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Walked Out Of Prayer Service

A friend from church publicly prayed for 15 minutes bashing President Obama. I walked out along with several others. I am a Deacon of the church and now the man that prayed believes I should step down as a deacon because I walked out on a public pray. What should I do?

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 ---Adam on 8/17/11
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I would think that a deacon would know the difference between a prayer, and a political soap box.
You should not step down, neither should you be obligated to listen to anyone on a political soap box.
Regardless of who the president is, he is God's appointed, and we are to pray for him. It is the things like this that seperates those who follow God from those who follow man. Those who follow God pray for their leaders whether they voted for him or not.
DO NOT step down, nothing in the bible requires that you listen to anyone tear down a political leader, that type of behaviour is unchristlike
---Francis on 8/28/11

You could always report Him to Homeland Security? or encourage him to remember Jesus died for Him as much as Obama...
---kevin5443 on 8/26/11

Wonder if they still have the snitch hotline at the White House.

If so their you go,

---paul on 8/26/11

You should definately report this to the white house so Obama's regime can come shut this man up for good. We can't have people saying bad things about Obama, that would be totally racist! I sure hope he didn't say something like "the president wants to raise taxes" or "Obama doesn't understand economics" because that would be the most racist statement I have ever heard. This man obviously did not vote for Obama which automatically proves that he is racist.
---Jed on 8/26/11

You could always report Him to Homeland Security? or encourage him to remember Jesus died for Him as much as Obama...
---kevin5443 on 8/26/11

Pauk indeed the only dissension here is that we all look at the same thing but from another perspective, indeed when we, the church take our responsability in fast prayers and supplication, the Lord will put his own.
---andy3996 on 8/26/11


Yes. In fact, when the apostles lost Judas, they needed a replacement. They did not ask a prophet to point out who God wanted in the role. They did not even ask if anyone felt the calling to the role. Rather, they cast lots!
---StrongAxe on 8/26/11

Strong and Andy

Ac 6:3 "Therefore, brethren, seek out from among you seven men of good reputation, full of the Holy Spirit and wisdom, whom we may appoint over this business,

I do find some scriptures to substantiate your premise therefore I concede that you are correct, but I still find that it is God who calls men to ministry.

---paul on 8/25/11


I never said that. However, God will often arrange circumstances so that someone will be placed into a position without him receiving a divine revelation telling him about it beforehand.
---StrongAxe on 8/25/11

Paul, you know I love you but I believe that Strongaxe is correct. What you will look at in others is external, you cannot see their hearts. And you ask,
"Do you feel that man can promote himself into ministry without God's appointment?" Everyone that is in ministry believes he was called to do what he does. All feel the Spirit leading them to minister, even when they teach false teachings. Jesus condemned the Pharisees for teaching what they themselves did not do. They knew the law, but inside their hearts the Truth (Christ) was missing. There is many teaching today who don't belong teaching. The reason the Church is in so much error. It's nothing new, which started from the Apostolic Church.
---Mark_V. on 8/25/11

Paul, rather a feeling i think strongaxe sees this atrocity, 'as i see it' in every church denominational or non-denominational. it is a sickness that has weakened the true body. because however nobody can be IN THE BODY and have a carnal calling into the ministry
1 John 2:19 They went out from us, but they were not of us, for if they had been of us, they would no doubt have continued with us: but they went out, that they might be made manifest that they were not all of us.
YET THESE FALSE TEACHERS smear the name of the "true church. I BELIEVE that's what strongaxe was implying.
BOTH OF US ARE aware of this evil of selfproclaimed and carnally positioned servants of the flesh, so obviously it doesn' happen with us.
---andy3996 on 8/25/11


Do you feel that man can promote himself into ministry without God's appointment?

---paul on 8/24/11


Thank you.


In that case, you are accepting a candidate based on your own judgment (which, after all, is the only thing you can directly discern, since none of us has a direct pipeline to the mind of God).

