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What Is The Lake Of Fire

Where is the lake of fire?

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 ---Carla on 1/9/12
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GOD will punish the wicked for thier sins. JESUS stated what the punishment or wages of sin are.

Rom 6:23 For the wages of sin [is] death, but the gift of God [is] eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.

Rev 20:14 And death and hell were cast into the lake of fire. This is the second death.

Psa 145:20 The LORD preserveth all them that love him: but all the wicked will he destroy.

The scriptures teach the wicked will be destroyed and die the second death. Not one has explined these scriptures away. They just keep getting ignored or saying death does not mean death.
---Samuel on 1/25/12

1st Cliff, Your analogy in comparing "someone throwing guinea pigs into a fire" with "GOD casting people into Hell" is off kilter, (as Carla pointed out), because animals cannot be guilty of sin before a Holy GOD. They do not give an account of their lives before GOD. They are just innocent creatures. Whereas, humans, on the other hand, are indeed held accountable. People are totally guilty of sin and rebellion against GOD. They are required by GOD to give an account of their lives at the End of Time. Abortion is one of the biggest crimes in the Eyes of GOD. Unborn babies are totally helpless and defenseless. They've done no wrong. But, children and adults ARE guilty of sins. You're comparing apples with oranges.
---Gordon on 1/25/12

Jerry, You said the 1,000-Year Reign of YAHUSHUA will be in Heaven. But, it will be on Earth. That's why He's coming back. To rule on the Throne of His ancestor king David. To fulfill the Prophecy of ISAIAH 9:7. David's throne was on Earth, not in Heaven. See REVELATION 20:2-3 "...and he laid hold on the Dragon (Satan)...and bound him a Thousand Years (same amount of time as YAHUSHUA's Reign!), And cast him into the Bottomless Pit..., that he should deceive THE NATIONS no more, 'til the Thousand Years should be fulfilled: after that HE MUST BE LOOSED A LITTLE SEASON." If the 1,000-Year Kingdom was in Heaven, why would GOD need to imprison Satan for the same amount of years, and keep him from deceiving THE NATIONS for that time period?
---Gordon on 1/25/12

Jerry, You say the living wicked will all be destroyed by the Brightness of His Coming. That no one will be left alive on Earth. WHO, then, are the NATIONS that Satan will try to deceive after he is loosed from the Bottomless Pit at the end of the 1,000-Year Reign, if there will be no one left on Earth? The Lord is returning to Earth BEFORE the 1,000-Year Reign, Jerry. The Lord, by ruling for 1,000 Years on Earth on king David's throne will be fulfilling old Bible Prophecy that He is Worthy to reign on the throne of the beloved king David. For He is KING of Kings. Also, if the Rapture did not happen until His Physical Return, then, it wouldn't even be a Rapture. Going up to meet King JESUS only to come right back down again?? HUH..?
---Gordon on 1/25/12

Gordon: With all due respect, I get my doctrines EXCLUSIVELY from the Bible - not from any other person or books. If you can prove your theories from the Bible alone, then I will believe you. But, thus far, they are far from biblical.

---jerry6593 on 1/25/12

Carla, Since you,and others don't think toruring humans is a "big deal" how is it that you're upset with animal cruelty and not human cruelty?
What "hard facts?"
Yhwh's judgements are right and true, it's your interpretation that's faulty!
You think you know God's love and wrath?
Especially "wrath" tell me how much cruelty this involves,then balance it with love!
This is a far cry from spiritual discernment!
---1st_cliff on 1/24/12

NO, Cliff. What you need to do is get before the LORD in serious Prayer and ask HIM for Wisdom and Discernment about Hell and Life after Death. And, get real serious about it. Because, right now, you have ZERO UNDERSTANDING of this matter of Life after Death. As I said before, GOD does not always spoon-feed HIS people simple little Bible Verses and make it all so simple and easy. Because, HE wants HIS people to DIG IN to HIS Word and learn it "Line upon Line" and "Precept upon Precept". Stop leaning on your own understanding and get before the LORD and do so with Fear and Trembling. The Fear of the LORD is the Beginning of Wisdom (which is what you're needing here). I'm BEGGING you!
---Gordon on 1/24/12

With all due respect, Jerry, you're trusting only in your Church's traditional teachings on the End-Times. I know what they teach I used to go to such a Church, and I've read the series of books they've published on this Topic. They ARE a true Church of the LORD, and they have many things right that the common Sunday Church is in still in the dark about, to this day. But, they are off-base on their doctrine about the End-Times. Certainly parts of it. And, the part you shared is part of that error. But, we can "argue" back-and-forth about it. Your word vs. my word, etc. Widen your scope on this Jerry. GOD is giving insight about the End-Times to MANY outside of your brand of Church. And, they're getting it, where your Church isn't.
---Gordon on 1/24/12

Now 1st_Cliff

What, I am really suggesting is that, you get some sort of understanding in terms of being serious in your approach to those such as myself... who is ever learning and instead of Generalising to use hard facts as Gordon and others do... truth to back up what you say...

