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How To Witness To Witches

How are we to deal with those that are into spiritualism - speaking to the dead, tarot cards, palm reading, etc.? My wife's brother-in-law is into that junk.

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 ---lee1538 on 1/3/12
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Shira4368, Yes! This is true, all you say, my family, way back enslaved by the portuguese, anyway they call it another word in Afrikan but, I forget. It nothing short of torture.
It is a tribal custom. AfroCubans as well have held on to many Afrikan customs, bred out the same mix of people.I had no friends, no phone calls, could not anybody until.I left home. As you know I was wild. My grandmother was sent to help me to get free of all that bondage. I am.happy now as I could be at this point in my life. Thank God for Jesus!
---ELENA on 1/31/13

wow, elena, just pray. that is all you can do. one of the first things a cult does is isolate members from their families and give all their monely. I have a friend who was a missionary to the Indians here in the states. everything they do is cultish. black majic. my friend hid her til she could get her away from the Indians. they even castrate young girls. this is also done in Africa. they fix it so young girls won't grow up and enjoy pleasure of married life. just pray sweet lady.
---shira4368 on 1/29/13

Shira4368, Truly, I believe my son- in law, dips in the occult! before like any mother & daughter. Visits ,she gave me gifts, cash. Things changed! We kept in touch, via mailbox.He found out! 25 letters return. "He doesn't PERMIT mail from Nobody my husband now!' never got invited to wedding. I visited Mexico. No big deal. I just believe he is into black magic, occult.She sent me letters so many times "how much she hates me! Even wish I would die and go to Hell, and she hates church, she hates her dad too!" She was never like that! I cried. Now , my TRUST in Jesus! They Need DELIVERANCE! SALVATION! jesus before it too late. She don't get it either! He is her God.. We can not have NO God before Him.
---ELENA on 1/29/13

all I can say is your brother in law has opened himself up for demon activity. that is very dangerous. I have a grand daughter who was into that and I tried many times to talk to her but she just don't get it. satan has blinded her. she even called me and wanted me to tell her how to speak in that says she don't get it. she is a product of her mother. her dad went to court and tried to get them but the judge was blinded too. she came to my daughters viewing dressed in black with black nails, hair, black eye make up. I just wanted to hug her and tell her but she just wouldn't get it.
---shira4368 on 1/28/13

How are we to deal with those that are into spiritualism - speaking to the dead, tarot cards, palm reading, etc.? My wife's brother-in-law is into that junk.

Those things can be practiced by deception. And hook others that way.

Of course they could say the same of you and your Christianity.

What do you think would impress him? You or God?

I would pray if he were my brother in law. That will get farther than any statement I might think would work. Acts26:18.
---jan4378 on 1/28/13

Family, I had a friend, we met community group years ago, later found out she a wiccan witch. She got abused as a child by priest, thus Hate Church,God,anyway, I had a greeting on my fon years ago " God bless you!" She got so angry! Curse me, God.. she often told me she help put spells on people and yes, they work but, that Satan would make become deathly ill for her interferring in his domain.
.She was so afraid to even go outside or be around people. She now, mentions "thank the lord, he help me..that time." She not doing spells.. I tell her, I am praying for you.
---ELENA on 1/28/13

What will happen to those who involve themselves with the occult such as communicating with the dead?

My guess is that they will be blessed materially and be given influence with some people, but they will not know of their deception until they are on their deathbeds.

I have read of some that have felt and seen the fires of hell while on their deathbeds- too late.
---lee1538 on 1/22/12

It is my decision to have as little to do with those that are into the occult despite the fact that these people are relatives - wife's in-laws.

The book by Ron Rhodes entitled 'the truth behind Ghosts, mediums and the Occult' depicts that fact that even in our churches there are many that deal with the occult or may be involved in occultic practices such as horoscopes, tarot cards, spirit guides, belief in seances, etc. etc. etc. However, most church members do not know or read the Bible but are basically cultural christians.
---lee1538 on 1/19/12

Steven, if you belong to the church of God, why do you persecute the gathering of the Elect of God? You are doing just that, because you don't know where they are gathering together or who they are. So you just condemn all of them. You are the one mentioned in (Rom. 8:33-35) " Who shall bring a charge against God's Elect? It is God who justifies. Who is he who condemns? It is Christ who died, and furthermore is also risen, who is even at the right hand of God" We are commanded to edify the Church. To bring the Truth when something is taught wrong. To help the elect in all churches who gather. You could not possibly belong to the Church of God, if you did you would never say what you say concerning the gathering of the Elect.
---Mark_V. on 1/17/12

//I do belong to a church - the true church of God. I don't need to join your denominational church - a cult in themselves each having their own rituals, traditions, ways of living and interpretations of the bible.