Also note that Paul writes that IF someone desires the office of bishop, he desires a good thing - but he does NOT list "desiring the office of bishop" as being one of the qualifications of being a bishop. Sometimes people are forced into positions by circumstances, and end up excelling in them, even though that was not their original desire or intention.
---StrongAxe on 8/24/11

Paul: In our church, Deaconate candidates can be nominated by the ordained Pastors and or Church Members. The Church as a whole must approve the nomination before the candidate becomes a Deacon. To dethrone a Deacon too will have to follow a similar process.
---Adetunji on 8/24/11

so whilst You Paul speak out of a Spiritual concern,
YOU Strongaxe talk out of a reality on the field.

---andy3996 on 8/24/11

Though I agree as well, that does not mean that both are right.

I will not allow someone into my ministry without seeing that calling evidential in their life.

1Ti 3:1 This is a faithful saying: If a man desires the position of a bishop, he desires a good work.

God must place the desire in their heart or they are a minister unto them self.

But it is God who calls men into the ministry for service onto Him.

Or at least that is how it is supposed to work.

---paul on 8/24/11

Andy3996, Dude, you're right. GOD did allow Obama to be elected. IT'S HIS JUDGMENT. Obama is a reflection of the sorry condition of this country. The people of America (not all, but too many) want "freedom" to do wHaTeVer. They want freedom to abort tiny babies. They want freedom to get themselves into financial debt. They want the freedom to have "gay marriages". They want the Blessings of GOD, but not GOD Himself. So, GOD has let the peoples have a Prez who reflects those values. A Prez who will PUSH for those values. To the demise and shame of America. GOD did NOT put Obama in office because He thought he'd be a "good President". He raised him up as He raised Pharaoh up years ago.
---Gordon on 8/24/11

Paul Strongaxe, when i look at both posts
i must say both are right
in a perfect church, the leaders would pray fast and implore the Lord to install anyone inministry...
todays secular church is more interested in degrees, and social status of the candidates.
so whilst You Paul speak out of a Spiritual concern,
YOU Strongaxe talk out of a reality on the field.

---andy3996 on 8/24/11

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God may set the necessary qualifications for being a deacon, but he does not choose who is a deacon or not. That is a matter for each individual congregation.
---StrongAxe on 8/23/11

Gos is the one who calls, anoints and equips all ministers, or at least the ones that are of Him.

So I don't know what you are trying to say here.

---paul on 8/23/11


God may set the necessary qualifications for being a deacon, but he does not choose who is a deacon or not. That is a matter for each individual congregation.

There are many wise and virtuous men who are not decaons, but would qualify to be one if asked.
---StrongAxe on 8/23/11

In your denomination, is it only 1 person that determines who becomes a Deacon or not?
---Adetunji on 8/22/11

It is God who determines who a Deacon is, it is men of authority who bare witness to their faithfulness and service to God that ordain them to operate in the Churches administration.

If by ones self examination or peer witness a Deacon becomes unfit for duty they can resign or be asked to step down by ordaining counsel.

---paul on 8/23/11

TRAV Poser was elected by the likes of you
firstly impossible that i ever would have voted OBAMA, maybe later if he can ghet me my immigration papers signed (maybe thats why i'm trying to flatter him...)
agreed that Obama has many programms that disagree with fundamental christianity, yet isn't he from the same party as Clinton? it appears very strange to me that an unbeliever could ghet voted in such a Christianised Country as the US. unless you christians are NOT really taken seriously your rights as a citizen? so reread my blog, and do as i said, next votes subscribe and vote, then you can voice your mind. untill that day PRAY, for God has allowed Obama to be chosen..
---andy3996 on 8/23/11

