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Please Pray For Me

Prayer blog, please list request for community to pray for. I go for my hand surgery 11:30am, et, so please remember me.

Moderator - Also go to the Prayer Room link on the home page of ChristiaNet.

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 ---paul on 7/27/11
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Hello, pray for my friend I got even prob. with (fon) anyway,my friend "Letty" Really needs your prayersshe taken a new sort o' Chem... Reallyreap' havoc on her nerves,skin & just has her constant torment' she just talks over & over/hurts see her work herself up! she needs spiritualhealing .... I try tell her give it over to God..thankyou all.. Love of Jesus
---ELENA on 12/2/11

To those who do not speak in other tongues I want to make sure people understand what I said to Elena, to be curtious,

"You were not a second thought of God, from the beginning of time, you have been in the thoughts of God. In one occasion, from the foundation of the world, Jesus and His Father had a conversation concerning the Great Plan of Redemption. In that conversation you were included."

God knows His elect from the foundation of the world. Each one of us who believe by faith in His Only Begotten Son, and those who will come later, have always been in the thoughts of God.
---Mark_V. on 8/31/11

muchisimasGracias! Mark...How wonderfull,going to copy that blessing 'n Spanish! very meaningfull to me. pues,yo quisiera lo pronto posible chatear en mi idioma hacia usted me diera oraciones ponerme las en la pared! May God bless you and all your family! be glad to when I get computeryou share prayers in Spanish and be happy to send hello! to your sister-n-law .. You our family bro.Mark! Dios os bendiga!
---ELENA on 8/29/11

Elena, I'm involve in a prayer group who pray for sisters who have breast cancer for over 15 years. I know how hard it is for women when they are due for a checkup. Their worries are always so high, we would pray together at work when a test was coming. My prayers are for you also. Glad your doing good, and keep the good words you give through the days, they lift up many. We all have a purpose from the foundation of the world.
"Tu no eres secundario para Dios. Desde el principio de los tiempos has estado en los pensamientos de Dios. En una ocasion, antes de la fundacion del mundo, Jesus y su Padre tuvieron una conversacion acerca del Gran plan de Redencion. Esa conversacion te incluia a ti" you are special.
---Mark_V. on 8/29/11

Hello,Mark,Paul,Chria,Donna...everybody!So,glad to here..Mark your sister-n-law doin better! I am doin' ok..thank God my immune system..counts good! This past friday,I had chest pain & jaw pain,they said "no heart problems!"Really I think it was sudden emotional stress,bad news someone gave me....God is wonderfull! So,good to keep up on here 'n the fact we love & care,pray for one another! God bless you all! Love of Jesus...ELENA
---ELENA on 8/29/11

//moving on with your life is moving ahead. //

markv, this is probably one of the biggest misconceptions. many times, moving ahead is not necessarily moving on, and moving on is not necessarily moving ahead.
---aka on 8/27/11

Aka, moving on with your life is moving ahead. I wish you well for the glory of God. Hope everything turns out good for you and also for your wife. All will be un-important at the resurrection. God already knows what you will do and what she will do, and how thing will turn out, and when both of your time come to an end. May both of your lives be long for the glory and honor of God. Blessings to you and your family.
---Mark_V. on 8/22/11

MarkV, I am not wanting to move on. i want to move ahead. 10 years ago, we were married. seven years, ago my wife resumed a life that i did not know about that was not only not conducive to normal living but true insanity. also, a very dangerous life that put the family's life in jeopardy. 5 years ago, she abandoned me and over 2 years ago, she abandoned her children. the rock that she needs is rock bottom and anything that she had, she is holding onto to not get there. i found mine five years ago. i do not know if you remember another blog that i started recently, but some thing was finally revealed that did not see before. now, as opposed to two years ago, i can handle it in a better way. i am finally able to move forward not move on.
---aka on 8/21/11

I have not been on the computer much this week. I have been sick, and also have a foot injury.

I would appreciate prayer for my health. I have to wear a special boot for my right foot, which I injured. If I do not wear the boot, I will get a stress fracture.

