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My Parents Went To Hell

What should I do if I went to Heaven and found my beloved parents in Hell? I have my own answer, honestly based on a Catholic (of sorts) conscience. I should rescue them. What do you think? Best wishes, Paul

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 ---Paul_Stephens on 12/31/11
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Paul, first of all, God speaks to our conscience. You have the Catholic church speaking to your conscience. The wrong Person is speaking to you. You have to allow God to speak to you. When you get to heaven, if you are one of the Elect, you will think of nothing other then to be happy united with Christ. All those things you knew as a person while alive will be gone. No sorrow, no pain, no more sin, so you will be a great guy. You can worry about your parents now, but not after you are gone. All things from this earth will cease to exist. It will be a new beginning.
---Mark_V. on 1/18/12

Athiest, you said to me,

"Is this what you really believe of the people you share this planet with?"

Of course I do. If it wasn't for God who restrains sin, humans would not exist. They would be killing each other. But even though sin exist, God is still in control. You just don't know Him. Don't worry, you are not the only one, let me say there is many of you. The Man in the Sky already told us what is going to happen. "He doeth according to His will in the army of heaven, and among the inhabitants of the earth: and none can stay His hand" (Dan. 4:35) And again, "There are many devices in a man's heart, nevertheless the counsel of the Lord, that shall stand" (Prov. 19:21).
---Mark_V. on 1/17/12

GOD is just and punishes those who prefer to live in sin instead of accepting JESUS and turning from sin to live forever in heaven.

GOD loves everyone and his punishment for sin is to destroy the wicked who will die the second death.

Rom 6:23 For the wages of sin [is] death, but the gift of God [is] eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.

We cannot rescue anyone for hell for they die in hell and cease to exist.
---Samuel on 1/17/12

If you went to heaven you would not know a soul neither who you are or the fate of your family members for ALL THINGS shall be past away.

Rev 21:4
And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes, and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain: for the former things are passed away.

Contrary to the unfounded doctines preached, God will not tolerate no more the sins and fate of the fallen.

By the way who are you to judge your parents final resting place, God is the final judge and the Saints who have their place amongst the jury 144,000+
---Carla on 1/17/12

Paul, You can't rescue your parents from Hell. That is a false doctrine. Both the Catholic church and the Protestant Church have many false doctrines. Instead, read the Holy Bible for yourself. It says "It is appointed unto man ONCE to die, and after that, the Judgment." (HEBREWS 9:27). Whatever Decision one has made, concerning Salvation, THAT will determine where they will spend Eternity, at death. There are only two choices-Heaven or Hell and the ensuing Lake of Fire. Purgatory does not really exist. And, there is no Scriptural basis for it either. That's why the LORD also says in Scripture that "Today is the day of Salvation!". Make up your mind TODAY about your soul. After death, it will be too late to change your mind.
---Gordon on 1/12/12

Athiest, I sure do, God's Word. That is my evidence. Of course you don't believe my evidence, you are an anti-christ. I don't expect you to believe. You honor not God. But that is ok, for God's Word also tells me anything without faith is sin. And that "they stumble at the Word, being disobedient, Whereunto also they were appointed" (1 Peter 2:8).
---Mark_V. on 1/12/12

//No. I just don't believe in ...talking snakes.//

just turn on the TV then.
---aka on 1/11/12


No. I just don't believe in gods, or talking snakes. Do you have evidence for either?
---atheist on 1/11/12

Athiest, of course you don't believe the serpent spoke to Eve, you are an athiest with no faith in the Word of God. I don't expect you to believe anything in the Bible. You are described as an Anti-christ. Oh, you probably do good things, and are kind to people, but everything you do is without faith, never for the glory of God.
"For since the creation of the world His invisible attributes are cleary seen, being understood by the things that are made even His eternal power and Godhead, so that they are without excuse, because although they knew God, they did not glory Him as God, nor were thankfu, but became futile in their thoughts, and their foolish hearts were darkened, Professing to be wise, they became fools.."
---Mark_V. on 1/11/12


You believe in talking snakes?

And you think I am the one with a false belief system?

But it is a sad world when people admit that if it weren't for the fear of unending torture in an imaginary afterlife, they would now be going about doing all sorts of terrible things.

Is this what you really believe of the people you share this planet with?

