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Mission Of The AntiChrist

What is the Antichrists mission?

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 ---tonne on 9/11/11
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The mission of the Anti-Christ is two-fold. First, to deceive souls into following him and, thereby, be eternally damned in the Lake of Fire. And, secondly, so that Satan may be worshipped by the entire Planet Earth, THROUGH the Anti-Christ. Except, only the true Saints of GOD will not worship him.
---Gordon on 1/24/12

Johnusa, there is many things spoken in Scripture that are hard for us to understand or grasp, that is for sure. But we have to believe it by faith. We cannot disregard them and not worry about them, and tell ourselves they are not true, because they can have a great impact on others matters of faith we need to know. Some just skip over them, some only want to hear about the goodness of God, but there would be no love without hate, no need for Christ without the fall, No mercy without wrath, in fact most of the things we know about God's attributes would not exist without a need for them. God shows His power in creating, His gracious attributes against sinners, and also shows the rebellious people that we are.
---Mark_V. on 1/24/12

Chris, the Bible translates three different words as "giant". "RAPHA," is the giant of great physical size, like Goliath. "GIBBOR", is more a giant of strength and will, a "Mighty Man". Conan the Barbarian, or Gilgamesh would be Gibborim. "NEPHIL" literally means "a feller." It comes from the word, "NAPHAL," [which means "to fall" but seems that it can be applied in a lot of different ways]. NEPHIL, thus, might mean "Those who cause others to fall," or it might mean "those who are fallen". Strong's translates it as "A bully or a tyrant".
---Fenrisulfr on 1/24/12

There are two main schools of thought as to who the "Sons of God" were. The most famous theory is that these were fallen angels [Job chapters 1 and 2 use the term]. The lesser known theory is that these are the descendants of the so-called godly line of Seth. The phrase, "Then began men to call upon the name of the LORD," [Gen. 4:26] could possibly be also translated as "Then men began to call THEMSELVES after the name of the Lord."

I really dont see these two theories as conflicting. No room to expand on this, though. [Damn this 125 word ceiling!]
---Fenrisulfr on 1/24/12

Chris, in regards to your comment on 1/5/12, "The wording leads me to believe the sons of God were not men, because it notes the difference between them."

The common assumption is that everyone before the Flood was living 900 years. Internal evidence leads me to conclude that it was only those of the line of Seth that lived that long. The life spans of the Children of Cain were much closer to our own. They were the "Children of Men." The longer lived Seth People were the "Sons of God".

Thus [if I'm right] you had two species of human beings living on the Earth at the same time.
---Fenrisulfr on 1/24/12

Jude 14-15 holds the genuine words of the historical Enoch, handed down over the centuries. I believe they were vastly expanded on and elaborated around the 2nd or 1st century B.C. The result was heavily based on Jewish traditions, angelology, mythology and who knows what else. There may be some genuine material in there but its hard to sift through it. I would say that it is not part of the Bible because it definitely contradicts somethings in Genesis 6. Enoch has the giants be the result of the matings between human women and fallen angels. Genesis 6 has the giants on the Earth BEFORE these matings took place.
---Fenrisulfr on 1/24/12

Scientifically, the Book of Enoch is screwed, as well. It has the giants [the offspring of human women and fallen angels] grow to a height of 300 cubits [450 feet]! The second century B.C. writer of most of Enoch never heard of the square-cube law. Something that big couldnt even lift itself off the ground and would collapse under its own weight.

Yet, a word related to NEPHIL [which means "feller" and is translated as "giant"] is "NEPHEL" [literally, "something fallen"]. This refers to an abortion, or "untimely birth".

I wonder if that sense of the word gave someone the idea of "abominable and unholy hybrid babies tearing their way out of their mothers' wombs."
---Fenrisulfr on 1/24/12

Much as I might like to, I can't support the Book of Enoch as genuine. The passage that Jude quotes in verses 14-15 is the entire second chapter of the Book of Enoch. But this is probably the only genuine quote we have from the historical, Biblical Enoch. To have only a scrap of poetry survive was not unusual, and there are Viking poets who were remembered for only a single line.

