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Can We Forgive Demons

Scripture tells us to forgive our enemy. If the enemy is Satan, does that still apply?

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 ---Geraldine on 10/30/11
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You said to me,
"Truth is HIS TRUTH appears to be harsh when compared to the watered down version of HIS Word sold by lying ministers of Satan...

wow oh wow!!! ...if you were not so emotionally volatile you WOULD have seen the word MANY

>>>>>>many prefer deception and many sell deception ...smooth sweet lying words rather than GODS TRUTH ...Truth is HIS TRUTH appears to be harsh when compared to the watered down version of HIS Word sold by lying ministers of Satan 2Corin 11:13-15

Mark rather than carelessly reading the posts with your agenda people are out to get you and personally attack you TRY remembering this is a blog to discuss Holy Scripture
---Rhonda on 12/8/11

Rhonda, ok, I admit, one time you put down Scriptures without context. And after that it was all talk and accusation. I never said satan could or would be forgiven. Johnusa did. I do not stalk you, I answer to anyone at any time I see they misinterpret something. All your comments accuse others of some satanic thing. You said to me,
"Truth is HIS TRUTH appears to be harsh when compared to the watered down version of HIS Word sold by lying ministers of Satan 2Corin 11:13-15"
You accuse others of selling a water down version of the gospel, why? Who has questioned the gospel? Don't you realize you made satan your defense to argue against me, just because you don't like me opposing something you said?
---Mark_V. on 12/7/11

you are not to forgive demons...they are evil and from the evil one...i believe that satan, if he were sincere could turn tomorrow and ask forgiveness and receive it...but he is too arrogant and his end has already been written in the bible...that is why if you believe the bible is God's truth, then what He says about satan is also true...he will be cast in the lake of fire and brimstone with his angels...that doesnt sound like someone who is going to repent or ask forgiveness
---john_mincey on 12/7/11

Wow Rhonda you are on a roll... Lol let us stop this childish bickering however, let me tell you something about me... People always take me the wrong way but when they know me personally almost 100% of the time unless they are racist...

We always either become the best of friends and normally this is endless however I'll give you the benefit of the doubt and forgive the things you have said about me I normally love some of the things you say but lately you seem to be a lil too brash and sarcastic and for a christian lady take it from me It's not good ... Peace and I still kina love ya!
---Carla on 12/7/11


The day I need to lie to impress both yourself and Mark-v is the day that will never come...

God is not a liar he said he will be my high tower, my shelter, my healer, my strength, my shield, my friend and my saviour.

He said if I trust him He will deliver me, keep my mind in old age and be to me a father and his son my king, Please...

Lying is against God... false accusations well who is the father of that Rhonda my dear you are in error and you know what... YOU KNOW IT!!!!!
---Carla on 12/7/11

Rhonda, you have not shared any passages from Scripture only said a lot of stuff, I went back and checked.

then either you MISSED my post on 11/13/11

or maybe YOUR version of this blog omits it

however again Mark surprise there forever stalking

many prefer deception and many sell deception ...smooth sweet lying words rather than GODS TRUTH ...Truth is HIS TRUTH appears to be harsh when compared to the watered down version of HIS Word sold by lying ministers of Satan 2Corin 11:13-15

as I already shared PER SCRIPTURE we do not forgive Satan
---Rhonda on 12/7/11

Rhonda, you have not shared any passages from Scripture only said a lot of stuff, I went back and checked. Second, Carla did not say that satan was going to be forgiven, Johnusa did. And really you do not know her or her experiences. No one does. I question some experiences being real, and gave Scripture for it, but not that she had the experiences. Just what she said she experienced. You need to be more kind when you answer. You still have not shared any passages to the questions I have asked you. You make statments and run away without answering.
---Mark_V. on 12/7/11

Just go's to show how VERY VERY VERY WRONG YOU ARE!
---Carla on 12/3/11

okay Carla you WIN honey!!!

seeing you RARELY share any Scriptures and prefer your OWN opinions APART from Scripture demonstrates your need to be right in your own idea's RATHER THAN be in TRUTH from Gods Holy Word

