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 ---TheSeg on 7/22/11
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The Leftist hate propaganda has really stuck with you.

FYI I never have watched those American TV shows you mentioned.

In Australia we only had brief mention by our Leftist media about the UK children. I guess it wasn't politically correct enough nor of political gain for them to warrent pushing. Shows how racially prejudiced the Left really are.

Having seen the deciet and hate from the Left I have doubts about the allegations against Pat Buchanan even.
Even here the Left used similar hate propaganda to attack political parties like One Nation etc, back in the late 90's.

I guess it's like the boy who cried wolf too often. The Left tells so many hateful lies you know they can't be trusted anymore.
---Haz27 on 8/9/11

I see the old Leftist line about whites only came up.
But what about the similar policies in recent times by Asian countries? But, you Lefties avoid such inconvenient truths anyway.

And then of course the Left tell lies about the reasons behind such policies too. Cant let truth get in the way of good old decietful hate propaganda. The Left learnt well from the likes of Hitler, Stalin etc.

An example I recall in the 90's is of a documentary shown in the UK about the alleged evil treatment of Aborigines. But, even a Leftist Aborigine activist even admitted the documentary was a decietful propaganda piece (although he was ok with it as it helped his cause).

Satan is the father of lies. The Left have learnt well from him.
---Haz27 on 8/9/11

Apology for 500,000 Forgotten Australians
Updated November 16, 2009 06:44:00

Photo: About 150,000 children were sent to Australia, Canada and New Zealand.Related Story: UK announces Forgotten children apologyRelated Story: Forgotten Australians to get national apologyRelated Story: 'Forgotten Australian' wants more than apologyRelated Story: Also reported in the UK Guardian 500,000.
---kathr4453 on 8/9/11

to help populate australia with good white blood

--alan8566_of_uk on 8/9/11

Alan yes the numbers are confusing from 10,000 to 150,000 to 500,000. Maybe the remainder refer to the native born Aboriginies, Haz27 wants us to believe were treated BETTER.

They NEEDED good WHITE Blood to breed the "yellow" out of them. Racist mentality! When Haz27 talks about multi-culturalism, it takes on a WHOLE NEW MEANING, then trying to cover it us by his AWE and shock that heathans have practiced abortion from the beginning of civilization.

UNREGENERATE sinful evil humanity. Then we have our Asian countries/Governments who put little Girls up for sale.

Oh the Horror of it all.

---kathr4453 on 8/9/11

Haz27, I know you all watch many american tv shows and old re-runs. You probably watch "All in the Family" thinking it is an American Docu-Drama. NO Archie Bunker is not real. It was a rather push the envelope commedy. He loved using "Lefty Left" in his Bigoted one liners.

So to leave you with another one of his one liners, here goes:
Stifle yourself. Stifle it. STIFLE!!!

And we're not all Jerry Springer Kids either. I met someone from Australia who told me that Australians watch Jerry Springer and actually believe this is what America is about. Just that Australians watch Jerry Springer at all...says alot!
---kathr4453 on 8/9/11

kathr .... it is acknowledged by the british government that children were sent to australia in the 40's 50's and early 60's to help populate australia with good white blood

some were tolld they were orphans going to a better place, when in truth thry had been taken from their parennts

a very sorry story

but the total number was about 10,000, not your half million
---alan8566_of_uk on 8/9/11

You are now starting to acknowledge in some subtle way your Leftist mates guilt in the millions of massacred/aborted babies.
Yes, abortion has always happened. But sanctioned by law thanks to the efforts of the Left shows they are WORSE than Breivik.
Why can't you now admit they are the greatest evil for this time.

What makes you think I deny the stolen children brought from UK to Australia. You do make a lot of false allegations. Settle down and take a breath.
---Haz27 on 8/9/11

Haz27, England acknowledged sending all those stolen chidren to Australia. Why do you deny it?

As for abortion, what makes you think I am for abortion? Are you NUTS!

Now abortion has been around from the beginning of time, not just when lefty lefts came into office.

Let's all boycott China OK. I bet those families would give their right arm for FREE CHOICE. The right to have more than one child.