However, Not childishly use or be immature as to think that sarcastic remarks which proves YOUR own understanding, of (Gods Love) vs (Gods Wrath) with your analogy of animal cruelty( why you used that example is beyond me!

YAHWEH's judgements regardless are right and true( whether your church preaches this or not... It is written...his rejection of lukewarm teachings against hermeneutic evidence...
---Carla on 1/24/12

Gordon: Your account of future events may appear entertaining, but it is not biblical. Isaiah 11 does not mention 1000 years. It describes life on the earth made new AFTER the millenial reign in heaven. There is only ONE rapture mentioned in scripture, at Jesus' physical second coming. All righteous - both living and dead - are then taken to heaven with Him to reign 1000 years. No one is left alive on earth, the living wicked having been destroyed by the brightness of His coming. The wicked (the rest of the dead) live not again till the 1000 years are finished. There is no second chance after the "rapture". This is what the Bible teaches.

---jerry6593 on 1/24/12

OK Gordon, You show me in the bible where it describes the "spirit body" then I will be as informed as you!
You said "Listen to those who know", right?
Solomon was pretty wise ,Huh?
He said "The dead know nothing"!Eccl.9.5 Should I believe him?
Psl.146.3 says at death thought perrish! Is this true??
---1st_cliff on 1/23/12

Jerry, ISAIAH 11= 1,000 Reign on Earth. The Great Tribulation and the reign of the false Jesus (Anti-Christ) will soon take place. The Bride of YAHUSHUA will be raptured before the Trib. The Wedding Guests will be raptured Mid-Trib. Most of the remaining Saints will be martyred. YAHUSHUA will Physically come back to Earth with His Bride and Guests to cast the Anti-Christ and the False Prophet into the Lake of Fire (REVELATION 19:20). Then, YAHUSHUA will set up His Kingdom on Earth to reign with a Rod of Iron for 1,000 Years. And, at this time, Satan will be chained up in the Abyss during this 1,000 Years. Afterwards, Satan will be loosed one final time, and he will rouse up a Campaign to fight against YAHUSHUA and His people. cont...
---Gordon on 1/23/12

Jerry, cont...Then, YAHUSHUA will corral up Satan and cast him into the Lake of Fire, where the Beast (Anti-Christ) and False Prophet have already been (REVELATION 20:10). Then, God will have all of the Damned stand before Him at His Great White Throne on Judgment Day. Each soul, one-by-one, will be cast into the Lake of Fire. Then, the Old Earth and the Old Heaven will be burnt up and, as REVELATION 21 testifies, GOD will create a New Heavens and a New Earth and down will come the New Jerusalem (as in JOHN 14:1-3) onto this New Earth where GOD and HIS people will dwell in Peace for Eternity.
---Gordon on 1/23/12

1st Cliff, As I've told you, YOU DO NOT UNDERSTAND nor do you know what happens after Death. People are trying to help you to understand this Subject. But, not only do you refuse to listen to those WHO DO KNOW, but, most of all, you refuse to seek the LORD's Face about this! The term "sleeping" is a sweet way of saying that Lazraus was only going to be "dead" very temporarily because He knew AHEAD OF TIME, that He was going to raise him up from the Dead. So, the closed eyes of Lazarus in Death was as if he was only "sleeping" because soon his eyes would be reopened to life again. The spirit-body is JUST LIKE THE FLESHLY BODY, only it is NOT made of flesh-and-blood made of the dust of the earth.
---Gordon on 1/23/12

Gordon: "1,000-Year Reign on Earth."

The 1,000-Year Reign will be in heaven, after the resurrection at Christ's second coming. The saved then are transported to earth in the New Jerusalem, which comes down from God out of heaven (Rev 21:2). Then the lost are resurrected (Rev 20:5), only to be destroyed by the fire coming down from God out of heaven which creates the lake of fire and also destroys Satan and his angels (Rev 20:9,10).

