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Lost My Soul Mate Last Week

Just need someone to pray for me, this is the 1st time I have experienced death. I lost my soul mate 14 days ago and I cannot stop crying and feeling guilty. I cannot stop feeling like I didn't deserve to have a good man. I feel so sad. I do not feel I will ever be happy again.

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 ---Andrea on 2/11/12
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Kristie, I'm so very sorry to hear about all of the family members you lost on the collision. That is a loss that no one can comprehend unless it happens to them. I'm so happy you are answering to Andrea concerning her loss. It is something that is so hard to understand. My prayers are for you and others who have this pain to endure. God is with you sister and thank you for your testimony. Peace and love to you.
---Mark_V. on 3/16/12

June 30, 2006, I lost my mother, husband, son, and daughter in a head on collision. It left me with a severe brain injury. I know what it is like to lose a soul mate. I will pray for you. Trust God. He will bless you richly. Believe and you shall recieve. God bless you!
---Kristie_Cozort on 3/14/12

Andrea, dear Andrea, know that Jesus loves you. I have loved ones also, and over time it will become better for you, but it does take time to heal. Know that Jesus loves you dearly and he wants the best for you, your departed friend would want you to heal and be happy with your remaining life on earth. Make him wish for you to be happy come to pass and live your life honoring him and his memory. Lord Jesus, I lift up Andrea to you right now. Lord, put your arms around Andrea and hold her tight and let her know that you love deeply and help her lean on you. Help her through her days, and let her know that she is never alone but that you are with her. In Jesus I pray. Amen.
---Eloy on 2/20/12

andrea, I lost my soul mate over 4 yrs ago and it still hurts so much I can't explain the pain. The only way for you to heal will be time. Time makes things a little easier. Dear friend, I will pray for you. The only way I got thru many things is I know God is in control. That was my comfort. The main thing that helped me I know I will see him one day. I am looking forward to that day.
---shira4368 on 2/18/12

we feel for you.all of us went to the stages of grieving process when we lost someone very dear to us.its indeed a natural process.but hang on.try as much as possible not to focus on your pain and lost.but instead try to look up and see how God see things.Cling on Him---accept your weaknesses.God will enable to strengthen you and to face life's God and find peace in His love
---mj on 2/16/12

Grief is so very very hard to experience! It is physical, emotional and spiritual. You can feel like you have been torn apart literally, and parts of you are everywhere and you cannot seem to get them reconnected. Please let God do the healing, please be patient even when you don't feel His presence. Please just give yourself time...lots and lots of time...and do the best you step at a time. Praying for you!
---beth5439 on 2/15/12

Andrea, like everyone else here, I'm also so sorry you are going through this pain. I know the pain for I went through it too, and so have many others. You said you feel like you didn't deserve him? What makes you feel that? He must have been a great guy, but we all feel that about our loves ones who have died. You will be happy again, you just don't see that now. You will never forget him, but you will be able to go on just like all of us. God has given you more time then he had, use it for the glory of God. Peace I leave you.
---Mark_V. on 2/14/12

Andrea, if you're here, please share more with us.

How are you doing with Jesus? Jesus loves you and cares about you, and I don't believe that Jesus is trying to make you feel you don't deserve a good man. Do we deserve Jesus ? (c:

So, do some basics, like sharing with a number of different Jesus people who know how to love. We can get too much with one person. We need to have different love people and not put too many emotional eggs into one basket.

Take care of yourself. Make sure you rest and pray. We love you and we are with you in prayer (c:
---Bill_willa6989 on 2/12/12

you are feeling overwhelmed which is understandable. Grieving is a natural process but the guilt is not. Rebuke it that is the work of the evil one. Remember your first love Jesus and focus on him. Our sermon was on this very thing today check out newspring church on the web. Death is that goose (it will make since if you watch).
---Scott1 on 2/12/12

Andrea, i am very sorry for your loss.

//I cannot stop ... feeling guilty. I cannot stop feeling like I didn't deserve to have a good man.//

that is an odd sentiment at this time. are you trying to share something with us that you did not share with him?
---aka on 2/12/12

just know that he is with god and that he is looking down form our fathers side seeing all the things the father sees
P.S i will pry that your hart is healed and that the lord will send his angles to comfort you in your time of need god bless
---curtis on 2/12/12

I am so deeply sorry. This side of Heavn, death sure sucks! :( Praying God's healing for you dear
---Mary on 2/11/12

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