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Fire The Moderators

What should happen to Moderators who censor someone's blog or response because it is lined up with the Bible and they don't believe it that way? Since all the Moderators represent ChristiaNet and should be representing God, should they not be taken away from being Moderators?

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 ---Leslie on 6/3/11
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(It appears the emperor has no clothes...Cluny)
---John on 6/10/11\\

One of your lies is that Constantine started Easter.

Glory to Jesus Christ!
---Cluny on 6/10/11


I understand why it bothers you and it isn't right because I have noticed some pretty ugly comments on here. But hey, lets just enjoy what they do let us post, and if they don't post it the first time, then as the saying goes "if at first you don't succeed then try,try again"(just being silly).

Gods blessings and peace
---willa5568 on 6/10/11

Most of what you say about history is lying, John.

Glory to Jesus Christ!
---Cluny on 6/10/11


(It appears the emperor has no clothes...Cluny)
---John on 6/10/11


I have had several of my posts disappear, and none of them contained anything that I would have considered controversial or different than anything else posted here. I never accused anyone of censoring any specific posts (as some here have done).

You asked: who are we to determine if what they do or do not post is censoring someone

This is a good question. However, because the moderation process is opaque and not subject to scrutiny or appeal, we can never know, one way or other.
---StrongAxe on 6/10/11


my point is who are we to determine if what they do or do not post is censoring someone. That is the opinion of the one making the accusation. I have never experienced this and if I did, why would I get frustrated by it and accuse people without any proof other than what I think?
---willa5568 on 6/10/11


You are right. And that would apply here if this were a Catholic, Lutheran, Baptist, Orthodox blog, or a blog belonging to another specific denomination. But it isn't. This site is advertised as a "Christian blog", and as such while it may take objection to things overtly not Christian, picking and choosing which Christian doctrines are "really" Christian and which ones aren't would put the moderators in the position of playing denominational favorites.

Now, if they intend to run this site that way, they are perfectly free to do so - but if that were really the case, it should be clearly spelled out.
---StrongAxe on 6/10/11

\\What is a Biblical meaning for lying?
---John on 6/9/11\\

Most of what you say about history is lying, John.

Glory to Jesus Christ!
---Cluny on 6/10/11

in case someone did not notice but this blog is interdenominal, therfore no moderator can refuse an answer because he/she does not agree biblically. on the other hand sometimes i see that certain bloggs are chosen to "kindle the fire". a lot of times the emotional answers are printed, yet the second blog, with now a reasonable exposure on biblical grounds, never appears on the site. making someone to say something he/she really did not intend that way. question comes Is there any way to check-up the moderators? and do we not rather need to trust in their spiritual integrity. often i do see answers where the moderator definately does not agree with so the problem is not that bad after all.
---andy3996 on 6/10/11


If someone came to a certain church and tried to teach something that church felt didn't lineup with the bible, would it be allowed? Of coarse not. Is that any different than this accusation,which I doubt, both are to represent God and both say what they believe lines up with the bible .If anyone disagrees with the way things are handled you don't have to use this site. None of us are required to pay to be involved in it, so if you don't think it is Christ like, why post on it to begin with? Personally I have nothing to complain about and it doesn't appear too many others do either. If something I write isn't posted, even though I feel it would be important, I can't complain because there are only 75 comments per blog anyways.
---willa5568 on 6/9/11

Jesus performed miracles often and then told the ones he healed not to tell anyone..

That wasnt lying obviously since Christ was sinless. So not revealing something that is true isnt the same as lying.
---CraigA on 6/9/11


The Commandment is against bearing false witness, not against lying. Lying in general is condemned elsewhere, but bearing false witness is much worse, as it directly harms others.

However, telling the full truth is not always the right thing either. When Jesus asked the Pharisees whether John the Baptist was from God, they would not answer - and he said he wouldn't say where his gospel was from either. He also did not answer Pilate.

