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Is Hell A Hot Place

Is hell a hot place? Show in the scripture.

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 ---1st_cliff on 12/23/11
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1st Cliff, Those are not "Governments" in the truest sense as GOD ordained in ROMANS 13. But, GOD can use any country to chasten another, even HIS own people, if HE sees fit. (Israel under Babylon in JEREMIAH!) GOD establishes the Authorities, but, human beings have free-will to form EVIL forms of governments. Why so BLIND, Cliff? So blinded from truth. It's too bad, too. I explained things well enough in my last comments to Mark, and everything I said went right above your head. Tempting me to want to repeat it all over again. But, I will not. Waste of time. GOOD Civil Authorities and Capital Punishment were designed by GOD. "The Rulers do not bear the Sword in vain!" Words of GOD, Cliff! Those are Words of GOD. :-)
---Gordon on 1/7/12

Cliff is a master of jumping to the wrong conclusions & hotly contesting Bible facts.
---Leon on 1/7/12

Gordon, **God set up social authorities(Governments,police and sheriff's dept.s)**...could have some merit if God only deals with USA.
Gestapo,SS, Saddam Husein,Pol Pot, Mubarak etc.. Set up by God????
Try to stay with the BIG picture Gordon!
---1st_cliff on 1/6/12

MarkV, GOD set up Capital Punishment. GOD punishes sin, Mark. Yes, This is the Day of Grace. But, TRUE Grace means we, as individual citizens, have no right to take another person's life. Except in DEFENSE. If someone breaks into your home to murder someone, to steal, etc., THEN we have a right to defend ourselves. 'Cause a person should not be illegally invading another person's property in the first place! Especially to do harm! But, GOD set up the Social Authorities (Governments, Police and Sheriff Depts.) to keep law and order, to protect individual citizen's rights AND to protect from harm! Read it in ROMANS 13:1-7! "For rulers...bear not the SWORD in vain..." The SWORD is another term for a Weapon of Execution.
---Gordon on 1/6/12

MarkV, GOD Himself has the RIGHT to take a person's life, as HE sees fit. And, HE does this THROUGH the Legal and Civil Authorities! It is not the right of some sentimental, weepy individual's right to make those decisions that belong to GOD alone. Because SENTIMENTS cloud the ability to reason correctly and to execute true Justice. That's why, although Abortion is EXTREMELY WRONG, it is just as wrong for some "Christian" to go out and murder an Abortion doctor out of "revenge". It is GOD's Call, not man's, to have someone executed. GOD says "Vengeance is MINE, I shall repay!". Even though Civil Authorities have done wrong before, they are SUPPOSED to do Right! That's GOD's Design, as per ROMANS 13!
---Gordon on 1/6/12

Samuel, again you take the side of an Antichrist. And believe his words, even suggest for believers to listen to him. Then you suggest that killing them is a punishment. You believe they are asleep then God wakes them up to kill them again. They were already dead. Why wake them up at all? And if He kills them, where is the punishment? waking them up to kill them again? Listen to what Jesus has to say, not what Athiest has to say. He is not speaking for God.
Everyone has to die, it doesn't take a scientist to know that, why not rape and kill as many children as we want since we are going to die anyway? just nonsense.
"And these will go away into everlasting punishment, but the righteous into eternal life" ( Matt. 25:46).
---Mark_V. on 1/6/12

It is fun that Mark says Captial Punishment is not punishment. That is like saying being dead is being alive.

Atheist I do not totally disagree with you. Live in Prison until a person dies is an alternative to Capitol punishment.

But GOD knows all the details and gives the perfect punishment for the crimes. His Captial Punishment is just.

Mark do you think that GOD should be more like Toms de Torquemada? But then you seem to think he was too easy for he eventually caused the death of people.
---Samuel on 1/5/12


I know its hard for you to comprehend, but there are options available to prevent people believed to be dangerous other than execution.

Also, you should consider that too often after years of incarceration accused murderers are release after DNA evidence proves unequivocally that they are innocent.

