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Break Free From Isolation

How do I break free from Isolation? I'm alone, lonely and terrified of any kind of relationship. I just don't fit in with anyone.

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 ---Diane5977 on 6/20/11
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God really wonderfull! This ELENA ...the Lord doin'great things.. you are reaching out & the love of All on here..Loving & caring Christians! Don't think you are aloneWe all some time been isolated.. I am v gratefull God allows Me to be out hospital! Is.41:13 for I am the Lord your God Who take hold of your right handAnd says to you Do not be afraid for I will help you. God bless you & keep you Always! Bless you all!
---ELENA on 6/27/11

Diane--It's true that you have to be comfortable with yourself before you can be comfortable with others But even a lunatic may be comfortable with himself. You will continue to be lonely and unsure of yourself until you start to associate with other people...say, at a bible study.

Don't worry about the R word (relationship). Just smile , be friendly, find out about other people.
You will always be popular if you are interested in others.
"Relationships" happen or they don't. You don't need a "relationship" with everyone (or anyone if you don't want it)
If you are a Christian you can ask Jesus to give you courage. Think of something (even a little thing) you can do for someone else and do it!
---Donna66 on 6/21/11

Diane what Cluny says,"One bit of advice: You have to be comfortable with yourself before you can be comfortable with others, or others with you." Is very true.
We humans need to like ourselves, enjoy our own company, enjoy being alone, and we will find it much easier to associate with other people even to the point of attracting other people to us
---mima on 6/21/11

The Bible says in Proverbs that if you want friends, you must show yourself friendly. What have you done to make others' day brighter today? Try going the extra mile for someone today and everyday, and you will make friends.
---Leslie on 6/21/11

Diane5977, the Apostle Paul said, "Our fellowship is with the Lord Jesus Christ."

Most believe our fellowship is with each other, it's not.

I'm alone too, but never lonely because I spend alot of time with the Lord. Worshipping Him, Praying, Doting on Him, by that I mean I recall all the good things He has done for me and I repent for all the bad/sin things I have done or did do that day or week.
Fellowship With God and Jesus and Holy Spirit and I bet you will be FILLED with Joy Unspeakable. "There's Joy in the Presence of the Lord."
---Donna5535 on 6/21/11

Join a Bible study or start serving at church with people. Maybe you are already doing that but look closely at who has similiar interest, life experience. People are more similiar than you think and everybody has similiar struggles and joys. Maybe change churchs to where there are more people your age (my experience). Jesus is a great common element between christians. This is one think you have in common with people.
---Scott on 6/21/11

make a decision to change.that's the only thing.renewed your mind also.ask simple things like what are the particular things you are afraid of in a relationship.loving is same thing as saying im ready to give my heart and ready for it to be broken too just in case
---mj on 6/21/11

I feel like I don't fit in either and I have stopped trying to. Think of quality over quantity. You could be close to just one person and that should be enough. There are lots of people with superficial relationships that don't really mean anything.

To me the ideal is to have a husband that is both a lover and best friend. It doesn't get any better than that.

Ask God to help you and perhaps send a person your way that would need your company and visa versa.
---poopsey on 6/21/11

Dear soul, shyness is a problem that many people face.

Could it be that you are are afraid of rejection?

Don't answer here. Search your own heart.

One bit of advice: You have to be comfortable with yourself before you can be comfortable with others, or others with you.

Glory to Jesus Christ!
---Cluny on 6/21/11


i checked your profile. something does not add up.
---aka on 6/21/11

My experience may have nothing to do with you. I have been a perfectionist. I learned that my set and picky ways were so fussy that no normal person would be stupid enough to fit in with my ways in order to get together with me!

But a con artist might go along with me . . . long enough to get me emotionally hooked on his or her acceptance, then take a little at a time, until he or she takes everything.

I would say start small, not thinking every word and shared moment has to mean a full relationship (c: Learn not to be terrified in little things, then see what more God has for you.
---Bill_willa6989 on 6/20/11

Start by developing your relationship with the Lord first. I attend a Women's Bible Study which helps me develop my relationship with women, and helps me dig into the Word more. I am praying for more, but right now, working on my relationship with the Lord is about all I can handle right now.
---Trish on 6/20/11

ironically, there are more lonely and relationship averse people than you know.

we all fit in fine...just separately from a safe distance.
---aka on 6/20/11

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