There was also one old testament king (I forget his name) who told his adversary about all his strengths - and was later condemned by a prophet for exposing his weaknesses. Similarly, if someone asks for your ATM pin number, you should just say "no".
---StrongAxe on 6/9/11

John--I've never heard of Biblical lying?
Donna, the blog was ...

G-d hates liars and the Bible is very uncompromising on lying. Yet there seems to be (good?) lies. I.E. If someone was chasing your child with a gun and she turns left and he asked you which way did she turn?
Or telling someone who is seriously ill .."They're going to be Okay." Or thanking /Complimenting someone, but you really didn't mean it. Lies like that.

Then there are lies to defraud, deceive/hide a sin/crime etc.

My question was where is the line in Bible for lying. Is it it never ever ok. So you just hurt somones feelings outright, so you don't lie. I.E. Your baby is ugly!

What is a Biblical meaning for lying?
---John on 6/9/11

I have to say thanks moderators also, because of not allowing some of mine through.After I made them and read what I was responding to I realized I misunderstood what was being said. I have no idea what anyone who has been censored has tried to post, and there are some I would not allow to be posted, but I cannot say they are not representing God because they don't approve of what I try to post. I enjoy the dialogue and discussions, it's interesting to see others perspective.
---willa5568 on 6/9/11


I am not saying my internet service is good (I do in fact have issues with it) - merely that it is accountable and has mechanisms in place for dealing with issues.

While CN does list criteria for acceptable behavior, those criteria are brief, and there is no mechanism to obtain clarification, nor to question the moderators on any specific decision they make, nor to appeal such decisions.

While the "Golden Rule" (i.e. he who has the gold makes the rules) can apply to any website or other venue, this is not necessarily a Christian model per se.
---StrongAxe on 6/9/11

do wish we could have 2000 words for comments and 200 for questions :D
---kevin5443 on 6/9/11

Strongaxe you seem to have forgotten that you pay for the service that you praise. I think the "Terms of Service" are clearly spelled out on CN also. Why don't you pay CN and maybe they will tell you why your post don't make it.
Moderator, now you have fell into the trap of trying to defend your statements to those who would only argue and disagree with any thing you say. Thanks for deleating some of my statements. In afterthought I saw how wrong they were. It appears that those who invest nothing want everything.
---Elder on 6/9/11

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There was a tendency for evangelicals in the last 1-2 centuries to do a TV/movie-like "reboot" of Christianity - i.e. throw out everything that happened since the new testament, as if Christianity was just "rediscovered" after being lost since then. unfortunately, unfortunately, this often leads to an idea that all who believes differently (especially in older traditions) are not "genuine" Christians. This has happened frequently. It is common in cults. It happened in the Protestant reformation. It even happened during the time of Christ, who proclaimed the beliefs of the Pharisees to be invalid because it contradicted scripture - yet even he did not say all those living in Judea were not "real" Jews.
---StrongAxe on 6/9/11

Some bloggers do not think various denominations are Christian which is their belief system. That does mean the person has made an unChrist-like comment. Blog in love and prove otherwise if your belief system says otherwise.
---Moderator on 6/9/11

aka--I'm sure the computer filters out profane or crude language. But only the moderators can filter out the mean-spirited and hateful, or those posts that could be harmful to a certain group. These could also be considered un-Christ-like.

John--I've never heard of Biblical lying?
---Donna66 on 6/9/11


How can software pre-emptively decide what is "Christ-like"? That is a complicated description that cannot be reduced to a word search.

1) "**** you!"
2) "Saying '**** you!' is not Christ-like"
The first statement is not Christ-like, while the second one is - yet a simple filter would censor both.

While some words are clearly taboo in polite speech, others are not, yet may be filtered. Posters have no way of knowing which ones. Perhaps a page showing a list of censored words would be useful.

Even the Bible uses some such words. The KJV refers to one bodily function 8 times, 6 times as a euphemism for men ("who ****eth against a wall").
---StrongAxe on 6/9/11

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\\Absolutely everybody needs to have Christ-like replies\\

What is Christ-like about certain persons (unnamed here) saying Roman Catholics are not Christians?