You need not formally attach yourself to any recognized denomination as over 50 percent of church congregations today have no formal membership.

Unfortunately, too many people come to church to receive rather than to give.
---lee1538 on 1/16/12

Mark_V.: "Steven, again you are very wrong and should join a Church..."

I do belong to a church - the true church of God. I don't need to join your denominational church - a cult in themselves each having their own rituals, traditions, ways of living and interpretations of the bible. Would your worldly church sell its possessions to help the world to get saved? Beware of denominational churches in which the governemt dictates what to teach and who the pastors are.
---Steveng on 1/16/12

Parables without Faith is worthless to any man. We know that Faith is a precious gift from God which a man can only receive if he is loved by God before the foundations of the world. The dead man cannot work out Faith by himself, it's only "by grace are ye saved through faith, and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God." All this happens while the sinner is passive toward God but active in his perfect nature of sinning.

So Faith will come when, Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God." And only then will God justify the sinner through repentance to Him and he will trust in His Son 100% for salvation. Here the sinner becomes active in regeneration.
---christan on 1/11/12

Steven, again you are very wrong and should join a Church instead of bashing them, so you can learn.
The disciples did not know what the parable meant they did not have the Holy Spirit until Christ breath the Spirit into them. Here is what the Word says,
"Then His disciples asked Him saying, "What does this parable mean?" They had no clue what He was talking about. To the disciples Jesus said " to you it has been given to know the mysteries of the Kingdom of God, but to the rest it is given in parables, that Seeing they may not see, and hearing they may not understand" (Luke 8:8-10).
This is no commentary, but the Word of God.
---Mark_V. on 1/11/12

Parables were given so people could understand spiritual matters in a worldly way. Parables were not given to the apostles because they already knew the "mysteries" because the Holy Spirit indwelled within them. Without the Holy Spirit one would not understand the mysteries concerning spiritual matters unless spoken of by parables.

Most christians today have the knowledge of God, but deny his power. Their knowledge of God comes from worldly vocabulary and grammar rules. They interpret spiritaul matters using worldly language and descriptions. It is this cause that christiandom is so divided.

Spiritual matters are only understood when the Holy Spirit resides in a person.
---Steveng on 1/10/12

A person who only studies and meditates on the word of God without being infected with the plethora of concordances, opinionated authors, christian dictionaries, and other christian reference materials knows God more intimately than Christians of denominational churches.
---Steveng on 1/10/12

Jesus sat with sinners and not with the righteous. Jesus preached the Gospel to those who are in need of healing and not to those who think they do not need healing.

Preaching the Gospel of Truth is meant to save sinners. Scripture declares "For the Word of God is quick, and powerful, and sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart." Hebrews 4:12

Unless we acknowledge that everyone is a sinner (including our wretched self), we are going to pick and choose who the Gospel should be preached unto which is not a Christian's duty to decide.
---christan on 1/10/12

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Mark v

the parables WERE NOT given to unbelievers

seeing those who practice witchcraft are unbelievers the parables were not for them

parables are told to CONCEAL true meaning PER Holy Scripture Mark 4:11-12

yet according to you markv I and everyone should bow down to YOUR misunderstanding which BOLDLY contradicts the VERY WORDS of Christ?

hmmm I think I will continue to BELIEVE Christ and HIS WORD Luke 4:4 and ignore those who twist Holy Scripture to serve themselves and lead people away from the TRUE Christ

YOU are SADLY deceived into believing Christ or Apostles tried to convince people to believe HIS message

only christian cults try to shove their BRAND of christianity down everyones throat
---Rhonda on 1/10/12

Rhonda, you are so wrong with you bias believes yourself. You think you know about Jesus Christ, so you say,
"There is NOT ONE example of Christ "dealing" with people who did not HEAR HIM - HE simply let them walk away"
There is many examples of Christ dealing with people who could not hear. Every parable Jesus spoke was to people who could not hear.
"And He said, 'To you (the apostles) it has been given to know the mysteries of the kingdom of God, but to the rest it is given in parables, that Seeing they may not see, and hearing they may not understand" Every parable was given that way. The very reason He spoke in parables. You just don't understand youself.
---Mark_V. on 1/10/12

the way to witness to a with or anyone else at that matter is to not ask anyone on CN, do not argue about it, and ask God. He may have some input.
---aka on 1/9/12

What are you smoking? You still make no good sense of what you are saying.

carry on Lee your ignorance and hatred seem to ooze through on your post

you seek no understanding because you are determined to MAKE people believe what you believe through your own ideas ABOUT Holy Scripture as given by whatever denomination YOU SERVE cannot serve two masters

that would make you the christian witch

will you cast a spell to make your family member believe YOU?