But, yeah, kill them all and let god sort it out.
---atheist on 1/5/12

I must agree with Gordon that capital punishment and eternal punishment are very similar... in that neither one serves any good purpose at all.
---John.usa on 1/5/12

Capital punishment is not punishment. It is getting rid of someone we don't want around anymore to kill others. Maybe Athiest would have wanted for that guy Woods to be released in his neighborhood. Around his family. I wonder what he would have done if that guy went into his house with the intention of murdering his children? Would he welcome him in with open arms?
The reason they are executed is so that they are not around to kill anymore. It is the punishment of man. Not of God.
Samuel, when someone kills another person, he is not punishing the person, he is punishing all those close to the person he killed. They will have the loss if they loved him. The person just stops existing.
---Mark_V. on 1/5/12

HEL-LO, we're starting to veer off of the main Topic, here. The issue here is not simply about Capital Punishment. I brought up the system of CP to relay that Eternal Damnation is set up like our Capital Punishment system is. Or, RATHER, GOD had CP set up and patterned after how Hell and the Lake of Fire were designed. It's all parallel to one another. Just like YAHUSHUA pointed out that the Garbage Dump outside of Jerusalem was a shadow of the Lake of Fire. So, likewise, the system of CP is a "shadow" of Hell and the Lake of Fire. He points these earthly things out to help us understand bigger things to come of which the earthly things are patterned after.
---Gordon on 1/4/12


Bobby Wayne Woods was executed in Texas after his lawyers lost a battle to persuade the courts that he was too mentally impaired to qualify for capital punishment.

His last words: Bye. I am ready.

Tests administered to Mr. Woods over the years placed his I.Q. between 68 and 86.

Good for you Texans!

Kill 'em all and let god sort it out...
---atheist on 1/4/12

To execute someone is a punishment. Here in Texas we do this punishment all the time. My Grandfather punished a man who tried to steal his horse by killing him. On what basis do you say a practice that is well recognized as a punishment is not a punisment?

The Bible says we are a soul. That is all that counts for me.
---Samuel on 1/4/12

1st Cliff, Your arguments are certainly a thorn in the flesh. Anyhoo, I move forward. GOD is the ONE who set up Capital Punishment. Just as GOD had people stoned to death, Cliff, for breaking a Law in times of old. HE's the same Today, Yesterday and Tomorrow. So, it's not "above" GOD to initiate a system of Capital Punishment for today. HE said that we'll reap whatever we sow. And, if we sow to the flesh (sin) we will reap death (ALL KINDS OF DEATH, Cliff, NOT JUST MORTAL DEATH) Hell and the Lake of Fire were designed by GOD, just as HE designed Death Row. Death Row and the day of execution work together just like Hell and the Lake of Fire. Your "God" is too small, Cliff, and he's not the GOD of the Holy Bible.
---Gordon on 1/4/12

Cliff, you did not answer my question. But I will ask another, how can it be a punishment if the person is dead? You say,
"When he dies he no longer sees his loved ones,enjoys associations,has a pleasant day, eats scrumptious food,or pursues any interest. His life ends: is that not punishment enough?"
While dead he feels nothing, misses nothing, or even gets hungry. How can that be a punishment? The only people who feel that, are the living. All you are doing is getting rid of him. No Cliff, he will wish he was dead, and that the punishment will stop. God is incapable of inflicting an unjust punishment. The Judge of all the earth will surely do what is right.
---Mark_V. on 1/4/12

I must add that California's death row is a hellish place. We have been visiting someone there regularly for the past eleven years.
---John.usa on 1/3/12

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Gordon, Of course I'm familiar,what are you trying to say??
It's against the law (universal) to torture anyone awaiting execution,his time comes soon enough!
When he dies he no longer sees his loved ones,enjoys associations,has a pleasant day, eats scrumptious food,or pursues any interest. His life ends: is that not punishment enough? Mean people would like to wake him up and smack him a few more times for "their" satisfaction!
---1st_cliff on 1/3/12