Glory to Jesus Christ!
---Cluny on 6/9/11

By reading some of these posts, one would think the Moderators are out to get certain people which is simply not the case.
---Moderator on 6/8/11

Absolutely everybody needs to have Christ-like replies. However, I was responding to the comment that liberal posts get deleted. Not all blog questions get posted. Sometimes it could be we are simply too busy, it's a repeat question or the question does not make sense.
---Moderator on 6/8/11

Some of the liberal posters might want to reevaluate their language---Moderator on 6/8/11

Are you suggesting that conservative posters don't need to re-evaluate their language?
---NurseRobert on 6/8/11

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Moderator. I have tried to post several Blogs that were non-controversial by anyones standards. Yet they do not get posted.

I have just a few days ago tried start a blog asking "What is Biblical Lying" . Yet it did not get posted.

Why is that?
---John on 6/8/11

Again it's not following rule #1 that usually gets a post blocked and typically by the computer not a Moderator. The computer system isn't programed to stop liberal comments. Some of the liberal posters might want to reevaluate their language and at times their personal attacks if their post is getting blocked. I agree with several of the bloggers if anything we do not block enough of the posts.
---Moderator on 6/8/11

i think anybody who gets upset about not being posted is very prideful and does not understand that there is something else that is important in life. something that might be doing that for a ridding one of pride.

"christ-like" replies simply means that curse words are not allowed (filtered by a program. therefore, "****" is Christ-like according to the program. according to christ, every idle word is not.
---aka on 6/8/11


When I purchase internet service:
1) Terms of service are clearly spelled out in a multi-page legal document saying precisely what is, and is not allowed.
2) If I violate the terms of service, the ISP will notify me. I won't just suddenly find my access cut off without any notification.
3) If I disagree with their assessment, I can contact customer support and discuss the incident that they believe was a violation but I believe is not.
4) If the dispute cannot be resolved, there are procedures for escalation, possibly even involving arbitation or the court system. (Incidentally, Matthew 18 deals with similar escalation process, for resolving disputes within the Church).

However, none of these applies here.
---StrongAxe on 6/8/11

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Strongaxe, you have an internet provider that you pay and you know nothing about them. Who is AOL, Comcast, Verizon or any of the others? Yet here we have a free service and the complains just flow.
By the courtesy of the Moderators/owners we have the privilege of our post being posted or not.
There is no one that post here that can truthfully say their unpublished post ever reached C/N or a Moderator. Can you?
Tons of good done each day and some want to major in the minors!
---Elder on 6/7/11

I realized a long time ago that the moderators have their favorites whose posts get on most. Sometimes I even consider that the posters are actually moderators using names.
---KarenD on 6/7/11

The #1 reason is not following the first rule of the Blogger instructions. It's rarely more complicated. ---Moderator on 6/7/11

I find it difficult to believe this is true when you read some of the posting from a number of the right wing Christians on this site. The posting certainly are NOT Christ like. At the same time, left wing posting get deleted. Of course there is a bias on this site.

But, as I have said before, it is your site to do as your choose.
---NurseRobert on 6/7/11

I haven't had any problems and the majority disagree with some of my biblical stance. I think the moderators do what they think is appropriate.
---willa5568 on 6/8/11

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You said: The #1 reason is not following the first rule of the Blogger instructions.

Blogger Instructions begins with: Christ-like replies only

Unfortunately, "Christ-like" is not easily quantified. Also, this rule is not being applied consistently, since many approved posts are are not remotely Christ-like.