---jerry6593 on 1/23/12

Gordon, **The earthly body will be re-joined with the departed soul**
Now we have a dilemma:
Your belief is that the (departed)soul has all the senses,(a spirit body) and it joins the earthly body? (that's 2 in 1)
Flesh and blood cannot go to what?
**No such thing as soul sleep** Then what did Jesus mean when He said "Lazarus is sleeping"??
---1st_cliff on 1/22/12

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Carla, No one would take the illustration (object lesson) as a suggestion.
Neither did I suggest that I did this altho as a child I watched a farmer throw baby rats in the stove and the horror never left me!
Of course it's illegal,animal cruelty!
If this is anathema to humans,what is throwing people into a live fire with no mercy??? Tollerable???Not to me!
Wisdom? Is it wise to defame God's character by portraying Him as a heartless monster?? God is love Carla!
---1st_cliff on 1/22/12

1st_ Cliff,

If I were to use your object lesson, the one you chose to do with your children I would go to prison the same as you should have done for animal cruelty...

Now you understand why I rightly said grow up!

Am I Jesus and is the poor mice or hamster a human a evilspirit???

Let simple lil undergrad...Carla give you some OLe proverb GODLY advice...In all your getting Get WISDOM...


The same Solomon was granted and then you may be able to rightly divide the word of YAHWEH
---Carla on 1/22/12

Jerry, That Verse about the Fire out of Heaven has nothing to do with whether the Lake of Fire exists now or not. That Fire from Heaven is what will destroy Satan's very last campaign against King YAHUSHUA at the end of His 1,000-Year Reign on Earth. Which is right before the Damned are cast into the Lake of Fire. What does it say in MATTHEW 25:41? "Then shall He say also unto them on the Left Hand, 'Depart from Me, ye cursed, into Everlasting Fire (Lake of Fire), prepared for the Devil and his angels!'" "PREPARED" is past tense. Although that doesn't prove that the Fiery Lake exists now, it does indicate that it will haved existed sometime before Judgment Day, which could be NOW.
---Gordon on 1/21/12

1st Cliff, But, Heaven and Hell (and the Lake of Fire) are where people are going to be spending their eternity! You need to broaden your scope on GOD! GOD is quite capable of re-constituting ashes! HE made the Earth and everything on it by the mere Word of HIS Holy Mouth! On Resurrection Day, the earthly body will be re-joined with the departed soul. That's just how GOD has chosen to do it! No such thing as "soul-sleep" and no such thing as "Annihilation". You need to study up on a Subject as serious as this before you try telling other people "how it is".
---Gordon on 1/21/12

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Gordon: "The Lake of Fire could very well exist now. There is absolutely nothing in the Scriptures to indicate that it does not exist now."

Didn't you catch the phrase "and fire came down from God out of heaven"? This event has not yet happened. It was a vision of the future!

---jerry6593 on 1/21/12

Gordon, In all seriousness you need to broaden your scope,
Life after death comes when Christ calls you from the grave ,it's called resurrection! (you know ,like Lazarus)only difference is it will be to eternal life!
As I said the choice is life or death, not heaven or hell as in Deut.30 "Choose life"
No where in scripture does it say choose heaven or hell!
Jn.3.16 is a "choice" (Whosoever)...not perrish but have everlasting LIFE!
God is quite capable of "extermination" without fire, Fire is the symbol of total destruction!
Ashes cannot be re-constituted!
---1st_cliff on 1/20/12

1st Cliff, You're getting even more surreal and dangerous in your beliefs about Life After Death. So, NOW, you're going even further by denying the very existence of Heaven and Hell because they are not mentioned in ONE VERSE (JOHN 3:16)?!?! You never did pray before GOD about this, did you? NO. Else you wouldn't continue in your Heresy. So, JOHN 3:16 doesn't mention Heaven or Hell. What about MARK 9:43-48 (Hell)? What about REVELATION 21:8 (Lake of Fire)? What about JOHN 14:1-3 (Heavenly Mansions/Dwelling Place in Heaven of the Saints of GOD)? You think, then, that I'm "attacking" you? NO. I am REBUKING you! Just as Paul rebuked Peter in front of all, for his hypocrisy. You claim to know about what happens after Death, but YOU DON'T!
---Gordon on 1/20/12