And as far as free choice, wouldn't Islamic women love to Choose the right to WORK, or even wear pants.

I believe all these come with what's called DEMOCRACY, not liberalism. Relatively speaking, for some democracy would be rather liberal wouldn't it.
---kathr4453 on 8/9/11

Chance? The election of God's people is never by chance. It has been predestined as taught by Paul in Romans 8 & 9.
---christan on 8/6/11

Self elect-ed preachers don't utilize the prophets...either.
Isa 45:4
For Jacob my servant's sake, Israel mine elect, I have even called thee by thy name: I have surnamed thee, though thou hast not known me.

Isa65:9 I will bring forth a seed out of Jacob, out of Judah an inheritor of my mountains: mine elect shall inherit it, and my servants shall dwell there.

Isa 65:22
They shall not build, and another inhabit, they shall not plant, and another eat: for as the days of a tree are the days of my people, mine elect shall long enjoy the work of their hands.
---Trav on 8/9/11

I have explained in various ways that the Left, who you clearly follow, are WORSE than Breivik.
Just using their massacre/abortion of millions of babies as one example. Yet you continue to remain silent on this evil and somehow falsely claim I link it to Muslims.
Is this a deliberate tactic to distract from the Left's evil or is your hate blinding you to what I post?

Your facts about Australia are Leftist propaganda. The fact you ONLY believe Leftist propaganda shows you are not an open minded/objective thinker.

All that Leftie hate you hold to is not of God. Your Leftie mates are the greatest evil of our time. Open your eyes to truth if you are truly concerned about atrocities.
---Haz27 on 8/9/11

mima, he seems to have a lot of followers with the same qualities.
---kathr4453 on 8/9/11

John, you might be right. I have not read that far back in history. I use to love History but I got out of school to early. I have learned a lot but most of my studies now are on the Word. I suppose Alan would know something into that. Yes, sin has been around from the very beginning, and it is not going away soon enough. Peace
---Mark_V. on 8/9/11

Samaritans..those HALF BREED infidels!
---kathr4453 on 8/8/11

Samaria was a location. Christ's commandment to the twelve forbad "cities" of the Samaritans.Matt 10:5
These twelve Jesus sent forth, commanded them, saying, Go not into the way of the Gentiles, into any city of the Samaritans enter ye not:
Many of the Northern House of Israel lived Samaria the put away,divorced of GOD.
Divorce is why Judah/Benjamin disregarded the largest part of their brothers Israel, the Northern House. The Lost Sheep. Who Christ was sent for.
Matt 10:6
But go rather to the lost sheep of the house of Israel.
Matthew 15:24
But he answered and said, I am not sent but unto the lost sheep of the house of Israel
---Trav on 8/9/11

I see several references to Pat Buchanan on this blog. Pat is very anti-Jewish, he is very pro-RCC, Pat is exactly what he appears to be a person in opposition just to be in opposition.
---mima on 8/9/11

HAZ27, My understanding is Islam doesn't believe in abortion. So I can't help you on that one. But I do know the abortion rate in Australia is much MUCH higher in Australia than in Norway.

Buchanan is a holocaust denier, where millions and millions of innocent people were murdered, including unborn babies of pregnant women.

And what about the over 500,000+ children shipped to Australia up to the 70's who were enslaved, sexaully abused, beaten etc, and were never given citizenship. Yes we all know about that.

And again how Australia treated their own Indiginuous People. There are varous ways to murder Haz27, abortion is only one out of many. YOU don't have a problem with MURDER, just certain forms. HYPOCRITE!
---kathr4453 on 8/9/11

Hitler blamed everthing on the Jews, And now here we have Haz27, blaming Abortion on the Muslims.

The fact Haz27 is clearly you have shown here you don't have all your FACTS straight.

So, until you do, please accurately report facts before spewing hate online inciting others LIKE Breivik, who read your garbage and justify murder.

Remember your words of HATE and lies can never be retreaved, therefore we as Christians are accountable for every word(LIES) that comes out of our mouth and HOW it affects others. We do see others words did affect him.