In California a person on death row is far more likely to die of illness or old age than he is actually to be executed. There are over 700 waiting for execution, but there have been only a dozen executions in California in the past 35 years.
---John.usa on 1/3/12

1st Cliff, When a murderer is sentenced to death, he is put in a prison cell on Death-Row until the day comes of his final execution. Are you familiar with that system?
---Gordon on 1/3/12

Cliff: The truth prevails despite your rantings. :)
---Leon on 1/2/12

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Leon, Why do you change scripture?
Nowhere does it say God "gave" man a soul!
He BECAME a soul ,do you comprehend "became?"
When you put on clothes they don't "become" anything although they may not be "too becoming" (a little play on words)
The regenerated spirits of Abraham and Lazarus were only in a parable (not reality)
Try as you may,Leon ,you can't make the bible "fit" your theology!
---1st_cliff on 1/2/12

Hell, Michigan:

The high today is 27 with a chance of snow.

---atheist on 1/2/12

Hell, Michigan:

The high today is 27 with a chance of snow.

---atheist on 1/2/12

"We are a living soul one does not live inside our body.
---Samuel on 1/2/12"

I hope you understand, I'm not saying our physical body is our "soul" as you seem to be implying Samuel. :)
---Leon on 1/2/12

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- cont'd Samuel - Unlike a balloon, God gave man a soul when He breathed life into Adam. God attached to the spirit a soul, giving us the ability to reason & choose (to think). Our soul is inexplicably joined to our spirit man.

Clothes have life only when we're in them. But, when we take them off, they're lifeless. Yet, we're still very much who we are with or without them. Clothes don't feel, thirst, etc. Similarly, the part of us that really feels & thirst is our spirit/soul, not our flesh (outer garment).

The regenerated "spirits" of Abraham & Lazarus were able to enjoy lifes pleasures, & rest in God. But, the "spirit" dead rich man couldn't & was tormented by his inabilities.
---Leon on 1/2/12

Gen. 2:7 - Man's physical body was made from the ground. Then God breathed His spirit into Adam's body. In so doing, Adam became a living soul. It's like this. God is a living Spirit & when He breathed His life (His Spirit) into Adam, it activated/animated his previously lifeless physical body.

Consider this: If you blow your breath into an inert (lifeless) balloon & tie it off, the balloon seemingly comes to life (becomes active) because your breath is in it. But, because it doesn't have a soul (cognition), it drifts about aimlessly. Leon

Yes it is about agreeing with the Bible. I acuataly agree with this statement, as well as the anology. We are a living soul one does not live inside our body.
---Samuel on 1/2/12

1Cliff, they had a choice for life, or for death. What choice did the children have? Sure they were free as far as no one was tying them down with chains, but their will was never free. Their desire was to remain who they were. If their will was free it would have no desires. It would be neutral (free). No one's will is ever free. When we choose anything, there is always a desire of some kind. You say,
"He allowed others to live" is saying he shows partiality."
He chose Israel instead of the others nations to be His people, He choose Adam instead of someone else, He chose every single person He so desired. He chose Mary over all the others, and so on. No Cliff, you have the wrong god of the Bible.
---Mark_V. on 1/1/12

Gordon, You make it sound "cut and dried" but there are serious gaps in your knowledge.
IE- There are 3 "different" hells in scripture. You are designating everyone to "Gehenna" as a final place.
Hell=Sheol/Hades is the common grave of mankind where one awaits resurrection (there's no fire here!)
Only satan and his fellow demons are being put in Tarterus (hell) not people!
A little deeper study, Gordon, is in order here!
---1st_cliff on 1/1/12

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Dear Mark

You said look at the Old Testametn which we should. GOD executed people in the Old Testament for sin.

He did not keep on torturing them. They were punished and then died. Jud 1:7 Even as Sodom and Gomorrha, and the cities about them in like manner, giving themselves over to fornication, and going after strange flesh, are set forth for an example, suffering the vengeance of eternal fire.