Gordon, I perceive from your posts that you are a sincere person, I will never attack you but I will question your theology!
**Only annihilation** are saying that's not enough?
Where's the "Justice?"
Problem is this,
Our choice is Life or death!
Not heaven or hell. Jn.3.16
The fire has been used as a scare tactic ,God wants "voluntary" love and obedience,not make a choice with a gun at your head!
He offers eternal life,if you don't want it,then eternal death is your choice,not made under duress!
Jn.3.16 does not mention heaven or hell!
---1st_cliff on 1/20/12

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Christian, **Destroy does not mean non existance..means eternal death**
What kind of double talk is this???
**I believe in what the Lord has said**
Where has he said "Reprobates will also have a body"????
Believing that there are worms that have eternal life is showing real "faith" huh??
Sorry Jesus did not die for the worms,only humans , and YOU have "understanding? wow!
---1st_cliff on 1/20/12

Jerry, The Lake of Fire could very well exist now. There is absolutely nothing in the Scriptures to indicate that it does not exist now. What is yet FUTURE is the casting of the Satan, the fallen angels and the unredeemed human beings into that Lake. In fact, Scriptures state that the Anti-Christ and the False Prophet will both be cast alive into this Lake of Fire. And, that will not be in the too distant future. Could even be, at least, within the next 20 years.
---Gordon on 1/20/12

1st Cliff, GOD prepared Hell and the Lake of Fire for the rebellious angels. But, HE opens it up for anyone who chooses to follow the rebellious ways of those fallen angels. REVELATION 14 shows people ending up in the Lake of Fire. Your lack of knowledge about Eternal Damnation is so NAUSEATING because you CLAIM to know about it, when you really don't! You are deceived about this subject and you are, in turn, deceiving OTHERS! That's really WORSE than the actual Damnation itself. Because, at least GOD offers a Way of Escape. Whereas, you just give a deceptive FALSE HOPE that it's only "Annihilation". You need desperately to seek GOD's Face about this BIG TIME, because you are WAY OFF BASE about Damnation!
---Gordon on 1/20/12

The lake of fire does not yet exist. It will occur on the earth after the millenium in heaven and will bring permanent distruction to all the wicked, including Satan and his angels.

Rev 20:9 And they went up on the breadth of the earth, and compassed the camp of the saints about, and the beloved city: and fire came down from God out of heaven, and devoured them.

---jerry6593 on 1/20/12

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1st Cliff, That Verse you quoted? You don't even know what it means! GOD's Holy Nature DEMANDS that sin and evil be punished. His Holy Nature demands that Justice be served. In HIS Mercy, HE provided a Way of Escape through YAHUSHUA/JESUS. But, whoever refuses that Way of Escape, they will have to pay the Penalty of their sins for themselves in Eternal Damnation. It grieves GOD, and HE gets NO PLEASURE when people refuse Salvation and end up in Hell. It breaks HIS Heart! But, GOD's Grief does not override HIS Justice, when HIS Mercy is rejected! Salvation and Damnation are CHOICES, Cliff! Quit "thinking" and "reasoning" with YOUR own sentiments! And ask GOD for Understanding of Eternal Damnation! Right now, you have NO CLUE!
---Gordon on 1/19/12

1stCliff, "destroy" does not imply non-existence. When Jesus declared "destroy both soul and body", it simply means eternal death.

God's people will receive a "glorified body" similar to Jesus, reprobates will also have a body so that when God "cast them into the furnace of fire. There will be wailing and gnashing of teeth." Does that mean the body is like the one we are residing in? NO! It's a spiritual body "where their worm does not die and the fire is not quenched." Do you even know what "eternal" even mean to begin with.

You call this "brain-washing"? I call this Faith because I believe in what the Lord has said and you mock Him.
---christan on 1/19/12

Carla, You don't like my speech?? You're the one saying "Grow up lad"
The question ,Where is the lake of fire? Answer= a metaphor!
If you believe it's literal ,try this experiment, go to the pet store buy a couple of guinea pigs,take them home and throw them into a fire, let your children watch as an object lesson,telling them this is what God does to errant humans,only they don't die!
Watch the disgust on their faces and say "God is love"
Sorry Carla but that theology makes me ill!
Explain to them that the lake of fire is merely an illustration! (of total destruction)

---1st_cliff on 1/19/12

Gordon, My ignorance???
Jesus called satan "father of the LIE" just what was that "lie?"
The serpent said to Eve "You will not surely die"" (original lie)
You and others perpetuate that "LIE" by telling others that they "will not surely die" but remain alive to burn forever!
Now Gordon, who is "ignorant?"
The wages of sin is death, not life in some other form.
Start talking "truth"
God takes NO pleasure in the DESTRUCTION of the wicked!
---1st_cliff on 1/19/12

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First of all if I were to tell my children about fairies to be honest I don't tell them lies, however the question was posed for my learning, not sarcasm, ism or scisims.