You can't imagine people being decent to one another without fear of eternal punishment from an imaginary sky-god?
---atheist on 1/10/12

Earl, I only understood the first sentence. Maybe if you ask one question at a time and explain what you are saying I can answer you correctly.
You said,
"MarkV,Is not God the the source from which all things are made"
Yes. In fact, He says,
"He upholdeth all things by the Word of His power" (Heb. 1:3). It also says, "Truely He Holdeth our soul in life" (Psa. 66:9). You ask if God takes vengenace, and I said no, but I would like to correct myself, He does take vengenace. Since He did say He does.
"The Lord will take vengeance on His adversaries, and He reserveth wrath for His enemies" ( Num. 1:2).
---Mark_V. on 1/9/12

MarkV,Is not God the the source from which all things are made?Therefore man could not have and angel did not create hell you speak of from their power.If hell is the final stop for evil angel or man God must be satisfied that they are punished properly.Is this not how he dispenses justice to the sinful?Is not justice done ?
Revenge and paybacks-yes-The conditions of the believed hell where man suffers with extreme agony and fire support the burn in hell torture belief.
Children? Who created man?If God did not create the children of earth where they may call him Father then man must have spontaneously evolved without god.
Have you not read that God sits in derision?
Have you not read God is a Father of all things ?
---earl on 1/8/12

Earl, you say, why would God resurrect someone to punish him? I say why resurrect a dead person to kill him again? You said:

"If one believes in hell then that same one must agree to believe there is a God who has satisfaction in applying torture to his sinful children."
No, God gets no pleasure in punishing the wicked. Second, those going to hell are not His Children. Their father is the devil. God doesn't punish His children, for there is no condemnation to those who are in Christ. They have been forgiven and are righteous before Him.
Then you say:
"This would make God a God of revenge and paybacks."
No revenge from God. He is also a God of wrath. Study the God of Scripture.

---Mark_V. on 1/8/12

If you found your parents in hell being tortured then you will never be happy in heaven knowing God is making sure your beloved parents are getting what is coming to them.


Gods TRUTH is simple and as a GOD of mercy simply says sinner will perish not one verse describes eternal life in ANY FORM for the wicked
---Rhonda on 1/7/12

Samuel, don't you realize what you say before you say it? You suggest I drive people away from God. How is that possible if they are away from God already? If you mean believers, God loses not one of His. The lost are condemned already, in great need of Christ.
You say I make God as the worse torturer, when all I do is quote Scripture. You say that you believe in what Jesus said in Matt. 10:28, I also believe it too, for that passage does not say, that in the end God will destroy the soul, but that He is capable. You have to put your own feelings aside. The lost are tormented (Luke 16:25: Rev. 20:10, and the others also v. 15) and its forever (Jude 13: Dan 12:2: Matt. 24:43:) explained as everlasting in ( Matt. 25:46). The Word of the Lord.
---Mark_V. on 1/6/12

Mark your position drives people away from GOD for you make Him to be a worse tortruer then any man or woman who has ever existed.

I agree with what JESUS taught. He taught that Mat 10:28 And fear not them which kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul: but rather fear him which is able to destroy both soul and body in hell.

You teach that GOD does not destory the wicked he tortures them. But JESUS says He destroys them. So I agree with JESUS and not you.

I agree with any point of truth anyone presents. What do you think of Toms de Torquemada? Do you think of him as loving good and kind?
---Samuel on 1/5/12

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Mark, you missed my point. But that's okay.
---John.usa on 1/5/12

And I saw a new heaven and a new earth: Is. 65.17 , 66.22 2 Pet. 3.13 for the first heaven and the first earth were passed away, and there was no more sea.
2 And I John saw the holy city, Is. 52.1 new Jerusalem, coming down from God out of heaven, Rev. 3.12 prepared as a bride adorned for her husband. Is. 61.10
3 And I heard a great voice out of heaven saying, Behold, the tabernacle of God is with men, and he will dwell with them, and they shall be his people, Ezek. 37.27 and God himself shall be with them, and be their God.

