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Signs Of Successful Marriage

What are some things that can show us that we belong with someone in marriage or a special friendship?

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 ---Bill_willa6989 on 6/15/11
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marriage is a union BOND is sexual union - partnership extends to ALL areas of life

special friendship? interesting concept

I married my best friend (maybe that was special friendship intent?)

communication brings trust which unites ...above all BEFORE one marries an understanding WHAT marriage means and each persons definition

nothing worse than someone who believes they have a partner in LIFE only to find out their spouse is literally married to their job, extended family, or even use the excuse of charity work as their means of escaping the marriage partnership

I am thankful my husband and I are best friends and partners in all our lifes endeavors because I see how unfortunate most are in that respect
---Rhonda on 6/23/11

well Robyn, you must be the proverbal exeption that confirms the rule, but everyonethat is married for longer then 5 years will confirm that in good marriage there is a time they are tested this way. and that's what i'm talking about. it is that slow process of dying of oneself. and often it is like that with the Lord, however you could die in church you persevere until that rainy day is over. am i happy in my marriage deffenately. because i've passed there and overcame by patience and perseverance.
---andy3996 on 6/21/11

When you are so mad you feel like ripping the person's face off and then you still forgive and are there with them the next week, month, year, etc.

Commitment and loyalty mean everything. If you can work out your problems and overcome them and still be together and want to hold them at night no matter how long you have been together then that is probably a good sign.
---poopsey on 6/21/11

When you find out the woman you love has leukemia and no sibling! She loves God, is intelligent, has a great sense of humor, you lose track of time. So you get married not knowing how much time you will together. By God's grace 26 years so far. Her smile, holding her hand, prayer, Anything else you need to know?
---jwood on 6/20/11

At 59, I am content about who I am. Oh, sure, I've dated many times in the past and had girlfriends, the last one a medical doctor. Her biggest beef was that I spent too much time and too much money helping and feeding the poor and homeless than I spend with her.

Do an online KJV bible search for "one another," "each other," "encourag," and "comfort" to living a godly lifestyle and you may be blessed to have a women notice your dedication to the Lord to corral you.
---Steveng on 6/18/11

Andy3996: I hope no one takes your advice seriously about marriage. I would have left my marriage years ago if I had gone through those type things,you are describing, with my spouse. We will be celebrating 30+ yrs in a few days.
What you have described is a helluva way to live. I feel sorry for you and any woman who falls into that trap with you.
I would not accept a lifestyle you described, if I was 100 years old! People can do much better than the horror you are speaking of. Its your misery. I feel for you.
---Robyn on 6/18/11

these are the signs of a succesful marriage:
you can never agree on anything
when you see your partners faults
when you know you are right and the other is wrong
when you totally dislike the way your partner speaks, dresses, eats and grooms
when you keep on forgetting each-others birthday
when there's never money or pprivate time.
and you stick together anyway, that shows you belong... :-))
---andy3996 on 6/18/11

If the person is helping you to grow, not just spiritually, but as a person altogether then that is a good relationship.
Many make the mistake of basing choosing a mate on the other person's flaws that they don't like. Or if they don't like some of the same activities they say, "We just weren't compatible"...instead of seeking God on the matter.

On the flip side, we should look for a person with the kind of characteristics that we prefer in a mate...we just have to keep it balanced.
---Rickey on 6/17/11

I know this sounds snobbish and I certainly dont mean it to, but have you considered lowering your standards, Bobby? Maybe you have them set too high.

For many years I have been attracted to the 5-2 brunette that wears ankle bracelets, blue jean shorts, low cut blouse type and all the relationships Ive had with those type of woman have left me heart-broken and alone again at 39.

Now when I look for a mate I look for what will last... she must love the Lord and desire to be more like Him.... ok and be a little cute :D
---Jasheradan on 6/16/11

Yup,never ever a girl friend. I had alot of one-nite stands when I was younger. Thats what pisses me off, at 15 I prayed for that reason that I would'nt end up running around whoring, and thats exactly what I got. I was the last virgin from my friends, then ended up whoring while they all had girl friends or got married. Stopped at 32 nothing since, zero, no hugs, no kisses,a big fat zero. Now I'm 55 and I'm very angry at Him.
---Bobby on 6/16/11

Bobby-- I know it doesn't seem like it, especially after reading about all these life-long marriages, but you may well be better off.

Read some of the blogs like My wife rages and lies or My husband is a selfish pig or Wife slept with my friend or Husband can't make out I've been both married and divorced (for many years) and I know that lonliness is one of the most painful emotions.

But crisis in marriage can be torment..mentally, emotionally, sometimes physically. People can be scarred for years by what happens in a marriage or close relationship.

It seems like we all have some burden to bear. God may have saved you from misery such as you cannot imagine.
---Donna66 on 6/16/11

First of all Bobby I find what you have said, hard to believe. All of your life(55 yrs) and you have not been in a relationship!Wow! Don't know what to say,really.
Since you are the man. What has stopped you from at least proposing to a woman? You have never even had a girlfriend? If not-the problem could be with you. Surely if you had a girlfriend(s), one of them would have been a suitable partner for you.Either you are too picky or your standards are way too high. Either way, spells disaster for you.Now if you and someone are meant to be together, you will know. There is not a right or wrong time to marry. Find a lady,date for a while.If you and her seems to be compatible in most things. Go ahead and pop the question.
---Robyn on 6/16/11

Prayed for a wife from the age of 15, also prayed for a brother or sister when I was younger. Today I'm 55 and lived my whole life alone. Not once was I ever in a relationship. I gave up hope after the age of 40 or so.
---Bobby on 6/16/11

I married at 16 my husband was 22. We've weathered all the storms of life and will be together 56 years in July. God showed me in a dream what the man I would marry would say to me and what we would be doing when he said it. It happened just that way. Pray God will lead you. I learned from the Bible to never let the Sun go down upon your wrath and I have tried to live by that. Talk about the things which are important and let the small stuff go. Don't nag or be a hag,keep yourself nice. Be considerate of the others feelings,desires,needs,and never put a choke hold on their life. Most of all cover the whole relationship with prayer and seek God's help to love even when the spouse is being less than lovable. Give love room to grow.
---Darlene_1 on 6/15/11

My wife and I are married 45 years. So I guess that shows we're supposed to have a marriage. :-)
---John.usa on 6/15/11

I am going to list some rules you should see eye to eye if
you hope to have a happy marriage:
You should agree to want to establish your own private home.
You should agree to guard your thoughts, don't let your senses trap you.
You should agree never to retire angry with each other.
You should agree to keep Christ in the center of your home.
You should remember that criticism and nagging destroy love.
You should agree to respect each others rights and privacy.
Be modest clean and orderly
Talk softly ad kindly
Be reasonable in money matters
---Pierre on 6/15/11

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