I happen to take knowledge very serious and I love the truth rightly divided. I don't appreciate your speech... I much prefer when a man of God who speaks as the Holy spirit gives him utterance. I know someone will post what is really written and not what is perceived from the pulpit,Not searching of themselves but one in whom gives accurate Greek or Hebrew, Phenician( sp) or Aramaic meaning and an understanding not mixed up with ism's or scizims Functionalism, liberalism, for all is devilism.

---Carla on 1/19/12

1st Cliff, Will you quit brain-washing people with your lack of understanding about Hell, the Lake of Fire and Eternal Damnation?!? You have NO CLUE about the damage you are doing to the souls around here who are needing to know the Truth! The "damage" that you claim that I, and others here who know the REAL Truth, are supposedly causing is really the damage that your ignorance of the Truth of Eternal Damnation is causing!
---Gordon on 1/19/12

Carla, The lake of fire is outside of Jerusalem. Please Read- Revelation 20:9,10,13-15+ 21:8.
---Eloy on 1/19/12

Eloy, I am going to say something I do not say much concerning your answers,
"You are so right in what you just posted"
There, I said it. I believe no matter how much people (sinners) want to minimize hell, they will never be able to escape it. They will want the punishment to end. And all others who are separated from God who audition to be separated from God in hell, will find out that God will be present with His consuming fire of wrath, and they will not melt away, but hope they could.
---Mark_V. on 1/19/12

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If the Holy Scripture is a lie, and there is no hell, as condemned sinners flipantly say, then the sinners have nothing at all to worry about: BUT, BUT if the Holy Scriptures are true, and to date they have and are indeed proven to be coming to pass, and there is indeed a hell, as Christ and each of us saints do say since the beginning, then the sinners have everything to worry about: for eternal damnation and everlasting torment is a very very very very very very very very long time, and indeed there is no escape.
---Eloy on 1/19/12

Christian, It's not called "faith" it's called brain washing and yours has been thoroughly skipping over the word "destroy" in the passage you quoted! and how can the soul be still alive if was "destroyed?" Don't lean on others to tell you what's what, use your own mind! The feedback you're getting is not from the Holy Spirit!
---1st_cliff on 1/19/12

"Neither scripture that you cited has anything to do with hell fire!" 1stCliff

No Scripture? Many Scriptures have been presented to you but it should be to you that there's "No True Faith" in you and not Scripture. One more time -

"And fear not them which kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul: but rather fear Him which is able to destroy both soul and body in hell." Matthew 10:28

Still can't see and belief right? That's because FAITH is a gift from God and you do not have it in yourself until He gives it to us. Well guess what?
---christan on 1/18/12

Christian, Neither scripture that you cited has anything to do with hell fire!
It is to do with the enemies of God,like those that defame His name by slander, That He created a literal fire for the sole purpose of inflicting unbearable pain on human beings that serve absolutely no purpose!(except maybe the joy of hearing them scream!)and saying "I told you so!" Absolutely ludacris!
---1st_cliff on 1/18/12

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"Defaming God by painting him a cruel sadist is not child's play" 1stCliff

Just because hell exist for eternal punishment of the unbeliever according to the Scripture, it's you who decided to call God a cruel sadist. This is how God described Himself for those who do not believe in Him. Get ready.

"Thou shalt not be affrighted at them: for the LORD thy God is among you, a mighty God and terrible." Deut7:21, "He is thy praise, and he is thy God, that hath done for thee these great and terrible things, which thine eyes have seen." Deut10:21

There's more but I think this is sufficient for your mind right now. This is my God whom now I call Father, that I worship.
---christan on 1/18/12

Carla, I grew up many, many years ago. (thanks)
Defaming God by painting him a cruel sadist is not child's play. I doubt that He is the least bit amused!
At least when Hitler burned 6 million in his ovens he gassed them first, and he was not known for mercy!
Is God crueler than him?
Time for all fundamentalists to grow up! Fairy tales are for kids!
---1st_cliff on 1/17/12

Jesus declared, "Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God." By the same token, only those born of the Spirit of God can also see the Lake of Fire, by faith.