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"JOSEF, What about Hitler? What do you say about him?":o) Nothing. I am instructed to "judge nothing before the time, until the Lord comes, who will both bring to light the hidden things of darkness, and reveal the counsels of the hearts." 1Cr 4:5 Hitler has One that will Judge him in the last day. Jhn 12:48
"Do you suppose that YAHUSHUA (JESUS CHRIST) doesn't follow His own Advice..."
Gordan In the words of Jesus "You judge according to the flesh, I judge no one." Jhn 8:15
Jesus' statement was not a judgement, as in a pronouncing of an opinion concerning the right or wrong of the men, but rather a statement of what He knew first hand to be fact. Jhn 12:49
---Josef on 8/23/11

....whoever PRAYS against the PRESIDENT prays AGAINST GOD.
....your duty to GOD and AMERICA is to pray for HIM.
---andy3996 on 8/22/11

Poser was elected by the likes of you....who approve of his abortion stands and sodomite promotion. GOD allowed this perversity to be leader showing us what we are becoming. You have become such as he.
You pray for your GOD.

I'll pray to mine and release from yours.
---Trav on 8/23/11

BLESS YOU, and again my posts where not written to attack, even if it felt that way.
---andy3996 on 8/22/11

Thanks Andy, and I finally posted a profile here. it is paua3635 If you desire to ever communicate that way.

Stay encouraged,
---paul on 8/22/11

In our region of the world, people do not step down as a Deacon. The Church as a whole can consider that if the Deacon has committed a very grave offence against Christ and His name/church. In your denomination, is it only 1 person that determines who becomes a Deacon or not?
---Adetunji on 8/22/11

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SOME tend to forget that the US is worlds peacekeeper, and that all presidents since the second WW have battled for freedom, i believe also OBAMA does this, any president is better helped that we should pray FOR HIM, and whoever PRAYS against the PRESIDENT prays AGAINST GOD. if you don't like the present president votes will be up soon, and there you can VOTE FOR ANOTHER PRESIDENT? but until then your duty to GOD and AMERICA is to pray for HIM. REMEMBER the bible commanded us to pray for Caesar in Rome, the Kings of Babylon and Joseph was ther to counsel the Pharaon of Egypt (all taught they where gods themself)so to pray FOR OBAMA isn't that bad. he is president you support him
---andy3996 on 8/22/11

I don't believe God hears prayers of bashing someone. It's totally against His will for one thing, and God will not answer or hear any prayer that is against His will.
---kathr4453 on 8/22/11

JOSEF, What about Hitler? What do you say about him?-"Oh, well he was just a leader trying to do his best to help the people of Germany."?? Do you suppose that YAHUSHUA (JESUS CHRIST) doesn't follow His own Advice when He called the Pharisees "snakes", "Brood of vipers" and "White-washed tombs full of death and corruption"? I'm talking about calling it like it is. I'm not talking of deliberately trying to slander the man just to smear some kind of a "good name". I'm not talking about being deliberately derogatory about him, in order to put him down and humiliate him. I'm talking about stating what he is really all about. If he's evil, it's his CHOICE.
---Gordon on 8/22/11

adam, everyone wants to get caught up of whom you speak and not of which you speak.

a few weeks after 9-11, i was in a bible study for the first time. everybody was in a prayer circle and i was the last. everybody either prayed "God bless usa" or down with Hussien. at that point, my political pov did not matter. when it was my turn, i asked God (out of compulsion) to forgive our enemies and help them see the light. i was not welcomed back to that group.

let others be distracted by the drama at face value. the wicked today shall receive due justice tomorrow. our enemies today just might be your brother tomorrow. Pray against the wicked one, continue to pray for your enemies.
---aka on 8/22/11

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Paul, As I did concerning your posts, and as i sometimes think someone says something without really anderstanding it before answerring, so lets ALL be more carefull in our answers and lets all pray before we write.
BLESS YOU, and again my posts where not written to attack, even if it felt that way.
---andy3996 on 8/22/11

I still wish that Adam would answer, "how can someone bash someone in prayer?" What could he be saying to God concerning someone? "Get him out of office Lord" or "please change this evil person" What was he saying?
Everyone has an opinion on someone, and we speak from our conscience and what information we have of someone. Not everyone will have the same opinion or feelings towards someone. Some want a change others don't. Walking out as a deacon is not the right thing to do.
---Mark_V. on 8/22/11

however i love your posts,
---andy3996 on 8/21/11

Lets just let it rest on that note.