The Book of Enoch, however cant be traced back any further than the Second Century B.C. This was a time full of "Apocalyptic" writings. It was not uncommon to write and "borrow" the name of a Patriarch as being the "real" author.
---Fenrisulfr on 1/23/12

Also, in regards to the Book of Enoch: "There were giants in the earth in those days, and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown." Genesis 6:4 clearly states that the giants were already on the Earth BEFORE the sons of God married the daughters of men. The offspring of those matings were the Race of Heroes, NOT the giants. The Bible parallels what is written in Greek mythology [which we can trace back to the 8th Century B.C.], more authentic than the Jewish ideas of the Book of Enoch [traceable only to the 2nd Century B.C.]
---Fenrisulfr on 1/23/12

So having read Enoch I am left to wonder do the books of Enoch support our faith or challenge it? To be true I am not sure.
Book one is different from the rest and in copies there is a 200 year gap.
If the illuminaries were meant to be withheld from man, why did Enoch write so much on them? If in fact he did.
Did the Angels fall or is someone using Enoch's name?
I don't know.
Maybe that is the reason Enoch is not canon, because they didn't know either.
---chris on 1/6/12

Poppa, I would take you up on that, but I don't own a computer and the ChristiaNet chat site won't work on this little thirty-dollar phone I'm using. Many thanks though. :)
---John.usa on 1/5/12

Mark, I agree. Everything will turn our perfectly in the end. :)
---John.usa on 1/5/12

John, I had left a reply to you, but it didn't get posted for some reason. I am on here as nate7868 if you do want to talk more about your thoughts on this. 125 words are too constricting for me at times.
In His loving grip
---Poppa_Bear on 1/5/12

1*I need to make a correction to what I wrote the other day.
Genesis says
4 There were giants Num. 13.33 in the earth in those days, and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown.
*I quoted Genesis ch 6 as saying they gave birth to giants. Apologies for that.
Enoch says that. Why an interest in Enoch? Because when you read Genesis 5 it states clearly that each one died except for Enoch. The text is totally different. He was special. So I had to read the book of Enoch to find out why. I think he tells us who Satan or Lucifer if you prefer is.
---chris on 1/5/12

2* In Genesis it says Chapter 6 verse 2 the sons of God saw the daughters of men and they were fair. verse 4..when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men.
Some people say these were the sons of Seth who were sometimes known as the sons of God. Who were contaminated by giants in Canaan.
This doesn't really work for me on the above because the wording leads me to believe the sons of God were not men, because it notes the difference between them. If the Sons of Seth were contaminated or giants. They would be unlikely to be referred to as the sons of God anyway because they would be an abomination.
Enoch says they are the fallen ones the children of heaven, angels.
why isn't Enoch in the bible?
---chris on 1/5/12

If there is no truth in Enoch, why did the Christ specifically go to Mount Hermon before Jerusalem?
In the time of Jared the children of heaven came to Mount Hermon.
The coordinates of which are 3.33 by 3.33 equaling 666.
Why was the pan god at the base of this mountain, a deity around before Zeus. Why was it here of all places, that Jesus turned and asked who do you think I am? Peter said The Messiah and Jesus said YES. Then went to the summit of Mount Hermon and those with HIM witnessed the transfiguration. The disciples would know pan they would know about Mount Hermon and fallen angels. I believe it was a challenge to evil and a show of the Lord's power. Symbolic or otherwise.
---chris on 1/5/12

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Johnusa, have you ever wanted to create something, lets say a kids house in your back yard. And you build a plan, that had all the necessary parts to complete the plan. And you begin to build it, and suddenly you realize you forgot something, and had to add it to your plan, and when you were done it was really nice?
Scripture tells us God made a plan, and put all the necessary things to complete that plan, but since God is Omnipotent and infinite, He never makes mistakes. This plan of His is unfolding right now, and when it is finished, it will not only be good, but it will be perfect. All the parts will be where He wanted them to be. And since He is outside of time, He can see the whole plan from beginning to end right before His eyes.
---Mark_V. on 1/5/12

Mark, okay. But if God knew from the beginning that most people would be lost, why did he create them in the first place? And please don't tell me, To glorify himself. Billions of people burning in hell doesn't glorify God one bit. And it puts lie to Paul's assertion that God wants to save everyone. Either God does, or if doesn't. You can't have it both ways.
---John.usa on 1/4/12

Johnusa, you said,
"If the majority of humanity end up in hell, Satan will have won...."
Jesus already told us that there was a wide road to hell, If He knew that doesn't it tell you that God already knew how many were going there? And how do you figure satan won? What did he win? He is going to hell also. He is not going to be buddy buddies with anyone in hell. He is not going to lead them in hell or party with them. The fact that he is still around is by permission of God. He is but an instrument of God. God is Omnipotent and infinite, satan is but a created impotent being.
---Mark_V. on 1/4/12