I choose THE WORD who is Christ Jesus I shared Holy Scripture to prove your INCORRECT opinions/ideas/thoughts or whatever it is you are sharing here

you just tell people they are wrong and are liars

big difference is it's YOUR WORD against Holy Scripture

I'll ALWAYS choose Gods Word over the babblings of "carla's word"
---Rhonda on 12/6/11


To put this question straight, forgiveness is about the living in terms of a responding body that has either offend you or you have offended someone. We are encourage to deal with matter straight away. Forgiveness means to understand that people do not know what they do, hence 'Christ's Prayer'. It is then, not only a biblical response but also a response of faith and wisdom. Through the word you forgive. Wisdom means you make sure you are completely out of harms way.

Demons are rejected and cursed by God to their oppressive tormenting lying existence( hence the name 'Demons' or fallen angels. If God has cursed them you cannot operate forgiveness because this is not the same as dealing with each other in the flesh.
---Carla on 12/5/11

John u.s.a., In which "holy" book do you get that "GOD will
reconcile Satan"? You ain't gettin' that from the Holy Bible, 'cause it ain't in there! Perhaps you got it from "Mein Kampf"? Satan himself is the only one who could hope to be reconciled to GOD. 'Cause GOD HIMSESLF sure ain't got no plans for it!
---Gordon on 12/3/11

Geraldine, NO. We are not to forgive the Devil and the demons. We are to forgive GOD, if we hold grudges against HIM. Although GOD never does any wrong, we fallible human beings can hold bitterness towards GOD when we don't get our way. Or, when we have to endure those things which we would rather not endure, by GOD's Hand. And, we are to forgive other people when it's required. And, we are to forgive ourselves when needed. But, we are in NO WAY called to "forgive Satan and his devils". Their Fate is sealed. We are not to become bitter for what satan does, if THAT'S what you mean. But, Forgiveness is for the sake of Love. So, I'll ask you....Are we to love Satan?? (this is a rhetorical question)
---Gordon on 12/3/11

The one thing my mother taught me is that when someone is guilty of lying and bearing false witness as my adulterous father used to do. Is to accuse others when in fact the words describe them perfectly well. She never ever did the things she was accused of doing yet my lying cheating father was guilty of everything he accused her about.

Boy! Do you have the same lying accusing spirit and The Fact IS My church never EVER once told me exactly what it was that was happening in my home as I've always maintained... they got it totally wrong!!!!!( shows you clearly JUMPED... Blabbed yourself without LOOKING once back at what I wrote over and over again... several years ago) Just go's to show how VERY VERY VERY WRONG YOU ARE!
---Carla on 12/3/11


Let common sense prevail here
1. you don't know me

2. You lied when you spoke of a minister who taught me lies

3. You lied again when you spoke about my false religion

4. What minister?, who is he or who is she that told me about demons?

5. If you do not know me, have no idea where I worship, how indeed can you insult someone you simply do not have the simplest clue where who or what church I belong to?

now who has a lying spirit you my faithful blogger or I?

If I were you I would not answer for in doing so you will only show yourself for the evil individual you are because you made a big lying assumption.

Bless you and peace be with youXx
---Carla on 12/2/11

I merely stated that I have experienced and seen demons, who cares if people who say they are saved don't believe.

no you have not seen demons however your religion and your lying false minister sure want you to believe this LIE

maybe that is why you cannot comprehend most of what is shared here on this blog you are too busy sharing the LIES you embrace from the false ministers you follow

and seeing you now have taken the blog topic so far away from its original question

the enemy of ETERNAL LIFE is Satan ...Satan's fate is sealed not one scripture states we are to "forgive" Satan
---Rhonda on 11/26/11


The LORD my shepherd, I shall not want. He maketh me to lie down in green pastures: he leadeth me beside the still waters. He restoreth my soul: he leadeth me in the paths of righteousness for his name's sake. Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou [art] with me, thy rod and thy staff they comfort me.
Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies: thou anointest my head with oil, my cup runneth over.Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life: and I will dwell in the house of the LORD for ever.
---Carla on 11/26/11

Carla, first of all I do love you, and you do have a right to post what you felt and what you believe in. The trouble here is that when someone says something here it will be answered. I have seen great testimonies get all messed up by others. It would be great if we just posted and everyone just listens. But that is not the case. The same thing holds true for politics. If someone says something good about a politician, you can be sure you will hear the opposition to that. Thank you for the debates with me. Again, I leave you peace and love sister.
---Mark_V. on 11/21/11

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The fact that I was sharing with someone else and you did not contribute a thing for or against is the exact reason why I said what eva.

