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OK For Pastor To Spank Girls

Is it OK for a Pastor to spank girls in his church with their parents permission?

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 ---Susie_James on 1/4/12
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Pastors are the ones who need to be spanked to say the least
---john_smith on 2/9/12

after about 12 very strong "no"s, i hope you get the picture. i hope that "pastor" and all parents who participate gets a visit from the proper authorities.
---aka on 1/6/12

No! Even with parents permission the pastors shouldn't go there. They can verbaly discipline if neccesary,but spankings should be for parents or legal guardians only.
---Candice on 1/5/12

This is a cult, not a church if this kind of thing is going on.
---KarenD on 1/5/12

I would report it. There may be other things even worse happening and this is just the smoke from the fire. It may be even much worse behind closed doors. The fact that parents would even allow this is very disturbing IMO. Don't run away and let it go, you may be able to help some by shining some light on the situation. Take courage and do the right thing.
In His loving grip
---Poppa_Bear on 1/5/12

NO absolutely not and if this is happening, this is a crime, report it to the police.

Even the parents aren't allowed to apank these days, it's a crime.
---anon on 1/5/12

No. Striking a child with a parents permission is sin, and may be criminal in his state to where he and the parents could get arrested and put in jail for assault and battery.
---Eloy on 1/5/12

Wow, if I didnt have to give a Christ-like answer.
Sounds like a good opening line for a joke!
Sorry, I know, I had too!

But, NO, in no way!
---TheSeg on 1/5/12

my son does squat kicks at taekwondo. squat jumps are ineffective if the shoulders do not stay in line with the hips and if they are misapplied.

when i pick up my kids from tkd, i see the same kids aside doing squatkicks (or facsimile). it's not them, it is their parents. parents should be doing squatkicks for most of the bad behavior.

the first step in discipline is to ensure that you are somewhat disciplined and that you are open to discipline yourself.

all that aside, if this "pastor" is suggesting that he be the administer of discipline especially to one group of children, i would report him to the authorities. there is absolutely NO biblical support for this behavior and he is not a pastor but a predator.
---aka on 1/5/12

Totally inappropriate! I'd be alarmed by any man,woman, pastor or priest who felt comfortable in doing that to someone's child. It's not their place or responsibility. They should keep their hands off other peoples children. And you as the parent should NEVER be shy or afraid to tell them so.
---Reba on 1/5/12

NO. It sounds like there's something creepy going on here in a sexually deviant way. In all seriousness, too. Well, let's put it this way....It's an "open door" to some possible sexual misconduct on the Pastor's part.
---Gordon on 1/4/12

I agree with Blogger one hundred percent. The guy is dangerous to kids.
---John.usa on 1/4/12

"No"-NEVER under any circumstances should a pastor spank anyone regardless of who gave the permission. This is especially true if it's a girl. This will sure ruin any chance of their being well grounded Christian girls. (Age make no difference either.)
---wivv on 1/4/12

Susie_James, Unless you are trying to create a reasons to be charged with child endangerment, have all your children removed by the state child welfare authorities and have your pastor convicted as a pedophile, I would find an alternative to corporeal punishment with all deliberate speed. All of this is highly dependent on want legal jurisdiction you reside in. I highly recommend punitive exercises as an alternative to spanking for older children. Squat Jumps are very tiring and make the back of the legs very sour if they are not used to doing them. You have not touched your children physically and verbal chastisement during the punitive exercises is highly reinforcing. You love your children you just need an alternative means of discipline.
---Blogger9211 on 1/4/12

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