Tell me the Archeologist who found Sodom was the fire still burning?
---Samuel on 1/1/12

Samuel: No attack, just stating fact! :) It's not about who agrees with you or me. It's about "our" agreeing with the written word of God (the Bible).

Gen. 2:7 - Man's physical body was made from the ground. Then God breathed His spirit into Adam's body. In so doing, Adam became a living soul. It's like this. God is a living Spirit & when He breathed His life (His Spirit) into Adam, it activated/animated his previously lifeless physical body.

Consider this: If you blow your breath into an inert (lifeless) balloon & tie it off, the balloon seemingly comes to life (becomes active) because your breath is in it. But, because it doesn't have a soul (cognition), it drifts about aimlessly. - cont'd Samuel -
---Leon on 1/1/12

1st Cliff, You think it's all just about beliving in the "right Religion"? GOD Who is the ONE Who created this Planet and everyone on it. We have NO RIGHT to live any other kind of lifestyle than what HE has ordained us to, and still expect HIM to get off the hook. And, if we don't want to live life the way HE has designed. If we would rather live life the way HIS biggest Enemy, Satan, encourages and tempts us to, then HE is under NO OBLIGATION to allow us any kind of rest from Damnation. GOD allows people the Freedom to choose who they want to serve. If one wants GOD, they'll go to Heaven. If one'd rather serve themselves and/or Satan, they'll end up in Eternal Torments.
---Gordon on 12/31/11

Mark V, You asked "what good was their free will?"
They were free to join Israel,by becoming circumcised and following the Jewish law!
"I put before you life and death, choose life"Deut. 30.15
Same choice is before you and I today!
You would not have killed them and your mercy is no where near God's!
"He allowed others to live" is saying he shows partiality.
No,saying "do this and live" "do that and die" is not partiality!

aka, You're right, laying in a box 6' down is not all that comfortable! I pray that it's not my destiny!I've got used to living and I like it!
---1st_cliff on 12/31/11

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1Cliff, when I read what people say about free will, and the love of God I wonder what Bible they are reading. They refuse to believe what God did through Scripture and hold on to a bias believe to fit their theology.
Israel was God's people. They got the gospel, the others got the sword, women and children, and many times the animals. What good was their free will? Good for nothing. Those lives counted too. God has a purpose for everything He does. Sometimes He allowed others to live. He looks way ahead and His doing are all justified for He is Holy and righteous, and none of us are, unless we have the imputed righteousness of Christ. Because of my feelings I would not have killed them, and I would have been wrong.
---Mark_V. on 12/31/11

1Cliff, please don't compare what I do or feel with what God feels and does. I am a sinner like everyone, with the imputed righteousness of Christ. Your don't have your spiritual cap on. I didn't make the rules in Scripture. God spoke and it was written, and He will do what He says, He cannot lie. It's not about me, it's about God. Hell is not a happy place to go, for those who are, they better worry. Even if the words of Jesus concerning hell were symbols, I find no relief in that. It is probable that the sinner in hell would prefer a literal lake of fire to the reality of hell represented in the lake of fire image. The wrath of God throughout Scripture is not hidden at all, look at the Old Testament what He did to so many.
---Mark_V. on 12/30/11

Whatever your sin you will be forgiven if you truly regret. It is written clearly in several places. Yet it means real grief, not just a 2 minute prayer or confession. It also states that God does not want anyone to perish.
'Let him without sin cast the first stone.'
There are so many, who will not repent because they cannot see the wrong they have done. The thoughtless word and deed, the times they walk away when they can help. All these things must be repented.Forgiveness will be given to all who genuinely ask.
Seek and you shall find, knock and the door shall be opened. Ask and it will be given.
---chris on 12/30/11

cliff 1, the place has not been created yet. but, the analogies that are throughout scripture do not describe a physically or spiritually comfortable place.
---aka on 12/30/11

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Gordon, You are taking liberties with scripture definitions IE **Life and true life** no such allusion exists!
**The wrath of God abideth** simply means "remains" as in they Never see life!(ever)
Punishment is usually to "teach a lesson" if it never ends there's absolutely no point to it. God does not do something for no reason.
What kind of paradise do we inherit knowing the humans are continually being tortured?
10,000 years from now people are still being tortured daily simply because they didn't believe or chose the wrong religion?? Come on Gordon, really!
---1st_cliff on 12/30/11

Dear Christian I agree the Bible is true. But JESUS used stories to teach truth. That is what the bible says.

