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Did God Allow My Divorce

Married for 21 years. We had problems and were separated for a year and he got involved with another woman. He didn't stop so I divorced him. He moved with her. It has been a year now and my heart is hurting so bad because I tried to save my marriage. If God allowed this to happen, is that His will?

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 ---Myra_Camp on 2/8/12
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Now do what God satisfies you to do, and you will do better than you can try to get yourself to do. And you will discover who you belong with (c: I don't know what you tried. Trust God, now, to do all He really desires to do with you, and God bless you (c: You have us praying for you. bill
---Bill_willa6989 on 2/10/12

anonymous//this point of not putting as a leader someone with a second wife (actually Paul talked about polygamy) is so that the leader should not say do not do what i do.
You would be very hardpressed to find any Bible scholar that will agree with you that those who have been divorced and re-married are guilty of polygamy.

All of us are sinners, while you would reject someone that is divorced either because he is the victim of someone else sinfulness, or even if repentant, you would have much the same grounds for rejecting someone that may have commit some minor sin.

What counts is the spread of the gospel and the church must use all of its resources.
---lee1538 on 2/10/12

lee, the problem with electing an elder is following: 1timothy 3. if someone could only wrip that entire chapter out, wouldnt that be helpfull? a drunk and a greedy, a fighter and a slanderer, an abuser and a soforth as long as he has the tallents will serve the church better then someone who actually is trying to be holy. this point of not putting as a leader someone with a second wife (actually Paul talked about polygamy) is so that the leader should not say do not do what i do.
---anonymous on 2/10/12

One problem found in the church today is the discrimination against those who are divorced such as in the case of being elected to a leadership position.

I once observed a elderly man rejected for elder of his church because he had a failed marriage when he was still a teenager. He was a skilled manager where he worked and have raised a family very successfully.

He would have done the job far better than the others who were nominated.
---lee1538 on 2/10/12

Many times we can be affected by the wrong decisions of others and even by our own failure.However we see things,we can choose either it will make us a better person or a bitter person.
Only God can restore relationship.Giving flesh to the bones.when we use our own strength to fix things,oftentimes it leads to failure.Good news is---God is inviting us to cast our care upon HIm because He cares for us.This means He would take care of things
---mj on 2/10/12

Some things are in His permissive will, but not His perfect will.
---Cluny on 2/8/12

Very Good Point!

This applies to many popular things like:

Alcohol, Smoking, Gambling, Debt Spending, Un-Healthy Living Habits, Un-Lawfulness, Sinful Behavior, etc. etc.

GOD allows us to freely make choices. We have to accept the consequences. Good, Bad, Painful, etc. That is often easier said than done.

We often learn MORE from Bad, Painful experiences than from Good ones. I often praise GOD for giving me these difficult learning experiences.
---Sag on 2/9/12

Myra, you ask,
" If God allowed this to happen, is that His will"

God did allow it to happen for nothing happens without God allowing it or permitting it to happen, He is God Almighty, in Him we live, and move and have our being. What's important now is what's ahead for you, and don't look behind. You cannot change the past, what happen happened. If you continue in the past, you can never look forward to a good future with Christ. You will always be spiritually messed up. Always blaming him and allowing hate and anger to enter your life. Your life belongs to Christ, not to your ex-husband. Forgive youself, and forgive him and move forward. There was a reason for all this, use the time God gives you in a positive way.
---Mark_V. on 2/9/12

God's will is to give freedom of choice to people, and to instruct people to be faithful: a sinner's will is to abuse the gift of freedom of choice to be unfaithful, and to put asunder what God has joined together. Your husband chose adultery all by himself, without God, and that is your ex-husband's will and not God's.
---Eloy on 2/8/12

God allows us to make choices. I tried to save my marriage, but wasn't able to. My husband remarried. I am still healing.

Since my divorce, I have learned that God is faithful. That He is sufficient. I have learned that He loves me with an everlasting love.

Get involved in a women's Bible study and find strength in God's Word and the fellowship of sisters.
---Trish on 2/8/12

Some things are in His permissive will, but not His perfect will.

As far as your emotional pain, you've lost a spouse as surely as if you were widowed.

Give yourself time to grieve.

Glory to Jesus Christ!
---Cluny on 2/8/12

No, this was between you & your husband. both of you made your choices.However God can help through the choice you made to make you stronger. It is not his will for people to divorce.
---Candice on 2/8/12

In the beginning it was God's intent that a man married to a woman would become one and remain together until death they depart.

While divorce is a result of sin of one or both parties, such can be forgiven and there can be a new beginning and maybe even for a new plateau as it may set one free from a bondage never before recognized. At least that has been the testimony of some.

Divorce almost always is a painful experience, but those that seek to overcome, will do so and gain much by doing so. Often such experience opens up opportunities for spiritual growth not realized otherwise.
---lee1538 on 2/8/12

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