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Is Iran A Nuclear Threat

Is Iran a nuclear threat? They tested nuclear weapons, shot them off the other day. News is reporting they are more ready than the United States knew about - is Iran a nuclear threat and what can be done to stop them?

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 ---anon on 1/5/12
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Allan, you are kind. Thanks.
---John.usa on 1/7/12

The problem is when one country has nuclear weapons everyone else feels threatened and wants them.
You notice Russia's stance. They were very anti any embargo action against Syria. When the last troops came back from Iraq. The following day Russia agreed for sanctions on Syria. Lot of politics going on.
Russia will be telling Iran to behave behind the scenes. Everything round that region is too close to her borders for her liking.
We are more likely to lose the power grid I think, than nuclear war. The heavens have been rolled back, our mangetic shield has a hole 4 times the size of earth.
---chris on 1/7/12


I usually do not do this, but your comments about Israel and Pakistan is particularly perceptive and most of your compatriots will never agree with you because Iran has been made the current threat and only killing and destroying millions of lives will satisfy them.

You and I may not we agree about many things, but I find your discourses intelligent and rational.
---Allan on 1/7/12

I keep noticing how attention goes to Islamic people - - away from America's dictatorship > I mean, people can dictate that they will kill an unborn who they do not want to care for.

Meanwhile, decoy issues help to keep attention away to what Muslims are doing. But if people have the character to kill or to allow killing of ones who have committed no crimes . . . Jesus says, "he who is unjust in what is least is unjust also in much," in Luke 16:10 > while a nation has the character to not care for her unborn, she also does not have the caring character to do what is right for the country or anyone else's country . . . as we have seen. This anti-love character is much more degrading and destructive than nuclear weapons.
---Bill_willa6989 on 1/7/12

Of course they are if they ever get the proper weapons. The only way to stop them is to get them first. Look at their history - going back before Christ - they take no prisoners and are willing to die for what they believe.
---wivv on 1/6/12

I think perhaps Israel and Pakistan are presently greater nuclear threats. They already have such weapons poised, ready to use.
---John.usa on 1/6/12

Not yet and if they do obtain a deliverable nuke just who do they threaten?

We removed their biggest enemy in Hussein and so now Iran slowly moves move to essentially double in size.
Meanwhile much of its citizenry hates the ruling Ayatollahs.

The talk against Israel is just that, talk. God is going to take a minimum amount of guff when it comes to attacking Israel, and a nuke attack against Israel would be visited on the perpetrator by at least a multiple of 7. God help anyone who really thinks they are going to wipe Israel off the map. Its not happening.
---larry on 1/6/12

\\Cluny, a weapon is a weapon whether it's nuclear or not.\\

But you DID say that Iran fired NUCLEAR weapons in your original posting here that started this thread--when they have done no such thing.

Don't you keep up with your own words?

It's ironic that the Iranian navy was held up today by Somalian pirates after their exercises (where again, they did NOT fire nuclear weapons) and had to be rescued by the US Navy.

Glory to Jesus Christ!
---Cluny on 1/6/12

Cluny, a weapon is a weapon whether it's nuclear or not.

If you don't believe me, then ask Iran if you can stand 100 feet from where they are testing missels, see if you get scared and try to outrun the missle.

Point is whether it's nuclear or not, a weapon is a weapon. A knife is as dangerous as a gun except you'd have to be pretty close to the person to stab them versus shooting them...however, both can kill a person.
---anon on 1/6/12

I am curious. How would you describe a rogue nation and how would a rogue nation behave?
---Allan on 1/6/12

---Allan on 1/5/12

Have you looked recently at the city of Hiroshima in the last decade it looks a lot like New York City. Estimates range that an invasion of Japan itself would cost 100,000s of American lives and millions of Japanese lives. They had training camps for six year olds to help defend the country. Also after the Iranian revolution Iran has a standing declaration of war on the US they just have not attacked because they know they do not have the military.
---Scott1 on 1/6/12

Iran is a rogue country having the ultimate goal of wiping Israel off the face of the earth. And if Ahmadinejad has his way, he will try to accomplish this feat (without success, of course, because God is protecting his people). The real question is, "who is aiding Iran?" What other covert events are happening while our eyes are focused on Iran?
---Steveng on 1/5/12

\\so a missle is NOT a weapon?

Is that what you're trying to say?
---anon on 1/5/12\\

Not always a nuclear weapon.

Did you think they were?
---Cluny on 1/5/12

Ignorance is the basis of most fears and the American politicians know it well.

Iran has not initiated military action against another country, in more than a hundred years.

The US, on the other hand, has used every weapons systems that it has developed, including using nuclear weapons, twice. It has been directly responsible for the deaths of tens of millions of men, women and children. The US is the only country that has a pre-emptive use policy with regards to nuclear weapons.

Should we be more afraid of a country that does not have nuclear weapons and has not invaded another country in 100 years, and be less afraid of the one that has invaded more countries than any other and has used nuclear weapons, twice?
---Allan on 1/5/12


Which country do you think has the most conventional missiles as well as the most nuclear missiles? And there is obviously, a very big difference between a nuclear warhead and a conventional missile.

Which country do you think has killed more people with its missiles, nuclear and otherwise than any other country, in the last 60 years?

Your answers should be interesting.
---Allan on 1/5/12

yes iran is a threat. The current president is of a sect of Islam that believes that humans can cause the 12th Imam to return to earth. They see this 12 Imam in the rider on the white horse in Revelation. They also believe that Jesus will come back at the same time. To cause the return of the 12 Imam is to cause chaos. The best way to do this in this time period is the atomic bomb. IF Jesus is to return during this time period it could happen this way.
---Scott1 on 1/5/12

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so a missle is NOT a weapon?

Is that what you're trying to say?
---anon on 1/5/12

Iran did NOT shoot off nuclear weapons.

Iran shot medium range missles.

Do you know the difference?

Glory to Jesus Christ!
---Cluny on 1/5/12

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