If Cluny ever has or has ever had a problem with me not getting his point, he is very well able to bring that to my attention for I truly don't see it.

---paul on 8/21/11


I think you were simply looking for people to agree with you and you did not find it.

Is this why you have abandoned your own post, If you did not want honest answers you should not have asked the question?

In lieu of the advice you have received here what are you going to do?

---paul on 8/21/11

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reread the posts between you and Cluny and you'll find soon that i am right. however i love your posts, i see you cannot thinkoutside the box of your theology as most of us.
however i admit that i as well have this tendency, since i'm only human,
i responded in sincerity upon your posts that seem to condemn Adam for different reasons, and in your posts you seem to disagree with a normal member, yet you take up his deffence. whenaswell Cluny and i point this out, instead of rereading your posts, and find out where you might have formulated ideas unclearly, you jump on the same pedestal you say we are on.
PS i intent to point out, that this is by no means an accusation, only sayingto be more acurate and careful in answerring.
---andy3996 on 8/21/11

Any prayer in itself would be offensive to an Obama supporter, unless of course, the prayer is to Allah. If you agree with Obama, get used to being offended by christianity.
---Jed on 8/18/11

Resign have no discernment nor understand scripture well enough to hold the position.
Jed you hit the nail on the head.
"Christians" who care nothing for their children and grandchildren support this icon of socialistic dreams.

I commend this church that prayed angainst the poser. i pray with this Church. If this country doesn' shows where we are.
Pray Psalms 109.
---Trav on 8/21/11

Is there something wrong with praying against the president of the US if he is not doing his job correctly?
---KarenD on 8/18/11

Didn't see any reply to your common sense.
King David a man after his own heart clears the matter of this poser up easily.

I pray for the man who drove a weak deacon out the door. The misplaced deacon that has no spiritual strength to know the difference in calling a good evil and evil good.

We should all be ashamed we are not praying for the removal of this wicked poser. We knew before he went into office the lies he led and the wicked votes he cast or didn't cast of his heart.

The lukewarm will pray....when it's too late.
---Trav on 8/21/11


"Public prayers are NOT the opportunity to make political statements, and whoever uttered this prayer (pastor or not) was definitely out of line." 8/18/11

I appreciate the above statement because I know you recognize that the issue of using religious services to vent political diatribe does little to the President, but speak woefully for all those who name the name of God.
---Allan on 8/20/11

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There are many who would strongly disagree with your action, but I know that the Eternal Father wants all those who believe to live uprightly, in speech and in conduct.

I am not a particular fan of the President, but I am in complete agreement with your action.

The life of the Believer is one in which he is required to choose to act for what is good and for what is right.

You acted properly and courageously. For you must have known that your action would be characterized, by some, as politically biased.

All Believers who live as God intended them to live will never be popular with the masses, but God Is All Powerful!
---Allan on 8/20/11

if your pressence here is a ministry then be more careful, and acurate.
---andy3996 on 8/20/11

OK Andy

I have tried to be a friend to you here and encourage you.

You have now yourself made an accusation against and elder and now it is up yo you to illustrate it.

Where have I missed the point on any post Cluny's or otherwise.

I am one of the more decisive posters here and follow most people quite well.

If I dont follow the persons logic I ask them to elaborate.

So now you need to post the evidence of where I missed Cluny or anyone elses point.

Don't get upset that you were wrong here and attempt to divert that by pointing me out.