As I understand it the tree of life will be given and the tree of knowledge taken away.
Only those who are prepared to be like children will enter
---chris on 1/5/12

Samuel, don't you realize what you just said?
"I wish that those who advocate this unbliblical doctrine would actually listen to you. From your positin you point out a truth. That a loving GOD would not torture people for all eternity. You are correct and I agree with you"
How can he point out a truth? He is "an Athiest." Who doesn't believe in God, teaching you about God, and you want others to listen to him. He spoke to you just like the serpent spoke to Eve. "Did God really say?" and you bought into his lie just like she did. And you suggest believers listen to him. You have a choice, Believe Jesus and what He says about hell or believe the serpent. You chose to believe the serpent.
---Mark_V. on 1/5/12

If they are your beloved parents why don't you know if they have accepted Jesus as Savior?
---Scott1 on 1/5/12

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If one believes in hell then that same one must agree to believe there is a God who has satisfaction in applying torture to his sinful children.
Why resurect sinful children to torture them ?
This would make God a God of revenge and paybacks.
If you found your parents in hell being tortured then you will never be happy in heaven knowing God is making sure your beloved parents are getting what is coming to them.
---earl on 1/4/12

Dear Atheist

I wish that those who advocate this unbliblical doctrine would actually listen to you. From your positin you point out a truth. That a loving GOD would not torture people for all eternity. You are correct and I agree with you.

That is why I was glad to find the truth of Conditionalism that the punishment for sin is death.

Rom 6:23 For the wages of sin [is] death, but the gift of God [is] eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.
---Samuel on 1/4/12

Johnusa, you said,
"Heaven and earth will pass away..." but hell is permanent. Now THAT'S funny! :)"

I guarantee you, those going to hell will not think it is funny at all once they get there. While alive they can say there is no hell, convinced, that if they minimize the wrath of God in their own minds there won't be a hell later. To those,
"God has given them a spirit of stupor, Eyes that they should not see and ears that they should not hear, to this very day".
Though Paul was speaking to Jews, his speaking to all who reject the Gospel of Jesus Christ as they did.
---Mark_V. on 1/4/12

You cant rescue them. Once a person dies, they are forever locked in where ever they went. Heaven or hell. There is a great gulf fixed so that no one can cross. Read Luke 16:19-31.
---Willa on 1/3/12

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How is it that you expect to find them? On a tour bus from Heaven to see the sights of Hell? Seriously now. Maybe you ought to pick a more loving god...
---atheist on 1/2/12

"Heaven and earth will pass away..." but hell is permanent. Now THAT'S funny! :)
---John.usa on 1/2/12

" only suggestion is that if you want to plan a rescue mission perhaps you should do it in this life.Lesa
---Lesa_Albright on 1/2/12"

Amen Lesa!
---Leon on 1/2/12

Give them the gospel while they are alive. If they don't receive Christ at least you did your part. Don't worry about not seeing them or anyone else in heaven. The Bible teaches that there will be no sorrow nor tears in heaven. You will rejoice in what you do have and not think of what you do not.
---Harold on 1/2/12

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Paul, the first thing you do is cast those thoughts out of your mind and ask the Lord to help you not to dwell on them. They arent coming from God. He doesnt want us to torture ourselves with such "what ifs". That is satan trying to turn you against God because of your love for your parents.

What God wants us to do is HOPE. Love hopes in all things. So if this is your concern, you pray for your parents and you pray for strength to be the best possible witness for Christ that you can be so that maybe you can be the one to lead your parents to Him.

Worry doesn't accomplish anything. Faith does.
---JackB on 1/2/12

Hell is permanent. If you think you can go to Heaven and then go rescue your parents from Hell . . . please read the Bible and discover all we have here, and trust God to do with you all that His word means to Him and not merely what humans have invented at their inferior level.

Please . . . there is so much more!!!

Jesus says, "if you love those who love you, what reward have you?" (in Matthew 5:46) So, if I am mainly concerned only about my own parents, this is maybe what Jesus means by loving only those who love me. And if I mainly love only a few persons who are possibly qualified for Hell . . .

I need to evaluate who I myself really am with Jesus and where I could go, because of the way I am loving, now.
---Bill_willa6989 on 1/2/12

Paul rcc teaches you could someday "rescue" your parents?

problem with rcc and her bogus catechism is the lies she promotes ABOUT Holy Scripture which contradict almost EVERY WORD from GOD Luke 4:4

next problem with rcc is how she brainwashes her subjects to submit their minds to their pompish pope

now they are primed for belief in her lies and easily dismiss reject and ignore Holy Scripture because their pope (by submissive mind control) tells them the catechism and all rcc says is more powerful than GODS Holy Word

mortal man does not give or rescue anyone to eternal life and salvation
Salvation is by Christ only

hell is simply the grave ONLY Christ can resurrect (rescue) anyone from the grave
---Rhonda on 1/2/12

So after we die we become unloving and uncaring and can enjoy watching people being tortured without caring.