My son is doing better. Thank you for praying for him. He now needs prayer for a job. He is halfway through college, and can't find work.
---Trish9863 on 8/20/11

MarkV thats very good news about Rhonda. Praise God. I will continue praying she will be blessed with a complete walk with Christ for the rest of her days.
---Darlene_1 on 8/20/11

MarkV, A serious situation such as Rhondas would indeed need ongoing prayer, I'm praying for her, and you too.
"Concerning my life and how it turned out, that does not happen to everyone. My point was to give God time. I'm glad I waited. My eternal life and hers were at stake. Thank you sister." You're quite welcome.
yes, always give God time, in all matter the outcome. I'm glad you waited too, again, a wonderful testimony, glory to God!
---Chria9396 on 8/20/11

Chria, thank you for your comments. Rhonda is home and we are praying for her. Don't know what's ahead for her. She's repented of what she did. But what really troubled me was that when she had the gun that night while drunk was, what her intentions were. Was she trying to kill herself or thinking of killing her dad. No one knows but her. Her dad is pretty much disabled. We can only pray that was not the case. She did try to hang herself in the hospital room. One minute longer and my wife would have found her dead. Keep praying for her.
Concerning my life and how it turned out, that does not happen to everyone. My point was to give God time. I'm glad I waited. My eternal life and hers were at stake. Thank you sister.
---Mark_V. on 8/20/11

MarkV on 8/19/11
"Aka, I completely understand what you are saying." I understand too.
MarkV, that's a wonderful testimony. By the way, how is Rhonda?
God bless you both.
---chria9396 on 8/19/11

Aka, I completely understand what you are saying. I went through the same thing. Once I healed I was ready to move on. It took a year for me to heal of hurt, bidderness and anger I had. I couldn't see God was working in her life only on mine. I was ready to move on, even felt good about what I was doing. I realized we all fail, and that God would take care of me. A older sister I never met, told me not to get divorce, to give God a chance to work in my wife's life, and He did, she was saved two months after we got back together. God never fails to do right to those He loves. In my case, my wife came back, we lived eight wonderful years after that until the day she died. I'm glad the sister stopped me. Otherwise things would have been different.
---Mark_V. on 8/19/11

markv, God did not divorce a nation. divorced the people of a nation.

for many years, I had the "biblical" out that others take quick advantage of, but few know why. they just know they have "justification".

for a few years, i did not take that road so quickly. then, when i tried to divorce a few years ago, He did not let me. I am fortunate because I was not totally over my bitterness and anger.

Now, I am, and some legal reasons (regarding my children) have presented themselves that was not so concrete.

I am not divorcing to get married again. the chance to reconcile will present itself again, and the divorce is the beginning.
---aka on 8/18/11

Aka, again, I wish your life and your wife's be a blessing for God's glory, no matter what decision you take. God divorced a nation, not an individual. When God makes a choice it is always right, when He tells us not to do something and we do, it is always sin. When two become one, nothing can change that. In the resurrection none of those problems of man will exist, for there will be no marriage. It will not matter then.
---Mark_V. on 8/18/11

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i can go with the spiritual. thank you.
---aka on 8/16/11

//The reason divorce is possible was not because of God but because Moses allowed it due to the hardeness of the peoples hearts.//

God divorced Israel. Does God also have a hard heart?

//Those new laws given were because of divorce. Did God know this would happen? Of course.//

Did God know that he would divorce Israel? Of course. That's why Jesus included "except for sexual immorality." God already knew the physical and spiritual necessity for divorce for other reasons than man's hardness of heart.

At one point, a divorce would have been due to my hard heart. as most divorce is. now, after a good span of time, a divorce has become necessary and its due to a heart that is getting healthier.
---aka on 8/16/11

Aka, my answer was not for physical purposes but for spiritual purposes, for the kingdom of God and His glory. Jesus answered said to the Pharisees,
"Have you not read that He who made them at the beginning, made them male and female, and said, for this reason a man shall leave His father and mother and be joined to his wife, and the two shall become one flesh" Matthew 19:7-9. That has not changed. No legal papers can change that. The reason divorce is possible was not because of God but because Moses allowed it due to the hardeness of the peoples hearts. Those new laws given were because of divorce. Did God know this would happen? Of course. That's why Jesus included "except for sexual immorality."
---Mark_V. on 8/16/11

Aka 2: Jesus, in order to show the corralation to marriage in (v. Matt. 19:11,12) Jesus said,
"All cannot accept this saying, but only those to whom it has been given. For there are eunuchs who are were born thus from their mother's womb, and there are eunuchs who were made eunuchs by men." God ordained those eunuchs to be born to be eunuchs, the others were not but became eunuchs because of men (the divorce). The same comparison with marriage. And also says, "there are eunuchs who have made themselves eunuchs for the kingdom of heaven's sake" Those represent the one's who don't marry and devote their lifes to Christ. He then says,
"He who is able to accept it, let him accept it"
---Mark_V. on 8/16/11

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i appreciate it, but

a legally binding agreement held against you before you know the answer to the Law is not a marriage. in order to be married, we need to be divorced. this way i can take it one day at a time, and nobody can hold me against me anymore.

individuals need to be reconciled to the Father before couples can reconcile with each other. a good example of this is in the Bible.
---aka on 8/16/11

