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Successful Relationship Ideas

If you have had a successful marriage or friendship, what have you discovered has helped make your relationship successful?

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 ---Bill_willa6989 on 6/15/11
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hello! Love of Jesus,goes out to you brother Papa Bear..much respect! Thankyou! God Always bless you & your whole family!
---ELENA on 10/16/11

Having Jesus at the center of your life,money(security)love and good health. That covers just about everything. In a nutshell. The money lets you enjoy a lot of material things that do bring joy into our lives. Money works like the glue. Love is the spice. Jesus is the greatest thing and having the health to enjoy all of it, is a quadruple blessing.
---Robyn on 10/13/11

Elena, Christ is your husband now and Hes the best husband on the market, LOL. One thing that I have really learned is, you cant fix a person, if you grow in the Lord like a bunch of beautiful wild flowers and they dont, you cant force them to change, and this doesnt mean you dont confront sinful behavior, you just have to respectfully confront it in love and always respect your mate. When I got married, I knew in my heart that I wanted to serve my wife, and that I would have to deny my own desires in many areas to put her first, but before her is Christ, or I couldnt be a loving leader for her.
In His loving grip
---Poppa_Bear on 10/10/11

hi! Just want to say Pappabear wow! You summed it up Most excellant wayjust want to say that! Pray one day itbe like that for me..if God bless.. :) love of Jesus
---ELENA on 10/7/11

Well, we do need love with commitment, and generous forgiving. And I find that in a close relationship our communication can be deeper than words and with a lot of ins and outs. We always need to be prayerful, sensitive, so we can learn and discover more with each other (c: And God is so deeper and more past finding out, than we humans are. So, also, then, we need to keep growing so we can communicate deeper with God in His love while we are sharing with special companions.
---Bill_willa6989 on 9/26/11

70x7 beloved. Be committed to God with all your heart, soul strength. Love is an action/verb even when the warm fuzzy feelings flee, love must stand. Quality time, willingness to change, sacrifices on both ends and you are just beginning. Some days it wont be 50/50, it may be 80/20 and love still has to be there even when you dont feel like loving. Did Jesus feel like going to the Cross? He did it out of love even though He despised the shame, He endured the Cross and all of its suffering for love. I pray for all to share joy, but it takes gut wrenching love/faith/hope/commitment because this world/devil/flesh is the enemy of marriage which is the symbol of Jesus and the Church.
---Poppa_Bear on 9/26/11

robyn if you are a christian you should be careful with the way you speak.for out of the mouth comes the conditions of the heart.I didn't say to stay in the relationship if ones life is at own are using your own interpretation with what i have answered.
---mj on 9/26/11

mj: you need brain surgery. I don't know if you are male or female but you are a prime victim for domestic abuse. Do you know how ugly someone can treat you when they don't love or care for you?Do you?Please stop telling people to do these crazy things you are suggesting. Please. It is hard enough to live with people you love and care for. It would be a horror to stay with someone, who despises you. They live, eat and breathe of ways to hurt and humiliate you. You must be very, very young and have not lived long enough to know the horrors of this world. Life is not all sugar and spice. Wake up or you will be a statistic,very soon.
---Robyn on 9/24/11

I think far more important than love is commitment.It is the desire to stay in the relationship no matter what.Forgiveness is also 1 factor
---mj on 9/23/11

There are no guarantees or hard fast rules in life about anything. Life is a gamble,really. You take a chance. You might win, you might lose. Everyone loves to win but if you lose, take it with a grain of salt and move on,peacefully. Try to learn from your mistakes. But always be true to self. You cannot be true to anyone else be true to yourself. Very important to know in relationships of any kind.
---Robyn on 9/12/11

Mike: You can have a successful relationship if you deny self because love focuses on the other and not the self. If both people focus on the other then everything falls into place. The problem is finding someone who is willing to do this and not be a backstabber or disloyal.

There are very few loyal and trustworthy people around. Most people are just out for themselves and what they can get.

And a lot of church goers are pious, self-righteous hypocrites that are very religious, very cranial and very cold.
---poopsey on 6/27/11

//communication, expression, acceptance. but to christians & christianity IT IS BUT A WORD. but they don't know how to communicate, express acceptance of people//

Mike, you must learn not to generalize so much. Obviously, if what you say is true for ALL Christians...none could marry successfully, or hold responsible jobs, or even remain members of a church.