GO AWAY you terrorist/murderious Sympathizer, who also claims to be SINLESS! How's that? You harbor murder/hate (SIN) in your heart. You're not a Christian. That is a FACT!
---kathr4453 on 8/9/11

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How can a professing Christian like yourself ever be a follower of Leftist politics?

The millions of massacred/aborted babies alone would be enough to suggest your Leftie mates are WORSE than Breivik. And yet you remain silent even on this.

You obsessed over insignificant groups like Knights Templar, etc, whilst ignoring the greater evil of the politically correct Left.

Even your attacks on Australia are all based on Leftist propaganda sources.

Your silence on the many evils of the Left and your obsession with attacking anything conservative/Right shows your politics.

Whilst the Right has no clean record the Left is by far the greater evil.

---Haz27 on 8/9/11

Romans 12:20-21
20Therefore if thine enemy hunger, feed him, if he thirst, give him drink: for in so doing thou shalt heap coals of fire on his head.

21Be not overcome of evil, but overcome evil with good.

You know Haz27, ONLY Born Again Blood Washed Christians are OVERCOMERS, because only those who have Christ IN THEM are Overcomers.

This is where we part ways Haz27. You have proved by your words and actions and name calling here you are not a Christian, or if you are a very disobedient one, of which WE have a right to not fellowship with you until you REPENT.

Repent Haz27.
---kathr4453 on 8/9/11

MarkV, I believe that just about every race were one time or another slaves.

I think the Anglos were slaves of the Saxons or vica versa.

I guess Alan(UK) would know if that is correct.

I never look it up myself.
---John on 8/8/11

I noted you neglected to add your Leftist mates abortion/murder of millions of innocent babies in your argument of who/what is wrong. I guess that would be inconvenient proof of the evils of the Left you claim that Jesus supports as well as you.

I fail to understand why you even tried to deflect this inconvenient truth about the murderous Left in the previous blog.

I say again, you fail to differentiate between Breivik's extremist points and his valid points.
Yours was a Leftist response, not a Christian one.

And why do you even set yourself up as judge over Buchanan claiming he is not Christian? God knows his heart, not you.

---Haz27 on 8/8/11

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And Buchanan says, "Hey, the murderous monster had a good point."

Which was exactly what Breivik wanted to accomplish. He wanted the attention, and he wanted to spread a message. And he wanted people like Buchanan to endorse it

And people like Buchanan is where ideas originated which influenced and ultimately brainwashed Breivik enough to carry out his attack.

A good rule of thumb for political commentary or life in general Christian or not is that terrorists are never right. People who go on mass shooting sprees are never right. Bombs that blows up government building with innocent people inside is never right. Their actions are wrong, and the ideas that motivated them are wrong.
---kathr4453 on 8/8/11

Take a two week break, and come back!
God Bless You, My favorite BROTHER.
---TheSeg on 8/6/11

Thanks Seg

I may drop in occasionally and converse with the good people of Cnet.

I'll just shake the dust of discontent from the Pharisaical maniacal scripture quoting posters with no respect for God or His people and ignore their hate.

Till then God speed to all who have God's best in mind, not the Sanhedrinal best, but Gods true best.

God Bless, Paul
---paul on 8/8/11

haz27, you still just don't get it. YOUR opinion would call Jesus a lefty left ONLY because He doesn't agree with you.

Pat Buchanan came out and stated he could understood why the kid from Norway did what he did. WOW, he is going to be observed by 3 psychiatrists to see if he's even sane, and was supposedly on drugs before committing his unforgivable act of murder. Does that mean it takes one to know one?

Since Pat did not CONDEMN his actions...says it all!
---kathr4453 on 8/8/11

Your claim that Jesus is a liberal/Leftie is simplistic worldly thinking.

The Lefties with their Humanist/Man is god religion, their racial prejudices, deciet, hate, murder, hypocricy, discrimination, etc are not of God.
Jesus would have no part with the Lefties just on the above characteristics alone.