Chria, and all others who are praying for Rhonda, thank you for praying for my sister in law. My petitions are always for the glory of God's kingdom. And yes, it is wonderful that right now she wants to know more about Jesus and His forgiveness. It would have been such a shame if she had died without Christ in her life. While there is life, there is always hope. Blessings to you, Trish, Christina, Elena and so many others who are praying for her. She is doing great and is very cheerful, and will be in the hospital for three more days and will have to attend some kind of meetings after. She doesn't sound depress now.
Aka, I'm praying for your wife, children and for you that God restores you marriage for His own glory.
---Mark_V. on 8/15/11

Mark, Glad to hear that there's some progress and that Rhonda wants to know more about Christ. Yes, God is involved in all!!!.

aka, understand. I know the Lord can make a way for all that is needed, He is the provider, not just of the monetary. Bless you
---chria9396 on 8/14/11


i agree with you about the mom's absence. there is less obvious insanity. however, my 9 and 7 who grew up with me seem a little more well adjusted than the 4 yr old who stays with her maternal great grandma during the week.

when i ask for prayer, it is not out of worry or my agenda. so, i always try to avoid telling others specifically what to pray for. there is a fine line between prayer and worry of which we justify.

if i were to mention one thing of which i ask is that my daughters have someone to bring them through the time in which i cannot.

as Dirty Harry says, "A man has got to know his limitations." I was a male but not a man for four decades.
---aka on 8/14/11

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I want to thank everyone who is praying for my sister in law. Just to let you know that she is not in straps anymore. She can speak with others and has ask my wife, to forgive her, and she was sorry she put her dad through all this. She also want to know more about Christ and also wants some songs. My wife is seeing her each day. My sister in law name is Rhonda, she was depressed and she wanted to just give up in life. Thank you so much for your prayers. God is very much involve in all that happens.
---Mark_V. on 8/12/11

aka, I know quite well how difficult it is for children to be without a dad, so know there are many similarities. My younger children who never has their father around actually have had far fewer issues then the older ones who lived through years what I'll refer to as insanity. There IS hope, God has healed much, and provided grace.
Trish, my daughter also had problems with meds and lost too much weight. She is doing ok now, still awaiting test results...Is your son still in the hospital?
---Chria9396 on 8/12/11

paul, i saw your hand on site. you are probably a better guitar player than a carpenter. hope things are well.

please pray for my little children who have no mother.
---aka on 8/11/11

hello,MarkV. also,know I'm putting yoursister-n-law in my prayers. I suffered depression years after losing my late boyfriend.God is a very present help intime of trouble.God be with you and all your family. ELENA
---ELENA on 8/11/11

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MarkV, I'm sorry to hear your news. I'll be praying, and hope that this provides an opportunity for the Lord to work something wonderful in her life as well as other family/loved ones. That must have been upsetting for your wife, yet a blessing that she found her in time. Keep us updated, and God bless and strengthen you...
---christina on 8/11/11

Chria: Yes, my son's surgery was to drain the infection. He has had this before, and it concerns me. He finds the medication for it is really hard on his digestive system. I appreciate your prayers for him.

MarkV: I will be praying for your sister-in-law. I work in a psychiatric hospital where patients come in after unsuccessful suicide attempts. It is so sad.
---Trish9863 on 8/11/11

Darline and others, today I am asking for prayer for my sister in law. She tried to commit suicide yesterday at home with a gun, and was taken to the hospital, and there she tried to hang herself with the wires hanging in the room from the celling and was found by my wife unconcience. They had to revivie her. My wife entered the room just in time. She is now strapped and we are very worried for her. Pray that God uses this terrible tragedy to draw her close to Christ. Right now no body can talk to her. Thank you and everyone if they can pray for her.
---Mark_V. on 8/11/11

Trish, will be in prayer. Did your son need surgery because of the infection, or was that a separate issue? One of my daughters surgeries was for infection down to the bone(elbow), they never discovered a portal of entry, perhaps systemic, but the infection took hold and spread so quickly and was life threatening. They left the incision open for a day or 2, for drainage, also because there's a high incidence of repeat surgeries... Treatment was very aggressive. She's awaiting test results done to determine why her immune system appears to be compromised, so praying about that. God has used this and more to turn her life around, Glory to God!
---chria9396 on 8/9/11

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I would appreciate prayer for my son, Sean. He has his second staph infection, and had to have some surgery of some type yesterday. He wants to go back to college in the Fall, and just learned he has to reapply, at this late date. Please pray he manages to get everything done in a timely fashion.
---Trish9863 on 8/8/11

Donna, Trish, Andy...thanks for your prayers.
Donna: "chria9396 how is your daughter doing? Please check in and let us know. Thank you." I've been away, with family for over a week. Unfortunately my daughter wasn't able to come as planned, but we took her son with us. She is much better, but needs follow up care to determine why she is vulnerable to repeated infections. She has other health issues, so continued prayer would be much appreciated.
---chria9396 on 8/7/11