Many people may post one comment that gets approved, and another similar one that does NOT get approved - and when such comments appear factual and not accusatory like other approved posts, it is difficult for a poster to understand WHY such a post is rejected, especially since there is no feedback from the moderators explaining why it was rejected.
---StrongAxe on 6/7/11

It's amazing to me that there are still daily bloggers that don't understand why their posts occasionally get blocked. The #1 reason is not following the first rule of the Blogger instructions. It's rarely more complicated. The #2 reason would be flooding the blogs with replies. In both cases, it's usually the computer system blocking a posting, not an actual Moderator.
---Moderator on 6/7/11

Elder--//I wonder why so many post do get through.//

I do too. I think, if the mods are in error at all, it is in not censoring more posts. It embarrasses me when I accidentally send the same post twice and have to read it TWICE (along with everybody else)

That's not a biggy... maybe it's a different moderator. But there are some contributors who seem to go out of their way to slander certain others on the blog...not just disagree with their beliefs.
I think those who do this habitually should be censored.(It's NOT Christ-like)
---Donna66 on 6/7/11


As long as moderators on any site are mysterious figures who act at a distance without explanation or recourse, they may resemble the Greek gods (sometimes benevolent, sometimes not), and the mere mortals who post on those sites have no sense of security, but are constantly wary about an unexpected bolt out of the blue, punishing them for some infraction they don't understand and have no way to anticipate.
---StrongAxe on 6/7/11

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Elder, great post you gave out. The door is right there. They can leave if they don't like how it is run. No one is stopping them. People are never happy, they want everything to be their way, even their salvation.
---Mark_V. on 6/7/11

False Doctrine is:
1) You get the indwelling of the Holy Spirit when you say the sinners prayer (Which isn't even in the bible).

2) The sinners prayer gets you saved.

3) Tongues are not for today yet God is the same yesterday, today and forever.

4) You don't have to cry out to the Lord, you just have to ask Him for things, yet King David wrote over 140 something Psalms and in half of them he said, "I cried to the Lord with my voice., etc.," "I filled my bed with tears and cried out to thee Oh Lord and He answered me from His Holy Hill."

5) I had a sister in the Lord tell me Obedience doesn't necessarily bring God's blessings upon your life yet Deuteronomy says it does.
---anon on 6/7/11

Does it really matter who the Mods are? What is the purpose of knowing? Will it change the answers/replys posted?
If someone doesn't like the way post are done remember you are the visitor here. It was not a oneway door that you came through to get here.
Cluny is not a Mod but what difference does it make?
I wonder why so many post do get through.
---Elder on 6/6/11

We used to receive mails from the Prseident, Bill Cooper. But I have not seen anything from him for a long time.

We have to remember that the site has to make a profit in order to survive, and maybe there are insufficient staff to cober the moderating. They only do it when they are free from other duties.

Certainly there seems to have been a significant increase in the amount of offensive post on the blogs
---alan8566_of_UK on 6/6/11

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StrongAxe, agreed. I was just saying how it is, not how it might be. I don't even know if ChristiaNet is operated by Christians. It may just be run to try to appeal to Christians, a large market share in the USA.
---John.usa on 6/5/11

//Is Cluny a Moderator?// maybe his cat is.

//Since there is never a blank post.// not true

//All new posts have a responce from Cluny. Before anyone else even sees it.//
---John on 6/5/11

-Healed By God Over Time yes
-Struggle With Some Scriptures (19) no
-Explain Genesis 4:14 (4) no
-Fire The Moderators (32) yes
-Liberal Versus Convervative (29) no

John, being fiery is not a fruit of the Spirit.
---aka on 6/5/11

I believe many of you are just complainers. Everything you see or read is negative. No one does anything right. Some of my post have been deleted. It has already been explained why. This is a Christian website and allows all arguments from everyone to be posted. Of course if something is found to be damaging to someone it is not posted many times, but other times they get by and are posted. This website has grown so much that many times things do get through. But I'm sure they are doing there best to prevent the bad post. And while doing that they allow more to answer by limiting what we write on the second or third post.
---Mark_V. on 6/6/11

I think that who answers first depends on when the new blog is first posted.

They seem to get posted sooner after submission than do our responses. My new questions seems to go up much quicker than my repsonses

So if the question is first published at a time when the blogger is awake, then he then has the opportunity to respond.