John.usa, Yes John, I am Spirit-filled and I speak the truth.
---Eloy on 1/4/12

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Lucifer O son of the morning star. The son of the god Helel.
son of the dawn, the son of the god Shahar. Refers to the king of Babylon as the son and his Gods.
Chapter 14 v16 and is this the man that made the earth to tremble. Hebrew
Is this the man who made the earth tremble and shook kingdoms. King James.
If you read chapters 13 and 14 in context
I read it as basically the following but it is just an opinion.
This man who with his gods has dared put himself above the God of Israel will be brought down with his people as though he had never been.
---chris on 1/4/12

could you please retract my blog
about Lucifer and Babylon.
Nothing wrong with it. Yet I always try to be careful, I do not want to damage someone's faith. Undermine one thing and you may undermine something else. Thank you
---chris on 1/4/12

Lucifer was in fact an atheist.He withdrew his belief in God .Lucifer began his war or mission to enlist all who would listen to him for the liberty and freedom he claimed to give with powers of the universe he never had.1/3 of heaven enlisted .On the mortal level atheism is alive and well and atheists needing enlistees will ask you to reason with them because it will give you liberty and freedom as they have.Jesus is involved because Jesus represents God and so atheists then become anti christ as well.
The mark of the beast is the crippling effect of the Lucifer rebellion and it's continuing effects from the rebellion Lucifer started with his atheism and self proclaimed authority.
---earl on 1/3/12

Perhaps I don't understand these things well, Poppa, but it seems to me that Christians tend to believe that people go to hell not by choice but rather by default, if their beliefs are misplaced. Maybe you can explain it to me.
---John.usa on 1/3/12

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If the majority of humanity ends up in hell, Satan will have won....
I think it is more like people will have got what they chose, a place where they dont have to live with Christ, serve Christ and Glorify Christ. If most people dont want to do those things here, why would they want to do them in heaven for eternity? That wouldnt be Gods fault. Besides, if all the children we abort go to heaven then heaven will be ten times as populated than hell anyways. Also, the road to heaven is narrow, but the path to destruction is wide.
In His grip
---Poppa_Bear on 1/3/12

If the majority of humanity end up in hell, Satan will have won....
---John.usa on 1/3/12

Please note I am not saying Satan will win. We are told that Christ will come so please do not mistake me on that.
I am only trying to provide a theory to the above question. I am only saying what Satan will try to achieve by one means or another. We must all be on our guard.
---chris on 1/3/12

Eloy, are you a true prophet of God?
---John.usa on 1/3/12

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John.usa, This that I prophesy will happen. For 1 day to God in heaven is equal to a 1,000 years upon the earth to man. The AntiChrist idolizes himself which he animates and makes a law that all worship him and his image, which marks The Great Tribulation of 3 1/2 years term (a time, times, and half). Immediately after this tribulation the sky will be parted as a scroll, and Christ himself will appear in the heavens, and every eye will see him and every ear will hear the Coming of the Lord, and they will look upon him whom they have pierced: and many will be horrified at God's appearing and cry out for the rocks to fall upon them to hide them from him whom has come to Judge the quick and the dead. Please Read Daniel 12+ Revelation 11, 13.
---Eloy on 1/3/12

1* Is there more than one Antichrist?
I think there have been several.
Each has tried to change the world.
Enoch is mentioned several times in the Bible. His work was accepted right up until the canon was formed by the catholic church. The earliest copy of his 1st book has been carbon dated at 300BC. Whilst there is the odd discrepency, it should not be entirely dismissed. He talks of the fallen angels how they came to man and made wives of his women, who begat giants. These giants had ravenous hunger and turned on men, they sinned with animals and all were corrupted.
In other words man wore the mark of the beast.Whilst God came to purge the sins. He came to cleanse the corruption. To save what was left of his people Noah.
---chris on 1/3/12

2* Please read in conjunction with 1.
Even Genesis says the Sons Of God came to man and gave birth to giants. For this to happen the DNA of man would have had to changed. However it happened.
This maybe the mark of the beast. The changing of the mind to beast. The hand being the physical change.
Today we are mixing human and animal DNA. Today we are changing species including ourselves by the chemicals we use. If the DNA of the earth and all in it was changed. Then Satan believes there would be no second coming there would be no one left to recognise Jesus. Then Satan would escape punishment.
This is a theory for discussion are the sons of God angels does it hold any truth?
---Chris on 1/3/12