That is not good ethic,

---paul on 8/20/11

StrongAxe, You're right. Nevertheless, I stress the point regarding "praying for the President". We need to know WHAT KIND OF PRAYER we should pray. In order to know what to pray, we need to know the truth about Obama, and not be diplomatic in a phony way. We need to call a spade a spade. Obama is an anti-GOD and anti-American president in the truest sense. He is NOT a Christian. He is NOT following GOD. He's a Socialist/Globalist. A NWO puppet. So, an appropriate Prayer would be: "LORD, lead Obama to see the Truth. Lead him to see how he's fallen short of YOUR Glory. To see his sin and be willing to humbly REPENT of his sin and to receive Salvation in Your Son YAHUSHUA (JESUS)". THEN, Obama could properly lead this country.
---Gordon on 8/20/11

Paul, YOU are telling me to read your posts more carefully, i agree that indeed sometimes posts need some assesment before answer, YET where in that post could i have "entered your mind to see what you really meant, on the other hand you should take this your own advice to read the posts more carefully, because according your answers (not to me only) i see you often mis the point. as in your discussions with cluny i see often, you have no idea what Cluny's talking about yet you try to answer. if your pressence here is a ministry then be more careful, and acurate.
---andy3996 on 8/20/11

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"To "not speak evil of no one..." means to not speak ill about others who are innocent" Actually Gordon, the Greek word is blasphemeo and means "to vilify, to speak reproachfully or impiously, rail at, revile, calumniate". >Strong's 987. No matter what version of the bible you read, it reads the same way. "to speak evil of no man or [no one]." With the exception of the NASB. "to malign no one." and the NIV "to slander no one". Therefore the verse reads exactly as it should, without ambiguity, innocence has nothing to do with the application, except in the case of slander. And unless one knows of a thing, first hand, it is slanderous hearsay.
---Josef on 8/20/11

Adam, why do you not answer? You have half going one way and the other the other way. If you explain what the guy said in his prayer that offended the Deacon to make him walk out, we should know in order to give a better opinion. What might be bashing to you might not be what we believe is bashing. How does he bash Obama in prayer?
I still say he should not walk out. Is he going to walk out every time he doesn't like the prayers?
---Mark_V. on 8/19/11

It is also inappropriate for the "friend" to criticize others walking out. It wasn't a public prayer - it was him voicing his own agenda. He had no right to assume (let alone demand) that everyone else in the church share that same agenda. I'm sure he would have considered it even more rude if someone had stood up and said "I disagree" to his face while he was praying it - something they would have had a right to do, since he was implicitly praying in their name also.
---StrongAxe on 8/19/11

Therefore what i said is vallid advice.
---andy3996 on 8/19/11

Who would the accusation be against?

You said not to bring an accusation against a leader/elder without witnesses.

Who is the allegation against?

The Deacon removed himself the member was praying, so where would the accusation against a leader/elder come in to play.

Had the Deacon spoke against the member it would not meet the criteria which you prescribed.

So how is your advice valid.

The Deacon should go to the man just as Matt 18:15-17 tells us to do.

I am not following your logic here.

---paul on 8/19/11

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paul 8/18/11"Is it evil to speak against evil deeds of a man no matter who he is?
---andy3996 on 8/19/11


This was posed to another blogger not as an answer to this blog question.

Please read my posts more carefully.

---paul on 8/19/11

"NO" you should NOT step down as a deacon. If anything, your "friend" should apologize to the congregation for his conduct and repent of his wrong doing. The person who did the praying did what I call, "sideways praying". They weren't really praying to God, but wanted everyone to know their political views. The Bible states we are to pray for our leaders - it doesn't state we are to pray against them or if we don't like them.
---wivv on 8/19/11

Paul, according the question posed, this is a member-deacon conflict
member is not governmental,
deacon is governmental churchministry.
Therefore what i said is vallid advice. pastors of church should be carefull because many times churches brake because the pastors and deacons donot form a block and accept evil tongues to go wild.
i only responded upon your words
paul 8/18/11"Is it evil to speak against evil deeds of a man no matter who he is?
---andy3996 on 8/19/11


Speaking for 15 minutes criticizing someone else is NOT praying to God, it is preaching to the congregation. If someone has faults, God knows them and doesn't need to be reminded of them even once, let alone for 15 minutes.

