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Nice To Meet You


Moderator - Oh no, it's nice to meet you.

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 ---mariam on 12/8/11
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Read the bible book of Job, satan afflicted Job because of his faith in God, he uses the same tactics today against God's people. Thank you Sister for sharing your struggles and most importantly claiming your Victory because of your prescious faith in Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.
---sue589634 on 2/7/12

Hi Chris, I think you're absolutely right on! Not sure about feminisation though but yeah I totally agree we live in a world of chemicals that can cause a lot of problems. In my case, my own estrogen is my enemy, have to have my ovaries out so I don't get ovarian or even breast cancer again and then take Tamoxifen for 5 years.
---Mary on 1/6/12

Alot of cancer to day is spread by chemicals. There are over 100,000 chemicals in use. We come into contact with 200 every day. It is impossible to escape them. You can try to lessen the effects. If you can use glass bottled water, not water from the tap or plastic bottles. Use glass containers for food. Try and find fresh meat and organic vegetables.
Check the web, read up on Tyrone Hayes work,Plastics and children, Endocrine disruptor.
The rise in cancer is not from God according to these sites but man. A lot of it sexual cancers, breast, cervix, testes prostrate.Sterility, feminisation, species dying such as bees. The world is in trouble. There is a lot written by scientists on this across the world. Its not your sin.
---chris on 1/3/12

Moderator permit-thankyou,can't resist !..Thankyou Darlene! You are so Right! Many told me horrible,cruel & weird things to me! why! Yes! again w cancer!my friend "Lilly"(not real name) has NO rest always try'n figure out ?"how did she? Me and her mom and whoever else! How we get cancer? Keep 'n prayer..
---ELENA on 1/2/12

Mary and others I just must say people do get weird ideas but I know God doesn't punish us for liking a part of our body when he planned us to be exactly what we are. Cancer comes from a lot of causes but that isn't one of them. People really show their ignorance when they say things like that. The enviornment,smoking,toxins from food,medicine etc we take into our bodies,predisposed to cancer because some are genetic and run in families. There is no Godly love in browbeating a person with blame instead of loving them and praying for their well being. Praise God for what he has done for y'all. Blessings
---Darlene_1 on 1/2/12

Hi Chris and Elena :) One of the worst things I was told was by one of my dearest friends of all who said that maybe the reason I got breast cancer was because I liked the big breasts I used to have--ouch! I love her to pieces but we don't agree on everything--but then, no two people do lol :D
---Mary on 1/1/12

Mary, Thank you, God bless you too. "Some people have told me I got cancer for various weird reasons but God only REALLY knows why we did! And He loves us, that much I know"
People, even we ourselves, can tell us all sorts of things, but what most matters is what God tells us, and to replace/renew the thinking with the Word, for the Word alone is Truth. Our individual battles may take different forms, such as cancer, but youre right, He loves us through all, and all for His purpose and glory. It is good news that you are finished with radiation! Perserverance comes to mind. Rom 5:3,4 2 Thes 3:5, James 1:2-4 James 5:10,11. Again, Bless you, and praise God!
---Chris9396 on 12/31/11

hello,Family we 'n our humaness .we can never find the perfect answer "how or why!"..Cancer myself, 2xI rather spend my life doin' otherworthwhile atten. Share with othersMust give God all praise He has been so good. I did not do Radiation study alot also went before God ..Decided no way you can not know how manynurses.. said later behind close doorsthey praised God wow! Like we was n church! I felt good. Mary hold on you goin' have good & not so good days!People all o'er goin thru things healthfinances,lack ... Mary you are a tenderheart & God will work things out. This is a good place to vent & get help and be strengthen.. Thankyou Moderator.
---ELENA on 12/30/11

Hi Chris--Oops--I misread your post and thought you were addressing me as well as Elena--sorry lol :D Anyway God bless you and have a great day, Mary :)
---Mary on 12/29/11