God's agenda is totally separate from mans political ideologies.
I see you even claimed Pat Buchanan is "not one of us". Clearly you still consider yourself a judge over the salvation position of others. God knows Pat's heart, not you.
Also, I suggest you get out of politics, especially when it's the evil Left.
---Haz27 on 8/8/11

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Elena, "Not perfect but,Love Has brought Me this far!" Amen! So true, and God alone knows how far that truly is. He knows what is behind.
---christina on 8/8/11

WE are Ambassadors for Christ. What an HONOR and privledge.

We do not represent skin color, political idiology or Nationality,

We do not represent anything but Christ Jesus.

We are here for ONE reason alone:

2 Corinthians 5:19-21 19To wit, that God was in Christ, reconciling the world unto himself, not imputing their trespasses unto them, and hath committed unto us the word of reconciliation.

20Now then we are ambassadors for Christ, as though God did beseech you by us: we pray you in Christ's stead, be ye reconciled to God.

21For he hath made him to be sin for us, who knew no sin, that we might be made the righteousness of God in him.

And No Pat Buchanan is not one of us!
---kathr4453 on 8/8/11

Yep, even the Pharisees were RECISTS against the Samaritans..those HALF BREED infidels!

From these causes arose an irreconcilable difference between them, so that the Jews regarded the Samaritans as the worst of the human race John 8:48 and had no dealings with them John 4:9. In spite of the hatred between the Jews and the Samaritans, LEFTY LEFT Jesus broke down the barriers between them, preaching the gospel of peace to the Samaritans John 4:6-26, and the LEFTY LEFT apostles later followed His example Acts 8:25.
---kathr4453 on 8/8/11

Paul, listen!
Do you know how many times, I have told myself!
Why are you even opening your mouths?
Because the bible says:

Yes verily, their sound went into all the earth, and their words unto the ends of the world.

But the anointing which ye have received of him abideth in you, and ye need not that any man teach you:

that every mouth may be stopped, and all the world may become guilty before God.

Paul, if you feel bad. Good!
But, dont feel bad, because of the things, youve said.
Do you understand me, Paul?
Take a two week break, and come back!
God Bless You, My favorite BROTHER.
---TheSeg on 8/6/11

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"Racism" exists even among peple who are actually of the same "race".

Some Americans, due to bias in history education, think that black slavery and the displacement of Native Americans were the cruelest actions of all time, not trends repeated again and again in the history of the world. Every tribe and nation has a history of cruelty. Most at some time had slaves. Some used torture that would boggle the imaginations of atomic weaponry experts. The history of the planet revolves around groups of people being displaced by others

Citing these facts doesn't "excuse" anybody of anything, only indicates that AMERICANS have not been more sinful than mankind in general.
The nature of man is sinful.
---Donna66 on 8/6/11

Thanks Seg

my hand is doing great, If you will go to goggle and search clearview christian worship center I will try to post some pictures there If you desire to see them, They are pretty narley.

I will post progress pictures to show Gods healing power as time goes on.

Thanks for your prayers and concerns.

---paul on 8/6/11

One last thing.
How is your hand?
Give us an update.

I pray you say great!
---TheSeg on 8/6/11


I truly am sorry, I feel horrible for some of the things I said to you and humbly ask you to forgive me.

I got carried away and your correct I was being personal in some of the things I was saying to you.

I am signing off from Cnet it is to time consuming and I have started back down that slippery slope to self and flesh

I hope you will accept my apology, I'm not blaming them, but the meds they have me on are strong and they impair my judgment.

Thats why I have preached prov 31:3-5 for years, I guess I am a prime example.

May the Lord richly bless you with wisdom in all matters and continually overshadow you with his presence and goodness.

God Bless, Paul
---paul on 8/6/11

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Please, forgive me Paul. Please call me, TheSeg.
Only my brothers, call me SEG!
You, have made it clear, I am not!
---TheSeg on 8/6/11

I have never said you were not my brother, If you do the will of the Father you are, if not you aren't.
Thats Gods declaration.

Paul, please! This is as personal as you can get!
---TheSeg on 8/6/11

I truly apologize If I came off that way.

