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Your Personal Testimony

I'd love to hear how you came to be a child of God. Would you like to share your testimony with me?

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 ---Reba on 7/31/11
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I don't remember a time I didn't love Jesus. Mama read the Bible to me and took me to church. Both sets of Grandparents were Christians and my extended family. I grew up staying with my Maternal Grandparents on the weekends and attending church with them. It was a Saturday night I went to an old fashioned wooden altar and ask forgiveness of my sins,I was 11. I was 22 years old when waterbaptised at a different church the Grandparent had moved to. From early childhood I tried not to break the Ten Commandments but of course slipped now and then. I recommited my life to God at 22 and was baptised with the Gift of the Holy Ghost. Spiritually I have indeed been bleast God has touched me with healing and help so many times. I love being his child.
---Darlene_1 on 8/12/11

I was saved at age 13, I was walking on a cloud. Got married, got away from God but still went to church when I visited my folks. When you get away, it takes forever to get back to where we should be in Christ. It took years but I am very close to God now and I pray everyday I stay this close. I have many wasted years too.
---shira_3877 on 8/11/11

Wow, so far,only 10 people out of all the ChristiaNet wanted to share their testimony. I thought that was what the Christian life was all about... Since there's so much available space I'll share mine. I was raised in a Christian home. My Dad a preacher all my life. Raised in church so I felt the conviction of the Holy Spirit fairly young. At 8 yrs. old I went to the alter at the end of the sermon & ask Christ to forgive my sins & come into my heart. At the beginning of my 9th grade I started attending a Private,Christian School & have been doing my human best to live for God. Not a lot of drama to my testimony, just a sinner, saved by Grace.:-))
---Reba on 8/11/11

my childhood "scared" always! Sick & Malaise..My Grandmother ONLY RRealChristian 'n Our Family! Christianity Sounded "Confusing" to Me! too much to Let Go! I wanted friends,worldlyLife! Went to the ALTERtho'...I knew "something" Not quite Right! Took Years to just " Let Go of My Inner Issues "things" ...Realize,God's Love SO BIG! I kept try'n make myself GOOD ENOUGH! No!The Lord works marvelous 'n our lives!Why struggle! Let the Holy Spirit Move In My Life! Heart !God's Love Changes Everything! Thankfull God through the blood of Jesus! He made the sacrifice for Me! I love Jesus! Been a process! Accepted Jesus 16 yrs./ Made HIM myLord! Of my Life! Recently...ThankGod!
---ELENA on 8/5/11

Yes. I was raised in a dysfunctional family amid much abuse. This unsound environment caused me to look outside of the family for the needed nurturing and help. I was a teenager when I walked to the church by myself. The pastor and I knelt at the altar, and I tried to put into words why I was there, and my need for help. Reverand Musser led me in praying and giving my life up to God, and asking Jesus to come in and take over my life. Jesus honored this praying, and from that time he became my legitimate Father above my earthly alcoholic father. That was the stepping stone and the open door to me, and from that time onward my life with Christ has been unspeakable, a awesome journey of intimately growing with him from glory onto glory onto glory.
---Eloy on 8/4/11

would love too!!!
"God is Good!!!!"
---kevin5443 on 8/3/11

I was raised Catholic and used to pray to Mary when someone approached me one day and said, "Why do you pray to Mary when you can go straight to the Top Man in Charge?"

That got me started thinking. Then one night I asked God (this was in 1980)..If you give me a boyfriend who loves me just for me (most men I dated raped me) then I will give you my heart."

In 1 months time that prayer was answered, then God remembered my promise to Him and 3 years later said, "Do you remember what you promised me?" I said, "Yes and I'm ready to do it."

I turned from my evil wicked ways and started to walk the narrow path and never turned back since 1983. I cried and I died is my testimony.
---Donna5535 on 8/3/11

I "accepted Christ" at age ten in a youth revival, but was not baptized until high school. Looking back, I still struggle with the question of whether I came to Jesus more in repentance or more wanting approval of my friends and elders. My trust in Jesus and his saving grace is real today, but it probably was a gradual, not instant, change. And the Jesus I love does not torture.
---Geraldine on 8/1/11

In high school, I was seeking a closer relationship with the Lord. My good friend invited me to visit her sister away at college. While there, her sister shared the Gospel with me. I listened, but did not act on what I heard. Then, this friend kept inviting me to church. I sang in my Catholic church's choir every Sunday morning, so I began attending the evening service and hanging out at the Pastor's house with this friend, and others from the church. It turns out, I had accepted the Lord years earlier, but did not realize it till my senior year in high school. I was baptized, by immersion, the Fall after I graduated from high school.
---Trish9863 on 7/31/11

Mine starts out kind of funny actually :D In high school I was very attracted to this handsome young man--turns out he was a minister's son so I started going to church and accepted the Lord from there. :) Several months later my older brother was murdered and I found out more about what faith means.
---Mary on 7/31/11

Would you like to share your testimony with me?

---John on 7/31/11

I was raised in church but really never felt God. I just went through the motions and did what was expected of me. After 40+ years of trying to do life on my own and failing miserably at it. I just told God i give up, here is my life if you think you can do something with it then here you go. He took the offer and my life has never been the same. He is doing amazing things for me and through me. AMAZING!
---WenRome on 7/31/11

"I'd love to hear how you came to be a child of God. Would you like to share your testimony with me?"
Reba, Father choose to adopt me, and to draw me to Himself.
It was by His Grace, as in His divine influence upon my 'heart', as my central focus in life, the faith that He granted me, and His goodness, that I was led to repentance. And it was by that same influence, guidance, faith, and goodness, that I both recognized my need of salvation, and embrace His. All praises are due Him alone.
---Josef on 7/31/11

Hi, Reba (c: First, I was bad news, all out evil for the sake of it, except don't get caught or put in reform school. Then I got terrified of going to Hell, so I became class angel, but very deeply weak so I could suffer in major worry and fear of sinning. Then came asking Jesus into my life but falling a number of times. But then I considered how the "thief on the cross" just saw he needed Jesus and offered Himself to Him. So, I offered myself to Jesus . . . considering God is my Potter (Romans 9:21), and so depending on how God works (Philippians 2:13). And learning how to love anyone is enough of a challenge to keep us from getting bored and lonely (c: God bless you, too! (c:
---Bill_willa6989 on 7/31/11

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