Hi Chris, also want to thank you for your kindness and understanding for both Elena and I, bless you. And you are right--He is God, not us. Some people have told me I got cancer for various weird reasons but God only REALLY knows why we did! And He loves us, that much I know. God bless your day dear. :)
---Mary on 12/29/11

Hi Elena, I completely understand what you're saying and you're absolutely right--thank you sister. :) I had my final radiation treatment yesterday and the staff made it beyond special! :) Husband and I went to great dinner too, am sore beyond belief but that will heal, have you had radiation burns? How long did it take to heal? Anyway thank you for your honesty, God bless. :)
---Mary on 12/29/11

Elena, "He gave me a new attitude! He is the Lord!... NOT me!
He has made me know I am nothing without Him.No $ can replace His love,no car,nothing!"
Praise God, this is the truth. Many blessings Elena, and May He keep you in perfect peace in Him.
---Chris9396 on 12/28/11

Moderator permit- one correction.. Sis. Mary look be more lik Jesus.. believe me I know ELENA..She definitely notperfect... better be lik Jesus 'n Him there is no sin. Never want to take God's glory! I have to pray His love and mercy be on me. Thankyou! ELENA
---ELENA on 12/28/11

Hello,Family! Love goes out to you! My dear friend Mary,we just human thoughtsn prayers be with you.Mary you know I got to be speak fr the heart n just tell you my mind set changed before I knew I had cancer again. I thinkGod prepare me since I got hit by thedrunk driver. All I thought then hownow,I am goin' to get this 'n get even.God I believe 2005 He gave me a new attitude! He is the Lord!... NOT me! I learn after goin'thru so much ...all things dowork out,He has a purpose.He just want us to trust Him!Lean ON Him.....some how it will make you stronger.Cancer does not own my mind,I do not feel any thing but thankfull cuz I know Hehas made me know I am nothing without Him.No $ can replace His love,no car,nothing!
---ELENA on 12/28/11

Hi Elena, wow you are amazing, girlfriend! :) I want to be more like you. I had a pelvic ultra-sound today for a mysterious "mass in abdominal area"--I don't know yet what this "mass" is but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't scared and leaning on God hard tonight! How does one survive cancer twice?! God bless you sister.
---Mary on 12/20/11

hi! Family... you also welcome sister Miriam to our worldwide family! I found ChristiaNet mess' round with the web.I was so lonely,bored 'n taking Chemo for cancer 2x... Thank Godbecuz goin' thru it has been both a eye opening exp. find out who ha! Ha! real friends 'n who's bad! Oh! well,cancer has not take nothing away fr ELENAGod has a purpose & I give you sister look up to the Lord no matter our tests & trials... He is a loving God! welcome my eyes see only good people here!ChristiaNet a blessing God sent of Jesus..
---ELENA on 12/17/11

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Greetings Mariam,
How are You today?
Thank You for taking time to meet me :D
Nice to encounter You in cyberspace also....
Hope You have the blest day You may,May the LORD bless
and keep You,Your's and Their's and make HIS Light to shine upon Your face's in accordance with HIS mercy,
grace,and glory,abundantly,
in Christ,
---kevin5443 on 12/11/11

Hi Mariam, my name is Mary and I'm a grateful believer. Have survived a very deadly cancer this year so am incredibly grateful just to have another Christmas to celebrate! What is new in your life? God bless, Mary
---Mary on 12/11/11

So mariam you still there?
Can you tell us a little about yourself?
Not everyone here bites and the ones that do, have no teeth.
They just sound like they do.
May God truly bless you.
---TheSeg on 12/10/11

Oh My God
Its nice to meet you two.
God Bless!
---TheSeg on 12/8/11

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Hi mariam, very nice to see you here. Tell us about yourself. We'd love to get to know you.

How did you find ChristiaNet?

Glad you're here, sit down, have a cup of tea and get ready for the ride of your life. There are alot of different opinions on this site. Just eat the chicken and throw out the bones . Hope you know what that means.
---anon on 12/8/11

Thanks, Mariam. Likewise. God bless. :)
---John.usa on 12/8/11

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