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Remarried To My Husband

My husband and I have been divorced after 15 years, then lots of praying, we got remarried 2 years later. Now 9 years later he separated from me 6 months ago. He says he is a lost soul and I pray for him all the time. No drugs, alc, etc involved. What prayer is left for reconciling our marriage?

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 ---Fawn on 11/22/11
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Whom did the lots of praying, only you, or both of you? And why did he freely choose to separate from you 6 months ago? Is he not a Christian obeying Christ? Are you? There is an old saying, "The family that prays together stays together."
---Eloy on 1/11/12

People, please remember the Bible says and the two became one

TWO do become one

however not everyone HAS GODS TRUTH ...if one divorces without Gods Truth they are not HELD to their sin of divorce ...even Christ said to the women go and sin no more

most divorce today without ever understanding why and what their contribution was to the failed marriage ...instead many hop back into previous marriage hoping time and space will "fix" and make it all better - working on marriage like immature teenagers instead of adults

husband claims he is a "lost soul" interesting excuse ...reconciliation through prayer how about counseling to understand commitment and communication breakdowns FIRST
---Rhonda on 1/11/12

People, please remember the Bible says and the two became one. I don't see how so many can just pretend like they were not one. I heard that divorce is like cutting off a leg when you just had a splinter. Who do you know that has a leg missing and doesn't miss that leg?
---Ja on 1/9/12

Sometimes people leave and come back to each other several times. Sometimes they leave for good.
Then there are times when someone leaves and a space in time makes them realise what they are going to lose reality sets in. They start to remember the good things and the way they have taken them for granted.
Each situation is different and has to be looked at with its individual merits.
Some people never find happiness others do.
The thing is to look at what you have in common and in older life that is what holds you together, love and things you can share.
I hope whatever you decide is a blessing.
---chris on 1/9/12

Are the people responding been through this before or are ya just giving ya's two cents? I would like to hear from some people that have a true testimony. Someone that has been in similar situation. I too would like to know if reconciliation is possible. I thank you for your testimony Fawn cause your's is the first I read that ended again (at least up to this point). I am praying that God would bring hedges against my former spouse like He did with Gomer in the book of Hosea.
---Ja on 1/8/12

Fawn, when you know you have done all you can do, there really is nothing you can do to change his mind, only to continue in prayer. you didn't mention if both of you were saved, which means a whole lot. When someone makes up their mind to leave, hardly anyone can change another persons mind. They have their own thoughts, feelings, and ways of seeing things much different then you. If there is a problem with the other person, they need to get over that problem before you can reconcile or else they will leave again because the problem remains. You have to settle it in your mind that this time he might not come back, but just remember, he is not your whole life, just one person in thousands that crossed your path in life. God is your whole life.
---Mark_V. on 12/4/11

Never lose hope! I have been married for 16 years and the last 3 years I have managed to destroy my marriage. I was a lost soul! You can
---Melissa on 12/2/11

hello! bro.Bill Willa6989 Really love reading alot you write... the Lord has given you wisdom all so true.. many we think 'bout that ex- boyfriend,girlfriend,husband or wife... bro.Lee also,correct.God bless you both! Thanks...
---ELENA on 11/28/11

aka//agreed. a friend of mine warned me to never go back to a job, apartment, and girl that you (for whatever reason) had to leave.

too bad there was fluff in my ears.
Two traits I found within myself is the feeling that I should always be forgiving and that somehow I was the one who caused the problem in the first place.

However we fail to realize that snakes cannot be tamed and they will sooner or later bite.
---lee1538 on 11/28/11


agreed. a friend of mine warned me to never go back to a job, apartment, and girl that you (for whatever reason) had to leave.

too bad there was fluff in my ears.
---aka on 11/27/11

A prominent lawyer friend of mine has often stated that one should never re-marry your spouse after a divorce as it rarely if ever works out.

Using the demons that created the divorce in the first place are alive and well and will further destroy the marriage.
---lee1538 on 11/25/11

Our attention belongs with God. Prayer needs to mean paying our attention to God and then we are getting His attentive correction and care and sharing with Him in His peace. Start in His peace and see what He does > "And let the peace of God rule in your hearts, to which also you were called in one body, and be thankful." (Colossians 3:15) So, have a happy thanksgiving time in His peace!

That's right . . . our word magic can not get God to do what we please, nor can our word magic straighten people out. It takes God (c:
---Bill_willa6989 on 11/24/11

the man says that he is a lost soul and you focus on your (singular) relationship with him?

pray for him while there is still time for him to reconcile with God.
---aka on 11/23/11

Only have faith and love him.
---Sarah4674 on 11/23/11

Ultimately, you can obey all the laws you wish (within reason) to your heart's content (as long as it doesn't guide you into faithlessness and wickedness). Realistically, the human being cannot be expected to be fully knowledgeable about 100% truth ("depths of God", 1 Corin. 2:10). The ancient religious rules/ordinances and laws were meant for JEWS.
...WE are NOT JEWS (they were baptized into MOSES).

"abolishing IN HIS FLESH" (Ephesians 2:15).

"to be judged under the LAW OF LIBERTY" (James 2:12).

"Why do submit to regulations?" (Colossians 2:20)...LIVE HAPPILY.

Your husband's understanding of this may be just the thing he needs to release himself from self-persecution.
---more_excellent_way on 11/23/11

\\What prayer is left for reconciling our marriage?\\

Fawn, if you are asking if there are some magic words you could say to make things suddenly work out to what you perceive to be the will of God--or what you probably more likely mean, according to YOUR will--well, prayer doesn't work that way.

You can't pray that someone else, even your errant husband, will suddenly walk the straight and narrow, and get that kind of result, no matter WHAT books people here tell you to read.

The purpose of prayer is to get YOURSELF in harmony with God's will, because YOU are the only person you can control.

Glory to Jesus Christ!
---Cluny on 11/23/11

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Pray that God's will be done for him, pray that God's will be done for you in all areas of your life.
---Adetunji on 11/23/11

Wow, that's a tough one. I'll pray.
---John.usa on 11/22/11

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