How will you provide scriptures that make no sense either way. I know there is only one gospel but may teachers based on false interpretations.

I merely stated that I have experienced and seen demons, who cares if people who say they are saved don't believe.

I know that thoses who ever get to be in this situation know how to call on the name of Jesus to be delivered.

That is the only reason for posting not to get a lesson on scripture!

---Carla on 11/20/11

Carla, again, I answer kindly. You said,
"People are spokesmen for themselves the bible talks about being false witnesses.
Why does satan or demons have to be in that????"

Jesus tells us that the lost have a father, the devil. Jesus said,
"If God were your Father you would love Me, for I proceeded forth and came from God, nor have I come of Myself, but He sent Me. Why do you not understand My speech? Because you are not able to listen to My word. You are of your father the devil, "and the desires of your father you want to do."
The lost cannot hear Christ so they are mouthpieces for the devil and love it, believers (His sheep) hear His voice, and love being mouthpieces for the Lord.
---Mark_V. on 11/20/11


What eva!

The argument is not being able to see them, not a definition of what they are, why preach to the already converted that makes no sense???


what is it you THINK you are converted to?

seeing you dismissed the Holy Scriptures I shared and have NOT one scripture to support your babbling

guess that's why you cannot comprehend and it makes NO SENSE to you
---Rhonda on 11/19/11

Craig, in the plan of salvation there is such a thing as sanctification. This is a job of the Holy Spirit teaching us through His Word how to live our lifes. Changing us to be more Christ like.
You seem disappointed for some reason. Did you want God to save you, and not teach you anything? Would you want to live a life unawared there is demons and satan who want to make your life miserable? That is what you are suggesting. "I thank God always concerning you for the grace of God which was given to you by Christ Jesus, that you were enriched in everything by Him in all utterance and all knowledge" (1 Cor. 1:4,5). God teaches you through His Word. He doesn't save you and forgets about you just because you are saved already.
---Mark_V. on 11/19/11

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Jesus seemed to think the subject worthy of merit, since he frequently cast demons out of people. If he thought it was important, it's probably actually important, and we should probably think it's important too.
---StrongAxe on 11/19/11

Example. If you have someone on line, that is a mouthpiece for the enemy, and constantly attacks you day in and day out, even when you give that person the Word of God, it is a spiritual attack from the enemy, even if the enemy is not there.

People are spokesmen for themselves the bible talks about being false witnesses.

Why does satan or demons have to be in that????

I guess it works for some who don't understand demonic forces but then to see them in others??? I don't know where the evidence is for this?
---Carla on 11/19/11

Carla, I have no clue what you are talking about. I don't remember answering you on the blog. I already know what you think of demons, and that is ok. If you see demons face to face great. What can I say? I cannot make you think any different or even try. I agree with Strongaxe on the answer he gave Peter and agree with everything Darline said. Otherwise I don't know why you answered me. Give me a clue and I will do my best to answer kindly to you.
---Mark_V. on 11/18/11

The subject of demons, satan and the antichrist are very important that Christians should always be aware of--Mark_V

Why should we care if we are already predestinged to go to heaven and cannot ever fall?
---CraigA on 11/19/11

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Mark-v I think you are on the wrong page your argument is weak and has somewhat gone off on a different backing.

Sin is present in your life does that mean you see hear or feel demonic spirits..

If you really think that people go out their way as saved christian born again people to visit the spiritual world your perhaps as bad as they are.

