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Lunch With Woman On LinkedIn

A woman asked to buy my husband lunch on LinkedIn. She said he had been in her brain and they bantered back and forth for a year trying to set a time. He gave her his cell number. She sent him lots of flattering, chatty messages. He never told me and now says it was nothing. Was this wrong?

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 ---JAB on 6/8/11
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Be cautious. I have heard from many pastors say about a person who had an affair. 'But it just started with a simple lunch'.
---Scott on 6/13/11

They already knew each other. She knows he is married. She invited him repeatedly over the course of a year. He says he considered it a business lunch but she said twice he had been in her brain for months. I am devastated.
---Jennifer on 6/12/11

Also, he never told me about it. I found the messages on his LinkedIn account - to which he had given me the password
---Jennifer on 6/12/11

Sin will alwayys try to hide itself in something that sounds good or right. The only One who can sort out what is really going on is the Holy Ghost. Listen to Him.
---Linda on 6/11/11

Unless you can prove improprieties I would suggest you just mind your own business

yes isn't that what a GOOD deliberately IGNORANT spouse should do - mind their own business never ask questions and bury their head in the sand while their spouse knowingly commits adultery ...mind their business by becoming inferior low or no self esteem with little or no value

hmmm if spouses STARTED TO MIND THEIR BUSINESS maybe they would OPEN their minds to possibilities and prevent the adultery WHEN they mind the business of their marriage

LOTS of flattering chatty messages and ONE YEAR to set a "time" to meet - REALLY? how duped must one be to NOT see these improprieties?
---Rhonda on 6/11/11

Blogger, Im well aware of HIPPA and what has to remain confidential, but that has NOTHING to do with what the OP was talking about and I think YOU know it.

There is no excuse for hubby to hide things from his wife, especially when it involves another woman.
---NurseRobert on 6/10/11

Blogger: My husband was in intelligence in the Army, and he could not discuss any of his work, but he could tell me about his colleagues. I work in a psychiatric hospital, and I can discuss my colleagues with family. If someone is professionally networking there is no reason why they cannot discuss that with their spouse. My husband traveled on business a lot with a female colleague, and I knew all about it. She and I became good friends because of his business relationship with her.
---Trish on 6/9/11

NurseRobert, there is all kind of clinical information about individual patients you can't discuss with you wife without violating your Board of Nursing Regulations and HIPPA compliance. The higher you would progress in health care administration the less information you would be able discuss.

I was in the Air force in a critical position where I had access to critical compartized information to present real time threat assessments, real time status of forces, information presentations, generate emergency action messages for the alert forces. Generate and implement changes to joint operations planning and execution system procedures, you did not get to tell your spouse how your day went and she knew not to ask.
---Blogger9211 on 6/9/11

You don't know the nature of the inter communications ---Blogger9211 on 6/8/11

Why doesn't she know? I work in a profession that is 94% female. I interact with women all the time.

I tell my wife everything. We talk about my job, what I do, who I work with, conversations I have with them. My wife is my confidant and my helpmate. We discuss my job, the problems I have and gives me her opinion of what I do. I could not see it any other way.

Sounds like someone needs to be more forthright with his wife.
---NurseRobert on 6/9/11

You have been told by Blogger9211 to "mind you own buisness." Well, this IS your buisness....MIND IT! If this is what you see ask your husband what is it that you don't see.
---Elder on 6/9/11

I agree 100%

Many people, including spouses and children, are suffering the effects of: extra-marital affairs, divorces, On-Line romances, etc. Believe it or not, even among CHRISTIANS in churches. That's how far our society has FALLEN away from GOD.

We live in a time where you need to "Look Out" for your own safety. Everywhere. All the time.

I'm single, but I would imagine that it's just HELL for married people not being able to TRUST their own spouse.

---Sag on 6/9/11

You have been told by Blogger9211 to "mind you own buisness." Well, this IS your buisness....MIND IT!
If this is what you see ask your husband what is it that you don't see.
My wife and I have all of each others passwords, all accounts are joint we are accountable to each other.
Sounds like your husband needs to make a commitment to you and forsake all of the others job or not!
---Elder on 6/9/11 should be very careful casting stones yourself.

and to the lady that posted this topic Yes your husband was very wrong im sure you knew this before you posted this , this is called on the edge of adultery.
---Lea on 6/8/11

Linkin is a professional networking resource. Unless you can prove improprieties I would suggest you just mind your own business. If your husband is in sales or marketing is absolutely critical for his carrier advancement to be able to network. You don't know the nature of the inter communications she may have been interested in the product he represents or trying to recruit him for the business she represents. If he thinks you valid need a need to know something he will probably tell you but there may be a lot of thing you have no business knowing [for example: new product announcements, new stock offering, hostile take overs, downsizing, business re-locations & out sourcing] and you had better learn to understand that very quickly.
---Blogger9211 on 6/8/11

It certainly was questionable.

However, my understanding is that Linkedin is mostly about making business connections. I could be wrong.

However, he was wrong in not telling you about this earlier. I hope for the other woman's sake he did not leave her with the impression that he was single.

There are a lot of lonely or unbalanced people out there who fall in love (they think) with a fantasy spun on these chat services.

Glory to Jesus Christ!
---Cluny on 6/8/11

Absolutely! Ask your dear hubby if he'd have a problem with you doing the same? Sometimes that's the only thing that'll get their attention as to how wrong it really is. They see no harm in what they call a little flirtation, but if it's you doing it....well that's a different situation entirely. :-/ Yes it's wrong & should never be done.
---Reba on 6/8/11

Yes, this is wrong. The reason it took a year is because your husband couldn't quite get to the point of actually meeting her. You can give him that much credit anyway.
---KarenD on 6/8/11

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Yes it was wrong. And he did not have to tell you anything about this. Seems your husband is looking for a slick way to see if you will approve of him cheating on you. Seems to me he is doing ok, so far.
I pray my husband never comes to me with this sort of foolishness.
Wow! People have gotten really bold these days with their cheating and devilish ways of doing things. These type of things can lead to a lot of pain,heartbreak, disease and every other kind of evil.Including breaking up marriages and homes.
---Robyn on 6/8/11

"If You, LORD, should mark iniquities,
O Lord, who could stand?
But there is forgiveness with You,
That You may be feared." (Psalm 130:3)

So, have you been faithful to Jesus our Groom??? Not getting in any affairs with Satan, by arguing and complaining against God's blessing of rain, not gossiping?

Before Peter denied Jesus three times, Jesus already had prayed for Peter to come back to Jesus, I understand from Luke 22:31-34. So, are you attentive to your husband in prayer, for whenever he will fail, so he comes back?
---Bill_willa6989 on 6/8/11

This fits in the "Wiener" category! It is/was wrong.
---Pierre on 6/8/11

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