So it all depends on where you live!!
---alan8566_of_UK on 6/5/11

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Some people have more time available to spend reading blogs than others. I do recall seeing several blogs where Cluny had posted the first response. However, after reading your question, I looked at the first five blogs listed, and in none of them did Cluny post the first response. I have often heard him complianing about having his own posts deleted (which is something that would not likely happen, if he were a moderator.)


Jesus did not teach the Golden Rule as "he who has the gold makes the rules" (i.e. "Might makes right"). While anyone who owns a church building or web site may legally say anything he likes, this does not supercede Christian principles of accountability.
---StrongAxe on 6/5/11

\\Is Cluny a Moderator? \\


\\Since there is never a blank post. \\

Wrong again, as in everything else you say, John.

Glory to Jesus Christ!
---Cluny on 6/5/11

Is Cluny a Moderator?

Since there is never a blank post.

All new posts have a responce from Cluny.

Before anyone else even sees it.
---John on 6/5/11

ChristiaNet is running the show here. They can do whatever they want to do. They own the site.
---John.usa on 6/4/11

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But how does one determine what is false doctrine?
---Cluny on 6/4/11

False doctrine is decided if it isn't in the Bible, ---KarenD on 6/4/11

UHm UHM UHM no comment
---francis on 6/4/11

\\If false doctrines are not allowwed to be posted, how can they be opposed? We need to be able to argue against the enemy.\\

But how does one determine what is false doctrine?

I've never hidden what my standard is for truth.

Glory to jesus Christ!
---Cluny on 6/4/11

False doctrine is decided if it isn't in the Bible, NurseRobert. I realize that you being a "liberal" would make you interpret the scriptures more loosely than some of us conservatives. But, that doesn't mean we aren't all Christians.
---KarenD on 6/4/11

I've seen advertisements for Quantum Jumping on this website...

Advertising channeling on a Christian website just somehow leaves a bad taste in my mouth...
---Emily on 6/4/11

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KarenD ... CN does call itself worldwide, and on the Dating side, they are clearly open to all varieties of Christians, because even Catholic is a given denomination!

If false doctrines are not allowwed to be posted, how can they be opposed? We need to be able to argue against the enemy.

Trouble is, we are too keen to find the enemy among our own army ... small differences cause such greatn fights!
---alan8566_of_UK on 6/4/11

It would be interesting to It always appears that the moderator are genuine Christians who are only interested in the truth. They should not post the answers that are pushing false doctrine, but that happens quite a bit.
---KarenD on 6/4/11

I disagree with you Karen... They are very selective when it comes to posting and they are interested in the truth as THEY see it.

Who decides what is false doctrine? I know, I know.. there are those on here that says the Bible decides, but sometimes their interpretation is a little skewed.
---NurseRobert on 6/4/11

I appreciate all moderators and I thank them so much for their work.
There is one moderator(I do not know his name and of course I have never met him) who would fill the following criteria.
1. He has a Baptist background yet speaks in tongues.
2. He is interested in witnessing and does witness himself.
3. And I'm certain he has a kindred spirit.
---mima on 6/4/11

Leslie,According to your way of thinking(from the "forgiveness blog"), you yourself,may be in danger of an illness like cancer because it sounds like you could be having a bit of difficulty forgiving the dear Moderator here. Not everyone is going to see things your way. & that's how things should be. If we all thought the same what a boring world this would be. If you disagree, speak your mind & move on. There's lots of times some of my posts are not put up. One of them was a comment I made about your "cancer theory". It never showed up. Oh well, big deal. The moderator's of the sites have rights & opinions just like you. That's life,get over it & move on. This is all said in Christian love, of course...:-)))
---Reba on 6/4/11

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It would be interesting to know what denomination the owners of this site are affiliated with as well as the moderators. It always appears that the moderator are genuine Christians who are only interested in the truth. They should not post the answers that are pushing false doctrine, but that happens quite a bit.
---KarenD on 6/4/11

Poopsey,Im sorry too!