//Please pray for my daughter, she went into the ER at 1am thurs for an infection.
---chria9396 on 7/29/11//

chria9396 how is your daughter doing? Please check in and let us know. Thank you.
---Donna5535 on 7/29/11

hello,Everyone please pray for me..weeks ago,slip 'n fell'n bathrm. Hurt my ankle,myself do nottake pain medication.Bind it tight like with hosp.bandage yet,still hurts! Trustthe prayers of the Righteous availeth much! Thankyou all! Love of Jesus!
---ELENA on 7/29/11

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Paul, happy to hear that. Pray you'll heal quickly and completely. Have a blessed day
---chria9396 on 7/29/11

Paul: Praise the Lord for your surgery going well. Follow doctor's instruction about ice and pain meds.

Chria: I am praying for your daughter. I hope everything is all right.
---Trish9863 on 7/29/11

Dear Lord, you are the king of this world Please Lord, i pray that any infection wil stop and that this girl will recover, i also pray that you intervene in every other healing aspect in Jesus name. and now i proclaim healing and faith
---andy3996 on 7/29/11

Thanks for the prayers, it went well. Very sore, they repaired two arteries, two tendons and several nerves,

Thanks for praying and remember my recovery.

Thanks, Paul
---paul on 7/29/11

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Trish-- I've always been blessed by Joni Erickson (sp.?)Tada.
(For any who may not know of this remarkable woman):

Since becoming a quadriplegic ...paralysed from the neck down... in a diving accident, as a young adult, she has been physically dependent on others her entire adult life. That includes even toileting and personal hygiene, which eliminates a lot of pride in ones life. She UNDERSTANDS dependence on God as few of us do.

Yet she ministers and shares the Gospel around the world. God could have restored her injured spinal cord, but He chose to use her mightily, perhaps in part BECAUSE of her injury. Any who read her books will be inspired.
---Donna66 on 7/29/11

Please pray for my daughter, she went into the ER at 1am thurs for an infection. She had a bad accident 1 1/2 years ago, followed by repeated infections requiring extended hospitalizations and surgeries. She's in pain, but refused narcotics since she had a problem getting off of them the last time. She lost so much weight and sometimes seems frail to me.
---chria9396 on 7/29/11

Paul---Praise God you could play the guitar after your injury! I had tendons re-attached in my 3rd and 4th fingers some years ago. It took many weeks before I could use that hand.
I pray you will be leading worship again soon!
---Donna66 on 7/29/11

Donna: Thank you. I am reading a book by Joni Eareckson Tada about pain, and finding God's sovereignty and grace while learning to depend on Him. I have learned so much about dependency on God's provision, of Spiritual strength. God is good, all the time.
---Trish9863 on 7/28/11

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Father, in the name of Jesus I ask you to heal paul's hand and Trish's chronic (back?) pain.

Lord I know physical pain of breaking my spine, so my heart goes out to Trish and I've had carpal tunnel and you healed that too Lord.

So I pray for my brother and sister in the Lord Jesus Christ for FULL healing in Jesus name.

Just a thought: Sometimes healing is gradual. A miracle is instant, a healing takes time, but you can be healed instantly and that would be a miracle I think anyway.
---Donna5535 on 7/28/11

Don't know if your back, but here goes
I pray for a good chirgion, who knows whet they do, i pray for divine intervention in the room, i pray for a succesfull work and a congratulation on the doctors life, i pray for nurses with a beautifull spirit rather then looks i pray for a blessed hospital time, and i pray you dont need all the traquiliser they prescribe. lastlty i pray for peace in your hart
this i prayed in Jesus name amen.
---andy3996 on 7/28/11

May God grant you healing and peace.

Glory to Jesus Christ!
---Cluny on 7/27/11

I would appreciate prayer for chronic back pain.
---Trish9863 on 7/27/11

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Paul, I will pray. God be with you!
---John.usa on 7/27/11

Surgery in the morn (Thursday) for my severed tendons in my hand.

Took bandages off to clean and played the guitar for the first time a few minutes ago.

Look forward to playing for the Lord and leading worship at Clearview again.

Remember me in the morning please, He has it all under control, looking forward to recovery.

Thanks Paul
---paul on 7/27/11

Paul: I am praying for you this evening. I trust the surgery went well, and that you are not in too much pain. Suggestion from experience with toe surgery. Take pain meds as prescribed, even if it is before the pain really sets in, for the first few days. It is easier to stay ahead of the pain, than to try to eliminate it once it sets in. Also, if the doctor says to put ice on the hand, a bag of frozen peas makes a nice, gentle ice pack. It can be refrozen for further use. Just don't eat the peas later.

---Trish9863 on 7/27/11

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