Mat 13:34 All these things spake Jesus unto the multitude in parables, and without a parable spake he not unto them:

So you make an accusation against me for agreeing with scripture?

Now Scripture says the wages of sin is death. Rom 6:23 You say it is eternal life in torture. You tell me death does not mean death. Please show me that in scripture?

JESUS says GOD will destroy the wicked. Matt 10:28 Why should I not believe JESUS?
---Samuel on 12/30/11

Leon instead of answering my questions you attacked me and men who study the bible and have written on it. Some commentators agree with you but most do not.

Now answer my question please in the passage of Luke he says they have fingers and tounges that can touch water and be soothed by them.

So are you saying the dead go physically down to hell or do you teach a spirit does.

Now the Gen. 2:7 the Bible says body plus spirit is a soul. You say the Bible is wrong here. Please show me where it says we have in our body and immortal soul that GOD cannot destroy.
---Samuel on 12/30/11

MarkV, Btw, My last comment to 1st Cliff was nothing against you personally. I just meant that you, as we ALL are, have been a sinner. And, I only mentioned you, because 1st Cliff used you in his example. Shalom and Blessings to you!
---Gordon on 12/31/11

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Worms that will not die?

It's Interesting how a Caterpillar goes into a cocoon and changes into a butterfly.
I wonder if this worm that doesn't die, is a symbol of those who did not accept Jesus Christ as Lord. They never went into the cocoon, and they were never changed.
They did not die and become a new being.
---David on 12/31/11

1st Cliff, Your reasoning with MarkV is erroneous. For one thing, MarkV is a sinner like everyone else. He's as sinful and guilty of having done others wrong just as anyone who would be meanful and hurtful to him. MarkV, therefore, has no justifiable right to beat on any individual mercilessly forever. GOD, on the other hand, DOES have the Right to take out Eternally-lasting Punishment and Vengeance on rebellious, sinful and unrepentant mankind because HE is Holy, Sinless and Perfect in every way. Because HE is Sinless, all sin is extremely repulsive to HIM. He is GREAT in Love and Mercy, but, one must repent of sin to receive HIS Forgiveness and Mercy. If one does NOT repent, they remain under HIS Almighty Wrath for Eternity.
---Gordon on 12/30/11

Mark V,Have you ever heard of the "punishment fitting the crime?"
Capital punishment is fitting for murder etc.
The victim has resurrection to everlasting life to look forward to...the murderer does not!
Wages of sin is death.
Gift of God is life.
Only two options. Choose one!
Only one with a mean viscious streak would suggest never ending torture!
Mark ,how would you punish those who were mean and hurtful to you?? Think about it! Would you beat them every day for the rest of your life?
---1st_cliff on 12/29/11

1st Cliff, No, I'm not a bully-type person. And, YES, GOD's Wrath is Eternal. JOHN 3:36 reminds us "He that believeth on the Son hath Everlasting LIFE: and he that believeth not the Son shall not see Life, but, the Wrath of GOD ABIDETH on him." That word "abideth" is an on-going tense verb. It is saying that just as the Saints have on-going and everlasting Life in Heaven, likewise, the Damned will experience the on-going, never-ending Wrath of GOD. And, btw, ('cause I KNOW what you'll try to argue!) Being "alive" in Hell and the Lake of Fire forever is NOT the same as having "Eternal Life" as those in Heaven. They are alive in Hell, but, they do not have TRUE LIFE. Learn what this means, 1st Cliff.
---Gordon on 12/29/11