Christians are human. If you expected perfection (on the basis of Christian teaching), no wonder you are so bent out of shape!
Speaking of accepting others....sometimes you just have to accept people (even Christians) as they are, faults and all.
---Donna66 on 6/17/11

Unfortunately Mike, people profess many things, but thatdoes not make it so. I'm sorry you are disillusioned by others, but Christianity is about Jesus, not any so called Christian. Don't look to man, look to God, seek who He is.
"If christianity is relationship then why are churches filled with robot programmed to go sunday without any interaction after the service." True of many churches, but not all. I'm afraid more Christian churches may be apostate, then those that are not, and sadly, they lead many astray, and not to Jesus Christ.
"typical...use the 'YOU ARE NOT A CHRISTIAN' card." Are you a Christian Mike? If so, why/how? I am aware that many claiming Christianity are not, but God alone knows our hearts.
---christina on 6/17/11

true relationship is led by the holy spirit? I met somebody & professed to be filled with the holy spirit but his relationship sucks.he has a big mouth

i don't know what true christianity is? really...hmmm if christianity is relationship then why are churches filled with robot programmed to go sunday without any interaction after the service. typical...use the 'YOU ARE NOT A CHRISTIAN' card.

why don't you read JOHN's of PASTOR JIM's critical judgemental comments. you call that relationship?
---mike on 6/17/11

the way christians conduct relationship is to quote verses.
that is not relationship bec. that is NOT communication bet. persons.
---mike on 6/17/11

Mike,The ultimate relationship is one with Jesus Christ, and that is what a TRUE christian has, and the fruit of love, and more will be seen. Seeing a number of your responses tells me you have no idea what true christianity is, and perhaps do not know any TRUE christians. It seems you are bitter towards Christians/Christianity.
As for the question, a worldly relationship may have an appearance of success, in that people "get along" with one another, have "happiness", but a godly relationship, being led by the Holy Spirit, is really the only successful relationship. It will be held together by love, and Love is an action word, not based merely on feelings, is unconditional, and see 1 cor 13
---christina on 6/17/11

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Love. Godly love for one another. Love covers many flaws and mulitudes of sins. among other things. You don't see that burned face,club foot, crooked teeth and so forth. You only see an angelic,beautiful face and person that cn do no wrong. Can be detrimental to you also. Love is truly blind. Love is dangerous. Love is powerful.
---Robyn on 6/17/11

Walk in a state of forgiveness towards one another, always giving the other person the benefit of the doubt, never accusing them, simply ask, did you do this? or this hurt me and give them a chance to repent. Sort out your differences with a counsellor. Let others give you perspective about your friendship and/or marriage. Iron sharpens Iron.
---Donna5535 on 6/17/11

I agree with Scott. Being honest is the key. My friend and I sometimes bump heads when we are honest with one another. It truly tests a friendship & shows how real it is. It draws two friends closer in a sense.
---Rickey on 6/17/11

Start fresh with God, each day. I get a fresh start and my companion does (c:
---Bill_willa6989 on 6/17/11

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relationship is a skill that needs action - communication, expression, acceptance. but to christians & christianity IT IS BUT A WORD. but they don't know how to communicate, express acceptance of people. they just accuse & judge condemn when christians see something that does not conform with their 'religion'
---mike on 6/17/11

Being honest and real. having similiar goals. Not glossing over a friends sin but digging deep and finding why. Learning a person's good side and bad side, weakness and strength.
---Scott on 6/17/11

how can you have a successful relationship when christianity or christians accuse you that self is a SIN.
relationship needs 2 important ingredient which are 2 persons that has unique personalities that interact, express, communicate, accept the person WHO THEY ARE. but christianity demonizes it. that is why when you go to church christians are bunch of programmed beings aloof & impersonal devoid of personality or character.
---mike on 6/16/11


so where did that 'self denial' baloney came from & who said that.

christ would say something & the bible does not explain properly then pastors would shove it down your throat. then when you end up like people from harold camping, they will add insult to injury that 'you did it to yourself'
---mike on 6/16/11

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Mike--Christianity is a personal relationship with JESUS CHRIST, who lived, died, rose from the dead, and is alive forever.
Many who claim to be Christians are not. And many who are Christians behave in very un-Christlike ways.

Christ's admonition to "deny self" is given, among other reasons, because
SELFishness is one of the greatest barriers to successful marriages and relationships.
---Donna66 on 6/16/11

christianity is a religion. it is not a relationship. it tells you to 'deny' self. how can you have a successful relationship when christ said to 'deny' self. is there relationship in the church & fellow believers? you go to church & after the sermon you go home. is that a successful 'relationship'?
---mike on 6/16/11

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