It is not that some here do not belief there's a Lake of Fire but for the conscience that God has given to them, they know someday accounts will have to be settled with "a superior being", which Christians know and acknowledge as our Father.

Satan has deceived them into thinking that the more you think there's no Lake of Fire, it will simply vanish on it's own. Well, not so or Christ would have been speaking lies in Matthew 7 & 25 about casting these wicked souls into the Lake of Fire.
---christan on 1/17/12

Eloy,Come on Eloy , you're a grown man with still a few faculties?
"Thrown into" hell?
1st of all,according to your belief,the soul weighs less than a human hair,made of anti-matter,
Does it walk? float? fly?
What prevents "escape?
At least in mythology ,the 3 headed dog Cerberus, guards the "gate" to prevent escape!
Your concept of hell(hades) is not even as rational as myth!
The "hell" you concieve does not exist, the idea is coo-coo!

---1st_cliff on 1/17/12

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Grow up lad,

The bible said When you were a child you spoke childish things... Now if you are a 'man' You shoould


I beg you for the need to keep things on track,


If you believe in ghost's and goules, people in red tights with banana's stuffed in their ears,a kitchen fork and fangs borrowed from the kids Halloween party last year... ( Hushed speech) ''keep it to yourself,

(Quietly) "We understand".

(Loud voice) However, this is blog that evidentially was about understanding or the meaning of the second death, biblically (softly spoken )The lake of fire.

---Carla on 1/17/12

It is the opposite of heaven, a place where satan and his demons and all sinners are thrown into for their eternal torments.
---Eloy on 1/17/12

It boggles the mind to think that seemingly grown people could imagine devils with red suits,horned heads,sharp tails and a pitch-fork for stoking the fires represented a "real" place!
It belongs right up there with the tooth fairy and santa claus!
Take the bible at face value that translates hell(sheol) 31 times correctly as the "grave" 31 times as hell (so traditional images can infiltrate the mind)! No consistency here! Bias?? Yes!
conspiracy?? possibly! IMHO!
Does satan sleep???
---1st_cliff on 1/16/12

Regardless of what we think it is or where we think it thing is clear, its a place of agony and torment
---Mark on 1/16/12

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\\1st Cliff, the Center of the Earth is the source of Gravity.
---Gordon on 1/12/12\\

Not according to physics, which says that gravity is a warping of space-time.

Glory to Jesus Christ!
---Cluny on 1/15/12

Cliff, GOD is not going to spoon-feed you a simple Bible Verse that says "All souls will live on forever". You have to know GOD's Word and dig through it for the nuggets of Truth on a particular Subject and then piece them together like a Puzzle. Gordon

I have dug thrugh the Bible and have found the reason you cannot give this verse about souls living forever. It is not in the Bible.

True we are to search the Bible and put the pieces together. Which you cannot do for your doctrine. You concentrate on just a few verses and ignore all the verses that say they are dead or destroyed.

A non SDA scholar named Fudge wrote the book Fire that Consumes. I suggest you read it.
---Samuel on 1/15/12

CHRIS, The Son of GOD "YAHUSHUA"(JESUS) says this, in JOHN 14:6 "...I Am the Way, the Truth, and the Life: No man cometh unto the Father but by Me." Do those Kabbalist Jews receive, believe in and follow YAHUSHUA (JESUS CHRIST)? No. They do not. They will not go to Heaven as long as they continue to reject the Messiah. Kabbal is an occult religion among the Jews. Similar to the Pharisees of Old. The Pharisees hated and rejected YAHUSHUA. Hell and the Lake of Fire are real. GOD does love people, that's why HE offers Salvation from Hell by way of HIS Son. But turning from sin and receiving YAHUSHUA is KEY. The Scriptures declare that Without Holiness no man shall see the LORD (nor enter Heaven. For Heaven is a Place of PURITY.)
---Gordon on 1/13/12

I find it interesting that we to an extent follow Jewish history and faith in relation to the Old Testament. The vast majority of Jews do not recognise Christ. We do and there lies the gulf between us.
We talk of hell and damnation endlessly. Their spiritual sect the Kaballah talk about 1 soul many lives and this being hell. The spirit has to grow and not until it is complete does it finally ascend to the creator. Whether you believe or not, they say is no matter. It still happens to everyone. They see God as a caring God and whose warmth enfolds you and one you hate to leave to go back to earth.
Interesting contrast and shows how our faiths are very different. The lake of fire to them is the world.
So are Jews damned?
---chris on 1/13/12