We will stand before the judgment seat of Christ.
Not all Paul, some of us only think, we know the truth.
We are fool, arent we!
---TheSeg on 8/6/11

You said something I disagreed with and I debated it, that's all

And If we are His we will stand before His judgment seat one day.

---paul on 8/6/11

warwick //from experience I can assure you that most animal flesh is red, and that from the blood therein. //

from experience? what do you mean by that?

Meat can be broadly classified as "red" or "white" depending on the concentration of myoglobin in muscle fibre. When myoglobin is exposed to oxygen, reddish oxymyoglobin develops, making myoglobin-rich meat appear red.

once the blood is not present, the reddish color does not have to do with hemoglobin. it depends on the amount of myoglobin.
---aka on 8/6/11

Please, forgive me Paul. Please call me, TheSeg.
Only my brothers, call me SEG!
You, have made it clear, I am not!

I understand your. Mat 12:50!
But, I say to you, if thou hadst known, even thou, at least in this thy day, the things which belong unto thy peace! But now they are hid from thine eyes!

It seems I have ventured into the personal realm?
Yes, it does! Doesnt it?
This is not personal simply debate!
Paul, please! This is as personal as you can get!
But, as you say these are only words, right!
We will stand before the judgment seat of Christ.
Not all Paul, some of us only think, we know the truth.
We are fool, arent we!
---TheSeg on 8/6/11


It seems you have ventured into the personal realm, no need for that for this is not personal simply debate.

Thr question was presented to Christ as a trap but presented none the less.
Lu 10:29

What defined him was that he showed mercy.
Lu 10:36 -37

My lack of calling unbelievers brother has nothing to do with mercy, they do not perform the will of my Father therefore they are not my brother os sister.
Mt 12:50

I never said I am sinless, what I said is that God does not view me as a sinner after conversion,

We will stand before the judgment seat of Christ to receive our reward for our stewardship, not to determine our eternal destination.

Please don't take my words personal,
---paul on 8/3/11

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It seems you have ventured into the personal realm, no need for that for this is not personal simply debate.

The question was presented to Christ as a trap but presented none the less.
Lu 10:29

What defined him was that he showed mercy.
Lu 10:36 -37

My lack of calling unbelievers brother has nothing to do with mercy, they do not perform the will of my Father therefore they are not my brother os sister.
Mt 12:50

I never said I am sinless, what I said is that God does not view me as a sinner after conversion,

And we will stand before the judgment seat of Christ to receive our reward for our stewardship, not to judge us worthy of Heaven or hell
---paul on 8/3/11

Paul, I gave the judge. Because you said:
The Samaritan had shown mercy is what defined him as such.
Here you say because someone shows mercy, hes defined as a believer.
What about those you say are not your brothers, where your mercy?

Clearly, you only believe, because God had mercy on you, and now you believe.
You think because someone doesnt believe, they dont deserve be to your brothers. You know Christ said when the blind lead the blind, will look behind you!

One last thing.
If as you say you are sinless, right now!
Why does God say, you have to go to a judgment?
Seem to me, Christ is being crucified a fresh.
You dont see this? Im done, believe what you will!
---TheSeg on 8/3/11

John, but don't you think that every country was the same way once for hundreds of years? Before they were discovered, as we say, they had people who did the same thing until the invaders came. So many countries where slaves were taken from. They had their own cultures and ideas for hundreds of years before the invaders came. I just don't see the difference. Maybe one country more then another but all countries had the same since man is sinful in all countries. Just giving my opinions of what I have studied through history.
---Mark_V. on 8/3/11

They did research on this in Japan.It was on PBS several years back.


It is the most homogenized society on earth.

They all the same race, same culture, and same beliefs.

Japan was also isolated from the world for over 300yrs.

A society in almost unaminous agreemnet.

In Japan there was widespread Prejudice within this tight knit society.

Merchant Families would not associate with Farming family. Militray would not associates with either.

... and so it goes with mankind. If you cannot find a physical feature to hate, then you will invent another reason for hatred.