Eloy, I don't quite understand. By my calculations, according to what you wrote, one moment lasts a little over 36 weeks. Those are pretty long moments.
---John.usa on 1/2/12

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Truly, truly I say to you, that in the last days Satan will challenge the Most High God, saying, "Give to me only a few moments, and I will turn easily against you every man and woman and child upon the earth." And Jesus will say to Satan, "Here, I grant to you five moments, which is as three and one half years upon the earth. And afterward the judgment."
---Eloy on 1/1/12

Ascension of Isaiah
"Beliar (Nero). . . shall descend . . . in the form of a man, a lawless king, a slayer of his mother, who . . . will persecute the plant which the Twelve Apostles of the Beloved have planted. . . . He will act and speak in the name of the Beloved and say I am God and before me there has been none else. And all the people in the world will believe in him, and will sacrifice to him. " (Ascension of Isaiah, 41 Ill)
Nero slayed his mother and all the people must worship him. His name in Hebrew numbers relates to 666.
His mission was to be the one God.
---chris on 1/1/12

The mission of the antichrist is to take as many into the lake of fire with him as he can. The antichrist is led by Satan and Satan knows his time is short and now all he wants is to destroy and deceive the followers of Jesus Christ. The only way not to be deceived is to abide in the words of Jesus and not listen to any pastor, prophet or apostle who tells you that the commandments of God are nailed to the cross.
---barb on 12/31/11

Mary, okay, it wasn't Hitler.
---John.usa on 12/31/11

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Hitler was beyond horrible but if he was the antichrist, explain how he will be blown away by Christ's coming since he's already been dead for many years? The antichrist will be at the very end.
---Mary on 12/30/11

"JOSEPH - 9/13/11 - The thief in the Bible is Christ."---RICHARDC on 9/25/11
Richard, Christ is no thief. The verse reads "as a thief", and it is simply informing us that His return will be completely unexpected. This will be for the most part because of the masquerade of the spurious christ, and man's gullibility concerning his deception.
---joseph on 12/30/11

The antichrist was Hitler, and he's dead.
---John.usa on 12/28/11

JOSEPH - 9/13/11 - The thief in the Bible is Christ.

REVELATION 16:15 Behold I come as a theif,Blessed is he that watcheth, and keepeth his garments, lest he walk naked, and see his shame.

MIKE 9/12/11 - Buying and selling have to do with bring the gospel.

PROVERBS 23:23 Buy the truth, and sell it not, also wisdom, and instruction, and understanding.
---RICHARDC on 9/25/11

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The word "antichrist" is in 1 John and 2 John.
1. 1 John 2:18 The early Christians had heard the antichrist was coming, even now there are any antichrist.
2:19 These antichrist went "out from us."
2:22 Anyone who denies the Father and the Son is antichrist.
2:26 This antichrist are trying to seduce us away from Jesus Christ.
4:3 There is a spirit of antichrist. The spirit of antichrist denies Jesus Christ has come in the flesh. The Spirit of antichrist is already in the world.
4:6 The spirit of antichrist is the spirit of error.
2 John 7 There are many deceivers and antichrist in the world. (9) To overcome these antichrist, Christians must abide in the doctrine of Christ.
---Mark_V. on 9/22/11

I do hope that most of you realize that all God's anointed were absolute mornachs, ( KINGS FOR LIFE) the altimate dictators. god never set up an election for israels kings, They were all dictators GOD ANOINTED DICTATORS
---Francis on 9/22/11

antichrist is to be AGAINST Christ

there are MANY against Christ today ...they call on his name in vain YET teach pagan doctrines, reject HIS WORD, and do not follow HIS examples

when one dismisses Christs Words and choose NOT to follow Him they are antichrist

a false doctrine NOT TAUGHT by Apostles would be antichrist - THIS has been happening since the TIME of the Apostles 2Corin 11:4

1 John 2:18
1 John 2:22
1 John 4:3
2 John 1:7

the mission of the false prophet (who will be AGAINST Christ not following Christ or his examples) is to lead many to worship him and take the mark of sunday worship
---Rhonda on 9/22/11

Mike, socialized healthcare is just the beginning to socialism and complete government control. Is it the mark of the best, no, but that's where we're heading in this frantic dash towards socialism. Obama hasn't began to accomplish all that he would like. But he's not done yet.
---Jed on 9/21/11

