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Happy With Your Spouse

I see so many blogs on here from women complaining about their husbands or vice versus--mostly the former. How many people here are HAPPY with their spouses and marriages?

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 ---Cluny on 7/15/11
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I'm defninitely happy with my husband, he's a rock and a love! :)
---Mary on 8/2/11

So you like it Rough and sexy John?

Have fun but remember God sees all things.

i asked my wife to give a comment and she said that she didn't have time to waste.
---andy3996 on 8/2/11

The Spanish word for Spouse is: ESPOSA

The Spanish word for Handcuffs is: ESPOSA

No further comment! :)
---John on 8/2/11

actually often many first wives are implimented in the search for a second or third wife.
a popular woman's proverb here says don't think his XXX is made for you alone. that is used by women to correct jealeous wives xho refuse polygamie.
I as a christian do not agree with this saying of course I'm more of the idea, I can't handle one, why should i add upon my suffering LOLLOL
---andy3996 on 8/2/11

andy3996---And your wife is supposed to take this as a compliment? LOL
---Donna66 on 8/1/11

here in Africa they say

I'M so happy with my wife i took a second one. (about polygamy) LOL
---andy3996 on 8/1/11

Robyn: Thank you. You are right about the "flip side". I have found that I truly rely upon my God in every way now and perhaps God uses tragedy and loss in a believers life to cause us to depend upon Him along with a myriad of other uses for His purpose. Being single/man-less is not the problem. I am content to be without a man but I feel somewhat lost when it comes to the memory of the presence of my husband who I loved. I think that I will never stop missing him. He was/is apart of me and I feel wounded...but functional:). I am fortunate to have found someone to love so deeply.
---jody on 7/24/11

My Wife was my childhood sweetheart. From age 10 on, she knows all of my faults, she is personally acquainted with all of my sins, and still she loves me and makes me complete. I am well aware that Almighty God has given me this woman and I act accordingly in my relations with her. I cannot imagine that I could be happier!!!
---mima on 7/22/11

Jody your post was relevant but there is a flip side to anything. My condolences to you and yours. But everything happens for a reason. Sometimes death is the only way some people can be freed from a trap.Losing someone close to us is painful but life does not have to stop there. It could be another opportunity for you to begin anew with someone else. Or something else. Having a man in our lives isjust a small part of the puzzle. We are so much more than that. So much more powerful,ambitious,challenging and able. With or without a man we are worthwhile.
---Robyn on 7/21/11

That was a very poignant post, jody. I hope it makes people here think.

Glory to Jesus Christ!
---Cluny on 7/18/11

My spouse died in 05 and it felt/feels that part of me is injured. We were very close and I wish he were still here. For those who complain, try to imagine your spouse as suddenly gone. Imagine that there were no good-byes and that there is simply a whole in your everyday life that no-one else can fill. If you still have complaints then you truly have a bad marriage.
---jody on 7/16/11

We've been married 40 years now.
My secret is whenever we have an argument.
One! I, ever get mad!
Because, she KNOW! Who the BOSS IS!
Sometimes, I even make her, BOW HER HEAD! Before me!

That's the only way she can get me under the bed!

For you who know, she doing much better this year.
I love her and you all!
God Bless!
---TheSeg on 7/16/11

Happy with my husband. You will never see me complain on here about my husband. Won't complain here or to anyone else either. If I have a problem with him (which is rare) I talk to him about it. When you are both sold out to serving the Lord Jesus Christ life is a lot easier.
---KarenD on 7/16/11

My marriage has been wonderful,overall, but I think most people just like to gripe and find fault. We can always find something to gripe about if we look hard enough. But we should begin to look upon our spouses with more love and be led by the Holy Spirit when dealing with them. But some marriages are in very bad shape and need a lot of TLC. Even then, some may not be able to be saved. Some things should have never taken place and marriages fall into that category, as well. Some people realize the mistake they made after marriage. When they do, they want to make a quick escape when they realize what they have done. Even pencils have erasers.Mistakes do happen.GB U
---Robyn on 7/16/11

Wow.. Im impressed. I though I was doing good at 35 years. Some of you have me way beat...

I married a great woman. I am truly blessed.
---NurseRobert on 7/16/11

Heb 12:1-5

I am blessed that God has found a way to make me see myself as He sees me.

I am happy with my spouse...

Heb 10:24 And let us consider how to stir up one another to love and good works,

...she has done this for me.
---aka on 7/16/11

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how true most topics are about complaining - what a refreshing change of pace!!!

my husband is a blessing and I tell him everyday ...we have two generations of children ...first came in our mid-20's the second set came during my early 40's we also raise a few of our siblings children ...we have a deep appreciation and respect for one another and because of this we never fight about anything ...sure we have disagreements yet we both compromise for solutions because we take the time everyday to seek to understand one another ...our love grows stronger each passing day because even while we were young in love many years ago we took the time to discuss what marriage meant to each of us ...I wish the happiness we share for every marriage
---Rhonda on 7/16/11

No matter how great your spouse is they are human therefore there's bound to be some conflict/different opinions. One thing I try to remember is, if my husband were any more perfect, he'd probably been able to get a better wife. I love my husband dearly. We've been together as friends then couple since first grade. We were born the same month, day & year.(I'm 5 hrs. older. My Mom said that's probably not accurate because his Mom possibly took her time letting him be born whereas my Mom ALWAYS got things done in a hurry.:-) Be that as it may, we fight like twin siblings sometimes but we love each other even more. He's my dearest, best friend. So yes Cluny, I for one have a happy, Godly marriage. Are you married? If so, Happily?
---Reba on 7/15/11

Nice subject, Cluny. I'm pretty happy with my spouse. We're been married 45 years. :-)
---John.usa on 7/15/11

i am, my wife knows I'm the boss... and if i say that I'll do what she tells me to do, she never disagrees:-

but honnestly i wouldn't mis my darling for anything in the world. YES we fight occasionaly but we always make up, and at the end of the day she knows i'm there for her no matter what. and i know she's there for me no matter what as well. bassicaly she's the best thing Godd granted me ever. thank you Lord
---andy3996 on 7/15/11

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I am very happy with my husband. He isn't perfect but neither am I we don't have to be to love each other. After 56 years we still enjoy each others company. There are many people who call him friend and I think he is so special with a great big giving heart. He lets me be me and frankly I think he is wonderful.
---Darlene_1 on 7/15/11

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