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1cliff, you said,
"Isn't "capital punishment" enough to placate "wrath?"
No it's not for raping and killing children or murdering others. All you are doing is getting rid of him. There is no punishment to that. Those people are separated from God, and would love nothing more then to be separated from God in death forever. God is not stupid to grant them their wish, in fact God will be present with them, and they will feel the pain they so much deserve for what they have done, People can endure the greatest agony if they know it will ultimately stop. In hell there is no such hope. The Bible clearly teaches that the punishment is eternal death. Punishment implies pain, mere annihilation involves no pain.
---Mark_V. on 12/29/11

Gordon, Back in the day,the "rack" was used to punish people, Wartime interrogations included vile torture. All outlawed by the global consensus.
Those found still doing this are arrested for "crimes against humanity"
Isn't "capital punishment" enough to placate "wrath?"
Are you suggesting that God's wrath is never ending?
Never satisfied with "enough is enough"
Do you have the Godly quality of "mercy" Are you sensitive to causing hurt?
God's mercy is greater than ours! I don't believe you're a
bully type person! Are you?
---1st_cliff on 12/29/11

1st Cliff, If you really serve the GOD of the Holy Bible, then, your GOD is a GOD of Wrath against Sin and evil doers as well as being a GOD of Love and Mercy. GOD says "Vengeance is Mine, I shall repay!". And, HE's referring to the wicked, evil-doers, here.
---Gordon on 12/29/11

Gordon,Gordon: Something straight out of a grade B horror movie! "The living dead"!
The Muslims have one up on you,they say that the thirsty are given boiling water to drink,flesh being scalded off their bodies as fast as new flesh grows!

Hindus say that hot pokers are thrust through your bodies to the 7 depths of hell,each one hotter than the last!

Who is the greatest fiend? God, Allah or Siva?

Gordon, my God is LOVE!
---1st_cliff on 12/28/11

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I have changed my view of eternal damnation. I think it is going to be a sad time when people stand before God at the final judgement and realize that it was all true about a real God. There will be no doubt then!!. Researching the scriptures and the meanings of the words for destruction eternal punishment, leads to an ending not a continuation. Yes, there will be wailing because a person will be conscious of their end. It is more important to have a relationship with Jehovah then to try to miss hell.
---Bob_Baker on 12/28/11

Cliff: You are bursting with information. Unfortunately, you desperately lack Bible revelation as one can only receive from God, the Holy Spirit. Praying for your soul...
---Leon on 12/28/11

Buster, Regardless of whether the Story in LUKE 16 is a Parable or a True Story, it makes NO DIFFERENCE. Why?? Because the Lord was saying THIS is how it is in Hell. THIS, what these characters in My Story encountered, is what you can expect, should you end up there. These people with their commentary are ignorant, then, of the actual Revelations of Hell given to us today by the Lord. Hell consists of Utter Darkness, Fires that are never quenched and DO NOT illuminate the Darkness, for the Darkness is too strong and thick. Hell also has undying worms, the continually feed on the Damned. There is Screaming, Crying, Yelling, Filthy Cursing and excruciating Pain throughout. With NO REST. NONE EVER. This is the wages of Sin! A LIVING DEATH.
---Gordon on 12/28/11

Leon, I like the fact that you pointed out **the very place in the bible that addresses soul consciousness**
Of the 66 books in the bible 64 were written by Jewish writers and Apostles.
So the one who really understands "soul consciousness" is a Greek Gentile who never met Jesus and no one else backs up this (parable?). Pretty strong evidence huh?
---1st_cliff on 12/27/11

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Samuel,"as most commentators agree"? And who are these commentators that you seem to cling to their teachings rather than what the Holy Spirit teaches in the Holy Bible? Goodness gracious!

Jesus declared, "God is Spirit, and those who worship Him must worship Him in spirit and in truth." Yes, "God is Truth" and the Holy Bible is about His Truth and no lies can be found in the Scripture. Hence when you say "not a true story", you are accusing God of teaching a lie. Woe be to you!