Even among your "own kind".
---John on 8/2/11

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markv, i know there is racism everywhere. the other blog was about japan and Korea. mine involved china too.

btw, there is racism in the bible and judism, christianity, and every other world religion.
---aka on 8/2/11

People are much the same regardless of race so, yes, racism exits in EVERY country.

Unfortunately "racism" is also a deceitful racially predjudiced political propaganda tactic used by the liberal/Left in Western countries.
---Haz27 on 8/2/11

AKA, after reading what you said, don't you think there is racism in every country? I don't think there is a country where racism does abound. Maybe in those countries more then others but it exist everywhere.
---Mark_V. on 8/2/11

from events in norway blog:

Example: According to your Leftie logic Japan and South Korea are racist. ---Haz27 on 7/31/11

when i was a Korean linguist, we studied culture. for many centuries, the korean peninsula was a battle ground between japan and china.

peace between the nations was never a result, but a race of half-breeds, who are known now as koreans, are. chinese hate them...japanese hate them. hated like most "half-breeds" are. (btw-they do not all look the same.)

if you think there is no racism, just bring a black man into a traditional korean, japanese, or chinese family. racism is everywhere.
---aka on 8/2/11

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Willa, I sure hope it was not me who rebuked you. I believe I have only rebuked one very angry spirit. And I mean angry with hate. It was time to do that. I do think that can be done by us when someone really attacks your person intentionally, without regard to the Word of God. Evil angry spirits only cause division. Agreeing to disagree leaves both parties in peace. Now what really gets me is when someone demeans the deity of Christ. That to me tells me that person is really blaspheming the Holy Spirit, because the Bible tells us that Jesus is of the Holy Spirit and testifies about Christ. This people negate and forfeits any possibility of present and future forgiveness of sin because they wholly reject the only basis of salvation.
---Mark_V. on 8/1/11


I wasn't going to do it but I have such an indignant disdain for lying that I must.

I'm not going to give you platform by which to proselyte your rhetoric.

What I am going to do is put a stop to your foolish notion that their is no place of torment for satan and all the rebellious ones.

You can sew deceit all you'd like with your play on words, but here is what Jesus refereed to it as.

geenna represents the Hebrew word GeHinnom which Jesus referenced in Matt 5:22 verse 29 and 30, again in Matt18:8-9.

I know you have your own text books and that's fine, but don't say Jesus does not teach of hell in the Bible for that is simply a lie.
---paul on 8/1/11

//I won't say who,that doesn't matter(can angels sin blog)// what makes me laugh a little are when soccer players have the ball poked away by a sliding opponent and they flail their hands and hold their shin until a penalty is called and then they right bounce up and continue playing. it was me and was not intended for anyone in particular. it was a tongue-in-cheek poke (not a rebuke) at all of us to break the monotony of the many thin-skinned, deluded answers given here. (i have dry humor and i do not use smiley faces or use lol.) i do not think i used the word foolish.silly maybe. but, it does not surprise me that someone says i won't tell you who it is but i will tell you where he lives uses silly phrases. doesn't matter? :-) lol...rofl.
---aka on 7/31/11

also ref. "can one lose you salvation" blog,

suppose you get a vaccination for measles. The vaccination is saving you from measles before you ever have to go through the misery. Now if you actually get measles, apparently your vaccination was a dud.

Now if Jesus saves you from hell before you ever have to go there, and then you end up going there, apparently you have a dud jesus
---James_L on 7/31/11

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REF: "Can one lose your salvation blog"

If you can lose your slavation. Can you get it back?
---John on 7/31/11


Simple answer, because God CREATED them male and female.

DNA intact and ready to perform exquisitely.

---paul on 7/30/11

Cluny: "A single-celled organism is VERY complex."