I for one don't need a reminder of scripture your preaching to the converted, just realise for once your outside of this type of knowlwedge, does it matter No but you are obviously in the wrong place for HONEST DEBATE!!!
---Carla on 11/18/11

God will reconcile Satan, so I guess you can forgive him too.
---John.usa on 11/18/11

Strongaxe, I agree with you very much. The same holds true for someone who has a hate for you, for something you might not even know. What happened to me once at another church, a youth pastor had hate for me for five years. I was never bothered by it, because I didn't know he had that hate. After five years holding it inside of him, he finally one day came to me and asked me to forgive him. I didn't know what he was talking about, so I told him I forgave him. This thing had been bothering him for five years spiritually. It effected his walk with the Lord spiritually. Until one day the conviction was too much for him. Thanks brother, peace.
---Mark_V. on 11/18/11

StrongAxe: I thought as much, I was just not sure. So we may FORGIVE (to clear ourselves from from anger etc) but the person may not be forgiven by God (until repentance)

SgronAxe: Thank you for clearing that up for me, a 'weak in spirit'
---Peter on 11/16/11

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When we forgive someone who has wronged us, this is mostly for our own benefit, rather than his.

While we harbor resentment and outrage about a wrong, any ill that someone does to us continues to fester. But when we forgive an offense, we can being the healing process within ourselves, and also with the offending party (if he cares).

But as far as benefits to the offending party, that now becomes an issue between him and God, and is no longer our concern.
---StrongAxe on 11/16/11

StrongAxe: 'You said: Yo never forgive an enemy until they repent'

While we are not told that, there is some meaning in it. When we forgive someone who does not repent, in some way the forgiveness is not 'accepted'. To accept forgiveness does require repentance.

Even Stephen only asked God to forgive - Paul, who was there, was forgiven when he repented, not (I think) when Stephen prayed for him

So there is some meaning, though not the way it was written!
---Peter on 11/16/11

The subject of demons, satan and the antichrist are very important that Christians should always be aware of. The N.T. reveals several characteristics of demons. There is often a physical or mental ailment associated with them, such as blindness or self-torture. Demons have superior or supernatural knowledge, superior strength and the ability to foretell the future. People cannot see them, yet they are at work. John warned believers that in the end times it would increase. In 1 John 2:18 speaks of "many antichrist" and the spirit of Antichrist" that was "already in the world" meaning that during the Apostolic age and the return of Christ, there are to be many manifestations of Antichrist, at least in spirit and power.
---Mark_V. on 11/16/11

The Bible tells us we have power over all the power of the enemy. Satan is something to hate since we are to hate evil of all kinds. We aren't to have any type of interaction with them. We avoid them,rebuke them in Jesus Name,but we don't have to forgive them any more than God forgave Satan,and cast him and one third of the angels who followed Satan out of heaven. Forgiveness is for other people let God deal with the demons.
---Darlene_1 on 11/15/11

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You said: Yo never forgive an enemy until they repent

Can you find any scripture reference that says that?

I can find one that says the opposite: in Acts 7:1-60, Stephen forgave his executioners while they were still killing him, so they were certainly not repentant at that time.

And don't forget Romans 5:8
"But God commendeth his love toward us, in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us"
---StrongAxe on 11/14/11


What eva!

The argument is not being able to see them, not a definition of what they are, why preach to the already converted that makes no sense???

I have seen demons and from my experience there are many different manifestations, I never preoccupied myself with these experiences before bcoz of giving them too much acknowledgement more than glorifying Jesus Christ as Lords the name above any name so that, anyone reading theses blogs without understanding knows exactly what to do. Call on Jesus's name, demons always flee. This is more important that seeing feeling or knowing them.
---Carla on 11/13/11

Look what part of fallen angels are you not getting... They are not satan are you confused or something.