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1st Cliff, GOD is not going to spoon-feed you a simple Bible Verse that says "All souls will live on forever". You have to know GOD's Word and dig through it for the nuggets of Truth on a particular Subject and then piece them together like a Puzzle. The Death of the physical body, Cliff, is not the same as the Death of the soul. Every Truth about Hell and the Lake of Fire I've given, you accuse it of just being "symbolic". You haven't the needed Spiritual discernment to know whether some of the things in Scripture are "symbolic" or if they're "literal". If smoke from a fire is continuing to rise day after day, Is it not safe to say that the fire is still burning?
---Gordon on 1/12/12

1st Cliff, the Center of the Earth is the source of Gravity.
---Gordon on 1/12/12

Gordon says he thinks that the earth's center is extremely hot so that could be "hell fire"
Actually volcanoes are cause by decaying matter, not the spinning of earth!
On the surface we are spinning at 1,000 miles an hour, but the center which takes 24 hrs. for one revolution is barely moving!
No heat generated there!
Fire needs oxygen to burn, there's none under thousands of tons of earth! Lava is not fire!
---1st_cliff on 1/12/12

...Dont know. Since a Christian(s) confidence is in Jesus to save one from such a place, its location is not of prime importance to us.
---Glenn on 1/12/12

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"I'd say God is the "consuming fire" who will burn the whole earth. So, I can see He is the fire of hell, and people of selfish nature are burned by the same fire that affectionately warms us who live in His love." And that would be one explanation for the problems some have with I will draw all to myself
---Chria9396 on 1/12/12

\\I'd say God is the "consuming fire" who will burn the whole earth. So, I can see He is the fire of hell, and people of selfish nature are burned by the same fire that affectionately warms us who live in His love.\\

These same ideas are explored in THE RIVER OF FIRE, which is an Orthodox treatise you can find on line.

Glory to Jesus Christ!
---Cluny on 1/12/12

Gordon, **The soul lives on throughout eternity**
I would be so grateful if you could point out the scripture that says that!
Maybe in the Koran or the Book of Mormon (Alma 42.9),but not in the Christian bible!
**Being immersed in the hottest liquid**
I can't bring myself to eat lobster because they are boiled alive! and I don't possess even a smidgen of mercy compared to God!
---1st_cliff on 1/11/12

1st Cliff, Sorry, you're off base. Unfortunately your blindness keeps you from seeing the Truth. Death Is Not The End. The soul lives on throughout Eternity. Whether in Heaven or in Hell. Death of the soul is different than the death of the flesh-and-blood body. The fleshly body rots away at it's death. But, the soul's "Death" is the experience of not only the horrors of Torments, but also the eternal state of being absolutely worthless forever. Eternity in the Lake of Fire is being immersed in the hottest liquid with nothing to do but merely exist in that meaningless and purposeless condition forever. Water of fire, stench, utter darkness, agony, misery, lonliness, despair and pain for all eternity. As per the Wrath of GOD.
---Gordon on 1/11/12

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"You give a literal and physical and temporal interpretation of a SPIRITUAL and NEXT-WORLD reality, but **I** am looney?"

---Leon on 1/11/12

"For our God is a consuming fire." (Hebrews 13:29)

"the elements will melt with fervent heat, both the earth and the works that are in it will be burned up." (in 2 Peter 3:10)

"the heavens will be dissolved, being on fire, and the elements will melt with fervent heat" (in 2 Peter 3:12)

I'd say God is the "consuming fire" who will burn the whole earth. So, I can see He is the fire of hell, and people of selfish nature are burned by the same fire that affectionately warms us who live in His love.

Rubber burns with a major stink, but the same fire can make chicken nice-smelling, germ-free, and finger-licking good (c:
---Bill_willa6989 on 1/11/12

//The Book of REVELATION does not, in any way, talk about the Fiery Lake as if it were just some sort of "symbol" for something else.//

allegory - a representation of an abstract or spiritual meaning through concrete or material forms, figurative treatment of one subject under the guise of another.

well, are we supposed to literally believe that we will see all those crazy sounding creatures in Rev?

there is richness in allegory as well as reality,

in order to see, we have to shut our eyes.
---aka on 1/11/12

Let's see, Leon.

You give a literal and physical and temporal interpretation of a SPIRITUAL and NEXT-WORLD reality, but **I** am looney?