True! So what did the first one "evolve" from? In fact, how did anything "evolve" without species-specific DNA and its necessary transcription proteins having "evolved" in advance?
---jerry6593 on 7/30/11

//---jerry6593 Why can't crocodilians [sic] eat grass? Is that not what God created them to eat?
Why do bees have venum [sic]? What possible use could venum [sic] be to them in Eden?
---Francis on 7/29/11

Francis, I'm surprised that, as a SDA, you don't know the answer. Satan performed many gene splicing experiments (almagamations, according to EGW) that resulted in the degradation of the animal kingdom. There were no mosquitoes in Eden - else it would not have been "very good". These critters did not "evolve", they were made by an intelligent (albeit evil) designer.
---jerry6593 on 7/30/11

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\\For evolution to take place you must have an unorganized simple species evolve to reemerge as an organized more complex species.\\

Paul, what you're saying is not true.

A single-celled organism is VERY complex.

If you're going to try to argue against evolution on scientific grounds, make sure you know what the theory says first. Apparently you don't know.

Glory to Jesus Christ!
---Cluny on 7/29/11


That definition came straight out of New Websters Dictionary, so you or him one don't know the true definition of evolution.

And if I might add that a single celled orginism is complex but not as complex as the multi celled organism it would have to become to evolve.

---paul on 7/29/11

//I love when two can agree to disagree//Mark

Be careful about saying this, I got "rebuked" for saying such "foolishness". I won't say who, that doesn't matter(can angels sin blog).

It made me laugh a little. It brought back such fond memories of the kind words I have received.

Gods peace and grace brother
---willa5568 on 7/29/11

Paul, thank you so much, you made my day. I love when two can agree to disagree. Nothing wrong with discussing the Word of God. I will continue to keep you in my prayers and hope that your hand and foot will recover enough for you to play again. Looking forward to many more of your post. Keep the Truth going. God richly bless you and family, peace.
---Mark_V. on 7/29/11

Thanks Mark

And my altered ego says thank as well.

And I will play again, God has made me a very tenacious soul.

Until then I went and purchased some sound tracks of some songs I love to sing, satan cant have my voice of praise to our Lord and God

God Bless you Mark
---paul on 7/29/11

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Paul, all I can say is "Wow" I also see two different Paul's. To the first Paul who posted and got hurt, I'm also so sorry for this tragety that came to you. I can understand how easy those things can happen. I do hope you get to play again. I have read about people who lose their legs and don't give up and walk again. Others just stay as they prefer, and not try. I pray your abilities come back.

To the other Paul, I also believe that no man can be trusted completely. Because man always fail. Even our spouses fail. That is the nature we all have. What we do know is that God never fails, and what He does is not only righteous but it last forever.
---Mark_V. on 7/29/11


When did I say to trust in flesh, being honest and not lying in not trusting flesh it is following the ways of God.

Rom 3:4 is again saying that God is the ultimate authority and if man chooses to not trust Gods sovereignty that man is a liar, not that ALL men are liars.

Again their are no scriptures to promote you opinion, so don't condemn me to hell as a liars reward based upon your opinion.

Re 21:8 "But the cowardly, unbelieving, abominable, murderers, sexually immoral, sorcerers, idolaters, and all liars shall have their part in the lake,

I understand wanting to acknowledge God as the truth, but all men are not liars and those who are will be condemned to hell.

Do you see that?
---paul on 7/25/11


Same Paul.
I'm continuing a conversation with Seg from another thread while asking for prayers for my injuries at the same time.

Sorry for the confusion.

This post was intended to be a place to finish your comments from maxed out topics for July.

I upset the flow of things by asking for prayer here, I tried to post a prayer blog but the mods would not post it.

Thanks for all the prayers and sorry to complicate things.

---paul on 7/25/11

Got to end July by saying First Very Gratefull! Encouraged to press on 'n Jesus name. Enjoy & Love everyone!If I made anytime harsh Beg forgiveness'... Not perfect but,Love Has brought Me this far! I am learning good things fr ChristiaNet! Pray ... I get affordable Computer/Mobil not accomadate Penpal Chat! God able! Thanks everyone! God also,Show Me where I need improvement! I love Jesus! Thanks for New prayer Room ChristiaNet!
---ELENA_5883 on 7/25/11

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Are there two Pauls here?

One seems to have grievously hurt himself, the other seems to be conducting some sort of argument with someone else
---alan8566_of_uk on 7/25/11

Sorry Paul,
I find this entire blog very confusing. I think I will just bow out of this one.