I have also heard of this kind of behavior used when saying grace at dinner. Instead of the father praying "Lord, thank you for this food", he may say something like "Lord, please help my teenage son realize what a loser he has picked for a girlfriend" (while the same son sits next to him), etc.

Every time I hear such misdirected prayers, my teeth cringe.
---StrongAxe on 8/19/11

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\\I said is speaking against (bringing awareness to) their evil deed speaking evil of them.\\

Then if you have a spiritual charge to bring up against President Obama, bring it up to him personally as Christ commanded.

Using a public prayer to give a political drubbing is inappropriate.

Glory to Jesus Christ!
---Cluny on 8/19/11

Paul' you as a leader should know what the bible says about this kind of behaviour. ST. Paul said do not accept any accusation against any leader unless upon the word of two or three.
---andy3996 on 8/19/11


The Bible says not to bring an accusation against an elder actually, 1 Tim 5:19, and we do not know this to be the case.

As far as the Pastor goes, to have a side bar with him is not bringing an accusation against him, it is simply asking a question.

I do know what to do and I recommended it, go to him if that avails nothing take witnesses if no justice then take it before the entire church.

That is what scriptures teach us to do.

---paul on 8/19/11

Josef, If someone is evil, or a plain bad leader, it is not wrong, nor a sin to declare those facts. To "not speak evil of no one..." means to not speak ill about others who are innocent of the words spoken against them. It also means not to slander someone else. Slander is speaking falsehoods about someone of which they are not guilty of. Also, we are not to speak any ill of Obama of which he would not be guilty of. But, right now, Obama is guilty of much wrong-doing in this country, AS the President of this country. To call that out is not sin. He is not leading this country in righteousness and integrity.
---Gordon on 8/19/11

The called and chosen, are instructed to "to speak evil of no one, to be peaceable, gentle, showing all humility to all men." Tts 3:2
Adam, What you are describing here sounds more like a rant than a prayer.
What should I do? Ignore him. If you feel conviction from within, repent.
---Josef on 8/19/11

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Adam, What did this friend say, exactly? Was he really bashing Obama or just telling the truth? Obama is a "christian" in name only. It does no good to pray that GOD would "bless Obama and guide him" because Obama does not want GOD to guide him. Better to pray that Obama REPENT and receive soul-Salvation from the Lord. Obama will not do what's best for this country until he get's himself right with the LORD. Obama has his own agenda.
---Gordon on 8/19/11

we have come to a point in this discussion that (due lack of info), we cannot again give bibliclal advice.
Paul' you as a leader should know what the bible says about this kind of behaviour. ST. Paul said do not accept any accusation against any leader unless upon the word of two or three.
on the other Hand, Cluny, there are certain situations where a churchgovernor "de facto" is no longer to be accepted as a sheppherd of the flock. (heresies and sexual crimes etcetera) in such a case the churchbody has the duty to speak out.
it seems that without proper info everone is right and wrong at the same time.
---andy3996 on 8/19/11

Shira, I disagree. First of all we don't know what was said. A deacon should never walk out of a prayer meeting. His duty in prayer should never be bias concerning whom and what is been prayed for. The deacon should know that all our prayers are for the glory of God, not for the glory of anyone else. Paul the blogger gave good advice. The blogger said the man prayed for 15, he should have taken control and he didn't the moment he begin praying. We all have petitions different then others. Some pray for Obama and others against him and want a change. No deacon should take sides in prayer. Prayer is not for him but for God.
---Mark_V. on 8/19/11


I did not insinuate that it was OK to speak evil against leader or any man as far as that goes.

I said is speaking against (bringing awareness to) their evil deed speaking evil of them.

I do not think it is, that some how means that if we speak out against rulers who are corrupt or off the radar as far as God is concerned then we are speaking evil of them.

That makes as much sense as those who say you are automatically racist if you speak against Obama.

Daniel would have been drawn and quartered to some standards.