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seems to me that you are not reading your bible. nobody can buy or sell if you don't have the mark. it did not say healthcare.
---mike on 9/21/11

To utterly and completely fail, and to be thrown into the lake of fire and brimstone for eternal torment for his foolishness.
---Eloy on 9/19/11

What is the name of that beast? In the bible we are given 4 beast and one image of the beast.
3 of those beasts have names: Babylon , medo-prsia, and grecia. The 4th beast and his image remains unnamed. All we have to tell us who this 4th beast is, are a few identifying marks:

1: Daniel 7:7 it had ten horns.
Daniel 7:8 there came up among them another little horn,
2: Daniel 7:25 And he shall wear out the saints of the most High, and think to change times and laws

These are the MARKS OF THE BEAST.
So who is that 4th beast, and what TIMES and LAWS has/ will he change?
---francis on 9/19/11

He has however proposed a law that would imprison people who do not have and pay for his socialized health care card. What do you actually expect the mark of the beast to be? A tattoo on the forehead?
---Jed on 9/18/11

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did obama force people to receive the mark & if not they will be killed?
where is the image?
if that is your premise then obama should hurry to impose the mark of the beast.
---mike on 9/13/11

Is he doe yet? Does his righteous work continue? Is our money being devalued? Will we all be paid in credits to our accounts soon? And trade the same way?
Will you need a RFID chip to pay or be paid? An injected chip that signifys acceptance.

Vote for him again for your kids and grandkids. We'll live the mystery.
---Trav on 9/16/11

The mission of the antichrist is to deceive. How will he do this? To the Jew He will become a Jew, to the Baptist he will become a a Baptist, to the SDA he will become a SDA. Does this sound familiar?

The antichrist is led by satan. Do not underestimate him. He will tell you exactly what you want to hear and that is why we must saturate ourselves in the truth taught only by Jesus Christ.
---barb on 9/16/11

wivv, Both meanings of "anti" apply to the Anti-Christ. The AC will be against the true CHRIST, and everything He stands for. The AC will totally oppose the true CHRIST. And he will claim to be the "true messiah" in the stead of the real Messiah.
---Gordon on 9/16/11

The mission of the coming Anti-Christ (the false Jesus) will be to convince and attract as many people in the World as he can to trust and follow him. So that, then, they will take his mark, the infamous Mark of the Beast, and be damned forever and ever in the Lake of Fire.
---Gordon on 9/15/11

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the antichrist much as satan has only one mission: To get people to sin and not repent from that sin
---Francis on 9/15/11

He goes forth conquering true believers and Gods people because he wants to be Christ and then blames them {Gods people for every thing} while brainwashing them decieving them and misleading them
---medit on 9/14/11

Based on the reading of various books, including the Bible, "Anti" does not have to mean against, but "instead of" and to me this is a better meaning. It's the Antichrist mission to have people worship him instead of Christ.
---wivv on 9/13/11

The same mission of Barack Obama.
---Jed on 9/13/11

Poser is Anti-Anointed. He is Anti-Christ. First among all the other terms that fit.

2 John 1:7
For many deceivers are entered into the world, who confess not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh. This is a deceiver and an antichrist.
---Trav on 9/13/11

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did obama force people to receive the mark & if not they will be killed?
where is the image?
if that is your premise then obama should hurry to impose the mark of the beast.
---mike on 9/13/11

The same mission of Barack Obama.
---Jed on 9/13/11

"What is the Antichrists mission?"
To steal, kill, and destroy. Especially, through his ultimate deception.
---joseph on 9/13/11

satans mission is to destroy every person he can. He wants all of us in hell. he is a deceiver and cunning. he has even changed the Holy Word and taken Christ out of the scriptures. He is certainly deceiving hollywood. he is deceiving young people with the junk called movies, mostly paranormal movies. he is deceiving people in high places and low places.
---shira3877 on 9/12/11

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His mission is to lure as many people to himself as possible very subtly, and to take as many people to hell with him as possible, he'll even try to get Christians to believe he's the messiah.
---Donna5535 on 9/12/11

anti (in stead of ) Christ.

the antichrist whatever it (or) he is, is simply to replace Christ with something else.

law, doctrines, anointed preachers saints, churchorganisations,all can be antichrist if it replaces (or tries to) Christ.
---andy3996 on 9/12/11

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