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Praying For Myself

My Belief has been so strengthen by PRAYING FOR MYSELF? What about you?

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 ---ELENA on 6/8/11
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I grew up a certain way (constantly ridiculed, mocked, belittled by a dysfunctional family and also "friends", then 51 yrs. suicidal depression and parents divorce...."VARIED GRACE". I learned to look at life very differently. God is in the SPIRITUAL world, there has to be a paradigm shift in our thinking in order to more fully understand Him.

When is the last time you proved any of your relationships to be true by "praying" to your children, husband, loved ones, etc.?

Your destiny BEGAN (in Jesus, there is no "FUTURE", eternity can only BEGIN) when you chose God (heaven) to be inside your heart and mind (this is ETERNITY) already STARTED your destiny, there is no need to ACHEIVE IT.
---more_excellent_way on 7/5/11

more excellent way-- I agree with you that some "imitate the traditions" of Christianity thinking it a "spiritual" thing...esp. if they do not know much about intimate prayer and relationship with the Lord.

But rituals are not always "passively" engaged in...and can sometimes assist in maintaining regular periods of prayer. Wherever I stay overnight, I pick a prayer chair where I can sit to pray. (I'm physically unable to kneel, though I like that humbling position). It helps me set aside time daily to spend alone with the Lord.I pray also as I go about my daily activities, but the "ritual" of the "prayer chair" that I have chosen for myself,
has helped me a great deal.
---Donna66 on 7/5/11

It is up to each person to examine their motives.

What do YOU see as the significance of the ritual called "PRAYER"?.

My whole LIFE (my love, dedication, attitudes, thoughts) is how I honor The Lord (mere WORDS cannot compare).

Believers have been taught to mimic and imitate the traditions of 2000 years ago and have passively chosen to be satisfied by "following" procedures/protocol, but I have chosen to give my lord MORE than procedures and obedience, I give Him my HEART.

So you just keep on MARCHING PROPERLY, "praying", and be a good little "FOLLOWER"/soldier instead of a "MEMBER OF" the Way (John 14:6)....,.YOU define your relationship.
---more_excellent_way on 7/1/11

Although God knows your needs you must still pray for them, being specific. Praying is not difficult or mysterious. Praying is nothing more than communicating with God as you would a friend walking with you. One must pray continually and give thanks in all circumstances - and one could pray for great things, too. And,if your prayer is very important, one must cry out to the Lord.

The bible si full of examples of prayer. To learn 'what to pray for' and 'how to pray' do an online KJV bible search for the words "pray," "supplicat," and "interc". And don't forget to fully understand what is written, read the entire chapters.
---Steveng on 7/1/11

More-excellent, I was not speaking of prayer by talking. I was speaking about humbling before God whether in your room or church. If you believe what you do is right and it works for you, that is great.
But prayer to me is to come before God with our needs and the needs of others as we are asked to do in Scripture. Of course people don't have to do that if they don't want to. But confession is to come before the Lord in prayer. If a person does not want to call it prayer then its ok. God already knows what we have done wrong and what I will say, but by saying it helps us to have a time with God. If a person does not confess because they know they are with God and He knows everything, then they are holding back because of pride.
---Mark_V. on 7/1/11

Mark, I was reffering to your question about "RELATIONSHIP" and "prayer".

God knows that I'm no conversationalist. More than ANYBODY else in the world, I'm NO conversationalist,...I'm BORING. Small talk NEVER had any significance or meaning to me, I'm a VERY, VERY serious person.

Fortunately, God feels the same way about silly "small talk" (no doubt, He was waiting for me to stop the "prayer ritual").

...but I am a good LISTENER though, and I WANT/wish and desire that HIS WILL always be done/happen, so every time He communicates to/with me His words and gives me understanding, my simple response ("prayer") is...

........Thank you, AMEN (so be it).
---more_excellent_way on 6/30/11

I pray that He would increase, and i would decrease. I sure can get in the way without meaning to
---christina on 6/28/11

I pray for wisdom, guidance, salvation for family and friends and salvation for everyone. I pray for safety for my family. I pray for good health for my family. I do not ask God for money or "things". God gives me all I need. I am rich in heavenly things and I am heir to the King.
---shira3877 on 6/28/11

More-excellent, I was not expecting anything from you. In fact I was supporting your view when you said,

"Matthew 6:8
"your Father knows what you need before you ask him"

I read what you said, and it is my view since God is sovereing.
---Mark_V. on 6/27/11

When you're in a relationship with someone, how do you know when it's REAL love?...The simple answer is....when things no longer make perfect sense (THAT is when it is TRUE love). When you spend your money to bring home flowers instead of go to the baseball game,...or you order your new car with a factory paint job in your spouses' favorite color without realizing it, THAT is true love. DON'T FAKE IT by 'chanting' PRAYER with fake words or patronizing Him with flattery, mistrust, etc..

Mark, you're expecting me to have an answer that makes perfect sense, but TRUE love is not rational.

Figuratively bring Jesus flowers by surpassing rationality, doctrine, and compliance with what was spoken to primitive people 2000 years ago.
---more_excellent_way on 6/25/11

Michael e, prayer benefits us believers in that we keep the relationship going. We spend more time talking to God and less time in other things. Most Excellent though is correct, even if you do not pray or don't know what to pray for, God already knows your needs.
Psalm 32:6 we hear from David,
"For this cause everyone who is godly shall pray to You"
Emphasizing that every person who knows the grace of God should not presume upon that grace by putting of confession.
---Mark_V. on 6/22/11

Jesus prayed for STRENGTH to deal with His very strenuous ordeal (I also will pray for strength about some things, otherwise, I need not call OUT to my lord, He is INSIDE of me).