There is NOT ONE example of Christ "dealing" with people who did not HEAR HIM - HE simply let them walk away
---Rhonda on 1/9/12

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//really? then you are either aligned with the world and ITS ways traditions and systems.

What are you smoking? You still make no good sense of what you are saying.

Churches and denominations are varied in their interpretations of what manner of life and belief should characterize the Christian. Is your view any different or more correct?

I think you need to improve your communication skills and be more specific.
---lee1538 on 1/9/12

Rhonda - not sure of the point you are trying to make.

really? then you are either aligned with the world and ITS ways traditions and systems

or you are aligned with Christ

when cannot claim they are "christian" and NOT follow Christ

many do which may be why you are unable to SEE GODS point's not "my" kingdom to come it is GODS Kingdom to come

which is why meddling in others beliefs and attempting to sway them to whatever "christianity" you serve is STILL antichrist to Holy Scripture

one works out their OWN salvation NOT others
---Rhonda on 1/9/12

Rhonda - not sure of the point you are trying to make.

Denominations that adhere to the teachings of the Bible do so because in part, the Great Commission command to go into all the world and preach the gospel.

And that gospel is that people should believe on Christ, and not some religious philosophy or adhere to some legalistic system of ethics.
---lee1538 on 1/7/12

---John on 1/7/12

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Steveng - yes,lets reason this out.

All believers in Christ have entered into that rest as depicted by the Sabbath. Hebrews 4.

It was obvious to the early church that Gentiles were accepted by Christ because they also received the Spirit and w/o converting to Judaism.

While Jesus & the Apostles taught on the Sabbath, they did so as the gospel had to be first presented to the Jews. A ready audience was available in the synagogues on the Sabbath.

The prophecy of Christ that they needed to pray their journey not be on the Sabbath day or in winter, was fulfilled in the first century. Neither winter nor sabbath journey would be a burden to Gentile believers.
---Lee1538 on 1/7/12

Romans Catholics teach that one may pray to deceased 'saints' for intercession, but is that not also a part of spiritualism?

And since some of the 'saints' were declared to be legends, not real people, does that not mean prayers to them were rather futile?

Perhaps even those whom the Roman Church has declared to be saints and thus intercessors, really went to hell instead. Who can determine the spiritual destiny of others?

Is not Christ the creator more understanding and loving than those whom He created? Would not praying to God alone be more beneficial?
---lee1538 on 1/7/12

Christ preached Gods Kingdom on Earth to come to MANY MANY untold thousands yet ONLY 120 were left (still following HIM) at HIS resurrection - how is it so many MISS this?

WHY does false christianity teach the BIG LIE you can change someone when even Christ did not attempt to do this?

EVERY false religion has an agenda to change people to THEIR way of thinking including self-appointed "christians"

Christ NEVER chased anyone or "tried" to influence them by way of reasoning

Christ told TRUE Believers to simply follow HIM and work out our OWN salvation not others

ONLY GOD can change anyone's heart to follow him and leave the occult
---Rhonda on 1/7/12

can one witness if he does not have god in his heart of his mind as well as his heart! one must have the faith to do so, for god to do the work!
---mike on 1/7/12

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lee1538: "...there is virtually NO command to observe the sabbath in the New covenant..."

Let's reason this out.

The seventh day observance was instituted thousands of years before the Israel nation was born so it isn't a Jewish command. The fourth commandment say to "Remember" the sabbath.

The OT says that any stranger/gentile that wants to live in Israel must obey the commandments of God.

Jesus and the apostles taught on the sabbath.

The future prophesy of John in Revelation says to pray that your journey will not be on the sabbath or in the winter.

There are prophesies about the new world sabbaths.

The sabbath command is the least of the commandments.
---Steveng on 1/5/12

Hebrews 1:14 Are they not all ministering spirits sent out to serve for the sake of those who are to inherit salvation?

I walked in unexpectantly on my office mate while he was praying to what he viewed was the ministering spirit that was assigned to him.

He mentioned the above verse as his justification and claimed that those who had died have been given the task to guide and minister to those of us who are still living.