I find it refreshing to see firery people posting! There are some woman here who really hold the torch.(Real Christian woman).

Few men. They have already been neutured.

You find (so-called Christians)here are mostly the Politically correct crowd(Fake Pieti).

The "I'm okay, you're okay". Aren't we all nice people!"

The... we never judge beougiose carnal psuedo pieti "Christians" Opposite of NT/OT.

Of these people(Goats) Christ said "I will vomit you out of my mouth"
(They are Nauseating.)

And when He asked
"When I come, will I find the faith?

Sadly the answer is... NO!!!
---John on 6/4/11

Leslie, there are many view points that are unBiblical that are indeed posted on this website and wrongly alleged to be Biblical, however they are not inflamatory nor are these unBiblical postings hurtful to people. So filtering or censorship is necessary in order to prevent damaging the readers who come here to read and to post. For example, the unBiblical belief that every person who is afflicted with cancer has cancer because they have sin or are sinning, this is untrue and unBiblical and hurtful both to the cancer patients and to those who love the cancer patients.
---Eloy on 6/4/11

"Oh, be careful little eyes what you SEE. Oh, be careful little ears what you HEAR. Oh, be careful little minds what you THINK."

I've posted many blogs that follow this Kid's BIBLE tune. However, my blogs contained some terms that might not have been Politically Correct or PC. And my un-PC blogs were NOT published. Hmmm.

I need to realize that ChristiaNet offers this posting as a Privilege, NOT a RIGHT under the Constitution. The Moderator can decide whether, or not, to publish my creative writing pieces.

If I don't like abiding by the ChristiaNet rules, then I am FREE to start my OWN blogging business. Yippee!!!
---Sag on 6/4/11

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Unfortunately, there is much latitude in interpreting what the bible MEANS. This is why we have so many different denominations all identifing themselves as Christian.

When one group sets itself up as "the" arbiter of what the Bible means, it becomes yet another doctrinal denomination that excludes people with legitimate, yet different interpretations.

This is why moderators should judge posts based on procedural rules (no profanity, personal attacks, etc.), but leave issues of content (like doctrine and biblical interpretation) up to the bloggers themselves.

If someone says something "doctrinally incorrect", he should be called on it - but the post should NOT just mysteriously vanish.
---StrongAxe on 6/4/11

Much of what I Blog/say vanishes. So!
If what you have to say is the truth. Why take thought!

What was it Christ said, oh yea!
Joh 8:7 So when they continued asking him, he lifted up himself, and said unto them,
He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her.

Mat 6:27 Which of you by taking thought can add one cubit unto his stature?
Mat 6:28 And why take ye thought for raiment? Consider the lilies of the field, how they grow, they toil not, neither do they spin:
Mat 6:29 And yet I say unto you, That even Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these.

Funny how we think.
---TheSeg on 6/3/11

Everyone posts thing that do not get published from time the time. The moderators have explained why.

Overall they are doing a good job.

If you fire them who will do the postings.

ANd instead of complainng like that BE A MODERATOR yourself.
---francis on 6/4/11


Many of your posts get published even though they DO NOT line up with the Bible, but rather are the product of your own man-made dogmas and interpretation of Scriptures. So what are you blabbing about, again?

Perhaps the Moderators are selective in their judgement, and it clear from past experiences, that the Moderators are sometimes hypocritical in their judgements.

But move on! Get over it! The moderators have every right to approved or disproved any post (it is their site).

Your blog question exhibit the behavior of a spoiled little baby.

In IC.XC.,
---Ignatius on 6/4/11

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John: You know the saying you can't please everyone? Well it really is true you know. But I do believe in free speech and unless something is really disgusting it should not be censored.

And I'm sorry for my cursing. I'm a very moral person but because of my fiery temperament the strong language has been a problem. I don't know if I will ever totally eradicate it but I try to control it most times unless I am really angry.

Oh and I am also conservative.
---poopsey on 6/4/11

All I know is they will not let my post be posted on the Liberal/Conservative blog.

