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Age To Start Daing

At what age should a guy start dating?

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 ---Tara on 5/16/11
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\\A man who dont work should not eat( Bible!)\\
---Carla on 5/25/11

Amen, and amen. No objection here. God bless you, Carla
---James_L on 5/25/11

Okay that staement is generalising BUT it is pretty 'obvious' really that this is where both have the ability to gain responsibility by not starting out in life without a cats chance in hell.

Or someone who has not got a cats chance in hell but is looking for a meal ticket rather than being responsible enough to work, take control of life by being able to atleast provide a weel earned meal!

A man who dont work should not eat( Bible!)
---Carla on 5/25/11

Dang, Carla.

Are you saying that most people around the world should not date?

I know a woman from Kiev who said that a car is only affordable to around 5% of the population there. And home ownership there? Even lower percentage.

Are you sure there is such a thing as stability? How many have lost jobs in the past few years? How many college grads can't find work to begin with?

I'm not surprised by your response, as I've seen all too often. Seeking security for your life in this world, when Jesus said don't care for the things of this world

I'm done.
---James_L on 5/25/11

When he has stability, house car and God Education and job. Other than than stay outta the boat race, no one wants a broke husband or a broke wife that gos for women too, if hubby dont come along dont stay idle and if the man aint got jack dont marry until he does.

or you'll end being his momma and papa ,(
---Carla on 5/24/11

if i could get a do-over on life? i would not even consider dating till i was 30 years old.... ---kevin5443 on 5/23/11 life mulligans...i cringe when i think about me dating, engaged, married...for my boy, i hope he marries his first love and stays that way or doesn't date til after 30.
---aka on 5/24/11

my dad always said a man should not get married until atleast 30 years of age. having 2 sisters they werent allowed until they were 16
---tom2 on 5/24/11

if i could get a do-over on life? i would not even consider dating till i was 30 years old....
---kevin5443 on 5/23/11

There is no set time to start dating. Most males like to have their drivers license before they start dating so they can be independent and not have to depend on someone else to drive them. However, this is only one variable in knowing when to date. Some date when they are younger, I've known men and women who start dating in their 20's and 30'. There is really no set age for dating except when a person is ready, and of course they can afford it and parents approve.
---wivv on 5/21/11

when he can pay for it, and still meet his daily obligations.
---aka on 5/19/11

When his parents say he can date!!!!!
---KarenD on 5/18/11

probably most guys never ghot old enough to be mature enough to start dating.
---andy3996 on 5/18/11

Dating can get someone isolated with just one person, so you are not sharing with a variety of Christian example people, especially with our needed mature Christian couples who can help us find out how to relate in love and in marriage. I would say to share with someone of interest while you are with others of different ages, so you can grow in Christian family loving with any and all people, and see how this has you with each other. But I have very beautiful personal sharing alone with people, too. So, I would not set up a legalistic one-size-fits-all thing (c: And we need to get over our independence so we can share!
---Bill_willa6989 on 5/16/11

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