If we have ministering spirits, are we forbidden to communicate with them and will they speak to us?
---lee1538 on 1/5/12

This issue has cause a real split, maybe permanent, between myself & my wife's sister & brother-in-law. I ordered 2 books by James Praagh only to find out later, he was a medium & a fraud. After trying to tell my sister-in-law the guy was a fraud, she admited that her husbands speaks to dead spirits and seeks their guidance. I think she did not want to reveal that to us and went on the offensive. I returned the books for a refund.
---lee1538 on 1/5/12

One of my best friends since highschool was an atheist witch.

All I simply did was let the Spirit lead me into helping her understand that the "energy" she tries to manipulate for her benefit isnt in her control. Its being controlled by something else that shes calling upon. Witchcraft is very real. You wont ever convince a real witch that the energy they feel isnt real. What you have to do is help them understand its a forbidden knowledge because they have no real control over it. There were many other steps but that was the first. Patience is the key. They wont turn overnight. It took me almost two months.

Today she is a born-again Christian with more zeal than I ever had to serve the Lord. Im very proud of her.
---JackB on 1/4/12

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//I have a niece who is Sevennth Day Adventist. Almost every day, she posts her horoscope on facebook for others to read.

Yes, most of them are really contradictory as far as their behavior is concerned.

However, they will defend their observance of the Jewish Sabbath to their last breath as they tell you that while you are not saved eternally by observing the Sabbath, you will observe the 10 commandments if you are saved.

But they ignore the fact that there is virtually NO command to observe the sabbath in the New covenant nor was it taught in the early Gentile church.
---lee1538 on 1/4/12

Lee, you have made a good point. I have a niece who is Sevennth Day Adventist. Almost every day, she posts her horoscope on facebook for others to read.
---Rob on 1/4/12

You preach to them the same way you preach to other people. You preach of the gospel, the good news, the coming of the Kingdom of God. You preach about how to get there from where they are now. All you are doing is planting the seed and pray to God that their eyes, ears, and hearts will open. The bible is full of examples, i.e. the women at the well.
---Steveng on 1/4/12

//If fortune tellers were accurate, they would make millions of dollars as meteorologists.

All too often fortunate tellers are careful in their readings always leaving an out for any prediction that may not come true.

Several years ago, a prominet newspaper decided to drop its horoscope column and when they did they had all kinds of complaints.

There are far more people involved in these kind of things than what we would like to admit.
---lee1538 on 1/4/12

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Chria9396, First talk to the principal and school board demanding, not asking, them to stop teaching antiChrist bull dung to your daughter immediately. If they refuse, serve them court proceedings to sue the school and each individual teacher for professional misconduct and damages against your daughter, and for them to pay you back for the school taxes which they misappropriated the funds.
---Eloy on 1/4/12

There is the medium that was supposed to curse the Israel army in Joshua (I think) but instead gave a blessing. Use that as a starting point and show how all things are from God. Don't argue with him about the spiritualism he will argue or run away. Use it to show him God.
---Scott1 on 1/4/12

Find the scriptures in the Old Testament that talk about this stuff. The book of Leviticus. These things are of the devil, not of God.

God did not put these things into practice and therefore does not approve of man doing them.

Also, tell them that this kind of stuff attracts demons, negativity into your life because every good gift comes down from the Father of Lights. Satan is the prince of the power of the air. He is the author of this stuff and it's demonic.
---anon on 1/4/12

We really had a blow-out with my sister-in-law when I told her that I could not with good conscience give as a Christmas present books by James Van Praagh a known psychic who is also a medium. She inadvertently mentioned that her husband speaks to dead spirits. This problem may lead to a total avoidance and bad feelings from a relative who lives in my area.
---lee1538 on 1/3/12

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Start with:

"I am crazier than thou."
or "You are crazier than me."
or "We are both crazy, I didn't realize we had so much in common."
---atheist on 1/3/12

One witnesses to such people the same way one witnesses to anyone, with patience, kindness, and prayer. :)
---John.usa on 1/3/12

If fortune tellers were accurate, they would make millions of dollars as meteorologists.

Tell him that.

Glory to Jesus Christ!
---Cluny on 1/3/12

With prayer, the Word, and being led of the Spirit. We cannot effectively argue, convince, combat on our own. It's a spiritual battle, eph 6:10-12. I have 2 in High school, and yesterday found out that each has a teacher, one speaks latin phrases, translates into "spells",uses a wand... another shows paranormal films, has had guest speakers, the class is very popular, my daughter left for the guest speaker...first is a civics class, second, a science class.This is a public high school. How can such be allowed, even embraced, when the bible and mention of God cannot? Praying about this one...
---Chria9396 on 1/3/12

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