---paul on 8/19/11

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\\Is it evil to speak against evil deeds of a man no matter who he is?\\

Read the context when your namesake said this: Acts 23

2And the high priest Ananias commanded them that stood by him to smite him on the mouth.

3Then said Paul unto him, God shall smite thee, thou whited wall: for sittest thou to judge me after the law, and commandest me to be smitten contrary to the law?

4And they that stood by said, Revilest thou God's high priest?

5Then said Paul, I wist not, brethren, that he was the high priest: for it is written, Thou shalt not speak evil of the ruler of thy people.
---Cluny on 8/18/11

when the past"
---NurseRobert on 8/18/11

sorry, should have been pastor.
---NurseRobert on 8/18/11

"Thou shalt not speak evil of the ruler of the people."
Glory to Jesus Christ!
---Cluny on 8/18/11

Is it evil to speak against evil deeds of a man no matter who he is?

---paul on 8/18/11

You did the right thing. Prayers like that have no business in church. My wife and I walked out of an AOG church when the past told us we should "pray that God would kill anyone who wouldn't support Israel."

You need to call the pastor of the church and tell him why you did it.
---NurseRobert on 8/18/11

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I have never heard of such ungodly behavior in our churches of today. We are passing through very evil and dangerous going ons in the church. God is not pleased with type behavior. He will make changes after a while. I believe the friend that was praying was way out of line. He should never be allowed to pray publicly again until he gets his heart right with God. He is self-righteous and might need to be saved. Public or no public prayer. He was flat out wrong.
---Robyn on 8/18/11

It seems you have taken a bashing yourself here on this blog.

I am not sure what has happened, if the prayer was given from the pulpit. But praying publically can be easily abused. Many people abuse it by wanting recognition. But ultimately, a person's prayer is just that, their own personal prayer. Whether it is given publically or not means nothing.

You must go to this person and resolve the situation. Talk it out with him. Pray together. Resolve this before it becomes sin in either of your lives.

If you take no action on this issue, then you are in the wrong.
---Mark_Eaton on 8/18/11

If there has been no clear and public and decisive correction about that, by now, possibly you are not in an obedient church. Jesus commands us "bless those who curse you," in Matthew 5:44, "and pray for those who spitefully use you and persecute you." So, did the deacon set a good example by blessing President Obama, in prayer "for" him?

And if we love others as ourselves, do we pray and care only for their own country? Does this church know the basics about love? These outward actions and gestures can be symptoms of what is deeper and much more in need of attention.
---Bill_willa6989 on 8/18/11

Was the man who gave the Obama bashing prayer the pastor?

If he is, then obviously you cannot work under his direction, which is what a deacon is supposed to do.

HOWEVER, the Bible DOES command us to pray for all in authority, and not to curse them. "Thou shalt not speak evil of the ruler of the people."

Public prayers are NOT the opportunity to make political statements, and whoever uttered this prayer (pastor or not) was definitely out of line.

BTW, let it be understood I'm not an Obama fan.

Glory to Jesus Christ!
---Cluny on 8/18/11

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Did this prayer occur in church? If it did, then the pastor should handle this. Is there something wrong with praying against the president of the US if he is not doing his job correctly?
---KarenD on 8/18/11


You have failed your Church and are not fit, at this time, to be a Christian leader.

You have allowed your emotions to cloud your judgment thus impairing your ability to perform your duties.

If you have not been properly trained to know your duties then you may wish to seek more training.

If you felt this was out of order you go to your brother not boycott his prayer.

This is to be done in a private manner, If he was way out of line it is your Pastors duty to stop that.

If he failed to see this then you go to him during the prayer and consult your Pastor.

Study Matt 18:15-17 and you will find Gods way, as a Deacon you should have already known this.