He did choose us N.T. believers, but "I" chose HIM and cleared a place for His temple inside.

Matthew 6:8
"your Father knows what you need before you ask him".

What I want for my life is "WHAT I NEED"...and FATHER KNOWS BEST what I should have (He gives us what He has decided we NEED, what He graciously gives is sufficient for me).

Our example of how to pray is essentially "Lord, I love you".

My every expression of love for each other brings "living water" tears to my eyes.
---more_excellent_way on 6/21/11

/My Belief has been so strengthen by PRAYING FOR MYSELF?//
You had better pray for yourself, don't count on somebody else saying they will pray for you, they might forget.
---michael_e on 6/18/11

More Eccellent, I liked some of what you said,

"God is not a 'genie' to be used to do our bidding and create/cause happiness for our friends. He is not to be used to accomplish anything in our name or to do something that would bring us fame and popularity."

That's so true, but you also said,
"I have a devotion based on "the greatest of these" (1 Corin. 13:13, "relationship devotion"
How can you have a relationship without praying to God? I know you do not have to speak to pray, but it's a relationship between you and God. Praying in the Spirit is talking to Him.
The common ground for a relationship is Communication. How do you have a relationship without communicating?
---Mark_V. on 6/17/11

Scott-- I agree with you 98%.
But I see no reason NOT to ask for God's help in taking a test (if you've studied). I believe in praying about a sick pet, a child's nightmares, that important document you can't find anywhere.
Praying "spiritual" prayers is necessary. Searching, in prayer, for spiritual truth is a must. And these should not be neglected for more "selfless" prayers on behalf for others.

But it's in everyday matters that God so often encourages our faith and provides a proving ground for Christ-like attitudes.
---Donna66 on 6/17/11

praying for yourself is SIN selfishness.
---mike on 6/17/11

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Praying for myself is good. I am not talking about light stuff (help me on the test that I did not study for) but trying to change attitude and being more like Jesus. Praying for others is important, but don't pray for others as a cop out when you have stuff to work out yourself and need Jesus help.
---Scott on 6/17/11

It's true that prayer for others may make a prayer time very rewarding. And it should be part of every Christians prayer life.

But when you bring your needs and problems to the Lord, no one needs to know them but you and He. He understands perfectly what you ask for and what you need (not always the same thing). Then when you see the answers come, your faith in HIM is increased. It's not a "second-hand" experience. Moreover, the more time you spend opening up your life to Him in prayer, you more you will understand Him and be receptive to His guidance.

Phl 4:6 Be careful for nothing, but in every thing by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God.
---Donna66 on 6/16/11

If you want to see answered prayer set yourself aside and pray for the salvation of others.
By doing so you are effectively,
1. Putting your selfish self-interest aside.
2. You know you have a the Lord on your side because is not his wish that any should perish.
3. Over the years I've found it much easier to pray for others and for myself. And it is my belief that praying for others will be one of great benefit(peace of mind) to you.
---mima on 6/10/11

thankfull for every response! To Cluny.. What happen' somtime bk.. Was sort of ignorant (yes! Way bk .... Went to church' the prayerline... Etc., ...Movin' then To be honest went thru a horrible situation.. Death of someone close.. Had felt I was not able at that time to pray for myself.. God has been very good & yes! This last situation Really had to DO everything Alone! and It has proven to be a good thing ... SometimesI found alot of Good can come out of what start' as a bad situation. Blessings to All n jesus name!
---ELENA on 6/9/11

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In the OLD DAYS, worshippers needed to BE TOLD WHAT TO DO (unfortunately, not much has changed), but I love God from my heart and mind instead of the book (not everyone chooses to do so).

I have a devotion based on "the greatest of these" (1 Corin. 13:13, "relationship devotion").

God is not a 'genie' to be used to do our bidding and create/cause happiness for our friends. He is not to be used to accomplish anything in our name or to do something that would bring us fame and popularity.

You can choose to covet/embrace your relationship with God as being PRIVATE/SECRET,....would you rather keep it PUBLIC and IDENTICAL to all other believers?....("For God is not so unjust" Hebrews ch. 6).
---more_excellent_way on 6/9/11

ELENA, if you read the Psalms, and I'm sure you do, you will find out King David prayed to God OFTEN, mostly to be delivered from his enemies, to desire one thing that he may seek, to dwell in the house of the Lord, etc.,

more excellent way, if you do not pray to God, then when the disciples asked Jesus, Lord how do we pray? Jesus replied, "Pray this way, Our Father, who art in heaven, etc.,"

So Jesus told the disciples to pray.

Paul tells us to "pray at all times in the spirit."
You never see in any of the Psalms David praying for Jonathan or his son Absolom, why is that? Not sure.
---anon on 6/9/11

You are not supposed to have "faith in" the act of PRAYER, you are supposed to have "faith in" what JESUS did (Jesus performed the "works of God" on the cross, John 6:28 and 9:3) "abolishing in his flesh the law of commandments and ordinances" Ephes.2:15.

I don't pray to God, I don't have to 'call out' to Him at all, He is inside of me. I am an inner temple of the outer.(John 2:19 and 21).

If you want a RELATIONSHIP DEVOTION, then you will have to become an "inner temple" that spiritually resides INSIDE the body of the one who hung on the cross. We are God's temples and His spirit is within.

We have been taught wrong. We are the "TRUE worshippers" (John 4:23).
---more_excellent_way on 6/9/11

Are you saying that you've been under the impression you're NOT supposed to pray for yourself up until now?

Glory to Jesus Christ!
---Cluny on 6/9/11

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