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Encouragement To Lose Weight

I have been exercising now, for about a week. I've also been careful about my eating.Here is my question: Why am I going down and then UP on the scales? I started at 156 then got to 152 as of yesterday and today 155!! It's so discouraging! Help me make sense of the this please!

Moderator - It appears that your scale is not accurate. Make sure to stand on it the same way each time.

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 ---Linda_Panagakis on 8/26/11
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throw away Your scale....
get a measuring tape.....
when You exercise You build muscle,muscle tissue weighs more than fat tissue...
keep on keeping on!!!as the goal is to be healthy...
eventually You will trim down Your size...
---kevin5443 on 9/3/11

Linda...Stop weighing yourself so much. Choose one day a week to weigh and weigh in the morning. Stop drinking any soda or sweetened teas, etc. Drink only water. Walk at least fifteen minutes EVERY day. Follow this regimen and you will loose weight in a healthy way.
---KarenD on 8/28/11

When I was in my early 20's I weighed less than 140lbs and was border line for being under weight.

As I have gotten older I put on weight.

I now have gone from 213 lbs to 181 lbs. I now only have a few more pounds to lose and too maintain to be at an acceptable weight for my height.

As I have done, you also can do it if you truly want to.

Also you need to remember as you get older, you tend to gain more weight and it is more difficult to maintain.
---Rob on 8/28/11

I find If I prop against something as I weigh I always feel better about the reading,lol

---paul on 8/26/11

You weigh 155 lbs and you're worried about your weight? I have tried diets and I have determined that I would rather be a little chubby than to be miserable everyday because I can't eat anything other than leaves and twigs. There is only a 2 lb difference between 155 and 157, I've dumped turds bigger than that.
---Jed on 8/26/11

I pray that the Lord will keep you encourage in Him. Losing weight isn't easy, however, take it one day a time. You're on the right track!!! Keep up the good work.
---Kimbe7395 on 8/27/11

muscle tissue is heavier than fat tissue. it just makes sense at first that exercise builds muscle. but, as we get older, our bodies are programmed to hold onto as much fat as it can.

weighing yourself at the same time everyday is good, but weighing yourself every week or so is wise. it cuts down on obsession, which is usually counteractive.
---aka on 8/27/11

alway way yourself at the sam time of the day peferably in the morning before breakfast and after evacuation, it is then wher your weight is truly shown, also follow the other advices given
---andy3996 on 8/26/11

Don't fret about what looks like a weight gain. I was told that when you are dieting before the fat comes off it breaks down,and goes into the tissues and will cause a slight gain. You just keep exercising and dieting. Futhermore write down every thing you eat calorie and carbohydrate value that way you can be positive you aren't eating more than you should. Cut out all sugar,and count carbohydrates,limit yourself to a set number of them and don't go over. My number I lost on was set by a doctor but common sense tells you when you take in too many. When you feel about to be weak remember to pray and God will help you. I'll pray for you.
---Darlene_1 on 8/26/11

\\Why am I going down and then UP on the scales?\\

Because that's the way (no pun intended) it is.

One thing the all-wise "they" say about attempting to lose weight:

DO NOT weigh yourself daily. Do it no more than weekly.

Weight DOES fluctuate during the week.

Also, the initial weight loss is fluid, NOT fat.

Be easy on yourself.

Glory to Jesus Christ!
---Cluny on 8/26/11

I guess there can be different explanations. There could be the water weight thing, but also the accuracy of the scale, and other possibilities, maybe.

You are about 155, now, maybe. This is not extremely and dangerously overweight, possibly. So, I would go easy, not lose too much.

And do be careful to have fluids, with vitamins in the right foods, and fiber that can make you work so you burn energy, and minerals . . . maybe not only plain water. But there are diet fluids that reports say can even be harmful. So, I would stay with natural fluids and foods.

"And prayer." (c: yes! And prepare in prayer for what you are going to do, with less weight (c:
---Bill_willa6989 on 8/26/11

Early weight loss is water weight as you exercise you will lose fluid, as you rehydrate you will gain weight a pint of water weighs a pound. Eating a quarter head of iceberg lettuce [no dressing allowed may be a little salt] is useful you will feel full but lettuce has very low calories and it actually takes more energy to process in the digestive system then the nutritional energy you get from it. Do that for two meals a day with a light nutritional breakfast. You can't cheat on the side. But if you have the will power and do it for a month you will have some good results, if you exercise with it you will have better results faster.
---Blogger9211 on 8/26/11

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