Glory to Jesus Christ!
---Cluny on 1/10/12

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Gordon, If a thing is literal does it need defining???
Then why is the lake of fire defined as "the second death"??? "This "Means" the second death, the lake of fire"
A symbol it is then!
---1st_cliff on 1/10/12

Gordon, the whole book of Revelation is an allegory. If you want to take it literally, it's okay by me. Help yourself. God bless.
---John.usa on 1/10/12

"Since the sun burns by fusing hydrogen into helium, and the lake of fire burns with sulphur, the two cannot be the same."


Your analogy & hypothesis is looney! You're grasping at straws (wood, hay & stubble) Cluny. :)

Elements in the Sun:
Hydrogen, Helium, Oxygen,
Carbon, Nitrogen, Silicon,
Magnesium, Neon, Iron & SULPHUR (brimstone).

Rev. 19:20 says "WITH" brimstone (sulphur). It doesn't mean sulphur (BRIMSTONE) is the only element in the mix!
---Leon on 1/10/12

Carla, the Lake of fire is a literal place. It is the final hell, the place of eternal punishment for angelic and human beings(Rev. 20:10.15). The New T. says much of eternal punishment ( Rev. 14:10,11: Matt. 13:40-42: 25:41: Mark 9:43-48: Luke 3:17: 12:47,48). "Fire and brimstone" These two are frequently associated with divine Judgment ( Rev. 14:10: 20:10: 21:8: Gen. 19:24: Psa. 11:6: Isa. 30:33: Ezek. 38:22: Luke 17:29). No one knows where the place is located, but we do know it is real since Jesus told us of such a place. If you have faith in Christ, you should believe Christ.
---Mark_V. on 1/10/12

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\\It's in our solar system, approximately 96 million miles away from earth & we bask in it's light daily. Yes, the Sun\\

Since the sun burns by fusing hydrogen into helium, and the lake of fire burns with sulphur, the two cannot be the same.

However, just because hell is probably not in this physical universe, it is none the less real and objective.

Glory to Jesus Christ!
---Cluny on 1/10/12

john.usa, Where exactly does it specifically state, in the Scriptures, that the Lake of Fire is "allegorical"? You aren't getting it from the Holy Bible. The Holy Bible, btw, is the Written Word of GOD. The Book of REVELATION warns about the Lake of Fire as a real "Lake of Fire". The Book of REVELATION does not, in any way, talk about the Fiery Lake as if it were just some sort of "symbol" for something else. Not at all. May I suggest to you, to get on your knees before God the Father, in humility, and ask Him to reveal to you what the Lake of Fire is really like? Because, you're not understanding it as He mentions about it in His Written Word.
---Gordon on 1/10/12

I'm not 100% certain, at this point, but, a suspicion with me is that, it COULD be in the very center of the Earth. Hell, itself, is "around" the center of the Earth. In Grade School, I learned in Science class, that the very center of the Earth is a sphere, or globe, of extremely hot gases. Thousands of degrees hot in temperature. If that is so, which I believe it is, then, at the very, up-close surface of it could very well appear as a "Lake" of fire. It could simply be a Lake of the hottest Lava. The surrounding earth around the center IS Hell for certain, though. The Bible says that GOD will create a New Heavens and a New Earth. The New Jerusalem already exists. It is the City of Heavenly Mansions in JOHN 14:1-3.
---Gordon on 1/10/12

Carla: Good question & it deserves a serious, not flippant, reply. Ask, seek & knock! :) (Mat. 7:7-8)

I earnestly believe the "real" lake of fire is closer than some folk may think or realize. It's in our solar system, approximately 96 million miles away from earth & we bask in it's light daily. Yes, the Sun!

Having eyes, some people don't see (are blind) because of their arrogance hardened hearts. Like Pontius Pilate, many refuse to see, hear, believe the truth even in a face-to-face encounter.
---Leon on 1/10/12

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"What Is The Lake Of Fire" Title question.
The final judgment of the wicked. The Second Death.
"Where is the lake of fire?"---Carla on 1/9/12
In the mind, plan, and purpose of The Father. To be kindled outside the gates of Jerusalem at the end of the millennia reign.
---joseph on 1/10/12

This question gets repeatedly asked, and I'll give my standard answer from St. John Chrysostom.

"Why do you want to know? In my opinion, it's not in this created physical universe at all. But let's not try to find its hiding place, but how to avoid it."

Glory to Jesus Christ!
---Cluny on 1/9/12

The lake of fire is allegorical. So it must be in some allegorical location.
---John.usa on 1/9/12

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