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How To Grow A Church

We have a new small church group or ministry,and our first baptism. How have you expanded your churches when you were brand new?

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 ---EldersWife2011 on 7/4/11
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We are not a mega church only 30 to 35 percent of my state regularly attends a (not my church) weekly church service. We "big C" Church have a long way to go. I hate to disappoint you but there will be billions and billions of people at the church service in heaven.
You do not get mad when a football team seats 100,000 people to cheer 20 year olds for 3 hours. Why not cheer for Christ who is everlasting.
---Scott on 7/13/11

We average about 16 to 17 thousand people but it took 11 years many failures, trials, successes, and faith.
---Scott on 7/5/11


Note the emphasis on what Satan calls a successful church.

Numbers and Money!

A good success story for a G-dless business, not for G-d.

NOTE: Paul was headed for Superstardom, The other Apostles had sucessful businesses, but then became Christians. Followed the Greatest "UNSUCCESFUL Loser" Jesus. Note their earthly lives.

Remember Satan offered worldly success to Christ("if you but worship me!)

Scott's "Church" obviously does!!!
---John on 7/12/11

I agree with what you wrote. I never said don't preach about money, what I said is not to be focused on it, as in money being the primary emphasis.

The bible does have much to say about money, every sermon does not need to be littered with badgering, demands of 10% or more, foolish "seed" preaching, and a constant budget shortfall that needs to be made up.

It is true that 20% of the people do 80% of the giving, but I believe that is because the 80% of the people are periferal Cristians, either not believers at all, or self-centered. A Christ focus is the only remedy
---James_L on 7/12/11

//You can't destroy the body of Christ, but you can destroy a congregation with:
you couldn't be more right.
---michael_e on 7/12/11

3) a focus on money.
James I have to disagree with you on this. Money is the number one idol for people's heart. You cannot serve both God and Money Matthew Ch. 5. Also where your heart is your treasure will be also. Do NOT say "Give God your tithe or your going to Hell" However, you must show the greatness of breaking the control money has on you by tithing. Jesus talks more about money than heaven and hell combined. If giving tithes is not preached tithing will not happen.
---Scott on 7/12/11

Don't worry about expanding, worry instead about destroying it. You can't destroy the body of Christ, but you can destroy a congregation with:

1) a pastor who thinks it is his congregation, his church, his...

2) a focus on bringing in more people. Focus instead on preaching the truth. Plant and water, leave the increase to God.

3) a focus on money. If it's God's will, people will give money without having to badger them.

4) a bigger commitment to people than Christ. Many are so wrapped up in "serving" people with activities, etc that Christ gets left out.

5) hypocrisy. Don't allow yourselves to be placed on a pedestal, for when you fall they call you a hypocrite.
---James_L on 7/11/11

It is the Word of God that draws people.

Acts 2:41 - Then they that gladly received his word were baptized: and the same day there were added unto them about three thousand souls.

The word taught with the Power of the Holy Spirit becomes Revelation Knowledge to the people.

Also, invite God to the meetings, ask folks to Worship Him and Praise Him and invite Him to the service.
---Donna5535 on 7/6/11

don't be a people pleaser?

YOU ARE TOLD TO obey certain verses & if you don't you are called arrogant, prideful.

remember Harold camping?
---mike on 7/5/11

1) Honesty-Don't be just a people pleaser 2) Faithfullness in God-Troubles will come 3) Vision-Where there is no vision people scatter Proverbs something 4) Leadership-must be passionate about the group 5) Patience-God says wait sometimes 6) Obeying God- obvious but hard to practice 7) Imperfection-take the risk, "Failure is not an option it is a requirement" it will happen. cannot remember who said this. 8) You cannot focus on expanding directly, just do what God says evangilize and preach the truth and people will come. On a Sunday we average about 16 to 17 thousand people but it took 11 years many failures, trials, successes, and faith.
---Scott on 7/5/11

Paul: "Walk and pray on the same streets that satin is walking and preying on."

I like that!
---Christina on 7/4/11


You are going to get a bunch of useless advice and hyper spiritual babel here.

But from my own experience I have found that through Gods leading that you find out the needs of your community and minister to those particular needs.

Not by turning Gods house into a playground of sorts, but by showing people God can meet their needs on all levels and operate in such a way that does that.

Walk and pray on the same streets that satin is walking and preying on.

Meet people, be personable and willing to listen with your eyes looking at how to better serve and follow Christ examples of how to meet people on their level and build them up.

God speed, Praying for you.

---paul on 7/4/11

EldersWife,Praise the Lord for how he is using you and Elder. I've never been a pastor,just a Women's ministry leader,but I know anything built for the Lord needs to have a strong faith living group who prays steadfastly for that church,its leaders,people and its needs. I believe if people want a pastor who brings the Word of God with power they need to keep him lifted up in prayer. Good services draw people when they hear about powerful preaching/teaching. Good services are achived by having people come into church and go right to prayer for the pastor and the service. God's love through us lights up the church and when people feel love they want to be in that church.
---Darlene_1 on 7/4/11

"How have you expanded your churches when you were brand new?" i have not expanded any church, but I've seen the lord do so by the power of the Holy Spirit. If it's built upon Him, it's foundation is sure, but if by men, it's as if built upon the sand. Pray, seek the Lord. In fact, Seek first Kingdom of God and H His righteousness, and those things will be added.
---Christina on 7/4/11

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