Jesus declared, "For by thy words thou shalt be justified, and by thy words thou shalt be condemned."
---christan on 12/26/11

And Yhwh said, For fire is kindled in my wrath, and will burn to the bottom of hell, and will consume the earth and its increase, and set on fire the foundations of the mountains. And they will go forward, and look upon the carcases of the humans that have transgressed against me: for their worm will not die, neither will their fire be quenched, and they will be an abhorring to all flesh. And the smoke of their torment ascends up for ever and ever: and they have no rest day nor night. And whosoever was not found written in the book of Life was cast into the lake of fire. Dt.32:22+ Is.66:24+ Rev.14:11+ 20:15. Please Read- Mt.25:41-46.
---Eloy on 12/26/11

"...Scripture says nothing about 'Soul consciousness' after death!"

That's exactly what I'm talking about Cliff. There's no showing you what you refuse to see since you are "hellbent" on rejecting Luke 16:19-31, the very place in the Bible that addresses soul consciousness.

Never mind! We can't have a rational discussion on the matter when you refuse to acknowledge the facts that are right before your eyes to read in the Bible. Similar to what Abraham said in Luke 16, there's nothing I or anyone else can tell you about hell. You have the Scriptures to read if only you would hear & then believe them.
---Leon on 12/26/11

"Do you believe the wicked and the righteous talk to each other?"

I believe what Jesus said over what you think or say Samuel. Obviously, you have a distorted understanding of Scripture.
---Leon on 12/26/11

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GORDAN,The rich man & Lazarus is a story(parable) Get a KJV bible see at top in some of them will say, it's a parable.If you think am wrong, go find a bible scholar and ask them.
---buster on 12/26/11

"Luke 16 as most commentators agree is a parable and not a true story.
Most teach it is spirits that go to hell at death. But in Luke it is bodies that have parts that can be touched and cooled by water. Also the righteous and wicked can talk to each other...
---Samuel on 12/25/11"

Samuel: You & your "most commentators" are wise in your own eyes. You don't understand Bible reality (truth) & give undue credit to abilities of the flesh. The flesh is nothing apart from the spirit/soul man. The flesh is just clothing that houses the part of us that really feels, thirsts, sees, etc. That part is our spirit man!

Believe your "commentators" if you want. I will believe Jesus!
---Leon on 12/26/11

1st Cliff, I was just kidding around. I'm sure the worms are just metaphorical. :)
---John.usa on 12/27/11

hell where people go when they die is the ground I guess it could be wet, damp, muddy, if your in the north or dry and dusty and hot if you live in the southwest desert

there are FOUR definitions of hell in Holy Scripture and EACH has a DIFFERENT meaning

If you reference Dante's works you might find a reference of "hell" as a "hot place" however according to Holy Scripture the idea of hell being hot, or people suffering ALIVE in any form is not found not matter how much anyone tries to imply Dante's writings are the same as Holy Scripture
---Rhonda on 12/25/11

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Luke 16 as most commentators agree is a parable and not a true story.

Most teach it is spirits that go to hell at death. But in Luke it is bodies that have parts that can be touched and cooled by water.

Also the righteous and wicked can talk to each other. Do you believe that the righteous will go to watch and listen to those being tortured in hell like some used to teach?
---Samuel on 12/25/11

Buster, You're wrong. GOD is ALSO a GOD of Wrath!
---Gordon on 12/26/11

Leon, I like your sense of humor, what you lack in knowledge you make up in imagination!
Scripture says nothing about "Soul consciousness " after death!
You rank God right up there with Pol Pot and Hitler, at least Hitler gassed his victims before burning them!
Are you not afraid of defaming God?