God bless.
---Trish9863 on 7/25/11

Well Paul, I tried to open this question up to this forum. Because, I believe this is that important.
So, you would have me believe not all men are liar.

And that,
//Theire are no scriptures to back such an absurd decliration, just your opinion. Your entitled to that, what your not entitled to is to pronounce that title upon all men.//

You keep telling me you dont understand!

Now, if you want to go round telling people, there some flesh out there, that they in trust in. Now that is up to you!
But, the truth is, there is no flesh, you can trust in.

As-for, //You do realize that ALL LIARS have their place in the lake of fire.//
Again Rom_3:4!
---TheSeg on 7/25/11

Paul we will be praying. Remember the Lord has this in control. He will multiply your ministry and you will see this. God Bless.
If there is something you think we can do contact us at Elder2291.
---Elder on 7/24/11

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Im not following you, I think you've misunderstood again.

I addressed you on another blog but not here, I was addressing Seg concerning him saying all men are liars.

Sorry for the confusion.

---Paul on 7/24/11

Paul, What on earth are you talking about? I misunderstood the original meaning of this blog at first. The MODS put in the July part of the title, which at first made me believe this was another "What's Up?" Blog.

Are you feeling okay?
---Trish9863 on 7/24/11


It does not clear it up, as a matter of fact I find it scripturelly bankrupt.

Theire are no scriptures to back such an absurd decliration, just your opinion.

Your entitled to that, what your not entitled to is to pronounce that title upon all men.

So speak for yourself but leave me and mankind out of it.

You do realize that ALL LIARS have their place in the lake of fire.

God has those who have not worshiped at the altar of deceit.

---paul on 7/24/11


I tried to start a thread for a prayer request but the mods didn't see fit to post it.

Thanks for the the prayers from you all.

---paul on 7/23/11

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//Pray I will be able to play the guitar for the Lord again,// Sorry about your mishap. i will pray that the Lord's will be done whether you play or not.

about 15 years ago, i suffered a head injury which caused me to lose my right hand technique. i also had extreme double vision (marty feldmen eyes) as a result. i could not really see well, but my hearing kicked in overdrive. the struggles on the guitar, i could now hear, but i could not play them. cruel irony! at the time, the Lord needed to strip me of myself and my spiritual blindness, so i would continue to seek Him out. He made me blind so i could see. he caused me not to play, so i would quit playing around. even if you never play again, you can always let the light shine.
---aka on 7/23/11

Paul I am soooo sorry, OUCH!!!! You have my sympathies and prayers for fast healing, Mary
---Mary on 7/23/11

This is just so when a blog close.
You got somewhere to go.
So, the other blogs can stay on topic.
Can stay on topic, now thats funny!
---TheSeg on 7/23/11

Will you please pray for my 30 yr old nephew, Dennis? He has a wife and 2 year old daughter and was found seizing and then stroke like symptoms and eventually completely unresponsive and on a ventilator. We have been praying and he has progressed but has along way to go. He has had brain surgery which found an abscess. No tumor or cancer! Praise God and he is now breathing on his own and attempting to talk. He has no medical insurance. Please pray for his full recovery. Thanks and God Bless
---jody on 7/23/11

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These blogs rotate in the great circle of debate.

Always a beginning but never an end.

---paul on 7/22/11

(Cond... from my other blog) that is my thoughts on the matter and that is the end of it. So, that is that and no one can say any thing different.......
---Elder on 7/22/11

For those who know Christ please pray for me.

I was using a portable table saw on the ground at work Thursday morning and was running a board through it.

When I got through it I stepped back to flip the board to cut the other side of it when I stepped down on a board with a nail in it.

When I felt the nail my reaction was to jerk away from it causing me to get off balance.

I went frontwards and threw out my hand to catch myself and it went directly into the running blade.

It cut me badly severing several tendons which I will have to have an operation on.

Pray I will be able to play the guitar for the Lord again,

Wish I had just stepped on the nail.

Thanx, Paul
---paul on 7/22/11

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