CLEARLY confusion is all yours

FALLEN ANGELS (Satan and demons) are spiritual beings Holy Scripture also describes them as stars 1/3 cast to earth with Satan

Jude 1:6
2Pet 2:4
Rev 12:4
Isa 14
2Corin 11:13-14

Satan is enemy of salvation eternal life

enemies in life people causing personal harm, injury, or injustice ...we forgive those as we ask GOD to forgive our own wrongs too

we ask GOD to keep us from EVIL ...nothing in Holy Scripture asks us to forgive Satan or his ministers (demons) for committing "evil" against us their fate is already sealed
---Rhonda on 11/13/11

Carla, I'm not confused. Whether its demons or the devil matters not, they all do the same works and they all are spiritual beings. No one sees them in person. We sense their presence, we see their works, we see the destruction they bring. What I was opposing to is someone saying they saw a demon. They could not literally see one if they are spirits. And they do exist and never questioned that. When someone says they saw one, I would like for them to tell me how they knew it was one, for they had to have known what they looked like to know they are.
---Mark_V. on 11/12/11

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Look what part of fallen angels are you not getting... They are not satan are you confused or something.

Satan is a liar, a thief, a destroyer, an accuser. When did I say I saw lucifer.. NEVER... I'm just not hard enough he is a serpent on his belly, spiritual or not who care I wouldn't want to come in contact with him... Jesus is his size not me. However I know I have come in contact with demons, do I care that you don't believe NO!
I am telling you is, I know in whom I trust and it is because of Jesus's name I don't either fear or desire to be associated with them.. I don't need to because through Christ they are DEFEATED...

I am just letting you know you are confused with what are demonic spirits and who satan is...
---Carla on 11/11/11

Carla, I disagree when people say they saw a demon or satan. Satan is spirit and no one can see him. You can see the results of what he does, but not him. Demons are supernatural beings subservent to satan. Paul points out that while the idolatrous gods pagans worship do not actually exist, there are demons who do exist, instigation and propagating such pagan worship. Those who participate in pagan riturals are actually offering worship to demons and are thus operating under demonic direction without them knowing. They don't appear and show their faces, they have supernatural power, and ability to fortell the future. The Midieval Church brought us images and silly pictures of satan, done intentionally by the church in order to poke fun at him.
---Mark_V. on 11/11/11


It's good that you are sceptic because there is power in disbelief, pick on any old scripture to make your testimony "sound" viable who care's If you don't believe my experience go make up some story that sounds scary to you and go have yourself a scary time.... I am just telling you that you can keep looking, it is just as you don't believe that these demons prey, when your alone, not expecting it and it is not a joke, trust this women you think is an ole crank, "JESUS" Christ help you when you finally come face to face with a demon, REMEMBER "I TOLD YOU SO!".
---Carla on 11/10/11

Carla 2: in the case of Paul, the literal demon was not in Paul, as some suggest. The demon was controlling the leaders of the Corinthian Conspirecy. The same can be said in our lives.
Example. If you have someone on line, that is a mouthpiece for the enemy, and constantly attacks you day in and day out, even when you give that person the Word of God, it is a spiritual attack from the enemy, even if the enemy is not there. People are mouthpieces for the enemy and he does not have to be present at all. So we pray, like Paul did, that God removes that demon from our lives. God may remove it, or He may tell us the same He told Paul, "My grace is sufficient for you, for My strength is made perfect in weakness" ( 2 Cor. 12:9).
---Mark_V. on 11/10/11

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Carla, I answer you kindly. First, I believe demons exist by faith not by sight, but only because the Bible tells me so not because I have seen one.
you said,
" you sounded as though people make up being spiritually or even physically attacked by demons,"
When I hear a demon held someone down in bed, I question how they knew it was a demon? We can only recognize something if we have seen it before. Otherwise they feel something was holding them down but, don't know what it was. If they are sure it was a demon, how do they know without knowing what demon's look like? It could be like the case of Paul with the thorn on the side, the demons was in the leader of the false apostles causing a thorn on the side to Paul.
---Mark_V. on 11/9/11

Geraldine: It is the HUMAN enemy that the scripture instructs us to forgive not the evil spirits.
---Adetunji on 11/9/11

your answer suggests that you know that demons exist so why did you ask me How is someone able to (see)them?

Why do you need to see them if you know that..... they exist. I have lost my glasses so sorry for leaving out words.