Johnusa, The worms were on the ledges of Gehenna to eat the garbage that didn't make it to the fire! (they were not immortal) only that they were always there!
---1st_cliff on 12/23/11

1st_cliff - I'm sure you call yourself a "christian", and according to the Bible, you must have already been born of the spirit so that you can believe all that's written in the Bible, right? Your question is evidence that the process of being born of the Spirit has not even occurred that's why you cannot harken unto the teachings of Jesus Christ.

buster - if Hell is not a creation of God to deal with unbelievers, then kindly enlighten us - who created it and will be in-charge of it?
---christan on 12/23/11

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Is it a hot place?
Hell is translated by the English word hell (sheol Heb.) 65 times in the OT
31 times as grave
31 times as hell
1 time as pit
2 times as death!
No fire in any one of these sheols.
English is not a "pure' language but made up of many (German French Latin etc.)
Our word Hell comes from the German "hoelle" meaning to bury or hole, like "hole in the ground" with absolutely no connection to fire!
Sheol in Greek is Hades.
---1st_cliff on 12/23/11

john.usa, The fact that the worms in Hell do not die is not indicative of the amount or the degree of heat issued forth from the fires in Hell. The worms do not die from the Hell-fire, no more than the bush was consumed by the fire as it was presented before Moses. And, the bush was indeed on fire. The Bible says so. Hell-fire is very hot. That's why the Rich man in Hell wanted even a drop of water for his tongue, thinking that it would've cooled his tongue from the heat of the flame.
---Gordon on 12/23/11

I disagree with your understanding of Luke 16. I agree the Parable of the Rich Man and Lazarus is just that a Parable.

Do you believe the wicked and the righteous talk to each other? Some who believed this doctrine talked about how they would picnic next to the lake of Fire so they could enjoy the torture of the wicked. Do you wish to enjoy the wicked being torture?

Also do you not believe it is the Spirit not the physical body that goes to hell? In this parable it speaks of physical bodies and fingers.
---Samuel on 12/23/11

It isn't quite hot enough to kill worms. As the old KJV puts it. "Their worm dieth not"! :)
John.usa on 12/23/11

Dan_3:22--and the furnace exceeding hot, the flame of the fire slew those men that took up Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego.

Dan_3:25--Lo, I see four men loose, walking in the midst of the fire, and they have no hurt, and the form of the fourth is like the Son of God.
Then Nebuchadnezzar came near to the mouth of the burning fiery furnace, and spake, and said, Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego, ye servants of the most high God, come forth, and come hither. Then Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego, came forth of the midst of the fire.

Its just a story, right
---TheSeg on 12/24/11

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1 Cliff, according to Jesus it is a place where you do not want to go, but where many are going. "For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who suppress the truth in unrighteousness, because what may be known of God is manifest in them, for God has shown it to them" (Rom. 18.19).
God has done enough so that people know who He is. And those who suppress the truth will see the wrath of God. So I must tell all, don't suppress the Truth, and don't be ungodly, for you will find out what the real wrath of God is. God has spoken.
---Mark_V. on 12/24/11

Hell is the grave. Also called Hades in Greek. The idea of a forever burning fire to torture the wicked comes out of Dante's Divine Comedy: The Inferno. The Roman Church incorporated these ideas along with Greek mythology to scare church members.
---doug5887 on 12/24/11

Only losers will end up there.
---twain on 12/24/11

Buster, that's probably a little too difficult for most people to comprehend.
---John.usa on 12/24/11

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---buster on 12/23/11

Cliff: Since you reject the reality of Luke 16:19-31, there's no showing you. Obviously, you place your opinions in the highest regard, even over the words of Jesus.

Hell is a place of "SOUL CONSCIOUS", self-tormenting (torture), burning desires & smoldering regrets. When a lost soul comes face-to-face (eye-to-eye) with hell's very real consequences, his/her "eternal soul" is extremely woeful (miserable).

Again, you don't believe & "hotly" contest Luke 16:19-31. You asked the question, so I responded & that's it ~ no more or less. Hope you'll have a change of heart before it's too late. :)
---Leon on 12/23/11

It isn't quite hot enough to kill worms. As the old King James Version puts it. "Their worm dieth not"! :)
---John.usa on 12/23/11

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