comments. My submissions that have been rejected do not appear to be based on moderators desire to control.
---Geraldine on 5/9/11

Allan, do you really think that it is one person? Why do you think that it is time for them to declare openly their beliefs in this blog.

year after year, we are given only two choices: rep. or dem. this does not give a good representation of the people whether you are conservative, moderate, or liberal. if they cared about what we thought, it would be different. they might even actually represent us.

those who are conservative in nature have no other choice. those who are liberals do not need another choice. so, as we slip further to the left everyday, what are you cryin' about? can't you see we have surpassed liberalism as socialism is taking hold. remember, you reap what you sow as you continue to sow what your reap.
---aka on 5/9/11

Then why dont you post them like everyone else?
Or do you feel your comments should be given anymore weight?

And doesnt the bible say.

1Jn 2:27 But the anointing which ye have received of him abideth in you, and ye need not that any man teach you: but as the same anointing teacheth you of all things, and is truth, and is no lie, and even as it hath taught you, ye shall abide in him.

My point being, why are your comment under the blog question.
Are you not just men and women also?
God accepteth no man's person:

Mind you now he also says:
And blessed is he, whosoever shall not be offended in me.

God bless and have a wonderful day.
---TheSeg on 5/9/11

Hi Donna, we can comment on any blog we wish. Unfortunately we usually do not have the time.
---Moderator on 5/8/11

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I wonder where the Moderator picked up the incorrect use of the word 'whom'?
---pedant on 5/8/11

I feel the moderator is a conservative christian.

I have witnessed them take a stand on conservative issues reliant upon the Bible.

I applauded them for that,I see people who call upon the name of the Lord who adhere to worldly views of liberalism and do so in the name of Jesus.

This is erroneous for you cant be for God but against what He is for at the same time.

You cant get sweet water and bitter water from the same well.

All to often people promote their own agendas for selfish reasons negating God in the process.

If Christ is against it then it is wrong , no excuses no interpretations no pandering, just wrong.

As for my views I am conservative on all fronts.
---paul on 5/8/11

Alan, I got to say these moderators have been....


Their posts have been biblical, precise, and unbias!

You can't ask for better Moderators than that!

(And that's coming from the MOST critical blogger on CN!)
---John on 5/8/11

Just a question. Is it customary for moderators of these blogs to also contribute to them?

This is primarily a Christian and Bible- centered site.

Political questions sometimes come up. But nobody is required
to discuss politics, take a political position, or express an alliance with any group... if they don't want to. And that's as it should be.
---Donna66 on 5/8/11

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\\For example, the Bible says to only call GOD your Father. Matthew 23:9. I don't call my priest Father, but Mr. If anyone complains, I tell them that the Bible says that!\\

If you knew the Bible as much as you say you do, you would know that vs. 10 says you can't call him "Mr." either.

BTW, did you know that Bp. John Carroll called and referred to secular priests--that is, those who were not members of religious orders--"Mr." as well?
---Cluny on 5/8/11

I consider myself to be: Biblical, Realistic, and Optimistic. Most of the time, I follow the teachings of the Catholic church, but there have been obvious departures.

For example, the Bible says to only call GOD your Father. Matthew 23:9. I don't call my priest Father, but Mr. If anyone complains, I tell them that the Bible says that!

Despite it's problems, the USA is one of the BEST nations to live in. Praise GOD! However, I believe that we need to be REALISTIC about Government spending. We can only have "Lower Taxes" as long as the USA can borrow MORE, and take on MORE debt. How much longer It's anyone's guess!

Politically Speaking, I'm a Reagan Democrat.
---Sag on 5/8/11

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