It a very important facts showing how Liberalism is a Religious Cult and why it is.

Yet Poopsey is allow to outright curse!
---John on 6/3/11

If they put in only what they agree with, that could mean they agree with everything I have offered ??? I'm not sure they do (c:

But maybe a moderator selects writings so there is a spread of representation but making sure there is sound scriptural sharing. So, if you have given the same-o same-o as others or are a broken record . . . that could have something to do with it . . . for all I know.
---Bill_willa6989 on 6/3/11

Unfortunately, the system here does not encourage accountability. The moderators can arbitrarily approve or disapprove posts based solely on their own personal views. Also, the system itself automatically rejects posts that meet certain criteria (for example, using certain forbidden words), yet there is no formal description of these automatic rules. There is no indication a post has been rejected, nor why - it just doesn't show up. The system requests an email address for each post, but never uses it in context (i.e. to send an email saying a post is rejected, or why) - only to send advertising. There is no mechanism to ask a moderator why a post was rejected, or to hold moderators accountable for such decisions.
---StrongAxe on 6/3/11

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The Moderators never censor an answer or blog which lines up with the Bible unless it has already been said. They also have put in many things which don't line up with their own beliefs. The Moderators do a wonderful job and its not easy. They are very respectful,trying to be fair to everyone. In this case perhaps you are the one who needs to check himself by the Bible and try harder to line up what you say with the Bible. If whatever you say is true back it up with the Bible. give Chapter,verse,and line from the Bible so we can study it ourselves. A mans opinion has no power behind it but the Word of God has all power and truth.
---Darlene_1 on 6/3/11

No, leslie. The only person who ever truly represented God, was JESUS!
Moderators represent Christianet and the views and policies of Christianet. They are mature Christians (some, pastors, I believe) who have been given that responsibility. They use their own good judgement, knowledge of Scripture and spiritual discernment, in deciding what gets posted.
I'm sure there is not room to post everything that comes in.

I don't know on what basis they decide, but there are many questionable teachings that are thought by someone to "line up with the Bible". And some would be unnecessarily hurtful in an audience as broad as Christianet's.
---Donna66 on 6/3/11

let's examine the flip side. Should the moderators be allowed to "ban" a member if they deem the person is not Christian.

I like Cluny have posted some good things that were not posted. Sometimes i sent out posts that i hoped were not published.

Sometimes, i copy them and repost until they were posted.

if a post of mine does not get published, maybe it is the Moderator and not the moderators that did it.

Leslie, you should get some fresh air.
---aka on 6/3/11

Leslie, while I understand you are upset, it is not for us to know WHY a post was cut.

I have had two which I felt were unfair...... but I could, upon thinking, understand that a Christian might find the posts 'a burden or weaker brethren'....

Let us always be careful of how we feel about our Christian brothers/sisters
---peter3569 on 6/3/11

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Well Ive posted questions and they have never been posted apart from the odd one or two....

I have been posting for several weeks and all have been eraised except the ones I either made a mistake and had to appologise BUT that wan'nt posted or spelt something wrong,of which a few have been posted.

well ur carla prejudiced mods.... leave carla alone!!!! theres been worst answers than mine if you know what I mean:( and they get posted.

Carla sighs( dont like this site much) too Subjective/biased and to the wrong people on many occassions......

people are people and we all make mistakes but I do understand where your coming from.
---Carla on 6/3/11

How do yuo know why the Moderators did not publish your post?

Do you really think they should represent God?
---alan8566_of_UK on 6/3/11

Leslie, I've had them refuse to post things I've said, even though I know every single thing I've posted lines up with the Bible, and your postings don't. Get over it.

Freedom of the press--or blogs--belongs to the person who owns one. If you want to start your own blog and say what you wish, no matter how unbiblical, go to it.

But if you post on here, the Moderators have the last word, not you, so grow up.

Glory to Jesus Christ!
---Cluny on 6/3/11

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