Then why should we care now? Should we stop helping the poor and those in need. After all they are sinners and deserve what they get. Should not go back like the Roman Cathoiic church used to do and torture people to death. We can fill a room with rats and throw a person in like they did in the inquestion. After all the god that you worship accoring to the last few letters approves of this.

My GOD will punish each person exactly the amount they deserve then they will die and cease to exist. We can love an mourn for them until GOD wipes away our tears.
---Samuel on 1/2/12

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Luke 16 starting on verse 19. Lazarus and Rich man after death found himself in hell.The rich man was able to see Lazarus and Abraham (who is the one who made covenant with God so that Jesus would come.Well if you read this example of Heaven and Hell. then you would realize that if you are in hell you cannot reach your loved ones neither can they reach you.Because when the rich man suggested that Abraham use Lazarus( like a servant)to bring water to him Abraham stated two reasons he could not.The physical reason was there is a great Gulf between heaven and hell so anyone who wishs to pass between cannot.So my only suggestion is that if you want to plan a rescue mission perhaps you should do it in this life.Lesa
---Lesa_Albright on 1/2/12

When you enter into heaven and your parents are thrown down into hell exactly where all evil belongs, you will have zero concern for them. Most souls are given an average life span of 70 years on earth to get right with God, and by rejecting Christ every day they have also rejected heaven and rejected you. The scripture is very clear, them whom reject Christ, Christ likewise rejects and rightly casts them into the lake of fire and brimstone.
---Eloy on 1/1/12

Paul, I believe from the beginning you are in trouble. How can you be in heaven and find your parents in hell? Just not possible. You are either in heaven or you are in hell period. Your Catholic conscience is very wrong. How can you rescue them? Go to hell and get them out? Sent someone to get them out? Pray in heaven for God to change His mind? You cannot give money for in heaven there is no money. I also wish you a lot of best wishes, and a great New Year.
---Mark_V. on 1/1/12

Hell what is it?
We have those that believe the literal translations. Where the vast majority of us will burn forever or be terminated.
Other see it as a mental torment where your soul is purified but your life is played before you with all your sins. Therefore you are in mental fiery torment because your eyes have been opened to the person you were here. This is the shame and disgust. Knowing you didn't even know yours sins. This maybe a case in which your parents are not beyond you to communicate with. Only Jesus can rescue them though
I am not worthy to judge who is right. Whilst belief is communal, it is also personal.
---chris on 1/1/12

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Paul, I suggest that you ask a Muslim since they believe in that "Heavenly bliss or fiery hell" nonsense.
True Christians know what happens at death and it's neither one of these!
---1st_cliff on 1/1/12

Paul, I have a question for you! What would a person do if they found THEMSELVES in Hell because they DID NOT SHARE Christ with people they know or met? But their loved ones who they NEVER shared Christ with were in Heaven? GOD has commissioned US to go into all the world and make disciples of men!! Some Christians have definitely become COMPLACENT and to make it worse NO LONGER STAND OUT from unbelievers. We need to STOP PLAYING CHURCH and get down to Gods business before it is too late - We need to BE on fire and not LIVE IN FIRE!!! GOD bless you!!!
---The_Believer on 1/1/12

There's only ONE Who can rescue from hell, and it's not you.

Christ is born! Glorify Him!
---Cluny on 12/31/11

Paul, this is somewhat of a problem. In order for you to be happy in heaven while your parents burn in hell, God will either have to harden your heart towards them so you won't care, or God will have to wipe the memory of your parents from your mind so you won't know. Neither solution seems satisfying.
---John.usa on 12/31/11

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What is your "thinking" based on Paul? Is it Holy Scripture, what God says? Is it Catholic church doctrine, what men say? Or, is it based upon your opinions as to how you think things should work? Also, how do you think you could rescue your parents if they went to Hell & you were in Heaven?

One more question: How do you suppose you're going to Heaven?
---Leon on 12/31/11

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