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I Don't Want A Divorce

Is it wrong to be married when husband beats child and threatens to kill child? I told husband I want to stay married , but live separate houses, I didn't want a divorce. He filed divorce papers w/o my knowledge. Am I still bound?

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 ---shelia_laster on 12/3/11
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//He filed divorce papers w/o my knowledge. Am I still bound?

NO! You are not bound by what he has done. Let the unbeliever depart. You are free to re-marry if you wish but only in the Lord.
---lee1538 on 2/2/12

Trish, then she will have to pay for it herself. And if she doesn't have the money to file, then perhaps borrow the money needed from a bank or a friend.
---Eloy on 12/28/11

Trish "You should be seeking full custody of this child, and have it court ordered that he not be allowed any contact with this child." This may be critical to the well being of the child, even if a divorce is not what one desires. If there are other legal means to protect the child, that could be pursued, and the couple could remain seperated. However, there may not be other means available without waiting for something worse to happen, which would be documented by police or medical personel. Even a restraining order, depending on where you live is not just granted because someone says such and such...
---Chria9396 on 12/28/11

Eloy: Here in Pennsylvania, Legal Aid does not do divorces.

To the original poster, again, I ask myself, why would you want to be married to an abusive man, and why aren't you more concerned about protecting your child from this creep?

You should be seeking full custody of this child, and have it court ordered that he not be allowed any contact with this child.
---Trish on 12/27/11

Legally you are still married to him until the divorce is finalized in court. Separate from him and take the child with you in order to protect the child and yourself. If he does not get help for his abuse, then the marriage should be dissolved. Violence and abuse is illegal and criminal. If the abuser does not get help sometimes they end up killing the people that they are abusing. Get out and take the child, find shelter like a local city/county assistance, and seek legal aid or an attorney to represent you in court and to help you in the settlement. If you are a member of a church, contact the pastor and tell him, and the congregation might be able to help you also with a shelter and food and prayer for healing.
---Eloy on 12/18/11

I don't believe in divorce either however, you are to protect your children. If you look at these scriptures it might help you with your answers. Numbers 30:9, Jeremiah 3:8, Matt. 5:32, Deut. 24:1, Is. 50:1, and Mark 10:4.
---Ann on 12/17/11

Are you afraid of what others will say if you get divorced? Are you afraid of what your church will think of YOU? If so you have not been honest with them. Do you think that God wants one of his children to be harmed, did he not say to bring all of the children unto Him? Your husband is possessed of Satan and how could you want your child raised by such a person who is evil in actions and words? YOUR job is to be his mother and protect this child above all things..that is the Lord's commission to you. The Lord has given you His answer by placing this
Divorce at your feet. Thank Him with your whole heart and soul for this merciful gift and get out!
---Norma on 12/16/11

Sheila, You are morally and legally responsible to protect your child. Your husband's behviour punishable by law . Without knowing relevant info, its hard to offer you any truly helpful biblical counsel beyond the immediate .

No matter what happened between you, child abuse is wrong. You are the mother and protector and only defense against being hurt. You must call the police right away and report what is happening . NOW.

Your marital situation can be addressed later, but this comes first. Tell your pastor if you have one and don't keep this a secret.
---patricia on 12/13/11

Sheila the question is backwards YOU should be asking yourself IS IT RIGHT to be married to a man who is violently abusive? your answer is a firm NO - right?

you are bound by laws of land in USA (regardless of religious affiliation) a divorce through legal maneuvers can override your refusal in any state

living in separate houses under pretense of being married why? why would you live a lie and pretend your married yet live apart?

we have free will to follow Christ or not ...married people have free will to stay married or not ...your husband is exercising that free will ...are you not thankful your child will be safe now?
---Rhonda on 12/8/11

No you're not.Also God doesn't approve of parents abusing their children nor should you remain married to him .If he already filed this is Gods way of showing you to get out now while you still can.
---Candice on 12/8/11

God may hate divorce, but do you think that he likes child abuse and threats of murder?

If one is placed in a predicament where one must choose between two things God hates, it is probably a good idea to choose the one he hates less.
---StrongAxe on 12/6/11

God says "I hate divorce." God did not say "If you have divorce you are worthless." Get the divorce and leave for your safety, and piece of mind.
---Scott1 on 12/5/11

shelia, Yes it's wrong to be married when your husband is beating your child and threatens to kill the child. Did you report this to the Police? or to the Domestic Violence abuse center closest to you?

WHY do you want to stay married to an abuser? Financial reasons? Do you feel lonely if you divorce? All lies from the pit of hell. YOU CAN MAKE IT ON YOUR OWN.
Let him file papers...sign for the divorce. He's an ABUSER, that's a very wicked thing to be, don't you think?
---anon on 12/5/11

I think you need people who know more than you have told us.
---Bill_willa6989 on 12/4/11

Instead of worrying about your marriage, I hope you reported your husband to the Child Protection Agency in your area. He should not be allowed near that child at all. In fact, you should call 1-800-4-A-CHILD right now and report this man. Also, call the police, and file charges of assault against him for hurting your child. Plus, in all honesty, I would not want to stay married to such a man.
---Trish on 12/3/11

As St. Paul said in such a case, "If he wishes to depart, let him depart. You are free to marry, but only in the Lord."

How old is the child your husband threatened to kill? And what did you do about it?

Glory to Jesus Christ!
---Cluny on 12/3/11

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