---paul on 8/18/11

markv, a deacon cannot be neutral. It is wrong for him to walk out of a prayer service. That is where the pastor needs to take control and be a leader. The pastor should have gotten up and took control of the situation without being rude. Must be done in love. While I agree no one should pray for a presidents murder or death but we don't know what the person praying did say.
---shira3877 on 8/18/11

There is the church discipline layed out in scripture in Matthew 18:15 through 17. I would definitely follow these verses. Due to him already wanting you out I would go with a few members to lovingly confont him about how the church is not to be involved with politics. If he accepts the error leave it be. If he still refuses then get more formal with the deacon board and pastor. As far as stepping down no. But I would apologizes to God for any disruption caused by walking out. Jesus himself got angry at sin in the church and whipped some people but don't not go that far.
---Scott1 on 8/18/11

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we all agree that we should pray FOR our worldly LEADERS.
Paul gave this command when the church was in dire persecution,

question is, WHAT CAN I PRAY about the governors? give bible refferences.
again as DIAKEN if you believed that he prayed wrongfully you should have
1 publicaly stopped him, and 2 publically confronted him.
the way you expound the situation, seems that as a leader you try to love too much, but you're there noat as a lover but as an officer. go and see how these matters are dealt with in the army, and learn a lesson.
---andy3996 on 8/18/11

Adam, my advice is that you should step down as a Deacon for been bias concerning prayers. And while you are at it, do not let Eloy into your Church, lock the doors, he has already judge someone without knowing what he said. A Deacon should be neutral. And people should be allowed to pray for what they believe they should pray for. Since you did not give details as to what he prayed, only that he bashed Obama, you didn't say what it was he prayed for. If he prayed for him to be killed then of course it is wrong and you should stop the prayer and talk to him. Otherwise you should be neutral and in control of the prayer meetings but should never walk out. I'm sure the others walked out because you did. They were also bias.
---Mark_V. on 8/18/11

Confront the friend whom was foolishly trying to use prayer for sin, and tell him that Eloy here said that God Almighty commands him to truly Repent, and sincerely apologize to each and every single individual that was present in the prayer gathering, also tell him that if he refuses to do this one thing he will be cut off from God's grace until he does this, and it will not go well with him until this obedience takes place. He will be set as an ensample for what happens to one whom mocks God by foolishly using prayer for sin and destruction rather than for blessing and edification.
---Eloy on 8/18/11

Rita, this sin is disrespectful to God whom gave us his Holy Spirit for good and not for evil. This man whom thinks that he can sin so defiantly in front of the holy Spirit and in front of God's family will have a very very very very very rude awakening. If I was physically there, I would have stopped the bad mouth, grabbed the man by the arm and forcibly cast him out of the building, and I would hsharply rebuke him telling him that until you repent from this your wickedness to the Holy Spirit, you will not set foot again inside this house.
---Eloy on 8/18/11

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First, you need to understand that it would be nearly impossible to pray against sin and evil without praying against just about every aspect of Barack Obama's life. Any prayer in itself would be offensive to an Obama supporter, unless of course, the prayer is to Allah. Really, the church is not the place for an Obama supporter to be comfortable if that's what you were thinkig. If you agree with Obama, get used to being offended by christianity.
---Jed on 8/18/11

Adam, i agree with that man, that you should step down, however not for the rasons that man proposes, it appears that you didn't call the man to order aand sillenced the brother. (as deacon your job is to maintain order and to refute unbiblical . this said i donot know how's the pastor's vieuw, was he present and why did he not do his job. obviously there is lack of knowledge upon authority in church. the most comon thing that should be done is to expel the brother who darezs to accuse the leadership of the church.
---andy3996 on 8/18/11

Perhaps you should ask that a meeting of the pastor, elders and deacons be held where this issue can be discussed. There might be rules within your church as to how a prayer meeting should be conducted and it might say that prayer must not be used as a political platform or a place to push one's own agenda.

I, personally, see nothing wrong with walking out of a prayer meeting if one feels that the prayer meeting is being abused or misused for personal gain in some way.

As you were not the only one who walked out then you are probably not the only one who wants to see this settled and it can only be done in the correct setting with all officers of the church in an official meeting.
---Rita_H on 8/18/11

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