I asked the question because in your post previous blog you sounded as though people make up being spiritually or even physically attacked by demons, meaning why does everyone equate these experiences to be demons..
---Carla on 11/8/11

hello! Bro.Mark,thankfull,yes..certainly will trust you re: NIV someone sent me one and I agree with you,struggled 'n found (on the internet) wrong,they are omission they have not truth on verses re:fasting! Thankyou! Smile :) will not tell my age! ha!ha!... Maybe one day.. Love of Jesus..
---ELENA on 11/8/11

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Sister Elena, Hope you are feeling better today. So many with physical problems I believe because we are just getting older and things don't work as they use to.
Concerning Bibles, I have about 8 of them. But use the New King James most of the time. Two bible's to never use are, "The New World Translation" or the "Scofield Bible." And be very aware of their commentaries. I also never go by the commantaries of the NIV. I have 6 commantaries and when I run into a problem, I read what they all say. Then I look up the words in "My Complete Word Study of the New and Old Testament" to see what the words mean on a particular passage, in Greek and Hebrew. I hope that helps you somehow.
---Mark_V. on 11/8/11

hello,Bro.Mark, yes,you are correct & that's exactly,I am concern 'n try taking notes/your notes and others on here who truly care about the body of Christ & those who are not versed 'n the word.I believe they're doing a great service here helping people delve into the word... would like ask bro.Mark which bible translation you believe accurate & good for study? Thankyou
---ELENA on 11/7/11

Hello sister Elena, I hope you are feeling better today. Some things in the body just don't respond fast as before.
Concerning demons. I believe as you they are evil spirits. But if you stop to think, they are messengers of satan. They speak for the enemy. Yet many human beings who are physical beings and not spiritual are many times the same as the demon's, they also speak for the enemy. They are mouthpieces for him because they do the desires of their father the devil. Believers also when they walk in the flesh they sometimes speak against the word of God, so become speakers for the enemy and don't even know it. We should be more careful concerning false teachers. They are wolves in sheeps clothing.
---Mark_V. on 11/7/11

Hello!Bro.Mark.. bless you 'n Jesus name. This is ELENA.. been a little ill. hey,Bro.Mark .. demons are "evil spirit beings"... We don't have any like clearly see or have necessity speak with them like humans,wud imagine best not! the word says they fear 'n tremble! .... ???
---ELENA on 11/6/11

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Carla, I have no clue why you answered me the way you did since I was answering Geraldine, and have no clue for the questions when you said,
"So you do believe they exist so what is your question all about seeing me showing you how you can them?"
What does that mean? What were you showing me on this blog? Don't get it.
I also had no clue what the word "pedant" meant. I had to look it up. You did not speak about forgiving demons or the devil. You did not mention going after demons. Did you feel I was talking about your comments? Maybe you just made a mistake?
---Mark_V. on 11/6/11

Your answer hear is confusing mark you say anyone going after demons?

So you do believe they exist so what is your question all about seeing me showing you how you can them?

Are you being pedantic?
---Carla on 11/5/11

There is no Atonement for angels. Atonement is only for human beings. No angel can be forgiven by God. Anyone can forgive satan if they want, but it means nothing to God. It could make you buddy buddies if you forgave him. I would stay as far away as possible. Don't be like many others who go looking for him and his demons. All they find is big time trouble.
---Mark_V. on 11/5/11

Yo never forgive an enemy until they repent, the same goes for satan, until he repents he will continue to be condemned and not forgiven.
---Eloy on 11/5/11

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to forgive our enemies is talking about humans. God will take care of the demons and Satan they will be put in the lake of fire
---Diane_Gilland on 11/4/11

Demons do not want to be forgiven. They have made an eternal choice of doing evil and they do not repent.
---Adetunji on 11/2/11

NO. Satan's Fate is already sealed. He WILL end up in the Lake of Fire. There is nothing to forgive. We are not to love nor have pity for Satan. He is way beyond any kind of Grace or Mercy. The enemies we are to love are our HUMAN enemies. Of course, if GOD Himself, or holy angels are considered (our) enemies, we are to forgive them, too. But, that's not in the sense that they did any wrong. That would strictly be for OUR OWN benefit, healing and for getting our own thinking straight.
---Gordon on 11/1/11

Is Satan a fellow man? Last I read and understand, he was a fallen angel of a spiritual being created by God. He's already been predestined to spend eternity in the Lake of Fire as told to us by John in Revelation. Which means, God is never going to forgive Satan. And if God is never going to forgive him, who are we to override God? Have we become God?

