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Happy Father's Day


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 ---Reba on 6/19/11
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James, hope you have a great time with the new members at the church. When I hear the name Kentucky, it sounds like a great state to visit. I guess because of the history and pictures I have in my mind of a place so green and beautiful. Take care and blessing to you.
---Mark_V. on 6/23/11

Mark V,

I am going to Louisville this weekend, and staying there for 10 days.

I'll be working for about a week at the church my brother attends (changing lighting), then a long weekend for the 4th.

Extended Father's Day, I guess. Much needed rest after working, and I'll get to fellowship with a church I've never been to.

Good to hear about all the others who had a great time for Father's Day...Leon, Lawrence, aka...
---James_L on 6/22/11

Reba, Darline and others, thank you for wishing us a great Fathers Day. Mine was great, we got together at one of my sons house and welcomed back my only grandson who is studying at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville Kentucky. We missed one of my sons who lives in Arizona but everyone else was there. It was a blessing to all of us. I hope every father here had a blessed day too, and all the rest who wished us a Happy Fathers day and those that didn't.
---Mark_V. on 6/22/11

aka, I always prefer a home-made card to a pre-made one. My husband says he does too. Having money to spend is never a good way to measure gift giving in my opinion. Sometimes the lack of money leaves room to be creative & more thought to be put into the gift. Keep those cards your children make you. One day they'll be more precious than gold to you.:-)))
---Reba on 6/21/11

thank you Reba, James, Lawrence, Darlene, Leon...

on Sat, my daughter did not understand why she could not decorate a cookie for me at the local food store. it was $5.99 + tax. for us, that is a lot.

on Sunday, she and her sister made a card for me while i cooked brunch.
---aka on 6/20/11

You're welcome. It's great you all had a good Fathers Day. My husband did too. Our daughter had a cookout and they made homemade icecream, with most of the family there. The only thing that went wrong,the sweet milk was ruined so was two freezers of icecream because it wasn't out of date. My husband went to the store where the milk was bought and the manager replaced the other things put into the icecream too. They made them again and it was good. God Bless good Fathers and God help the bad ones be like the good ones. Blessings
---Darlene_1 on 6/20/11

Thx Reba! Ditto to all...
---Leon on 6/19/11

Thanks, Reba and Darlene.

I had a great day today with my son.

After church, we went to a local mall which has a play area on the lower level by the food court.

It's free, with about 4,000 square feet of area with a cushoined play mat for the kids to run and jump. For small fees there are small rides, and a NICE carousel, or a train ride through the entire mall.

There were about 70 kids there having a great time with their dads.

We spent about 3 hours there, and it cost me a total of $2.41 (one drink and one balloon)

great time indeed
---James_L on 6/19/11

HAPPY FATHERS DAY TO ALL. And to Our Heavenly Father Is Every Day. YES I sure had a Good day. My 2 daughters took me out to Tx - R - H - Steak rstrnt & was GOOD.
---Lawrence on 6/19/11

Happy fathers Day and may God give you wisdom,patience, and much love. May every day you get closer to God and become a better person and Father. May life hand you roses without thorns and your childrens smiles every day.
---Darlene_1 on 6/19/11

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