The "forgiving of our enemy" spoken in the Scriptures is in reference to forgiving our fellow man, made of dust and not to Satan and his cohorts. The Scripture is very clear about this.
---christan on 11/1/11

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Forgiveness at first or even a number of times after is going to be difficult and I mean with forgiving the same person.

As christians whether we want to forgive or not strange thing is we will not go to heaven if we do not.

Yes 70x7 in one day I guess that is a lot of forgiving, how many times a day unaware or aware do we sin? Don't we expect God to forgive us?

move on forgive and move on forgive, move on. It works eventually your forgiving daily and moving on daily towards the place Christ is with us..... Simple ,o)

Oh if there's violence (LEAVE), move on forgive, move on forgive, reconcile or stay away move on forgive... Xx
---Carla on 11/1/11

If my cousin hurts another person, I don't have THE RIGHT to forgive my cousin.

I PERSONALLY was never a VICTIM of Hitler. ONLY A VICTIM can forgive the ATTACKER.

2000 years ago, the people Jesus talked to were basically uncivilized and not gentle towards each other. Jesus realized that BEFORE THEY CAN LEARN TO BE GODLY, they must learn how to forgive those who mistreat them instead of carry on an arguement forever.

WE did not hang on the cross. Our "forgiving" of each other is not meaningful, it is only POLITE (politically correct).

Do you understand the SPIRITUAL MEANING of "forgiveness"?. NEVER confuse the principle of God's salvation/forgiveness with MAN'S "political correctness".
---more_excellent_way on 10/31/11

In my opinion, God loves all of his creatures. But, scripture clearly shows Satan & an untold number of creatures (angels & humans) won't repent of their sin (wherein they could be forgiven by God) & ultimately will be cast into the Lake of Fire. The Bible tells us we (hueman beings) are to forgive one another. I haven't read anywhere therein where it tells us to forgive Satan even though he is our arch-Enemy. Rather, the Bible tells us to resist (stand against) him...
---Leon on 10/31/11

more_excellent_way you shock me. So we are to forgive 70 times 7 except for Hitler? Where is that in scripture?

Forgiveness does NOT release Hitler from suffering for his sins.

Forgiving Hitler releases us from not getting a root of bitterness in our hearts towards him. A root of bitterness is a cluster of demons of unforgiveness, resentment, anger, hatred, murder, bitterness.

Hitler will still suffer the consequences of his sin just like King David when he had Bathsheba's husbnd murdered.

I thought you had a thorough understanding of forgiveness, it does NOT release the offender, it releases YOU and ME from getting a root of bitterness.
---anon on 10/31/11

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WHY would you want to forgive a DEMON? (or are you talking about a HUMAN BEING that has been LABELED by others as "demonic"?). If a soldier suffers SHELL SHOCK in the war and comes home 'messed up in the head', some of the things they do might be CALLED "demonic", but it is only because they reacted naturally/sanely to the insanity of war.

Be CAREFUL about "for-giveness". BEFORE "FOR-giveness" can be justified, you have to FIRST hold that person in contempt (hold their misdeed against them) AND they must CONFESS to who they hurt.

YOU cannot and should not FORGIVE HITLER, that's like saying to the millions who Hitler killed,

"That's okay, he should have killed you".
---more_excellent_way on 10/31/11

The enemy (satan) is working through people and although people hurt us, it's usually the enemy that is using them to hurt us.

We are told to FORGIVE our enemies, so you aren't forgiving satan, you're forgiving the person who hurt you who doesn't realize they are being driven or controlled or tempted by a demon.

Pray for their salvation. Loose the Holy Spirit of conviction on them to be convicted of their sin so that they may come to a place of repentence and then get saved.
---anon on 10/31/11

Forgive: Pardon
Pardon:Excusing of an offence,FREE FROM PENALTY!

In my opinion, NONE of these apply to satan. He is God's enemy.

---Reba on 10/31/11

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